Wang Yuzheng’s body slightly trembled.

There were so many things that happened tonight which made her unable to calm down.


There’s also that brother Deity….

She was wondering….if she would be able to meet with him again….

“That man claimed to be your bodyguard?”

Yuan Zhenyue asked Wang Yuzheng once again.

“Are you sure? You are not trying to protect him are you?”

Wang Yuzheng’s eyes were slightly red.

“Little Yue, what’s going with you? You are really short tempered tonight.”

Zheng Kening pulled Yuan Zhenyue to the side and scolded, “That girl is not a prisoner, why are you asking her like you are interrogating a criminal?”

“I….I don’t know….”

Yuan Zhenyue’s was terribly upset, thinking of that man in the suit with the Ice ability, her heart was tightly clenched.

‘Even if he is not the Black Eye, they should have had some connection!’

‘Otherwise, how could he has the Ice ability?’

Yuan Zhenyue didn’t believe there’s such a coincidence in this world!

“I, I have said all that I need to say….”

Wang Yuzheng weakly said, “When can I go home….my mom is at home, she needs me to take care of her….”

“There are still many cases that are unclear, you can’t go back yet! Please cooperate with our investigation!”

Yuan Zhenyue stiffly said.

Wang Yuzheng suddenly wanted to cry.

‘Tonight, how could I be so unlucky ….’ She thought

‘Liu Yi this fellow, where the hell is he!’

“Director Zheng, there is someone outside who claimed to be the girl’s classmate, and wants to come in!”

A police downstairs shouted through the intercom.

“Ah, that’s Liu Yi!”

Wang Yuzheng was taken aback, wondering if her wish has suddenly come through.

‘When I think of this guy, he immediately appears?’

“Liu Yi?”

Yuan Zhenyue and Zheng Kening both were startled, ‘how could this matter also related to that kid?’ They thought.

“They kidnapped me so that they could threaten Liu Yi to come over here….”

Wang Yuzheng hurriedly said.

“These things are getting weirder!”

Zheng Kening waved his hand, “Let him in.”

There were many questionable points in this case, whether it’s the first floor or the second floor, there were many men who broke their arms.

Perhaps if they investigate it clearly, one of these men might be the escaped criminal they were looking for.

If he was among them, they could save a lot of trouble when they hospitalize all of these men.

After all this time he was on the run where no one can catch him, he finally ended up here.

It seemed that nobody can mess with this Black Dragon Gang! Zheng Kening reasoned.

“Let him come.”

Zheng Kening said.

“Wang Yuzheng, Wang Yuzheng where are you?”

Liu Yi ran into the warehouse gasping for breath.

“I am here….”

Seeing Liu Yi, Wang Yuzheng was somewhat impressed.

Unexpectedly, Liu Yi really came by himself to find her.

Whether or not she was captured because of him, at least, this proved that Liu Yi had not given up on her.

“What the hell is going on here!”

Seeing Liu Yi coming up to the stairs, Yuan Zhenyue was suddenly in a bad mood, thinking.

‘How could everything is related to this kid!’

‘He is not fast becoming Detective Conan is he!’

“Dead, dead people?”

Liu Yi glanced around at the people that were lying on the ground, and when he saw Ma Wei he suddenly pretended to be afraid.

“Forget about this, let me ask you, what does this have to do with you?”

Yuan Zhenyue was really impatient tonight.

“I am not very clear either….”

Liu Yi cried injustice, “I am also as baffled as you. Today when Wang Yuzheng and I was eating a snack a van suddenly came, grabbed Wang Yuzheng and took off! Then someone called me and told me to go to the warehouse. After much difficulties, I finally arrived and saw you here.”

“Why would Black Dragon Gang want you to come?”

Yuan Zhenyue wrinkled her brows.

“Enough, both of you can go home now.”

Zheng Kening, as if realizing something, waved his hand and said, “Keep your communication, when we find something we will tell you.”

“No, this case is still not clear, we can’t let them walk away!”

Yuan Zhenyue loudly exclaimed.

“Both of them are students, they shouldn’t be involved with this. Em….This is probably a gang fight.”

Zheng Kening gave his judgment.

“What a joke!”

Yuan Zhenyue did not believe Zheng Kening’s nonsense. She pulled up the nearby thug, put the unloaded gun on that thug’s head, and angrily said.

“Speak, why did you kidnap the girl, and why did you threaten Liu Yi! If you lie to me, I’ll kill a trash like you on behalf of the people!”

“I, I, I’ll confess….”

That thug was scared silly, he was just a little thug, and Ma Wei’s death has unnerved him.

“We, we were paid by Lan He, young master Lan’s money….”

“Shut up!”

Zheng Kening immediately shouted in anger and pulled Yuan Zhenyue away, “Yuan Zhenyue, what you are doing is illegal! You can’t use force to extract confession! Escort them all to the hospital with police guard!”


Several policemen immediately marched in and escorted those thugs out.

Liu Yi secretly frowned.

‘So….this is all because of that fellow Lan He?’

‘He secretly colluding with the underworld gang, to deal with me….’

‘This guy….is really rotten to the core.’

“Brother, what are you doing?”

Yuan Zhenyue pushed away Zheng Kening’s hand, “Why did you take them away? The investigation is not finished!”

“We will continue to investigate!”

Zheng Kening said, “These small thugs are full of nonsense, you can’t take their words seriously. This case will be investigated the people from the Criminal Investigation Team. The two of you, I will look for a police car to take you home.”

He turned to Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng and said.

“Thank you, uncle police officer….”

Wang Yuzheng was relieved, thinking that she finally was able to go home.

Liu Yi did not mention anything, a voice sounded in his mind.

‘Since Lan He is trying to harm me….I can’t just let him get away with this.’

“Silly kid, you go downstairs, I will stay here for a moment.”

Lin Tong exerted her spiritual power to maintain her little fox form and landed on a nearby window.

Liu Yi nodded his head. A police officer led him and Wang Yuzheng downstairs.

The second floor was left with Yuan Zhenyue and Zheng Kening. There was also the little fox which invisible to them.

“Brother, why did you prevent my investigation?”

Once Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng went downstairs, Yuan Zhenyue immediately asked.

“Investigate? What’s there to investigate?”

Zheng Kening helplessly watched her younger police-force sister, “Haven’t you learned after so many years in the police department? A little police officer like you want to topple the Lan Family?”

“Everyone is equal before the law!”

“An Emperor breaking the law is the same as common people breaking the law! That Lan He has broken the law, he should be punished by the law.”

“Ai, this character of yours, when can you change it.”

Zheng Kening wryly smiled and said, “I understand your feelings, but this is not as simple as you think. Lan Family’s asset is big, their influence is staggering. Among other things, who do you think Lan He’s uncle is? He is your immediate superior, younger sister.”

“So what, if he violated the law, he should be punished!”

“Punishment, is not as simple as that.”

Zhen Kening scolded Yuan Zhenyue, “Why haven’t you still understand how these things work? Do you think with just a few small fries confessions you can put young master Lan into the trial? The law is only for ordinary people. Toward people like Lan He….you and me, we have no way to deal with him.”

“We are the police, the police must remove the criminals and bring peace to the law abiding people!”

Yuan Zhenyue remembered what her father said to her, and immediately said the same.

“These words, are what Captain Wang used to say those days….but then, look at what happen to him.”

Zheng Kening shook his head, “Even if you insist on arresting Lan He, do you have any evidence? I already told you, you can’t use those thugs’ confessions, it’s useless.”

“I will collect the evidence!”

Yuan Zhenyue clenched her fists and bit her teeth, then turned around to go downstairs.

“Ai, she is still too young….”

Zheng Kening pulled out a cigarette, put it in his mouth, and lit it.

“Northern Dragon City, is full of events these days.”

Lin Tong’s eyes flashed, then she leaped from the window, turned into a gust of wind, and quickly returned to Liu Yi’s side.

She clambered back from the opened window of the police car to Liu Yi’s shoulder and relayed Yuan Zhenyue and Zheng Kening’s conversation to him.

Liu Yi silently frowned, thinking.

‘The law can not touch him?’

He remembered that night when he met with the follower of the Cult of the Great God. To pursue their own selfish desire, they did not hesitate to kill other people.

‘If the law really can’t punish such people, then, it will up to me to punish them.’

Black light flashed through Liu Yi’s eyes as he clenched his fists.

‘Grandpa….I am afraid, this world is not as perfect as you said.’

‘But no matter, I am going to wash it clean, with my own hands.’

“Liu Yi….how did you provoke the Black Dragon Gang….”

At this time, Wang Yuzheng who sat next to Liu Yi suddenly asked.

“I don’t know either….how could I provoke those Black Dragon Gang, I am just an ordinary good student!”

Liu Yi shrugged his shoulders and said.


Wang Yuzheng suddenly unable to hold back her laughter, “You….call yourself a good student?”

“In which way I don’t look like a good student?”

Liu Yi looked at Wang Yuzheng as if he was suffering an injustice.

“From the day I met you, I never saw that good student side of yours!”

“How can you say that? I really am a good student!”

“The way you carry yourself (everything, from top to bottom), there is not an ounce of good student in you!”

Wang Yuzheng didn’t believe Liu Yi’s words, if he is a good student, pigs can climb trees!

“How did you know that I am, from top to bottom, not a good student? Did you peek at me when I change my clothes!”

Liu Yi was hugging his own chest and looked at Wang Yuzheng in horror.

“Go to hell! Who’s going to peek you change your clothes! Shameless guy….”

Wang Yuzheng was rendered speechless.

‘This Liu Yi’s mouth is so naughty, how come I didn’t discover this side of him before this!’

Liu Yi was also unclear about this matter, perhaps he was being influenced by the Devil qi.

‘Forget it, it’s not that big of a deal even if my mouth turned dirty.’ Liu Yi thought.

‘Mm, yes, as long as I still have the sense of justice!’

“I am going to have bad luck if I stay close to you….later on, you must be at least three meters away from me. Otherwise, bad things will happen to me!”

Wang Yuzheng helplessly said.

“But the two of us share the same table!”

Liu Yi blinked his eyes, and said, “How could I be three meters away from you? Look at us now, are we not being intimate (close to each other)?”