Over the next several days, Liu Yi passed his days in quiet and comfortable.

In the past, this quiet and comfortable life were basically how he spent his life.

But now, it felt like a luxury instead.

Murong Die and Wang Lele still have not come to school, the two seats behind him were still empty. As if something was missing, Liu Yi felt inexplicably sad.

Liu Yi also never talk to Wang Yuzheng in class. This girl is natural born study freak.

He knew the situation in Wang Yuzheng’s home and also worried for her. However, the matter of King of Medicine Valley can’t be easily solved. Based on his present strength, if he wanted to go to the King of Medicine Valley to seek the cure there….Perhaps it would be harder than reaching for the stars.

Recently, he also can’t find an appropriate mission. Wei Yi did not even try to contact him. So, Liu Yi took a break from the mission these several days.

“There is still a bit of time….”

When Liu Yi left his spiritual environment, Lin Tong gently jumped on his shoulder and opened her mouth to say, “And then you can open the third star jade….”

‘By that time….I can leave you…..’

But Lin Tong never said those words, only silently said it in her heart.

Although this was her plan from the very beginning….

But in the end….when she think about it, she felt something was not right….

Sure enough, after being in a relation with a human for a long time, everything will become complicated….

‘Demon relationship is better….’ Lin Tong thought.

‘Good is good, bad is bad, and never had to intentionally hide their feelings.’

Lin Tong thought that compared to a Demon, she was becoming more and more like a human girl.

‘This….is this a good sign?’

“I will try hard!”

Liu Yi clenched his fists, “Fox sister, do not worry, as soon as I can, I will open the third star jade and liberate you!”

Although Lin Tong did not bring up this matter, Liu Yi still remember.

“So….you really want me to leave?”

Lin Tong could not help but ask.

“Doesn’t Fox sister want to be free?”

Liu Yi blinked his eyes as he looked at the little Fox who lie on his shoulder and said, “I can’t let Fox sister locked up in my hand forever….”

“There’s a way….by becoming a trans.”

Lin Tong suddenly murmured.


Liu Yi didn’t hear what she said. Lin Tong’s voice was too small.

“It’s nothing, go check if there’s new mission. You haven’t had an actual combat for several days, and you need to get more experience.”

Lin Tong quickly changed the subject.

“All right.”

Liu Yi nodded his head. After spending several days in leisure, Liu Yi was looking forward to the next excitement.

He sat down in front of his computer and was about to turn it on when his cell phone suddenly rang.

‘It’s already late, who is playing with me?’

When he picked up the phone, Liu Yi was surprised to find that it was from Wang Lele.

‘This girl has been gone for several days, why would she call me at this time?’

“Liu Yi gege…”

The girl on the phone seemed to be crying.

“Wang Lele? What’s wrong, what happened to you?”

Hearing Wang Lele’s crying voice, Liu Yi’s heart immediately tightened.

“Liu Yi gege….you have to save sis’ Die as soon as possible….”

“Murong Die? What happened to her, she had an accident?”

“She, is being kept in her room by Uncle….can’t get out….”

” Wang Lele cried, “I am the only one who is allowed to spend time with her….Sis’ Die’s face is not very good, she doesn’t want to eat anything….I’m afraid if this goes on, sis’ Die will take things too hard….”

“Oh, no….”

Liu Yi was shocked, ‘Murong Die is actually held inside her room by that old man Murong hong?’

‘That’s why she can’t go to school these several days?’

“Liu Yi gege….I don’t know what to do….You have to save sis’ Die, ok….You must have a way, right?”

“I….will try my best….”

To be honest, Liu Yi didn’t know what to do.

Murong Die was trapped in her room, did he have to tell the police that Murong Hong restricted other people’s personal freedom?

The police would think he’s crazy.

“Go and see her.”

Lin Tong said, “Perhaps….the person that needs to be hurriedly freed by you is not me, but her….”

“Liu Yi gege….please….you have to help sis’ Die, Lele….Lele will work extremely hard (TL: originally “Will work like an ox/cow”)….”

Cold sweat….

Hearing Wang Lele’s words on the phone, Liu Yi can’t help but have some evil thoughts.

‘Work like a cow….’

‘Working on your cow milk….’

“Lele don’t worry, I’ll figure it out.”

“I knew Liu Yi gege is the best….”

Wang Lele’s voice on the phone suddenly turned coy.

“Also….I, I now know what chest, chest push really means….If Liu Yi gege want it….I, I wouldn’t mind….”

Liu Yi was tempted to spurt out blood from his nose.

‘It’s finally happening?’

“I can also….spend money so that Liu Yi gege can go to some high-class place to find some people to do it….”


Liu Yi’s old blood almost sprayed on the phone.

‘Wang Lele, your sister!’

“Alright, alright, don’t say these things anymore. I want to figure out what to do.”

“Hehe, then I will wait for Liu Yi gege’s good news!”

Wang Lele soon burst out laughing, her pleading voice completely disappeared.

‘Shoot, this girl’s emotional shift is too rapid, faster than switching a channel on television!’

“I gotta go now, bye!”

Hearing the sound of footstep from the outside, Wang Lele hastily hung up the phone.

“Lele, why are you in the bathroom for so long!”

Someone knocked the door, followed by Murong Die’s voice.

“My stomach hurts!”

Wang Lele quickly put away the phone, erased the smile on her mouth, and walked out of the bathroom.

“Sis’ Die, I suddenly have some family matters to attend, so, I can’t be with you tonight, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Murong Die’s face was somewhat lost.

Wang Lele was the only person who can accompany her….

“Go home then…Ask Uncle Wang downstairs to take you home…”

“Em….Bye bye sis’ Die….”

After Liu Yi hung up the phone, he put on his outfit and ready to go.

“How do you plan to save this pretty lady from a rich family?”

Lin Tong lay on the bed and asked, her voice filled with acid.

But Liu Yi apparently didn’t catch it, and said, “I don’t know….I’m going to her house in secret and take a look. Her phone is off, so I can’t contact her. I will have to go to her house to see her.”

“It seems….you are also very concerned about her.”

“After all she is good to me. I also thought that I was too excessive a few days ago….Suddenly giving back the things that she gave me; She should be very sad.”

Liu Yi remembered the cowboy’s clothing and can’t help but say, “At the very least, I owe her an apology.”

“Em….This big miss is somewhat tired, can’t accompany you….I am going to practice.”

Lin Tong said, turned into a red blur, entered Liu Yi’s body, and stay silent.

‘Tired but want to train?’

Liu Yi thought that her Fox sister was a bit weird tonight.

‘Could it be Fox sister is having the Aunt?’

‘No way…that thing came after all this time?’

‘Well….a girl’s mind is hard to guess.’

Liu Yi sighed with emotion, opened the window, and directly leaped into the night sky.

He had once gone to Murong Die’s house, so he knew where it was.

This Mountain Manor was so huge….Perhaps, it was impossible for someone to miss it.

With lightning speed, Liu Yi quickly arrived before this Mountain Manor.

There were many trees around this Mountain Manor, although many leaves have fallen, by night, squatting on a tree branch, he was still hidden. No one found his presence.

While squatting there, Liu Yi watched the silent scenery around the Manor below him.

This Manor was extraordinarily huge. From his view, Liu Yi can only faintly see the castle-like villa at the center.

Inside the Mountain Manor, many bodyguards were patrolling back and forth. It would rather difficult for him to infiltrate.

“If I have a genjutsu or something, that would be nice….”

Liu Yi can’t help but lament.

‘I am indeed still a bit lacking.’

But after he carefully observed, all these bodyguards wore black suits, and under this night sky, they were almost indistinguishable from one another.

This can greatly help him.

Liu Yi quickly changed into his Ten Steps To Milk A Man’s outfit while simultaneously took off the mask and the red scarf.

Under the cover of the night sky, he leaped into the air like a bird and landed before the Mountain Manor fence.

This three meters high steel fence can’t stop Liu Yi.

As light as a swallow, he jumped and grabbed the bars and then leaped over the fence into the Manor.

He landed on the ground and stay silent.

Subsequently, Liu Yi pulled out a pair of sunglasses from the suit.

He previously wanted to use this sunglasses to finish the mission in style, but he never thought it would now come in handy.

After Liu Yi put on the sunglasses, he swaggered toward the center of the Manor.

He passed through several other guards along the way, but they only caught a glimpse of him and paid no further attention.

The bodyguards in this Mountain Manor were too many, they may not know each other.

Exploiting this loophole, Liu Yi successfully slipped inside.

However, he didn’t know the location of Murong Die’s room.

‘If I knew it would be like this, I would have asked Wang Lele.’

Thinking about this, Liu Yi took out his phone and sent out a text message to Wang Lele, asking for Murong Die’s room position within the Villa.

Soon, Wang Lele texted back.

“Liu Yi gege want to know the whereabout of sis’ Die’s room….are you going to do a night raid?….Hehe, good, sis’ Die never close her window when she sleeps!”

‘….This girl Wang Lele….what’s inside her melon head!’

“On the second floor, one of its windows hang a purple curtain, that room belongs to sis’ Die! Liu Yi gege….remember to take security measures so no one will bother the two of you together!”


If Wang Lele was now in front of him, Liu Yi definitely had to swat her head.

‘This girl’s thought is nasty, deserve to get hit.’

When Liu Yi was still wondering what he should reply to Wang Lele, he heard someone scolded him from the distance.

“What are you doing!”

Liu Yi was taken aback, looked up and found someone with a different bodyguard’s outfit came at him.

‘Am I discovered already?’

Liu Yi secretly condensed his qi around his palm.

“Why are you playing with your cell phone while working, quickly continue your patrol!”