After a restless sleep yesterday followed by the night’s homework, this morning, Liu Yi couldn’t help but enter the classroom with a big yawn.

‘The other Mr. Perfect was rubbing their hands on beautiful woman yesterday, too bad, this Mr. Perfect can only rub his hands on a stack of paper.’

Liu Yi’s heart can’t help but lament.

His heart was sighing with emotion when he looked up and suddenly discovered that his seat was actually being occupied by other people!

This man’s face is quite handsome, and he is none other than Lin Huayang from the experimental class.

Oh, wrong….Lin Huayang could not be called a handsome man anymore.

Perhaps, a handsome sister?

At this point, Lin Huayang was seating on Liu Yi’s seat next to Wang Yuzheng while earnestly urging her.

“Yu Zheng, as you can see.”

Lin Huayang gently tapped the table with his finger and then said, “This general class is very different than our experimental class. With your academic record, you should be in the experimental class. Only the experimental class can let your wish to pass the National College Exam to come true. You are now in the general class, whether the teachers or its learning environment, they are all far inferior to our experimental class.

“It’s none of your business!”

Wang Yuzheng spoke without raising her head to look at him. Instead, her eyes were firmly staring at the math problems on the table as she said, “As long as I want to study, it doesn’t matter where it’s all the same.”

“It’s not as simple as that. Wang Yuzheng, you think about it.

Lin Huayang quickly said, “As long as you agree to be my girlfriend, in one sentence, I can let you back to the experimental class. If you want the best teacher to teach you in private, I can do that!”

Wang Yuzheng’s brows were deeply furrowed while her eyes were full of disgust.

“Lin Huayang, are you done yet! Please, stop harassing me, OK? I’ve already got kicked out of the experimental class because of you, what else do you want? You, this fellow, really make me sick!”

“Wang Yuzheng, you dare to speak to me like that!”

Lin Huayang felt embarrassed after what Wang Yuzheng said to him and immediately went livid.

“I’ll ask you one last time, do you want to be my girlfriend or not! If you don’t say yes to this, I’m afraid you will not be able to stay here anymore!”

“You, what do you want….”

Wang Yuzheng’s pretty face was instantly pale.

‘He is not going to ask his father to expel me is he….’

‘This is not good….’ She thought.

‘One Mid has the highest college admission rate among the high school in Northern Dragon City….My family condition is not good, they’re all counting on me to get into a good University so that I can bring honor to my family’s ancestors in the future….’

“Humph humph….”

Seeing Wang Yuzheng finally had a scared look, Lin Huayang’s heart felt satisfied.

‘How could I not be able to handle this chick?’ He thought.

‘Wang Yuzheng has no background and she has no one backing her up. Her only good points are her pretty face and her determination to study. I am the young master Lin, if I can’t handle this girl, how can I show my face in public anymore!’

Lin Huayang at home was always brooding about this.

‘The reason why I can’t get my lower part to get up again probably because the women are not beautiful enough.’

‘That Ma Yixuan, although she was quite pretty, compared to Wang Yuzheng, she was a couple of notch inferior.’

‘If I can get the beautiful stimulation from Wang Yuzheng perhaps my lower part will have improvement.’

“Wang Yuzheng, have you done thinking about it? I’m only going to ask you this one last time, are you….”


Before Lin Huayang finished his words, he suddenly felt a gust of air, then his collar was directly lifted up, and he was thrown on the ground. His buttocks felt really painful as if it was broke into pieces.

“Motherf*cker….who dared to touch this father? You don’t want to live!”

Lin Huayang rubbed his ass as he climbed up, turned around, and angrily cursed.

“Get out. You’re in my seat.”

Liu Yi was holding his arms, standing behind Lin Huayang.

Seeing Liu Yi here, Lin Huayang suddenly shuddered.

His lower part also seemed anxious and, there’s a tendency that it was going to shrink.

The great scene from that day where Liu Yi killed the four gangsters outside of the teahouse, could not help but come to Lin Huayang’s mind.

This is the character that even the Black Dragon Gang can’t handle….

Much less him, a single Lin Huayang….how could he dare to provoke the devil in front of him!

“You’re still here? Are you waiting for me to send you out?”

Liu Yi said as he squeezed his fists, exuding a cracking sound.

He didn’t know why, but when he saw Lin Huayang, he always had the urge to punch him.

‘Previously I liked to reason things out, but now, I am prone to violence.’

‘This must be because the devil qi is at work!’

‘Amitabha, wrong, wrong.’ He thought.

‘It must be because this Lin Huayang is long overdue to get punch.’

‘Em, this is the correct answer.’

How could Lin Huayang dare to argue with Liu Yi? Without any words, he quickly ran out of the classroom.

A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him….

Lin Huayang planned to get even with Liu Yi later.

After he was out of the classroom, he immediately called Lan He to express his soaring to the heaven resentment.

“Young master Lan! When are you going to act against Liu Yi!”

Thinking that there’s an Iron Palm Master at Lan He’s disposal, Lin Huayang couldn’t help but be anxious.

“I’ve had enough of him! This guy is quite an eyesore! Young master Lan, can’t it be sooner?”

Lan He was sitting on the sofa in the Imperial room. He was holding the phone in one hand while his other hand was pressing on a beautiful woman’s head, enjoying the service of this woman’s lips inside and outside.

“Oh….this….hehe, young master Lin shouldn’t be worried, it will be carried out in two days.”

That beauty was quite good, sucking and licking, pleasuring Lan He until he came out.

He fantasized that this beautiful woman was Murong Die, which allowed his heart to feel relax and clear.

“I really can not stand him anymore. As long as he still in the school, I’m a dog sh*t!”

Lin Huayang could not bear the anger in his heart.

“Ai….But the Master is recently in training.”

Lan He’s eyes rolled, and then said, “To disrupt the other people’s schedule, I’m afraid that’s not okay.”

“Then what should we do….”

“How much money you can get, you understand that, right.”

Although Lan He is a young master who likes to throw away money recklessly, he is not a fool.

The money that he threw away, after a time, he naturally has to get it back.

After controlling the school for so many years, the Lin Family naturally have collected many ill-gotten gains.

Although they are advocating elite education, how many elite students could they have?

There are more average students with average scores.

If they really stuck with their very high standard, 90% of their students will get turn away.

Then how could these 90% students get into the school in the first place?

It is simply by using sponsorship fees.

By paying twenty to thirty thousand sponsorship fees, a student can be admitted to the school.

The score is not very important, as long as it doesn’t get below the lower threshold.

If they could receive twenty to thirty thousand sponsorship fees per student, one hundred students will amount to two to three million.

For one thousand students….Every year, the school would accept at least two or three thousand students!

Thus, it can be seen that the Lin Family has fished out many oils out of the water.

If they don’t squeeze out every bit of oil out of the water, they will feel sorry to the society.

What Lan He just said, Lin Huayang naturally understood.

He nodded and said, “Oh….in that case, I’ll bring out three thousand, so that the master will help me! I want him die a few days earlier!”


Lan He nearly can’t hold his laugh.

“Three thousand? Oh, my young master Lin, you’re not kidding me, are you?”

“Eh….what’s wrong?….that’s not enough?….”

“This is far from not enough! What can you do with this little money? I’m afraid that’s not even sufficient to treat the master for a dinner!”

Lan He pursed his lips, thinking that this Lin Huayang was too inexperience.

“Then….how much do you need….”

Lin Huayang’s heart is somewhat uncomfortable. His own pocket money is not that much….

“One hundred thousand, this is the price because we’re brothers.”

Lan He’s words almost made Lin Huayang scared to death.

‘F*ck me….one hundred thousand!’

‘Where can I get that much money….’

‘Wait a minute, looks like my mom has some connections….’ Lin Huayang thought, ‘In any case, my mom love me the most, so, it shouldn’t be difficult to get this money from her.’

‘As long as Liu Yi is killed, I will be the boss in this school!’

‘And that Wang Yuzheng, can’t possibly escape from my palm!’

“What’s wrong, is that too much?”

“No, no….so be it….Young master Lan, give me your account, I’ll go home now to ask the money. I’ll call you as soon as I transferred the money.”

“Ok. Don’t worry. This money is not for me, it will a be given as a gift to the Master.”

Lan He’s heart secretly laughed, thinking.

‘This dumb kid, he must be asking this one hundred thousand money from his family, they truly think highly of him.’

‘This money will ultimately fall into my pocket. It is not me to decide when Zheng Xiaolin will take his action.

“Good, then I have to thank young master Lan for this.”

Poor Lin Huayang, not only he doesn’t know the situation, he even has to thanks Lin Huayang for cheating him.

After Lin Huayang hung up the phone, the KTV supervisor that stood next to Lan He quickly stepped forward to ask.

“Young master Lan….Do you want me to notify Master Lin?”

“No need, I’ll inform him when I meet with Ma Wei.”

Lan He waved and said to that supervisor.

“Oh, that’s right, the previous young waitress that served me the fruits just now, is she new?”

“Young master Lan….she’s a part-time college student….”

The supervisor quickly explained, his face was slightly awkward.

“Hehe, you should know me, right.”

Lan He pushed away the beauty that served his crotch, and said, “The recent goods that you have, I’ve already seen them all, why don’t you call that part-timer to come and serve me?”

“This….very well, please wait for a moment young master Lan.”

That supervisor had to nod his head and led the previous beauty out of the room.

Soon, a lovely waitress came into this private room with a glass of red wine.

“Young master Lan, do you want to drink?”

“Mm….this master is a Young Master of a wealthy family, a lot of people want to harm me.”

Lan He looked at that delicate waitress, and then said with a smile, “So, every time I drink, I will let someone else drink it first.”


That waitress has a slightly pained look.

“Hehe, of course, this is not a free drink.”

Lan He said, “I will pay you two thousand for one sip.”

“Okay….I’ll drink.”

This waitress is working part time just trying to improve her life so that she can buy an iPhone or something.

When she heard this offer, she thought, ‘This is not just an ordinary wine, this an expensive wine, this drink is well earned.’

She picked up the wine glass and took a sip of that red wine. It tasted sweet and slightly weird.

“Young master Lan, you see, it’s okay, there’s nothing here….”

The waitress suddenly felt very dizzy, her eyes blacked out, the glass fell to the floor, and she collapsed in Lan He’s arms.

“This two thousand for a sip is not for you to earn….”

Lan He licked his lips and started a new journey.