Liu Yi in the morning squatted in the back of the school eating hot spicy soup, still thinking about last night’s event.

‘Murong Hong that old ghost….how could he, on a whim, make me compete for this….son in law position?

Moreover, this competition for position….is there only business in this old ghost’s eyes?

But I couldn’t refuse him, this old ghost had promised me to let Murong Die go back to school. If I didn’t pretend to comply first, I’m afraid things would get more complicated…’

Although since Liu Yi entered the third star jade his thoughts and ideas opened a lot.

But this time, he could not understand….’what is that old ghost’s advantage for doing this?

I will have to ask Wang An, he is Murong Hong’s closest confidante. If Murong Hong has any plan, he would certainly tell this guy.

But for God’s sake, Wang An is also a tight-lipped person, his grandma’s leg….’

This feeling of facing a conundrum made Liu Yi very uncomfortable….

‘D*mn it….who’s going to explain what the hell is going on….’

While Liu Yi racked his brain, his mobile phone suddenly vibrated.

When he look, it turned out to be a message from the Eye In The Sky app.

Wei Yi’s profile picture constantly flashing.

‘This girl finally look for me?’

Liu Yi touched the notification, and a message suddenly popped out.

“On the evening of October the 1st, at 10 PM, meet me at God Dancing City Gate.”

‘This girl….

Is this a date, or a mission appointment?

She also didn’t explain!’

Liu Yi immediately messaged back.


“Nonsense! Could this princess ask you, a dog sh*t, for a date!”

‘Very well.’ Having accepted Wei Yi’s answer, Liu Yi finally felt at ease.

Sure enough, he will not go for a romantic encounter.

‘There’s a task tomorrow night….good, I also need an enemy to test out my current strength.

I hope Wei Yi doesn’t take any abnormal task again….

The first two mission with her….always lucky; encountered two big opponents.

Always having this luck….is not a good thing.

Grandpa said, men cannot rely on luck, but must rely on their own strength.’

Liu Yi was about to put down his phone. Suddenly his phone vibrated again.

‘Wei Yi want to chat with me?’

He picked it up, and it turned out to be a text message from an unknown number.

“Murong Die said you were ill, is it serious? Did you go to the doctor?>_<”

The later part of the message turned out to be a cute character emoticon….

‘This morning I ask Murong Die to request the teacher for a leave of absence. After all, Murong Die has some weight when talking to teacher.

Sometimes, this relationship is quite useful.

Otherwise, if I run out for no reason at all, teacher Li would explode in anger!

But who is the one sending me this text message?’

“I’m okay….still breathing, thank you for asking, who is this?”

Liu Yi was about to finish his hot spicy soup when he got the reply message.

“I’m your table mate, idiot!(#‵′)凸

‘Shoot! The one who sent me these text messages turns out to be Wang Yuzheng….

This girl must have my phone number from Murong Die….

Didn’t expect this girl to be quite concerned about me….also know how to post emoji….it’s pretty vivid even.’

Liu Yi thought it’s better for him not to reply, afraid that he would delay Wang Yuzheng to attend the class.

“Fox sister….when can I go to the King of Medicine Valley?”

Liu Yi remembered Wang Yuzheng’s crying and begging look, couldn’t help but ask.

“Based on your current strength, It’s still early….The people on the King of Medicine Valley, are all masters! Want to go to the King of Medicine Valley….at minimum, you need to be at seven star jade….”

Lin Tong hastily cautioned, “If go now, you will only die!”

“Very well….I hope Wang Yuzheng’s mom can hold on for a while….”

Liu Yi said, “I will soon reach the seven star jade power, and then rush to the King of Medicine Valley!”

“You ah you, you fool!”

Lin Tong sighed deeply, thinking, ‘This guy….how each time, try to improve for someone else!

Can’t he think for himself?

Truly the biggest fool under the heaven!’

“What’s wrong? By the way Fox sister, when are we going to release you from the seal?”

Liu Yi suddenly thought this issue, hastily asked.

Yesterday evening, Lin Tong ran away to rest, didn’t talk to him about this thing.

But they should talk about it today.

“Your strength is not enough!”

Lin Tong really doesn’t want to talk about this issue. Her eyes suddenly rolled and said.

“Not enough?”

Liu Yi was very surprised, “Didn’t Fox sister say you can be free when I reached third star jade?”

“This….this big miss’ estimation is wrong!”

Lin Tong quickly said, “You need to have, at least, four star jade….no, five star jade!”

“Okay then, I will try hard to break through the fourth star jade!”

Liu Yi said confidently.


Lin Tong’s nose crooked with anger, “Forget it, this big miss reminds you that haste makes waste!”


“Your strength progress too fast, meaning that the foundation is unstable which make your mind unstable.”

Lin Tong said, “If you don’t want the other you to give you trouble, you need to consolidate your cultivation! As soon as possible to fill the third star jade!”

“Very well….I listen to Fox sister.”

Liu Yi nodded his head.

Lin Tong was helpless, thinking.

‘Alas….this peerless bonehead….’

“It’s almost time, I have to go to the Northern Dragon City Jiayu Middle School.”

Liu Yi looked at the time and thought he couldn’t delay that girl Ma Yuanyuan’s matter anymore, otherwise, she will retaliate!

Thus, Liu Yi hurriedly drank the rest of the hot spicy soup, wiped his mouth, and got up.

The One Mid High School and Jiayu Middle School is very close. The two schools separated by a few blocks.

At this time, before he even arrived the Jiayu Middle School’s entrance he had heard the noisy sounds of drums and percussions.

‘Whoa, this is truly a Sports Games.’

Liu Yi was a bit envious.

On the previous Sports Games, he didn’t use it to develop his motor neuron, but to enjoy life without a class with his friends.

In general, halfway through the game, they would stop participating the sports and secretly ran out to access the internet.

Playing twice CS, CF and then ran back to continue the sports game in order to avoid the teacher’s wrath.

Liu Yi walked to the school entrance and quickly blocked by the door guard.

“Who are you?”

“The student’s parent, the third year class four Ma Yuanyuan’s parent.”

Liu Yi hastily said.

“You are the parent?”

The guard looked at Liu Yi.

Today Liu Yi didn’t wear his school uniforms, but a very ordinary jeans.

So, he didn’t look like a student….

“You look like you’re just a student….”

“This….I’m Ma Yuanyuan’s brother.”

Liu Yi hastily said, “Mom and Dad are on a business trip. Therefore, I come to attend the sports games with her.”

“Oh….Third year class four….Ma Yuanyuan, right.”

The guard looked at the name on the computer’s register, nodded, and then said, “Go, the third year class four is on the playground northeast side.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Liu Yi expressed his gratitude and entered the Jiaoyu Middle School.

This Jiayu Middle School is a very famous local middle school. Want to get into here, the test score must not low.

In the past Liu Yi failed the test and then later when he entered the One Mid High School, his parents spent no less sponsorship fee.

But this Jiaoyu Middle School doesn’t accept such fee; to enter one must have sufficient score.

It seemed Ma Yuanyuan’s achievement were also good….

After entering the school, Liu Yi immediately saw in the playground each class in square formation.


This square formation of this middle school was fascinating!’

Liu Yi remembered his previous sports games opening ceremony, the students all dressed in school uniforms, holding a sign while walking in a square formation.

But now…

It’s good….

Walking in the front of a group of students, all dressed in military uniform, the two leaders were very handsome and mighty.

But this was nothing….Behind that first square formation team….

My goodness, a row of students in black suits, each person carried a wood ax coated with paint, which they held high.

‘His mother….

This is the ax gang!

Too ridiculous!’

Next to that group walked a group of palace maid and eunuch of Qing Dynasty, led by two students dressed in Emperor robe attire.

Liu Yi was thoroughly dazzled….

‘This is his mother’s sports games….

Truly envy them….

At my previous sports games, why didn’t they make it like this?

Alas, times have truly changed….

The past students didn’t so well-organized like this, the only condition they need is to have the vigor to walk.

Now, they are full of tricks.’

Liu Yi felt that he had to follow the rhythm of this era.

‘But, where’s Ma Yuanyuan….’

Liu Yi looked around and, sure enough, on the northeast side, there is a sign for the third year class four.

But Ma Yuanyuan wasn’t among those students.

‘Could it be, she is in the square formation?’

Liu Yi was somewhat curious, looked around several times toward the square formation teams.

‘My goodness….’

Cold sweat appeared on Liu Yi’s forehead.

Among these square formation teams, he was surprised to see a full cosplay team…

In that square formation team, there were various anime characters.

Dorameon….Naruto, Bleach, One Piece….

It truly was….everything-you-name-it, it’s there….

And Ma Yuanyuan walked in front of the formation.

This girl dressed up as….

‘Holy sh*t, no kidding!

It’s One Piece Pirate Empress!

How could she dress as Pirate Empress!

It’s more suitable if she plays as a little loli!

This bunch of group, how could they let Ma Yuanyuan play the role of a Queen?

Are they crazy….’

Liu Yi stood beside the entrance gate while rows of square formation teams walked pass him.

Like he was reviewing them.

As Ma Yuanyuan came to the entrance gate, her eyes fell on Liu Yi, and immediately somewhat excited.

But then she suddenly remembered her costume; This girl’s pretty face immediately blushed.

‘My appearance….seems so shameful….’

Liu Yi noticed that Ma Yuanyuan this girl has been making a sentence “Wait for me” silently with her mouth.

He has no other choice but to walk to the third year class four area, waiting for the Loli Queen.

But just when he stood next to that area, an elegantly dressed girl, with arms crossed, bluntly said to Liu Yi.

“You there, this is the third year class four area, you’re standing in the wrong place!”

“Oh, sorry, I’m Ma Yuanyuan’s parent.”

Liu Yi quickly explained.

“Parent? Ma Yuanyuan’s parent?”

That girl suddenly laughed.