Throughout the day, Wang Yuzheng never said a word to him even though she shared the same table as Liu Yi,

This girl even drew a line on the table, indicating the two people’s territorial sovereignty.

Liu Yi was quite helpless. He never thought that one day he would be constrained by a line on the table.

Because in the past when Chen Cai was still sharing the table with him, Chen Cai this fellow was quite careless and wouldn’t bother with this kind of thing.

Wang Yuzheng probably wanted to distance herself as far away as possible from him.

Liu Yi wanted to explain things to Wang Yuzheng, but he didn’t know how to proceed.

This girl is studying very seriously, unlike himself, who often pretended to sleep with eyes closed but actually was practicing his technique inside the spiritual environment.

The table behind him was also empty, which meant Murong Die and Wang Lele didn’t come back.

This day, for the whole day, Liu Yi felt really awkward.

“Looks like my life is hanging by a thread!”

Liu Yi, while carrying his bag outside the school, muttered.

“It is impossible to find a girl who is able to like me.”

Lin Tong, who lay on Liu Yi’s shoulder, was speechless after hearing his words.

‘How could there be such a retarded man?’

‘He is the first one under the sun….’ She thought.

“Do you want to go home or doing the mission first?”

Lin Tong thought that she would not be able to clearly explain the matter to Liu Yi, but fortunately, she was able to directly ask the next good topic.

“Of course, I had to go home first.”

Liu Yi said, “I have to leave my bag home. Em, and then do the homework. Then do the mission.”

Before the school is over, the teacher had assigned several pages of homework, giving Liu Yi a big headache.

Students are really quite miserable….Demons are not his greatest enemy, pages of homework is!

“Hello….Can’t you look at the problem from the perspective of a real immortal cultivator?”

“I am an immortal cultivator.”

Liu Yi nodded his head, “Moreover, I’m an immortal cultivator who must do his homework assignment.”


Lin Tong did not want to talk anymore.

These two sentences from Liu Yi, each time she heard, it irritated her to death.

It seemed that this immortal Fox also had to cultivate her spiritual cultivation, otherwise, though she luckily escaped from that female immortal cultivator, sooner or later, she would die in Liu Yi’s hand.

Yes, that’s it.

Liu Yi was running. Since he became an immortal cultivator, he never took the bus anymore.

Moreover, after his star jade has been upgraded, his speed was getting increasingly fast.

Previously running from school to home in about half an hour was now less than twenty minutes.

Soon, he arrived in his neighborhood.

But before he entered his home apartment building, a few black cars suddenly came from the side, making a line in front of him and stopped there, directly blocking his way.

Liu Yi was suddenly surprised, thinking, ‘What is this?’

Just as he confused about the scene in front of him, the car doors were pushed open, and several well-trained black suited men came out from the car and encircled around Liu Yi.

Liu Yi soon lost his confusion because he saw Wang An coming out of the car and walked toward him.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Mr. Liu shouldn’t be worried, our master is here, and he invites you to talk to him.”

“Hey, this seems not like an invitation.”

Liu Yi glanced around, “If I want to go, are you going to stop me?”

“How could it be….”

Wang An’s face slightly twitched.

“Then good, I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

Liu Yi was reluctant to talk with Murong Hong. ‘What’s there to talk about?’ He thought.

As the saying goes, when words get sour, adding words is useless. Not only he didn’t want to talk to Murong Hong, Liu Yi didn’t even want to see him.

Why does he want to see the kind of people who looked down upon others?

Isn’t it just waiting to be humiliated?

Liu Yi didn’t have time for such a pain in the ass man.

He still had to go back and do his homework.

“Blocked him.”

Wang An’s face was pale. He never thought this kid wouldn’t want to give some face and immediately left.

A group of bodyguard suddenly came up, each of them was eyeing on Liu Yi, ready to make their move at a moments notice.

“Such an enthusiastic invitation.”

Liu Yi sneered, “Today I’d like to see; I want to go home, who can stop me!”

With that, he forcefully rushed away outside of the encirclement.

A bodyguard suddenly stopped in front of him and held Liu Yi’s shoulder with both of his hands, ready to use a grappling technique to take down Liu Yi.


Liu Yi suddenly stopped running. At the same time, he did a roundhouse kick directly toward that bodyguard’s head.


That bodyguard immediately flew out and then hit the top of the car.

“This kid knows Kung Fu, do not hold back!”

Wang An said, clenching his fists.

If he didn’t take down this kid now, it would be a big shame for him.

After losing out two times in a row against this kid, Wang An didn’t want to lose for the third time.

This group of bodyguard no longer held back. They drew out their baton sticks and coming toward Liu Yi once again.

“Liu Yi, if you don’t want to suffer, just enter the car.”

Wang An urged.

“To suffer? I want to see who’s going to suffer!”

Liu Yi looked at these bodyguards, who suddenly even took out the baton stick, and immediately furious, thinking

‘By relying on a bit of money, you want to disregard the law!?’

‘In this public place, you openly besieged a weaponless student!?’

A bodyguard rushed forward and swung his baton stick toward Liu Yi’s face.

The force of a good baton stick is quite powerful. It’s sufficient enough to smash a brick.

And Liu Yi’s head seemed not to have the rigidity of a brick.

But he didn’t dodge. He stood there and stretched out his left hand to directly caught the man’s wrist and then severely squeeze it.

Immediately the bodyguard’s wrist was in severe pain, making him loosened his hand. Thus, the baton stick fell down and was caught by Liu Yi’s right hand.

Then Liu Yi flung the stick directly to the attacker from his right flank. The stick mercilessly hit the rushing bodyguard right on his face. That bodyguard muffled a cry and fell to the ground.

Toward the bodyguard that rushed to his left, Liu Yi waved his left hand, clutching the bodyguard in front of him like a weapon to swing him sideways. Immediately that bodyguard and the bodyguard on the left crashed together. Both of them cried out and then fell on the street.

In the blink of an eye, Liu Yi has taken down three bodyguards.

His action was smooth, and actually even better than the last time on the mansion,

Wang An’s heart was inexplicably panicked, ‘Is there really an expert who secretly guide this Liu Yi?’

‘In this Northern Dragon City, who exactly that expert who can guide an ordinary student to such an incredible progress?’


A bodyguard’s baton stick, crashed into Liu Yi’s previously grabbed baton stick, making a metallic sound.

The bodyguard’s hand muscle was suddenly a bit numb.

His heart was in shocked, thinking.

‘How could this uniform wearing kid have such a strength!’

‘Isn’t he just a student!’

But when was still thinking, Liu Yi came up to the front of his body, and whispered.”

“You’ve been following the wrong master, and you also picked the wrong opponent!”

With that, Liu Yi sent out his palm toward that bodyguard’s body.

The Great Brilliant Sun Palm, launched with just part of its power.

But, none of this bodyguard can handle this part.

That bodyguard felt like he was hit by a car with no brakes. He spewed out a mouthful of blood and was directly flung out, and then smashed into the arms of another bodyguard. That other bodyguard was pushed backward and ended up sitting on the ground. He too, crazily vomiting blood, making the other surrounding bodyguard scared.

Liu Yi swept his gaze and immediately saw Murong Hong sitting inside the Lincoln car.

“Murong Hong, don’t you want to talk to me? I’m coming.”

Liu Yi said and walked toward that Murong Hong in big strides.


Wang An was surprised, thinking, ‘This is terrible!’

He suddenly threw the baton stick in his hand toward Liu Yi.

This baton stick was thrown with enough strength that it exuded a whistling wind in the air.

But Liu Yi just stretched out his left hand and with ‘pop’ sound, smoothly caught that baton stick.

With each hand holding a baton stick, he hit the bodyguards that came at him left and right. And, within a minute of effort, he has taken down all of the bodyguards.

Even Wang An was somewhat shocked as he never thought that Liu Yi could actually progress to this point.

If he knew that Liu Yi has been receiving the guidance from the little demon fox in the spiritual environment every day, he might not be too surprised.

In addition to that, Liu Yi also consciously developed his own fighting skill. Thus his progress is increasingly fast.

Although his power was dormant, his fighting ability has actually improved pretty quickly.

At this time, Liu Yi was carrying the two baton stick, walking toward that Lincoln car. Even Murong Hong, who sat inside the car, can’t stay calm.

‘Is….this the Liu Yi who I came across that day?’

“Liu Yi, stop!”

Wang An suddenly pulled out a gun from his waist and pointed its muzzle at Liu Yi’s head.

Liu Yi stopped right in front of the Lincoln car. He was about to swing the baton stick to knock at its window.

“Liu Yi, you better think before you do that.”

Wang An, holding the gun, advised, “There are some people that you can not provoke.”

Fortunately, now it was already in the evening, so the neighborhood street was devoid of people.

Otherwise, even with a silencer, someone must surely be watching it and report it to the police.

“I did not want to offend anyone. It’s you who provoked me.”

Liu Yi looked at the Lincoln’s window, clenching his teeth and said, “Don’t think you can just bully an ordinary people! I’m telling you; even a rabbit will bite if anxious! Let alone me, a man!”

With that, Liu Yi suddenly threw the baton stick in his right hand toward Wang an.

Wang An unconsciously turned his head to the side to avoid that baton stick.

At the same time, Liu Yi loosened the baton stick in his left hand and sent a palm toward the car door.


The Lincoln immediately slid aside two meters away.

Its tires left deep traces on the ground.

A deep palm print was left on the door. Its window’s glass was directly shattered, revealing Murong Hong’s paled with surprise face.

“Liu Yi, you are out of your mind!”

Wang An pointed his gun at Liu Yi once again, “Do you want to die!”

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to live longer than you two.”

Liu Yi said.

“Wang An, forget it. Let him come.”

Murong Hong opened his mouth at this time.

He then pushed open the car door.

Only to see the door shook twice and then fell to the ground.

Murong Hong’s face twitched.

“Uncle Murong, I think the two of us have nothing to talk about.”

Liu Yi said.

“Don’t be so full of yourself.”

Murong Hong is someone who is not to be trifled with. But he thought that his face has been completely torn into pieces today. If he did not return the courtesy, his heart would be uncomfortable.

“Liu Yi, don’t forget, you still have parents.”