“Your room is actually not as messy as I imagined!”

Murong Die looked around Liu Yi’s bedroom and somewhat surprisedly said.

“Of course….having a clean freak mother in the house, it was inevitable….”

Liu Yi’s mom is a head nurse and a clean freak.

Even if she had a tiring day, after coming home and saw the house did not live up to expectations, would clean it up before going to sleep.

That included Liu Yi’s room.

“What is this thing?”

Seeing a large thing on Liu Yi’s table, Murong Die asked in surprised.

“Is it some kind of high-tech equipment?”

“That is a computer….”

Liu Yi awkwardly said.

“This is a computer?”

Murong Die asked in amazement, “How could this be, you think this big miss never saw a computer! I have one in my room!”

“That’s your room….”

Liu Yi thought, ‘How could there be no difference between the have and the haven not?’

“Your monitor….why is it so big? Does it have any special features?”

Murong Die asked, perplexed.

“Um….there’s a unique picture processing function.”

Liu Yi thought for a moment and said, “It allows the screen to remove the clothes of the actress or actor.”

“Oh….so magical…..”

Murong Die nodded her head, apparently unaware of the concept of adult films.

“Go help this big miss heat the water. This big miss wants to take a bath.”

Murong Die did not bother to deal with computer things and stretched out. Her languid appearance was infinitely graceful.

“My whole body is sweaty, sticky, and ugh, dirty….”

Girls do love cleanliness.

Liu Yi has no choice but to heat the water for Murong Die.

“Fox sister, what do you think I should do….”

While adjusting the water heater, Liu Yi asked Lin Tong.

“This lady is not Baidu….I don’t have all the answer….”

Lin Tong was not in a good mood tonight.

“Fox sister is more powerful than Baidu….Moreover, what do we do to let Fox sister break free from the seal?”

Liu Yi has not forgotten about that.

He tried hard to make a breakthrough to the third star jade, just to let Fox sister free from the seal early.

“I have no mood tonight, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Lin Tong felt agitated, put off the issue brought by Liu Yi, then returned to hide inside the spiritual environment.

‘Why is Fox sister acting strange tonight?’

Liu Yi can’t figure it out, turned back to the room and suddenly saw the already took off the stocking Murong Die, her pair of white legs dangling on the bed.

“This is my first time passing the night outside the house….it feels exciting.”

Murong Die joyfully said.

Liu Yi immediately shed out cold sweat.

Kids from rich families….

He can’t comprehend the logic of their thoughts.

“Don’t you think our house is a bit small?”

Liu Yi couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s actually good!”

Murong Die looked at Liu Yi, and said, “Although it is a bit small, old, and somewhat worn out, the other’s are quite good!”


‘Can it still be called good?’

“At least, I feel very relax here….”

Then, Murong Die lay on the bed, holding his pillow, and said, “I don’t know why….but in here….I feel very comfortable….”

Murong Die’s whole body was laying on Liu Yi’s bed but didn’t notice her white skirt was up a bit, two white jade legs completely exposed in the air.

And between the legs, looming a tiny bud of black lace, which constantly challenged Liu Yi’s mental defense.

Although Liu Yi had previously seen this set of underwear when he gave it to Murong Die, the way it was partly visible actually more seductive!

Didn’t the ancient have a say?

The wife is inferior to the concubine, the concubine is inferior to stealing (someone else’s wife,) stealing (someone else’s wife) is inferior to unable to steal (someone else’s wife.)

Liu Yi swallowed down a mouthful of saliva and began the ascension of the lower part.

‘Recently….Do I really unlucky in love?’

Just as Liu Yi’s heart was preparing to blow off the ascension, came a tapping sound from the balcony door.

“Stupid Ox, open the door, open the door!”

‘Holy mother of sh*t!’

All the fine hair on Liu Yi’s body stood upright.

‘F*ck me….’

‘This has to be a mistake….’

‘How could Ma Yuanyuan suddenly came visit at this time?’

“Who’s that?”

Murong Die suddenly sat up, then strangely looked at Liu Yi.

“No wonder you don’t want me to come, turns out you’re planning a night tryst with a young girl?”

“No, it’s not like that, really!”

Liu Yi hastily said, “That’s the neighbor’s little sister, always run here when she has no other thing to do! It’s okay, if we don’t answer her, she’ll back to her house in no time.”

“Is it?”

Murong Die’s face filled with doubt and there’s an extra contempt coming out of her eyes.

Liu Yi felt truly wronged.

“Stupid Ox, open the door quickly, I see the light in your room, you must be at home!”

Liu Yi continued to pretend to hear nothing.

“If you don’t open the door, I’ll give Aunt a call, and say you don’t come home, let her get even with you!”

*Cold sweat….

Liu Yi gorgeously defeated.

“That….Murong Die….can I wronged you this one time….”

Liu Yi was forced to say this to Murong Die.

“Oh? Wronged me how?”

Murong Die looked at Liu Yi sideways.

“Wronged you….to hid under my bed for a while….”

“What did you say?”

Murong Die almost explode with anger, “You want this big miss to hide under your bed?”


Liu Yi quickly covered Murong Die’s mouth, for fear her voice would be heard by Ma Yuanyuan.

“My big missy….If you let that little girl knew there’s a girl in my room, she would surely tell my mom….at that time, you won’t feel at ease sleeping in my room….please bear with it for awhile until I send her away, okay….”

Murong Die can’t talk, stared at Liu Yi with her bright and watery eyes, and tried to kill Liu Yi with that look.

“Consider this as me begging you, okay?”

Liu Yi was going to cry.

‘I truly am a rotten peach blossom….hopelessly unlucky.’


Murong Die grunted, and then fiercely bit Liu Yi’s hand.

“Ah! Are you a dog!”

Liu Yi felt pain and retracted his hand.

“You bastard….this big miss hate you so much!”

Although Murong Die swore at Liu Yi, she obediently jumped out of the bed, lie down on the floor, and went under the bed.

“This big miss do this because I want to sleep well, not because I care about you!”

She cried while crawling under the bed.

“Yes, yes, yes….Murong Die you are the best….”

Seeing Murong Die finally went under the bed, Liu Yi finally felt relieved. He pulled some part of the sheet down to block the gap under the bed.

But Murong Die under the bed was depressed.

‘Why is this happening!’

‘This big miss didn’t come here to have an affair, really!’

But soon, Murong Die found some interesting magazine under Liu Yi’s bed. She couldn’t help but borrow the weak light, thumbing through these magazines, looking at their content.

But this time, Liu Yi has come to the balcony and opened the balcony door.

“Dead stupid Ox, Smelly stupid Ox, you let me wait for so long!”

Ma Yuanyuan dressed in pajamas, came in with arms crossed, shivering in cold, “It’s freezing outside!”

“Come on….you don’t see what time it is now!”

Liu Yi said, “I was already asleep when you knocked, okay?”

“Why would you go to sleep so early?”

Ma Yuanyuan tilted her head and somewhat suspiciously looked at Liu Yi, “You’re not doing your homework?”

‘Oh sh*t….’

Ma Yuanyuan’s reminder made Liu Yi thought about his pile of unfinished homework!

‘The evil homework….’

“I….will woke up early to finish it.”

Liu Yi wanted to cry but have no tears.

“Humph, I knew it, you’re not doing your homework, bad kid. I’ve finished all my homework.”

Ma Yuanyuan said, “But after that, the water heater in my home broke again, so I want to borrow your hot water to take a shower.”


‘Take a shower….’

‘Since when this girl thought my house as a bathhouse?’

‘She doesn’t even pay for the entrance ticket!’

‘Totally free of charge!’

“I’ll go to your room to play the ‘Fight the Landlord’ game, and you heat the water for me!”

“It’s already heated! You can directly shower!”

Listened to this girl wanted to go to his room, Liu Yi was surprised and hastily said.

“It’s heated? So considerate.”

Ma Yuanyuan nodded her head with satisfaction, “Keep heating the water for me, I’ll be coming here to take a shower from time to time.”

‘Sh*t….she really regard this place a free bathhouse!’

‘This have to be a joke!’

But seeing Ma Yuanyuan turned around and went to the bathroom, Liu Yi, at least, felt relieved.

‘Luckily she doesn’t come into my bedroom….’

While Ma Yuanyuan went to the bathroom, Liu Yi quickly ran to his room, crouched by the bed, and wanted to explain to Murong Die.

Never thought that Murong Die has lifted the sheet, lying under the bed while holding a magazine, indignantly waiting for him.

Seeing the magazine in Murong Die’s hand, Liu Yi’s face instantly pale.

‘Sh*t….this is the nude magazine I hid under the bed….’

‘His mother….how could I forget about this thing!’

“Very good Liu Yi….you see what is this? This big miss’ eyes were almost blind!’

“That’s nothing….it’s just the acupuncture points chart on the human body….”

“Acupuncture points your sister….”

“Ahem….my big miss, we don’t tangle with this, okay? The neighbor’s little sister is taking a shower, after that she will go back, be patience for a while, okay….”

“Sh*t, she takes a shower! This big miss hasn’t even wash, still hiding under this dirty bed….and there’s also these nasty things!”

“Bear with me….You need to use the artistic point of view if you want to see this magazine.

Liu Yi pointed to the magazine and said, “You see, the curve of the human body is beautiful, compound this with the complex golden ratio, oh so magical, and so artistic….”

“Artistic my ass (originally: your head), you even reason out the adult magazine! Humph, you’re so wretched, tell me, are you having an affair with that neighbor’s little sister!”

“How could it be possible!”

Liu Yi quickly lifted up his right hand and swore, “The relationship between her and me is absolutely unblemished and pure! Stop thinking crookedly, okay!”

“Are you sure?”

Murong Die 99% suspicious.

“Definitely and certainly, she’s just the neighbor’s little sister, okay….The water heater in her house is broken, so it’s very normal to borrow the bathroom to take a shower!”

“That is true….”

Murong Die was just about to nod, but then from the bathroom came the pretty shout of Ma Yuanyuan.

“Stupid Ox, come here and rub my back!”