That woman slowly opened her red flame wings, her pair of eyes, as if talking, fell upon Guyu.

“Who are you!”

Guyu looked at the woman who suddenly appeared in front of her, and her heart suddenly had a bad feeling, thinking.

‘This woman….her strength is not inferior to me….

My power is tenth star jade….

This woman….is likely the same.’

Although Guyu had asked a question, the opposite woman didn’t say anything. Instead, she glanced at the half frozen Liu Yi with a worried look.

“Are you worried about him?”

Guyu saw that the two people use the same type of fire technique and immediately understood what’s going on.

“Turn out to be jackals of the same tribe!”

She quickly charmingly scolded, “Since you have come, then don’t leave!”

The person who came is none other than Wenren Qian.

She held out her slim finger and wrote some fire words in mid-air.

“Why do you want to kill him, he didn’t do evil things.”

“To kill Demons like you, what reason do I need?”

Guyu disdainfully explained to the demon and coldly snorted, “All the devil in the world, behave differently, but in this immortal fairy’s eyes, all deserve to die!”


Wenren Qian wrote a word, and then both of her hands made a seal sign.

Suddenly, the pair of flame wings behind her began to transform rapidly, in the blink of an eye turned into a pair of giant flame hands, each of them was clutching a huge flame sword, which she wielded down toward the opposite Guyu.


Guyu didn’t dodge, just lifted one of her hand.

Suddenly, a huge ice shield appeared in front of her.

With a “Bam” sound, the flame swords hit the ice shield, frying up a large chunk of ice and blasting off pieces of ice chips, impacting everywhere.

Initially Xu Tianliang saw someone came to save him and was very excited about it.

But then he saw such a girl, who came in flame, the two of them then started swinging at each other. He was suddenly so frightened that he peed his pant. He thought.

‘Your mother….

What if those things spread here!

I am just an ordinary person….

Your mother, why am I reduced to just being an ordinary people!

I’m obviously a noble dragon among men….

This hateful feeling….these guys, go to hell all of you!’

“I admit you have some strength.”

Guyu easily blocked Wenren Qian’s attack, and said, “But this immortal fairy has received many teachings from Master over the years regarding how to use the force, something that evildoer like you who only know how to massacre can’t possibly comprehend!”

With that, she suddenly swung her foot, directly kicked out an ice sword from behind the ice shield.

The ice sword constantly rotated in the air toward the opposite Wenren Qian, trying to chop her.

Wenren Qian suddenly waved her hand, a section of flame flew out forming a long snake, weaving toward that ice sword.

But that ice sword was under Guyu’s control, making it exceptionally flexible, constantly drawing an arc, and in the blink of an eye evaded the long flame snake entanglement to continue to fly toward Wenren Qian.

“Two terrible women….”

Lin Tong lie on Liu Yi’s shoulder, trembling with fear.

The power of the two women….can’t be seen through her Star Jade Eyes….She thought Guyu was much less stronger than this, only today she knew….It turned out that she previously didn’t come up with her full strength….This woman’s power should belong to the Earthly Realm….

The two women were both cultivators, who knew variety of techniques, with huge destructive force.

If the two of them simultaneously launched their destructive forces on this warehouse wall, perhaps this warehouse would be reduced to the ground.

Meanwhile, Liu Yi’s body was still half-frozen by Guyu’s power. Even if he wanted to break free….fear that would be very difficult.

But the thing that weighed heavily on Lin Tong’s mind was, ‘why would that Wenren Qian want to help Liu Yi?

Exactly for what purpose?

Is this woman have a liking for Liu Yi?

Unlikely….even with the Friendly Aura, it would not be so dramatic like this.

That Wenren Qian’s strength is very strong, and she is also an extremely gorgeous woman.

Even though she is mute, it can’t conceal her goddessly charm.

How could she possibly take a fancy of Liu Yi!

Em, definitely not….’

Lin Tong tried to comfort herself.

“Thou shalt evildoer, received this punishment!”

Guyu controlled the ice sword, steering away from the flame snake, and came to the front of Wenren Qian.

But Wenren Qian gently opened her lips, spitting out a blossoming red lotus.

That red lotus quickly exploded, the hot shockwave immediately impacted the ice sword.

In the blink of an eye, the ice sword turned into a mist.


Guyu didn’t expect Wenren Qian’s technique to be so weird and varied, and she felt that something seemed faintly amiss.

“Who are you, why are you meddling with this immortal’s matter!”

Guyu finally couldn’t bear to ask

“You should not hurt him.”

Wenren Qian wrote a few flame words, which caught Guyu’s attention. She thought.

‘This woman doesn’t speak?

What a pity, she actually has a beautiful face.’

“Demon, should not exist in this world.”

Guyu continued to stick to her principle. An ice sword floated beside her body.

“Moreover, he actually killed a mortal; this is such a heinous crime. Even I am impossible to give him a chance again and again. This time, he must die.”

“Then I have to protect him.”

Wenren Qian’s figure seemed to be somewhat unhappy.

She waved her hand, a red lotus flower floated out, hovering at her feet.

The two people’s power seemed to be somewhat uncontrolled.

“Uh….it hurts….”

At this time, Ma Yuanyuan, who was still hanging on the ceiling, issued a painful cry, cold sweat covered all over her body.

The Immortals fighting, the mortal suffers.

The power used by these two beautiful women was getting more intense, their uncontrolled strength has already affected Ma Yuanyuan.

Originally, Ma Yuanyuan’s physique is fragile, therefore, after being affected by cold and hot, her body soon began to feel pain.

“Liu Yi gege….”

That half-frozen Liu Yi suddenly opened his eyes.

His pupils were no longer golden, but back to his original crystal clear eyes.

“D*mn….let me goooo!”

He desperately forced out his power, trying to break free from the layer of ice.

“It’s no use.”

While vigilantly controlling the ice sword, Guyu shot Liu Yi a glance, and then said.

“The ice that I made is not something that a third star jade people like you can break through. Obediently accept your fate, evildoer.”


Wenren Qian immediately released several red flames Lotus flowers, seemingly wanting to help Liu Yi.

But Guyu, almost simultaneously, emitted out a few ice swords and punctured those flame Lotus flowers.

“As long as I’m here, you can’t help him.”

Guyu said.

This time, it was Wenren Qian’s turn to be anxious.

“Liu Yi gege….I’m really hurt…”

At this time, Ma Yuanyuan’s weak voice drifted into Liu Yi’s ears.

Liu Yi’s heart violently trembled.

He felt as if there was a mountain pressuring his body. He thought.

‘I want…to save Ma Yuanyuan….

I must….carry this mountain….’

It was at this moment, Liu Yi vaguely saw a figure of a man appeared in front of him.

That man’s appearance….was very similar to him….

He was high above, with hands inside his pant’s pockets, and his golden eyes looking down at him.

“You want power?”

He asked himself.


“I ask you, do you want power?”

He asked again.

“Yes….I want….”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will devour you?”

That figure asked again.

“I will….defeat you.”

Liu Yi said through gritted teeth.

“Hehe….then let’s give it a try….the two of us cooperate…..will give them….many surprises.”

That figure said and held out a hand toward Liu Yi.


Liu Yi also stretched out a hand, and grabbed the other hand.

The two figure instantly coincide together.

“Crack crack…”

The sound of rupture echoed throughout the warehouse.

Guyu was surprised, her beautiful face turned pale, turning her head to look at Liu Yi.

Only to see the layers of ice that kept Liu Yi’s body unmoved continued to crack open, and began to break apart.


She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw this scene, thinking.

‘This is the ice that I created….how could it possibly be burst open by a guy with the power of third star jade?

This is absolutely impossible!

Could he subvert the rules of immortal cultivator’s world?

Or….he just subvert the laws of logic of this world?’


Liu Yi uttered an explosive roar.

A burst of force, instantly spread out of his body, forming a circular ripple, which impacted everything around him.

“Bam bam bam!”

All of those layers of ice completely broke, turning into fragments of ice.

Liu Yi was half kneeling on the ground, with one hand on the floor.

His body was draped in a black coat.

The edge of the coat was printed with flames, but the sleeve cuffs and the collar were actually cited with snowflakes mark.

A bright red scarf waved along the airwave, unceasingly fluttering.

Liu Yi slowly opened his eyes.

A pair of golden eyes, blooming with brilliant luster.

At that time, the hearts of Guyu and Wenren Qian were shocked.

On that moment, their hearts were throbbing like when someone fell in love for the first time, letting the two people’s faces blushed at the same time. Their heartbeat increased, while their breath shortened.

In their vision right now….Liu Yi was quite pleasing to the eyes….

Wenren Qian was quite alright, but Guyu was actually terrified. She thought.

‘How could it be like this….

How, all of a sudden….I lost all of my hostility toward Liu Yi?

What kind of Demonic technique….

Which can affect a tenth star expert like me!

Even if he cast a Demonic technique, how could it directly affect me….

Strange….it’s really strange….’

After Liu Yi completely broke out the three forces in his body, he felt he was now stronger than ever.

But he also found out that, the two women opposite of him….were even more unfathomable.

Even though he now can use all his three forces simultaneously, his basic strength was third star jade; it was still too big of a gap compared to the ten star jade.

He had to be extremely careful….

“D*mn evildoer….Go to hell!”

Guyu forced herself to flung out rows of ice swords toward Liu Yi.

“Mountain Mist!”

Liu Yi stood up, took a step, and launched his palms.

A pair of giant palm attached to each other suddenly flew into the air.

A fire palm, and an ice palm, each with four meters in size; together they reflected the ice swords falling from the air.

“Boom boom boom!”

Explosive sounds continuously echoed throughout the warehouse. The ice swords began to burst, but the two palms were also increasingly weaker.

Liu Yi was still in a very dangerous situation.