“What did you say?”

Wei Yi’s pair of big beautiful eyes were wide open, peering at Liu Yi.

“Do you want to….die?”

“If you are afraid to make a bet then just forget it.”

Liu Yi indifferently beckoned with his hand, “I do not insist.”

“Who is afraid to make a bet!”

Wei Yi was goaded into action, immediately wrinkled her brows, “I am just afraid that you will cry if you lose!”

Ten steps to milk a man is greedy for money, if I make him work for free, he would surely cry to death!

Humph humph, just wait and see!

“Very good!”

Liu Yi could not help but titter, When the moment comes, I will make you see the true fact!

Long live the black and white world!


At this moment, the countdown on the screen came to an end.

The beauty who sat on the right side has skillfully launched her car.

She flexibly pushed the gear with one hand and steered the car with the other hand. At the same time, his foot pushed the gas pedal, letting the car ran like a wild horse, leaping up from the starting line.

Her every move were captured by Liu Yi’s peripheral vision.

He did not choose the manual transmission but picked the auto transmission instead.

Liu Yi was not a ‘manual player.’ He always chose the automatic transmission in every racing game.

This action made the nearby people scoffed at him again and again.

“An ‘automatic player’ dares to challenge a ‘manual player,’ what a joke.”

“That’s right, truly overestimating one’s ability.”

These people’s ridicules were actually justified, Liu Yi knew that in some corners, human reflex simply cannot keep up.

If it was an automatic transmission, the speed was very difficult to control, making it easy to crash at the corners because it was hard to lower the speed.

If it was a manual transmission, one can rapidly decelerate through corners and then faster to accelerate again.

“It is impossible for you to beat me using the automatic transmission.”

The beauty said to Liu Yi as she drove.

At this time, Liu Yi was in a straight line. With the car’s exceptional performance, it has surpassed to the front of the beauty’s sports car.

But the beauty did not panic because the real victory or defeat moments were on the various corners.

The race track that they used was a winding mountain path so there were many rolling curves in front. With this track, the automatic transmission car would not be able to pick up speed.

In front was a giant curve, a typical S route.

The beauty immediately pulled and held the gear shift, and she started to change the speed to prepare for the excessive curve.

While Liu Yi kept on stepping on the gas, having no intention to decelerate at all.

“Is this guy crazy?”

“He is going to directly hit the railing!”

“A complete novice!”

The crowd of onlookers could not help talking about it.

But they did not know that the route was clearly marked in Liu Yi’s eyes.

He stepped on a brake, pulled the steering wheel, and quickly began turned.

His car immediately drifted horizontally to the right side, drifting through this road curve.


The group of people behind him were immediately surprised.

They could not imagine that this ‘automatic player’ could actually perform such a powerful high-speed cornering!

This….This is simply impossible!

Did he give his car a stimulant?

Could human reflex able to do that?

This must be a coincidence!

When everyone was thinking about that, Liu Yi arrived at the second curve. As with the previous, he used the same high-speed cornering flick, and in the blink of an eye left the beauty’s car far behind.

The people behind him stood still, My God….is this the legendary Car God?

While Wei Yi was completely dumbfounded.

If this goes on….ten step to milk a man will win….

Am I really going to call him my husband?

My God, he might as well kill me….

I don’t want to call him that….huhuhu….

After the two super high-speed curve drifting, Liu Yi has fully mastered this skill.

Having various cheats like breathing technique and all kinds of spells feels really good.

The beauty panicked, no matter how she tried, she could not overtake Liu Yi and has been thrown very far away. Basically, as long as Liu Yi did not make mistakes, it was impossible for her to catch up.


Wei Yi was first to become angry, I am being cheated!

Do not win….must not win….

Wei Yi began to silently cheer, Crash, crash, crash!

But Liu Yi’s technique was getting more and more smooth, in a big U-shaped curve, he did a beautiful drift.

The beauty has no hope of catching up with him.

Her look was slightly pale as she glanced at Liu Yi.

“You lose.”

Liu Yi said to the beauty when he passed the finish line

All of the onlookers sighed, feeling as if a flower was inserted into a cow dung.

Wei Yi on the side was tight-lipped with anger.

I actually lose the bet!

Do I really have to call this guy my husband!

No….absolutely not!

Even if I am beaten to death, I will not call him that!

“Come with me….”

The beauty simply said as she stood up and made a hook gesture with her finger at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not hesitate. He turned and followed her toward the outside.

Wei Yi hurriedly followed from behind, secretly tracking the two people.

After Liu Yi followed that beauty out of the door, the beauty immediately put her hands on his body. The faint fragrance on her body quickly floated into Liu Yi’s nose.

“Handsome….What do you want to do with me….”

Her breath was like an orchid, flowing into Liu Yi’s ears, making him somewhat itch.

Wei Yi should follow us from behind….

Liu Yi bit his tongue to stop his impulse to kiss this beauty’s hot neck.

He must admit that this beauty….has a hot body, and was also quite tall.

Especially the gully at her chest, which seemingly made Liu Yi wanted to fall into it.

“Seductive technique!”

On Liu Yi’s shoulder, Lin Tong curled her mouth in disdain and said, “Compared with the Fox clan charm technique, the difference is too much. This little monster, with this little skill, how could she dares to come out! Does she have a death wish?”

Thinking about the task, Liu Yi said, “If possible….I want to have an in-depth talk with you….”

“Then come with me….”

The beauty pointed to a nearby Express Hotel, “That’s a quiet place….only for the two of us….”

“I did not bring my ID.”

Liu Yi said

“So you like to do it in the open….”

The beauty blinked her eyes, “Though the weather is a bit cold….but it is fine….come with me.”

The beauty said, turned around, and walked toward one of the alleys.

As they went deeper and deeper, the Demonic aura was getting more intense.

It seems like….this chick is going to make her move soon.

This alley was terribly quiet, everywhere was full of garbage as well as the stench of smoke.

The beauty suddenly halted her footsteps, stopped, looked at Liu Yi, and then said.

“It is quiet here….no one will disturb us….”

But her hands immediately lifted up her phone and very quickly typed a few words.

“I hate you, quickly leave!” Were her words on the phone.

Liu Yi was a bit silly.

What’s with this girl, does she have split personality?

“The beauty is actually hardcore….”

Liu Yi decided to ignore the content of the message, looked at the surrounding environment, and ridiculed, “But this is actually pretty fun….”

“As long as you like it….”

The beauty pressed some few words on her phone….”

“Leave! Do you still have a face?”


Is she having a relapse?

Liu Yi was somewhat unclear.

But upon seeing that Liu Yi has yet to leave, the beauty was suddenly anxious, and unexpectedly pulled out a dagger from her waist.

She raised the dagger high and viciously stabbed at Liu Yi.

“Bold evildoer! I tell you to stop!”

At this time, a red light suddenly flashed in the sky.

Then, a fireball hit the chest of the beautiful woman with a puff sound, directly knocking the beauty to the ground.

The dagger in her hand also fell down with a clatter.

“Whirr, whirr!”

The fireball quickly turned into a civet. Liu Yi wanted to reach out to touch that civet but never thought that Tuantuan would scream and extend its paw to scratch Liu Yi’s face.

What the….

This dead cat!

“Serves you right!”

Wei Yi lightly landed on his side, rolled at Liu Yi and said, “Do you think everyone can hug my civet?”

“Who do you think I am? I am your husband!”

Liu Yi took this opportunity to retort.

“Hateful! Shut up! If you mention this matter again, I will kill you!”

Wei Yi stomped the ground in anger.

The civet Tuantuan on her shoulder seemed to feel its owner anger-because-of-shame emotion and immediately roared.

This normally deserted alley was visited by three uninvited guests.

The one sitting on the ground, with a pale face, and a trace of fire on the chest, said.


The beauty seemed to understand about what their intention was, and her beautiful face lost its color.

“Bold evildoer!”

Wei Yi charmingly roared, “You actually dare to mingle among the crowd and take the human lives! Such a bold evildoer, I must deal with you today!”

With that, her civet Tuantuan on her shoulder immediately covered in flame. The cat’s mouth seemed to aim at the beauty on the ground, seemingly wanted to incinerate her.

“See how I burn you to ashes!”

“No, no….”

The beauty was suddenly afraid and trembled.


When Wei Yi was about to launch her attack, Liu Yi hastily reached out his hand to stop her.

“What are you doing?”

Wei Yi fiercely stared at Liu Yi, “Were you confused by her, and therefore, feel sorry for her?”

“What are you talking about!”

Liu Yi explained, “I just think that we should not kill people for no reason….I always feel like something is wrong.”

“What do you mean by wrong? I think you are just being confused by her!”

Wei Yi humphed, “Wasn’t this evildoer going to stab you just now? Or have you forgotten already?”

“This is true….But I still feel like….something is not quite right….”

Liu Yi deeply frowned, but he was actually unable to think of what was wrong.

“Really annoying, If you are unwilling, let me do it myself.”

Wei Yi pushed Liu Yi’s hand that was blocking her, “Subduing the demon and eliminating the devil are our duty-bound affair!”

With that, the civet Tuantuan opened its mouth, which was filled with hot red flame.



When Wei Yi was about to launch her spell, the two people’s expressions suddenly changed, because evil wind suddenly erupted and Demonic energy filled the air.

This was a powerful demonic energy….Which obviously did not come from the beauty in front of them!

“Hihihi….You want to kill my bait?….I can’t let you do that….”

A smirking woman’s voice echoed throughout the alley.