No one knew how badly Liu Yi wanted to have a girlfriend in those days.

Things were different than when Liu Yi’s older cousin was a freshman in high school.

That year, when high school students were in love, they were secretive about it for fear that their classmates would know.

Even when they were on a vacation away from the school, they would only hold hands if they knew no one would know. If they were caught, they would be very sorry.

But times have really changed.

When Liu Yi first entered the high school, dating between students has become a normal thing.

Not only high school, even middle school students can go out and open a hotel room.

Of course, although Liu Yi wanted to, he hasn’t really done that.

Moreover, even if he wanted to let loose….He needed to find a girlfriend first!

After pursuing Ma Yixuan with all his might for a long time, to no avail, Liu Yi almost planned to become a monk.

Watching his classmates went ‘lovey dovey’ at school, and some even secretly went out to taste the forbidden fruit….Liu Yi was so envious of them!

Although the matter of tasting the forbidden fruit secretly was not a good thing, who doesn’t want to have a pretty cute girlfriend?

His teachers and parents have said to Liu Yi that if he studies well now, he would have a girlfriend in the University!

But, at the time, Liu Yi felt that, with his behavior….It was hard for him to pass the high school, much less being admitted to the University.

But right now, Liu Yi was more confident about himself, at least he was no longer the useless old him.

He wanted to have a girlfriend….

With the numbers of girls in the University, one of them would definitely take a fancy of him!

For the college! For the girls!


Liu Yi’s right hand was imbued with immortal power and his left hand with devil qi.

Icy-cold and crimson flame exploded out of his hands.

And poured into that Centipede spirit’s head like they suddenly found their holes.

At this time, inside the glass’ room, there was suddenly a gust of snow that distorted the outside’s view.

This was the impact of that force’s explosion.

“What happens in there?”

Li Biyue could not help but worry.

“I don’t know….But it actually affects the glass.”

Old man Ma was surprised, “But I believe it would soon adjust itself.”

Liu Yufan was secretly proud, It seems like the energy eruption from the Centipede spirit kills that Ten Steps To Milk A Man.

Hehe….I did it!

And right at this time, the glass on the glass room suddenly shook.

The image was restored.

A headless Centipede spirit lifelessly lied there, drowning in its own river of blood.

But Liu Yi stood there, his whole body soaked in blood.

His body was scarlet red, but without any injuries.

Clearly, the blood was not him, but from that headless Centipede spirit.

At this time, Liu Yi stood on the ground with his small stature which was completely dwarfed by the giant body of that Centipede spirit.

But at that moment, Liu Yi’s figure seemed to be a lot larger than that Centipede spirit, which made Liu Yufan felt a surge of great pressure.

Under ten times gravity….This guy actually kills a four-star monster!

Is this even possible?

This kind of thing is simply impossible!

Liu Yufan’s mind was like having a big bang, his entire life’s worldview completely collapsed!

This Li Biyue’s brother….Who exactly is he!

He actually survived my plot!

“Good kid, you have skills!”

Old man Ma exclaimed, “Truly worthy to be Li Biyue’s younger brother, both are monsters.”


Liu Yufan subconsciously said, “I obviously set it to 10 times gravity….How can he still be alive!”


Hearing this, Li Biyue pulled out her black blade.

A black shadow flashed and Li Biyue suddenly stood in front of Liu Yufan. Her black blade was already on his neck.

“You’re actually trying to kill my brother!”

Ten times gravity!

How could he let my brother face off against a four star monster with ten times gravity!

This is a bloody murder attempt!

“It’s a misunderstanding, misunderstanding!”

Liu Yufan almost wet himself.

If Li Biyue really wanted to kill him….Even if he fights back, the result would still be the same.

“What misunderstanding, you’re still trying to quibble with this!? Liu Yufan, what do you mean by this? Is my brother not pleasing to your eyes? If you have something, you can take it out with me!”

Li Biyue pressed the black blade, “But anyone who dares to clash with my brother….I will make him die miserably….”

Seeing Li Biyue pressing his black blade on his neck and coldly staring at him, Liu Yufan seemed to see the terrifying god of death staring at him.

His breathing became somewhat cold, and his blood seemed to stop flowing.



The fear of death….

All the negative feelings came up to him.

His legs faintly trembled. He did not know how to explain himself.

“Li Biyue, calm down, calm down….”

Seeing this turn of event, Old man Ma quickly picked up a new bottle of liquor and handed it to Li Biyue.”

“Here, drink this good Maotai, it will calm you down.”

Li Biyue reached out to take that bottle of liquor from old man Ma’s hand, opened the cap with her finger flick, and directly drunk half of it like it was just a water.

Old man Ma grinned in distress.

“Oh, you can’t drink like that, be slow, okay….Girl, leave me some of that will you….I don’t even drink like that!”

After gulping half bottle of liquor, Li Biyue handed it back to old man Ma.

After she wiped her mouth, old man Ma asked her.

“Have you calm down now?”

“F*ck, Liu Yufan, I am going to kill you!”

Li Biyue’s eyes became somewhat red.

“Old man Ma, you’re trying to help me or harm me!”

Liu Yufan was scared sh*tless.

“Oh….How would I know….Perhaps because she drunk it too fast, so she becomes a bit muddled.”

Old man Ma did not look at Liu Yufan. Instead, he fixed his gaze at that half bottle of liquor, as if he was trying to study it.


Just as Li Biyue was about to cut off Liu Yufan’s neck, Liu Yi pushed open the door and walked out with a limp.

As soon as he passed the threshold, the huge pressure immediately vanished.

Instead, a wave of unprecedented ease washed through him. Liu Yi was extremely jubilant, feeling his blood flow has become incomparably light.

This feeling….Is so great….

Can I use this gravitational field to practice?

Liu Yi was a comic book fan, and one of his favorites was Dragon Ball!

The heroes in Dragon Ball liked to practice using gravitational field!

They practiced under several hundred times gravity, and then they became Super Saiyan!

This is a one of a kind room….

Liu Yi suddenly found another place that he liked besides the swimming pool.

Hunter Organization….I did not come in vain here!

“Sister, this room is great!”

After he came out of the room, Liu Yi immediately said to Li Biyue, “Practicing under increased gravity….Is too fun….Can I come here again?”

“Of course, of course, you can!”

Seeing this chance of survival, Liu Yufan quickly appeased this seemingly little monster Liu Yu.

“You are now officially a Hunter from our Hunter Organization….You can come here whenever you like. You can use the room as much as you like. Old man Ma, this is Li Biyue’s younger brother and he is one of ours, you can bend the rules for him.”

“Many thanks, Director Liu.”

Seeing the black blade rested on Liu Yufan’s neck, Liu Yi could not help but want to laugh.

Sure enough, sister is indeed powerful.


Hearing what Liu Yufan said, Li Biyue’s heart was a bit uncomfortable.

On the side, old man Ma touched his beard and said.

“Kid, if you want to use this test room, that’s actually okay. However, I am in charge of this place….Ahem, if you want to use….”

“Relax, uncle Ma, you will not short on liquor.”

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch; Liu Yi knew this truth.

Giving a bottle of liquor for this unique practice chance was already a great deal for him.

“Hehe….Kid, well said!”

Old man Ma immediately stroked his beard happily, “You are a promising young man! I, Ma Hua, am not a common drunkard, my liquor requirement is high. The liquor must, at least….”

“Old man Ma, you dare to threaten my younger brother?”

Li Biyue glared at him, making old man Ma inwardly shivered.


Old man Ma dryly coughed twice, and then said, “Later on…You can just bring this old man boiled water….”

“Hehe….all right….”

Liu Yi wanted to laugh, My sister is really good.

“Come, walk to the practice room with me, I am going to give you some Hunter’s skills.”

Li Biyue led Liu Yi out of there.

Liu Yufan finally relieved, D*mn, I am saved.

Ten Steps To Milk A Man, this is not over yet.

In any case, this is my place, I will have plenty opportunity to deal with him.

Moreover, as an A-level Hunter, Li Biyue would always go out to do big tasks and often not in Northern Dragon City.

This kid’s strength is still far away from me, if I want to squeeze him, it would be too easy, hehe….

Liu Yi was naturally unaware that he was already blacklisted by Liu Yufan, and he would face constant hardships in the future.

“Most of our Hunters are people with abilities, although our strength can be graded with jade stars, there are some differences with the cultivators.”

Li Biyue stood in the middle of a spacious practice room and said to Liu Yi face-to-face.

“We don’t have any of those immortal cultivation techniques like those immortal cultivators, that can enhance our body’s immortal strength so that it can continue to progress. But Hunters are intelligent, they invented some skills that can make our abilities to continuously progress. But you are an immortal cultivator so Hunter’s ability training isn’t going to work with you. But there are some skills that I think might be useful for you.”

Li Biyue has already regarded Liu Yi as her own younger brother so she did not hide anything from him.

“Is it difficult to learn?”

Liu Yi somewhat apprehensively asked.

My sister is not a cultivator, she certainly won’t be able to directly pass the skills to my head like Fox sister.

I am not smart, and my comprehension is only so-so.

If she teaches me in a normal way….Will I be able to learn it?

“Don’t worry….I, Li Biyue, never fail to teach other people.”

The beautiful woman before him suddenly smiled, but to Liu Yi, that smile seemed scary….