“Boss, are you ready for the midterm?”

After school in the evening, Liu Yi got a call from Chen Cai.

“I am ok, what about you?”

Liu Yi was going to the meeting place that was agreed upon by Wei Yi as he went back home.

The exam always put an insurmountable pressure on students….

Of course, other than Wang Yuzheng, Jiang Youcai, those types of students who were more than just excited to have a test.

They were not human, but a terrible creature called bookworms.

“Haha, I have written the answers on the table!”

Chen Cai’s voice was filled with a little bit of smug, “Hehehe….On the self-study class, I do nothing other than to write the answers on my entire table….No matter what the questions are, I will have no problem!”

“….Be careful of being discovered by the teacher, you know you sit in the front row, right buddy?”

Liu Yi quickly urged caution.

“Boss, you do not know, this is the so-called the daring one will produce result!”

Chen Cai laughed out loud, “So what if I sit in the front row? It is because I sit in the front row that the teacher will not pay much attention to me! The most dangerous place is the safest place! Haha, this exam will be mine!”

“You still need to be careful….I wish you the best of luck….”

Liu Yi can only offer a silent blessing.

“Of course….This exam is too important….The homeroom teacher said….If the test results are not good, the school will call the parents….I do not want they call my parents….It will only result in my butt getting hurt….”

Chen Cai parents taught him to do things right, as long as the school called for them, when they went back home they would immediately use a small willow branch to trash his buttocks.

Therefore, the thing that Chen Cai most afraid of was the school calling his parents….

“Okay then, I will not say anything, I have to go to do something. I still advise you to review the test subjects. Copying and cheating, those kinds of thing come with danger after all.”

Liu Yi persuaded his friend one last time and then hung up his phone.

The time was almost up. He needed to rush to the meeting place to look for Wei Yi.

Liu Yi walked to the nearby deserted alley. When he walked out again, he has changed his outfit into the black suit.

He had to admit that the dressing up using spatial ring was so convenient. And if later on, he did not want to do the mission anymore, this magical changing outfit should earn him some small profit….

While daydreaming, Liu Yi rushed toward the God Dancing City Game Arena.

This God Dancing City Game Arena was a very big place where many families liked to play games in Northern Dragon City. Every day there were many men and women who went there.

While playing games there, they would get to know many handsome and beautiful people.

Chen Cai and Liu Yi also wanted to go there to ***….But whether it was true or not, Liu Yi himself did not know it.

In any case, he has never been there before, because he could not afford it.

Today he can take the opportunity to see it for himself.

Liu Yi with lightning speed arrived before the God Dancing Game Arena and suddenly saw a beautiful figure standing on the roof of God Dancing Game Arena.

‘Wei Yi actually came early….Um, according to stories, aren’t women supposed to show up late?’

Today, Wei Yi did not wear her school’s uniform, but instead, wore a small white trenchcoat, with jeans on the lower part, and stepping on a pair of small brown leather boots.

Lying on her shoulder licking its paws was the civet Tuantuan.

Feeling someone approaching, the civet Tuantuan warily looked up. But after discovering that the person who arrived was Liu Yi, that Tuantuan lazily yawned, and then continued to lick its paws.

‘F*ck….This uncle cannot even raise the interest of a cat?’

Liu Yi could not help but want to cry but no tears would come out.

“You finally came!”

Seeing Liu Yi lightly fell to her side, Wei Yi slightly frowned her pretty eyebrows and said, “But you are late!”

“Hey, hey….big sister, now is 9:50, there are still ten minutes before 10:00!”

Liu Yi quickly took out his mobile phone and said as he pointed at the time.

“If you want to meet with a girl, you need to come early! You do not even know this kind of common sense, no wonder you have no girlfriend!”

“What does it have to do with this….d*mn, how do you know I have no girlfriend!”

“If you have a girlfriend, do you still have the free time to go out to do the task every day? These days, everyone uses various kinds of way to communicate like phone, text message, QQ, all the time!”


Liu Yi was directly speechless.

‘How could there be such a logic….’

‘However, the way it sounds is very reasonable….’

“Therefore, for you this stinking insect, a girl took the initiative to ask you out, moreover, this girl is as beautiful as the heaven. But you this stinking insect did not obediently come one and a half hours earlier, and actually make me wait for you! This is a crime that cannot be redeemed!”

Wei Yi with her beautiful small chin proudly said.

Liu Yi was almost killed on the ground.

‘F*ck, this girl’s narcissism is almost perfect!’

“We….this….is a date?”

Liu Yi could not help but ask.

“A boy and a girl go out at night, if not for a date, then what?”

Wei Yi looked at Liu Yi with surprise, “In any case, my mom told me so. Therefore, it must be right!”

Then she quickly added some sentences.

“Of course, I do not want to date you, this is just to perform the task! Therefore, while we are dating, you are not allowed to touch me! If you have any little trick….humph humph, I certainly cannot guarantee the safety of your body! My Tuantuan, has this skill of spirit animal possession, very fierce! It can kill you in seconds!”

Listening to Wei Yi’s threatening voice, Liu Yi can only wryly smile.

‘This girl….’

‘Is truly a little queen.’

‘However, her present strength….I am afraid she is not my opponent.’

The cat mother Wei Yi can reach the pseudo third star jade by using the spirit animal possession. While he was actually a genuine third star jade cultivator.

If they really had to fight….who can kill who, that was still uncertain….

Not to mention, he can still transform into his super form….

Which was the combined version of him and his other self….

‘His mother! It sounds like I am so evil and so wretched!’

“Little cat mother, is this task difficult?”

Liu Yi was more concerned with the task issue.

At this time, the Dancing God Game Arena under the two of them was crowded with people.

Although it was almost ten o’clock at night, the stream of people here was still huge.

Countless men and women dressed to the nines can be found here.

They found themselves at night, looking for their youth, and perhaps also to find their bed partners.

“Go to hell, you are the cat mother, your whole families are all cat mother!” Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Wei Yi was like a cat being stepped on the tail, immediately jumped up and retorted, “My name is Wei Yi! Not cat mother! If you call me cat mother again, I will let Tuantuan scratch you! Call me Wei Yi, you hear me?”

“I hear you, cat mother.”

“D*mn, you are just being deliberate!”

Wei Yi angrily stomped her feet.

“How could I look like a cat mother?”

“How could you not look like a cat mother?”

Liu Yi rhetorically asked back.

“Ten steps to milk a man! Hateful! You are here to do the task, or to annoy me! You d*mn stinking insect!”

“How did you know I stink? Did you secretly smell me?”

Liu Yi covered his own body with his hands.

“D*mn….Nasty bedbugs, do you want me to cancel our reward sharing agreement!”

Hearing Wei Yi’s threat, Liu Yi quickly stopped his teasing.

“Oh, tonight’s weather looks really good….you see, you see, the moon is really round!”

“You shameless….miser….”

Wei Yi was speechless.

“Gentleman loves to make money, in a right way.”

Liu Yi said with a strong sense of righteousness, “How about it, the time is almost up, we should do the task now!”

“I cannot stand talking to you!”

Wei Yi rolled her eyes at Liu Yi, and then said, “This is a D level task that takes me a long time to find it. This one is the most suitable task for us.”

“What kind of suitable task? Before you always pick those perverted tasks….Do we need to put our lives at risk to complete it?”

“This is a D level task, it certainly has some difficulties!”

Wei Yi said, “But if both of us coordinate well, there should be no problem. Humph, humph, do not be a drag!”

“I will try my best.”

“Then good, follow me down, we are going to see the boss.”

“What? Why do we need to see the boss?”

Liu Yi was startled.

“Of course, this task is ordered and paid by the boss.”

“Ordinary people can also contact the God’s Eye…?.”

“Idiot, do you think your question is stupid or not?”

Wei Yi threw a disdainful glance at him, “In this society, as long as someone has the money, is there anything impossible?”

“You are right….”

Liu Yi admitted her superiority.

‘Sure enough, in the immortal cultivator world….I am still too naive.’

Wei Yi jumped down and landed on this Game Arena.

Behind that place, there was a narrow alley, which was messy, dirty and with no people in it.

Her body was very flexible as she continuously stepped on both sides of the wall, falling down little by little.

The six story high building cannot hold Wei Yi back at all.

Liu Yi has no such qualm, from the edge of the building, he leaped up and directly jumped down to the ground.

He put his head down and pressed his legs with his hands. The whistling of the wind went inside his ears as he fell down like a bullet.

But when he was near the ground, his body suddenly made a turn, so that now his feet were facing the ground.

Meanwhile, his hands ejected out fierce ice streams.

The frost not only impacted the ground, it also slowed down his speed.

At the same time, it also wrapped around his body, protecting Liu Yi from harm.


Liu Yi finally landed on the ground. The soles of his feet also spread out the streams of ice.

“You….when going down, can you stop being so showy?”

Looking at the splash of white ice and snow, and Liu Yi in the middle of all of that, Wei Yi could not help but strangely said.

“I am trying a new, more exciting method….”

Liu Yi withdrew the surrounding ice and snow and then said, “Once you have the power….Inevitably you want to do something a bit more stimulating….”

“Taking drugs is also stimulating, why don’t you do that?”

“I do not want to gamble myself with drug!”

Liu Yi patted his chest and said, “A manly man like me, how could I touch those kinds of thing!”

“Humph, I see you are just a tofu man!”

Wei Yi gave a supercilious look at Liu Yi and then stretched out her hand to touch the back door.

The back door was unlocked, it seemed like the boss deliberately left the door open to them.

“Later on, you must not speak, you have to listen to me on everything.”

Wei Yi said, pulled out a cat face mask and buckled on her face.

‘What the….’

‘Still saying you are not a cat mother!’

‘Then what do you think is that?’

Liu Yi grumbled in his heart as he followed Wei Yi into the back door of this Game Arena.

The long corridor was relatively dim.

Compared to the bustling noise in the front part of the God Dancing Game Arena, the back seemingly led to the offices.

After entering this corridor, Liu Yi immediately detected a thick concentration of demonic aura!