“Let me freeze you into ice forever!”

After piercing the pair of giant palms, Guyu sent out a huge amount of ice swords toward Wenren Qian, harassing her. While at the same time, she turned around, made a knot seal with her hand, held it in front of her mouth, and blew out a mouthful of air toward Liu Yi.

This immortal breath immediately turned into a ferocious ice storm sweeping over toward Liu Yi.

This ice storm was like a Silver Dragon, moving toward Liu Yi, threatening him as if it wants to swallow Liu Yi as a whole.

Looking at the incoming ice storm, Liu Yi has a deep sense of powerlessness.

‘I….really can’t resist a ten-star expert’s strength….?’

“Liu Yi gege….”

At this time, his ears seemed to hear Ma Yuanyuan’s cries for help.

Liu Yi’s eyes instantly lit up.

‘No matter what, I have to hold this!’

‘I, still have people that I need to protect!’

At this time, magnificent white lights appeared on Liu Yi’s body.

Feeling this force, even Guyu can’t help but surprise.

“Such an overwhelming uprightness! How could this uprightness appear in this evildoer body!”

Uprightness is a precious power that each immortal cultivator in the immortal cultivator world wants to cultivate.

But uprightness is not something that can be cultivated by doing good deeds daily.

It seems like a state of mind. If a person has no perception and correct state of mind….Even if someone cultivates daily good deeds, that person will not be able to attain this uprightness.

Uprightness is truly powerful….

The reason why every immortal cultivator wants to have it is that it can make an immortal cultivator infinitely strong! It has unlimited upgrade potential!

Even Guyu herself, even her master, all of them never have this uprightness….But now, it appeared in this having-demonic-aura guy’s body….

This made Guyu somewhat can’t accept.

“Break! Desolate Flame!”

Liu Yi stepped forward one step, and mercilessly struck back with his right palm.

This palm strike….filled with all of his strength….

‘I have to believe in myself!’

‘I, must save Ma Yuanyuan!’

Liu Yi’s right hand burst out a dazzling white light.

His entire right arm directly covered with a piece of frost armor.

His entire right hand also turned into ice claws. The power of his Great Brilliant Sun Palm was pushed into the extreme.

That ferocious ice storm arrived in front of Liu Yi and was met head on with Liu Yi’s palm strike. Seemingly hitting a wall, that collision of forces wheezed like a bomb flying upward and directly broke through the ceiling at the top of their heads.


The ceiling was frozen, and then instantly broke, opening up a huge hole.

The ice storm went straight into the sky, and in the blink of an eye melted into the early morning sky.

In this autumn, snow fell down in the Northern Dragon City.


Guyu saw that Liu Yi’s palm strike unexpectedly can off-set her own ice storm, her surprised went through the roof.

‘This….how could this possible!’

‘I am but a ten star jade master!’

‘My ice storm is enough to engulf everything!’

‘But now, this three star jade kid….actually able to swat it away!’

‘Is this a joke!’

‘How could there be such a possibility!’

‘This is simply a dream!’


After fully displaying his palm strike, Liu Yi’s power was almost exhausted.

He knelt down, constantly panting.

“D*mn evildoer….receive your death!”

Never been bullied by a newcomer like this, Guyu was furious.

“This time, I will kill you for sure!”

With that, she began to knot the next seal sign with her hands.

But this time, Wenren Qian attacked her once again.

Flame lotuses unceasingly rained down toward Guyu, and in the blink of an eye, it almost drowned her.

“Bang bang bang!”

Everywhere there were bursts of flame.

Guyu was caught unprepared and was inverted out by the explosion.

“D*mn, you’re all evil devils!”

Guyu was upset to the extreme.

When she attempted to rearrange her great spell, she and Wenren Qian simultaneously changed their complexion.

“The spiritual body is born….”

The two women looked at each other in the eye.

“This time, I will not let you hinder me!”

Wenren Qian left these few words in the air, and then instantly turned into flames and disappeared.

“Do you think this fairy will lose to you?”

But Guyu coldly snorted and then turned to take a glance at Liu Yi.

“This time, I will let you go….Next time, you’ll die.”

With that, she stepped on an ice sword and flew out from the open ceiling.

Snow was still slowly falling.

The two women suddenly came and went away, to Liu Yi, it was a bit like a dream.

‘These two women….what exactly they want to do….’

“Don’t go….don’t go….”

Xu Tianliang was completely dumbfounded.

His only savior left just like that, leaving behind this abnormal guy here….

“Now it’s time to deal with you.”

After his misery went away, Liu Yi was relieved.

He looked at Xu Tianliang tied there, and slowly said, “No one can save you, scum. Just wait for your moral judgment.”

Liu Yi said, walking in front of Xu Tianliang.

“You have done so many wicked things, today for your daughter’s life, you tried to ruin so many innocent people.”

Liu Yi said while looking at Xu Tianliang.

Xu Tianliang’s face went pale, and his whole body trembled, fearing the worst.

“Do you think the law can’t punish you? Good, if the law can’t punish you, no problem, I’ll do it.”

Liu Yi said, held out his hand and took away the white mask on his face.

The white mask also slightly changed this time.

Half of it flowed with blue-white frost, while the other half sculpted with flaming blaze pattern.

“You, for your own selfish desire, attempt to murder so many innocent people. Come out, the punishment spirits.”

Liu Yi said, reached out his hand and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, more than a dozen flame beauty appeared on his side.

After counting, there was a total of 15 flame beauties; these are the spirits that were hurt by Huang Zongyi.

“You come and help me make a choice. If you think Xu Tianliang is guilty, stand behind me. If you think he’s innocent, stand by his side. Whichever side that has the most number, will be the final outcome of this trial.

Liu Yi decided to use this method to determine the life and death of Xu Tianliang.

If he judged it himself, perhaps it would be somewhat extreme. Therefore, he let these girls helped him make a judgment.

They were already dead, so didn’t have any conflicting interest.

Xu Tianliang saw these flame beauties, and can’t help but tense up.

‘I…can be judged innocent?’

While he was still speculating, those flame beauties began to move.

To Xu Tianliang’s despair, no flame girls thought he is innocent.

Soon, that 15 flame beauties floated behind Liu Yi.

“You see.”

Liu Yi sighed and said, “I don’t need to say the result.”

With that, he stretched out his two fingers until they reached Xu Tianliang’s forehead.

“No, no!”

Xu Tianliang cried, “These 15 people are your people, of course they will listen to you! You shouldn’t have sentenced me just like that, you can’t!”

“If we wait for another half an hour, I’m afraid there will be more than just these 15 people.”

Liu Yi coldly said, “At that time, it’ll be hundreds, thousands!”

If they stayed there for a while, Huang Zongyi’s bomb in the school area would explode.

After handling Xu Tianliang, he planned to immediately deal with that bomb.

Therefore, Liu Yi didn’t want to delay things too much.


Xu Tianliang kept pleading, “I don’t want to die….really don’t want to die….what do you want, whatever it is, I can give it to you!”

“What do I want?”

Suddenly heard such a question from Xu Tianliang, Liu Yi couldn’t help but loudly sneer.

“Yes, that’s right, whatever you want, I can get it for you! Money, beauty! I can!”

Xu Tianliang thought there’s a glimmer of hope, hastily shouted.

“It seems like your sin has deepened a layer.”

Liu Yi coldly said, “Money? Woman? Which one these that you earned with your own hands? You use other people’s money, in exchange for your life? Such behaviour, compared to your previous act, what’s the difference? Not only you are guilty, but you are guilty of the most serious crime.”

“I, I….”

Xu Tianliang began to despair.

He quickly broke down.

‘I….am really going to die?’

“In your next life, be a good person.”

Liu Yi said, his two red-copper iron like fingers instantly poked into Xu Tianliang’s forehead between his eyebrows.

Xu Tianliang’s brain instantly died.

Liu Yi’s high heat fingers directly evaporated his brain.

After killing Xu Tianliang, Liu Yi didn’t have any anxiety.

Because he thought that person deserved to die.

He’s dead, and there’s nothing to regret about it.

Liu Yi then put the two girls down from the ceiling. Xu Xin’s right foot is missing a toe.

‘Alas….This is you to repay a part of your father’s debt, hope that you can be a good girl later.’

After Liu Yi put the two girls away, he left the warehouse and made an alarm call.

At this time, he had more important things to do.

Liu Yi took a deep breath, and his whole state began to change.

He transformed back into that set of black suit dotted with blue snowflakes, and his mask changed into his previous white mask.

His other self’s state has been lifted.

Although in that state Liu Yi was powerful, the power consumption is also great.

To dismantle the bomb, his current state was enough.

Liu Yi stepped on ice skates, and instantly slid forward, rushing toward the Jiaoyu Middle School.

At this time the Jiaoyu Middle School female students dressed in school uniforms were standing on the playground, arranged into several square groups.

The school principal is very happy to stand in front of these groups and excitedly said.

“Schoolmates, be diligent, and work hard, to do this activity. Let the City Leadership knows that our Jiaoyu Middle School students are excellent!”

But his mind said.

‘The above said, if we do well in this activity, they can set aside a special fund to support the school’s construction.’

‘Humph, humph, I will certainly get this fund!’

“Schoolmates, it’s almost time, we are ready to accept the inspection from the leadership!”

With that, he picked nine gorgeously dressed, beautiful young girls, and led them toward the open area behind the school.