“It’s this….The Hunter’s Headquarters?”

Liu Yi looked at the beautiful office building in front of him.

“More accurately, Hunter’s Headquarters in Northern Dragon City.”

Li Biyue corrected Liu Yi’s words.

“Hunter Organization is all over the country, and Northern Dragon City is just one of them. The Organization is huge, you will understand it later.”

Li Biyue said in her mind, If not, they wouldn’t have been able to contend with the immortal cultivation world all these years.

“Em….But sister….There is something that I want to say.”

Liu Yi suddenly looked up and said, carefully looking at Li Biyue.

“Oh? What is it?”

“In the future, I want to want to build my own school (Literally: To open a monastery, establish a school)….”

Li Biyue was taken aback by Liu Yi’s words.

My brother actually have this kind of ambition?

Why didn’t I see this before?

“My grandpa said, in everything, I have to do my best.”

Liu Yi held his fist and said, “Therefore, since I enter the path of immortal cultivation, I swore to myself that I, Liu Yi must succeed on my own, to establish my own school in the immortal cultivation world!”

“My brother is so cute, but how could such a thing as ‘opening a monastery, establishing a school’ so easy to do.”

Li Biyue chuckled, “It is better if you set your mind at ease in this Hunter Organization. Starting from basic Hunter, and later become an A level Hunter like me. You will have countless of people who worship you, respect you, and fear you.”

A level Hunter?

Lin Tong, who stood on Liu Yi’s shoulder, said.

“Liu Yi, I support your ‘open a monastery, establish a school’ ambition! Their A-level hunter is just an Earthly Realm expert. Even their legendary S level hunter is only around Middle-Earthly Realm expert. And I, Lin Tong believe that you, Liu Yi, one day, will surpass all of that. Earthly Realm is, by no means, not going to be your apex. If you continue in your current cultivation path, you will have the opportunity to be more powerful than that! Perhaps, you can even cross the boundary and soar to the immortal world!”

Lin Tong became more and more excited as if the one who soared to the immortal world was not Liu Yi but her.

“Sister, I am determined to do what I just said.”

Being encouraged by Lin Tong, Liu Yi became more confident.

“Sooner or later, in the world of immortal cultivation, everyone will know my name. My school will become the most powerful cultivation school. I want my enemies to tremble in fear whenever they hear my name. And I want my friends to feel proud of me every time they hear my name.”


Li Biyue was speechless for half a day.

In Liu Yi’s heart, he is actually harboring such a lofty ambition?

I really look down on him.

I thought he was just a money grubber, opportunistic little fool….

Now I know, he is not like that. He has the whole world in his heart.

Are all men….ambitious like this?

Li Biyue could not help but become absent-minded.

She remembered the words of his little brother, who at the time was in the junior high school, that he said overbearingly to her.

“Sister, sooner or later, I want to get out of the Hunter Organization!”

“Oh? Why do you want to leave the Hunter Organization?”

“Because the achievement in Hunter Organization is limited! So I must leave this place sooner or later. I want to make myself stronger. I want to stand at the top of the world! When the time comes, I can protect sister!”

Li Biyue felt at the time that her little brother was silly, silly but cute.

When she saw Liu Yi behave the same as her little brother, her heart suddenly turned sour.

“Being an ordinary person and protected by sister, aren’t these good enough?”

Li Biyue suddenly asked.

“Sister, I know you mean well, and although you are powerful, I don’t like being protected by girls!”

Liu Yi patted his chest, and said, “Sister, you see, boys shoulders are wider, that’s because we want to protect the girls from harm.”


Li Biyue’s vision became blurred.

Her brother’s shadow seemed to overlap with Liu Yi’s figure in front of her, separated and then overlapped, again and again.

If she hadn’t witnessed the death of her younger brother that time, she would suspect that the one in front of her was her own younger brother….

“Then sister will help you to be strong….”

Li Biyue’s voice was warm and gentle. She held out her hand to hold Liu Yi’s hand.

Liu Yi immediately felt his heart started to beat fast.

When all is said and done….Li Biyue is an outstanding beauty….

And now she actually took the initiative to hold his hand….

Uh….Sister’s hand is really soft….

“Do you like sister’s hand?”

Just when Liu Yi was thinking about that, Li Biyue suddenly asked icily.

“Huh? I, I….”

Liu Yi was frightened, This Li Biyue won’t blame me for this, won’t she?

She looks scary….As if she wants to kill someone….

“If you like it, later on, sister will hold your hand more often.”

Unexpectedly, Li Biyue suddenly burst out smirking, sweeping away the previous cold indifference as she held Liu Yi’s hand tighter.

Oh my god….

Cold sweat suddenly burst out in Liu Yi’s crotch area.

Are you kidding me!

This Li Biyue….What exactly is her personality?

Why is it so weird?

How could she turn from cold to hot almost in an instant!

Li Biyue did not know she almost made Liu Yi collapse. She held her hand as she led him into the office building.

In the evening, the office was still open, but almost all the lights have been turned off.

The uncle security guard on duty lazily sat on a nearby chair, listening to the “Sui And Tang Dynasties Historical Novel” from a radio next to him.

Seeing Li Biyue walked in, he did not say anything and continued to listen to the part where Li Yuan showed his prowess.

With Li Biyue as the lead, Liu Yi went to the service elevator on a nearby corner.

She took out a card and brushed it on the magnetic console on that service elevator.

Soon, the service elevator door slowly opened and the two people immediately went in.

“When we’re there, don’t talk nonsense, let sister help you manage everything.”

Li Biyue closely held Liu Yi’s hand, She seemed to be afraid of him getting lost if he walks on his own.


Liu Yi nodded his head but thought it was strange.

Li Biyue seemed to think of him as a child.

Li Biyue did not realize how uncomfortable Liu Yi was, she has completely regarded Liu Yi as her own little brother.

The service elevator door slowly closed.

Li Biyue took out a card and brushed the magnetic area in the elevator with it.

“Authentication, A level Hunter, Li Biyue.”

A computerized female voice resounded in the elevator, “Good evening, welcome back to the Northern Dragon City Headquarters.”

During the speech, the elevator started to descend.

Liu Yi suddenly found the metal wall behind him automatically opened, revealing a completely transparent glass window, which made him see the outside.

He curiously looked out of the window, only to see the sudden emergence of a vast underground world.

The thing that was most obvious was the ten-meter high statue.

That statue was a man, with hand held high, and a butterfly on top of his finger.

The other hand was hanging by the side, clutching a treasured sword.

But on his shoulder lied a small scorpion. This small scorpion was very imposing as it held out its pair of giant clamps.

Beside his feet, there was a cute beautiful Alaskan dog.

This entire statue looked mighty and majestic and was very conspicuous.

“Sister….Who is he?”

Liu Yi cannot help but ask.

“This….Is a God-like man that was deduced from many generations of prophecy.”

Li Biyue’s brows slightly wrinkled as she said, “Legend says he will appear on our Hunter Organizations. His appearance will lead to one of the two results….One is the rise of the Hunter Organization, sweeping away all the other organizations and become the number one organization.”

“That sounds good. What about the other one?”

“The other one is….He will destroy the Hunter Organization….”


Liu Yi felt as if his balls were hurt.

This prophecy is too ridiculous.

It will either lead to glory or to destruction….

Is this fellow good or bad!

“But no matter what, this person is also the hope of the Hunter Organization.”

Li Biyue explained, “Therefore, over the years, the Hunter Organization have been waiting for this legendary man. Hehe….Brother, do you think it’s going to be you?”

“How is that possible!”

Liu Yi quickly shook his head, “This man seems to be a sword cultivator! But I am a body cultivator, the difference is too big!”

I don’t have any small Scorpion.

But I do have the small Fox, Lin Tong.

Although I also have a Butterfly….But this man is God-like, his spirit animal, the Butterfly, must be very powerful.

My own spirit animal, Little Cai, the Butterfly….This was the name Liu Yi picked for the Beautiful Butterfly demon.

Little Cai is only a young level two spirit animal.

Compared to Wei Yi’s level six, the difference is too big.

According to Lin Tong, if Liu Yi wanted to upgrade little Cai’s level, it won’t be because she eats much spiritual energy because that was useless. Instead, Liu Yi has to have a ‘rare encounter,’ taking an elixir and so on.

But in actual battle, little Cai’s help was actually not small.

She was very useful.

“Hehe….Sister is teasing you. Little brother is so silly, how could you be this legendary man.”

Li Biyue laughed again.

She seemed to enjoy picking on Liu Yi.

“This hateful woman….”

Lin Tong, who was lying on Liu Yi’s shoulder, could not help but say acidly.

“She robbed me of my pleasure….Humph!”

“I hope this man will not appear in our time, otherwise, it will lead to a reign of terror.”

Li Biyue looked at the huge statue and said in a slightly melancholy tone.

“According to the prophecy….If he chooses the path of destruction….Not only he would destroy the Hunter Organization….He will also destroy the entire immortal cultivation world….And the entire human world.”


Hearing this, Liu Yi, all of a sudden, became alarmed and filled with dread, “Wouldn’t that mean the end of the world? And no one can stop him?”

“He is very strong.”

Li Biyue said, “If the prophecy is true, even if it is me, I am afraid I am far from becoming his opponent. Not to mention me, even if the gods on the heaven descend to earth, they will also be killed by him. His task, his mission, is to destroy, destroy everything.”

“This….Is too scary!”

Liu Yi can’t help but pout his mouth, “No matter what, when he appears, I will stop him!”

“My little brother, can’t you stop being so cute?”

Li Biyue smiled again, “With your current power…..Alas, the difference is too big!”

“Sister, don’t look down on me! I will become more powerful!”

“Very good, then sister will wait until you can defeat me!”

Li Biyue said with a smile, “If you can defeat sister, sister will listen to anything you say.”