The warehouse door has been blocked by the police cars. Several police officers rushed in; their hands were holding guns.

After hearing the gunshots on the second warehouse, they immediately rushed over.

A gunfight is a huge case! Therefore, their response speed was extremely quick.

At a time when Liu Yi was still standing on the second-floor conversing with Lin Tong, they heard the movement on the first floor and suddenly surprised.

“People on the second floor don’t move. You have been surrounded!”

Several police officers used their tactical flashlights to focus on Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng.

“I have to go.”

Liu Yi can not delay anymore; he must get out of here immediately.

“Brother Deity….Will, we meet again?”

Wang Yuzheng hurriedly asked.

“We will….”

Liu Yi nodded his head, left behind a sentence, and then leaped, crashing his body toward the window.


The window on the second floor was directly crushed by Liu Yi into pieces of broken glasses. He rolled over in the sky, then stepped on the ice-skates, and galloped toward the outside of the pier.


Just when Liu Yi thought he had escaped the police, all of a sudden, his ears heard a charming voice from below.

Then, a gunshot was heard, Liu Yi felt a bullet hit the ice-skate on his foot, which directly broken, making him instantly lost his balance. His whole body rolled several times to the side.

“Bam!” Liu Yi finally crashed on top of a pile of goods and then stopped.

His injury has not healed yet, so, when he bumped into those goods, he felt his wound split open again, which directly made him grimacing in pain. He thought.

‘Shoot….which police officer has this excellent marksmanship? He really knows where to shoot….’

“Humph! Little thief, you think you can escape from my Yuan Zhenyue’s palm!”

A familiar figure with both hands holding a pistol slowly walked toward Liu Yi.

“Stay right there, and wait for the punishment of the law!”

“I am innocent.”

Liu Yi got up and said, “The real criminals have been taken down by me!”

“Cut the crap, keep those words and save it for the judge!”

Yuan Zhenyue was aiming her gun point blank at Liu Yi, “Raised your arms, squat on the ground and don’t let me see you make even a little unwarranted movement! Otherwise, I can not guarantee my next shot would hit where!”

Liu Yi rolled his eyes and looked at Wang Yuzheng, who held her gun with one hand while her other hand pulled out a handcuff. An idea suddenly came to him.

He squatted on the floor, pretending to surrender.

Yuan Zhenyue walked next to Liu Yi while still pointing her gun at him. Her other hand was groping at the waist.

The moment Yuan Zhenyue touched the handcuff, Liu Yi suddenly moved.

With a lightning fast speed, he stretched out his left hand, reached for the gun in Yuan Zhenyue’s hand and pushed it aside.


Yuan Zhenyue involuntarily squeezed the trigger, but the bullet hit a faraway place.


At the same time, Liu Yi pinched Yuan Zhenyue’s wrist, making her felt the pain and dropped the gun.

But while Yuan Zhenyue was surprised, her body subconsciously moved.

She directly put the handcuff on Liu Yi’s left wrist and then put the other part on her own wrist, making them chained together.

“Let me see where are you going to run this time!”

Liu Yi was dumbfounded, thinking.

‘D*mn, this Yuan Zhenyue’s automatic reaction is faster than Superman!’

‘When I dropped her gun, she handcuffed me to her hand!’

‘She is truly a deity!’

“Don’t mess around. You can not get away from me!”

Yuan Zhenyue snappily said.

Liu Yi was helpless, ‘Don’t tell me I have to use my right hand to deal with this woman?’

‘My identity will be seen through without a doubt!’

Liu Yi has no other choice, he suddenly condensed out a layer of frost on his left hand toward the metal handcuffs, with the intent of directly destroying the handcuffs.

Seeing the handcuffs being covered by the layer of frost, Yuan Zhenyue suddenly widened her eyes, and a strange look appeared on her face.

“This is….The Ice ability? You are the Black Eye!”

‘Black Eye?’

Liu Yi vaguely remembered this name.

“Sure enough, you are the third assassin on the Heavenly List!

Yuan Zhenyue clenched her teeth, her eyes became blood red, looking at Liu Yi with much hate, “I finally found you! I am going to avenge my father’s grievance!”

Then, the moment the handcuffs broke by the frost, Yuan Zhenyue suddenly came rushing at Liu Yi with the ferociousness of someone who doesn’t care about the life anymore and rained down a flurry of attacks at him.

Liu Yi was bewildered. He didn’t understand why she would suspect him as the Black Eye. He has nothing to do with that killer nor the Heavenly List.

He didn’t want to spend anymore time getting entangled with this attractive female police officer. Therefore, he turned around, ready to ran away.

But Yuan Zhenyue’s speed was surprisingly fast. As if she suddenly made a breakthrough of her potential, she rushed behind Liu Yi and directly embraced his waist with both of her hands.

Liu Yi suddenly felt as if his waist was being caught by iron bars. He instantly lost his balance.

“Stay down!”

The upper chest of this policewoman was soft, but Liu Yi has no time to appreciate it. His body was, as if soar into the cloud, directly thrown by this policewoman, fluttered semi-circle in the air, and finally came into intimate contact with the Earth.

If his head really hit the ground, not only he would bump silly into it, his brain would suffer a concussion!

When his hands touched the ground, Liu Yi suddenly condensed out two streams of frost from both of his hands.

Suddenly, his falling speed slowed down and even raised him up a bit.

“Get down!”

Striking while the iron is hot, Liu Yi continued to eject more stream of ice from the palm of his hands.

He used this momentum to resolutely pulled up from Yuan Zhenyue’s push. His body stood up once again.

Meanwhile, in order to break free from her, Liu Yi subconsciously made a backhand grip toward her hand, but his left hand unexpectedly caught a mass of softness.

This soft, round, and bulging thing, felt exquisite.

‘Holy sh*t….’

Liu Yi quickly realized what it was.

Although he wanted to continue to touch it, Yuan Zhenyue wouldn’t let him….

“I am going to kill you!”

Being raided in the chest by her father’s killer, there’s nothing more infuriating than this!

Yuan Zhenyue pushed Liu Yi to the side, rolled on the ground, picked up the pistol that was previously dropped and pointed it at Liu Yi.

“You made a mistake. I really am not your father’s killer!”

Liu Yi hurriedly explained.

“Go to hell for this mother!”

Yuan Zhenyue’s anger has soared to the sky, how could she listen to Liu Yi’s explanation. She pulled the trigger, making the gun spat out bullets again and again.

‘Fuck….such a close distance shoot, she really wants me dead!’

Liu Yi was shocked, while simultaneously the three forces inside his body quickly circulated to the max.

At that moment, the world in front of Liu Yi once again turned into black and white.

The bullets exuded the red light, speed slowed down a bit, and their trajectories were clearly visible, all coming right at him.

Liu Yi suddenly felt he has now entered a more mysterious state.

He felt confident he can dodge these bullets.

Liu Yi’s launched his Spirit Fox Steps and slightly moved his body to the side.

These bullets rippled through the air, rubbed against Liu Yi’s clothes, and hit empty spaces.

Although Liu Yi’s world has slowed down, the time where Yuan Zhenyue pressed the trigger and spent the bullets happened in split seconds.

She discovered that her gun failed to hit the target, Liu Yi’s body unceasingly moved like an afterimage, making Yuan Zhenyue truly shocked.

Her hands that were holding the gun shivered a bit.

“This is….the sign you are going to break through the third star jade!”

Lin Tong was pleasantly surprised and said, “This big miss will finally be able to break free from my seal….”

“Click click!”

Yuan Zhenyue finally ran out of bullets. She breathlessly began to change the cartridge.

Liu Yi seized this opportunity to throw an ice bomb.

He considerably lowered the power of his ice bomb and made this ice ball fell under Yuan Zhenyue’s foot. When it touched the ground, the frost exploded out and half of her body, along with the gun, frozen in ice.

Yuan Zhenyue felt her body stiffened and wouldn’t listen to her command.

“This frost won’t cost you your life. It will only bound you temporarily.”

Liu Yi said, “Moreover, I am not a killer on the Heavenly List, nor I am that Black Eye.”

“Who are you then!”

Yuan Zhenyue fell into deep despair. She was unwilling.

The suspected killer of his father was right in front of her, but she can not kill her personal enemy with her own hand!

It made her nearly mad.

“My name is Ten Steps To Milk A Man.”

Liu Yi thought about his own nickname and honestly said to her.


Hearing this name, Yuan Zhenyue almost didn’t believe her ears.

Liu Yi laughed a hollow laugh twice, although this name is a bit exotic, he was already accustomed to it.

“Ten Steps To Milk A Man….How can there be such a weird name….are you lying to me?”

Liu Yi said nothing, just looking at Yuan Zhenyue’s chest that was hiding behind her clothes.

“F*ck! You are a pervert!”

Yuan Zhenyue seemed to understand Liu Yi’s gaze and glared at him.

Liu Yi can’t wait anymore, the ice on Yuan Zhenyue’s body would soon melt.

“In any case, I am not the person you’re looking for.”

Liu Yi didn’t want to delay; his feet stepped on the ice-skates once again, his body quickly turned into a shadow, rushing toward the outside of the pier.

“D*mn it! I will definitely catch you!”

Yuan Zhenyue’s shout came from behind.

When a group of police arrived, the ice on Yuan Zhenyue’s body was more or less gone.

She awkwardly stood up and angrily looked at the distance place.

“Little Yue, what’s wrong, are you okay?”

Zheng Kening a bit worriedly asked, he had heard the sound of gunfire a moment ago and knew that Yuan Zhenyue has a gunfight here.

“I am okay.”

Yuan Zhenyue shook her head, “I just met the suspect, but accidentally let him escape!”

“It’s hard to say he is the suspect.”

Zhen Kening’s brows tightly knitted together, “There’s a female student in the warehouse, she was kidnapped here.”

“Oh? Kidnapped?”

“Yes, that’s right, we have indeed received two alarms….One said that a girl seemingly being kidnapped, the other one said someone robbed his tricycle. The girl in the report should be her.”

Zheng Kening analyzed the situation and said.

“Moreover, the several injured men in the warehouse have already woken up. They are indeed members of the Black Dragon Gang.”

“Black Dragon Gang?”

Yuan Zhenyue couldn’t help but surprise, “At this juncture, they actually dare to come out and make trouble?”

“The girl said those men kidnapped her, then the man who escaped just now suddenly appeared and saved her. Since the Black Dragon Gang Hall Leader Ma Wei threatened to shoot him, he unavoidably killed Ma Wei.”

“This….seems a bit weird.”

“Yes, come with me and see it for yourself.”