“I’m sorry….”

Ma Yuanyuan actually apologized to Liu Yi for the first time, this made Liu Yi very surprised.

‘What the hell, the Sun rise from the West?’

‘Ma Yuanyuan can actually apologize to me?’

‘I thought this was impossible….’

“I’m sorry….Liu Yi gege….if I didn’t bite the bullet and signed up for parents racing, you will not encounter such trouble….”

Ma Yuanyuan lowered her head, afraid to look at Liu Yi, “I just wanted to….tell others….I also have parents….”

“Don’t worry, I will help you to win this race.”

Liu Yi can’t help but scratch Ma Yuanyuan on the nose.

At this moment, Ma Yuanyuan in his eyes, turned out to be delicate and kind of cute.

“I will let that Xu Xin see how fierce our Ma Yuanyuan is. Later or you’ll have me, no one can bully you.”

Liu Yi’s heart was somewhat distressed.

He originally thought Ma Yuanyuan was like a little Princess, at home being spoiled and pampered.

In his eyes, she was like a typical little devil.

Unexpectedly in the school, she is in such environment.

Being excluded by the girls, and seemingly more popular among the boys.

But if there’re no same-sex friends, it really is a very sad thing.

“Who wants the Stupid Ox protection….”

Ma Yuanyuan was suddenly happy, pretended not to care and said, “Obviously only I can bully you, that Xu Xin actually spoke ill of you, huh, can’t be forgiven!”

“Yes, yes, yes, only you this little devil can bully me, okay?”

“When I became a little devil! I’m really cute, OK!”

Ma Yuanyuan immediately pinched her waist and said.

“You….very well, you’re really cute.”

Liu Yi had to nod, otherwise, the little girl wouldn’t let him go in the evening.

He has a female next door neighbor, a devil, named Yuanyuan!

“Parents 800 meters ready to begin!”

At this time, the school’s loudspeaker broadcast a message.

For this parents 800 meters race, there was Liu Yi, as well as Xu Tianliang.

Two men stood on the starting line, Xu Tianliang glanced at Liu Yi, and slowly said.

“You will soon see the gap between us.”

“Good, I’d like to see that.”

Liu Yi squatted on the racetrack, hands pressed on the ground, with un-standard posture.

By contrast, Xu Tianliang’s posture was very much according to standard, after all, he was originally a long-distant runner.

The host stood on the podium and cheerfully said.

“Everybody, see the parent on the fourth runway, he is our Northern Dragon City Sports Bureau Deputy Director Xu Tianliang!”

This Sports Bureau leader personally attended this parents meeting, has given much face to this Jiaoyu Middle School.

Many of the school’s leaderships also attached great importance to him, one teacher even quietly arrived at Liu Yi’s side, and said to him.

“The parent of Ma Yuanyuan….later on, please run a bit slower.”


Liu Yi was surprised.

“This….I ask you to forgive me.”

“That teacher spoke in whisper, “That is our City’s Sports Bureau Leadership….You know…..”

“Sorry, I don’t know.”

Liu Yi sneered, “Moreover I won’t yield to him. Here is the school, not society, nor is it government. I don’t want the kids here to learn how to flatter the official that filthy thing! I want them to see the spirit of sportsmanship!”


That teacher was speechless for half a day.

Liu Yi’s words made him unable to refute.

At the same time, he muttered in his heart, ‘This kid didn’t give Xu Tianliang face….wouldn’t it be bad for the school’s image.

If the leadership is not happy then what to do?

But this guy is not the school’s student, even if we want to control, we can’t.’


At this time, the sports teacher shouted the ready signal.

Liu Yi didn’t move, but that Xu Tianliang slightly raised his ass, ready to start the early sprint.

Liu Yi wanted to kick his ass, but thinking that he would miss the starting signal, retracted his thoughts.


At this time, the sound of gunfire resounded, signaling the start.

That Xu Tianliang immediately like a runaway horse, quickly jumped out.

He really is a former long distance runner, that Xu Tianliang ran very strong and vigorous, the speed was also very fast, in the blink of an eye flung other people’s behind him.

“Daddy, come on! Daddy, you can do it!”

Xu Xin kept cheering.

But Ma Yuanyuan’s face was somewhat ugly, because Liu Yi stood on the starting line, tying his shoes.

Liu Yi didn’t slow or pretend to be slow, just didn’t know when his shoelace loosened, so he needed to fasten it first.

But this time, Xu Tianliang has already run for 50 meters, which basically, in the 800 meters distance running, it would be very difficult to catch up.

Other people in the race also deliberately yielded to Xu Tianliang.

“Haha, you see that, your brother is a waste, garbage, except his mouth everything is worthless!”

Xu Xin couldn’t help but smile, “My daddy will win!”


Ma Yuanyuan clenched her fists, did not know how to refute.

Just when she was worried, Liu Yi finally started running.

His whole person was like an arrow leaving the bowstring, instantly leaped up.

Barely in the blink of an eye, Liu Yi has quickly surpassed other people, catching up to Xu Tianliang.

Xu Tianliang ran on the curve and caught a glimpse of Liu Yi catching up to him, the heart suddenly surprised.

‘This kid sprinting power is strong….

If this is fifty-meter run, I’m afraid I’ll probably lose to him….

Fortunately this is 800 meters distance running!

At long distance race, in addition to active professional athlete, no one can beat me!

Moreover that kid sprint so hard, he will soon lose his steam.

Long distance running needs to maintain stamina, he madly sprints like this, soon he will be tired like a dog.’

Liu Yi didn’t hurry to overtake Xu Tianliang, but kept his running rhythm, without any worry.

While he ran, he also shouted.

“Hey, hey, uncle, your Patek Philippe are going to fall!”


Xu Tianliang really wanted to curse.

‘This kid is too f*cking deserve a beating!

Next time I’ll go out, to avoid the limelight I can’t always wear these watches….

Otherwise, if one day I am exposed, I would be finished.’

“Uncle, you’re so relaxed, can I overtake you?”

Liu Yi’s voice behind Xu Tianliang made him depressed.

‘How could this kid not tired now?

Moreover, he still has the strength to talk?

His stamina is that good?’

When Xu Tianliang was depressed, Liu Yi spoke again.

“Very well, since uncle does not speak, I’ll just help myself then. This time’s champion, is my family Ma Yuanyuan.”

With that, the wind appeared under his feet, his whole body suddenly accelerated, and instantly went beyond Xu Tianliang.


Ma Yuanyuan was instantly excited and kept on cheering.

But the nearby Xu Xin was dumbfounded.

Xu Tianliang raised his thighs high to run, confident on beating Liu Yi, but now Liu Yi has overtaken him, his suddenly startled eyes nearly burst out.

‘F*ck me!

This has to be a mistake, are you kidding me!

This kid just sprinted a moment ago, but now how could he easily overtake me?

Is he still human?

What stamina is this?

Too incredible….

I ran distant running for so many years, never seen someone this vicious!

But there’s still 600 meters left! He will definitely spend all his stamina before I do!

After running for a while, he will slow down.’

“Liu Yi gege come on! Liu Yi gege you can do it!”

Ma Yuanyuan has never been so happy!

His Liu Yi gege strove to win the race for her!

Looking at Xu Xin that small face, she was inexplicably refreshed!

‘It truly is…invigorating!


While Liu Yi ran, Ma Yuanyuan made an OK gesture.


You happy now, let see how long you’ll stay happy!’ Xu Tianliang thought.

He kept on running behind Liu Yi, looking for an opportunity to overtake him.

“Uncle, I go first! You really are too slow, I won’t wait for you anymore.”

Liu Yi said, waved his hand, and began to pick up speed again.

Xu Tianliang was silly, he looked at Liu Yi’s instant acceleration, running farther and farther away; he felt he was in a dream.

‘That kid is a robot?

How could he not feel tired?

F*ck me, this kid is not inferior to an active long distance running athlete!’

Liu Yi easily ran on the track, the whole people was in an unrestrained state.

The three forces unceasingly circulated inside his body, flowing, and turned into his physical strength.

If in the previous year he ran 800 meters, he would be exhausted halfway through.

But now, it was as relaxed as hair.

With ten seconds of effort, Liu Yi has left Xu Tianliang far behind.

Even if Xu Tianliang was able to fly, for fear it might be too late.

Let alone he was just a several years retired middle-aged man!

Xu Xin was also quiet, blankly standing there.

The few girls next to her did not know how to say, all of their complexions were splendid as if they’ve received a slap in the mouth.

When Liu Yi was about to cross the finish line, some people burst out cheering, some people jaws dropped.

The most exciting expression belong to those school leaders, all opened their mouth.

Liu Yi’s behavior is tantamount to give all the Jiaoyu Middle School leadership a slap in the face.

Moreover, it was a very hard slap.

But they can’t do nothing about it, Liu Yi’s spirit of sportsmanship is indisputable.

Sports competition….is to cultivate students’ sportsmanship, isn’t it?

Therefore, these people can only show their bitter face, and swallowed their own uncomfortable feeling.

“Liu Yi gege, you’re great!”

After Liu Yi pass the finish line, Ma Yuanyuan was the first to rush forward.

Regardless of Liu Yi’s physical strength, this girl threw herself at him.

Fortunately, Liu Yi is a cultivator, reached out his hands to put the girl in his arms, hugging her.

“You’re great (can also mean club/stick, i.e., lower body part)….really….”

Ma Yuanyuan’s excitement was intense.

But Liu Yi secretly thought something evil, ‘this is so….evil….


Ma Yuanyuan’s (chest) development seems to be better….’


At this time, Xu Xin with a group of girls came running up, pointed at Liu Yi’s face, and loudly cursed.

“How could a waste like you beat my daddy! You must have taken some drugs!”


Liu Yi was surprised, thinking, ‘this girl is crazy!

I’ve won, but she said I took some drugs?

Since when she’s in the Olympic Games Organization Committee!’