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Someone said that, if a man and a woman were to face each other, looking into each other’s eyes for more than a minute, they will have a good impression on each other.

Liu Yi did not know if this was true or not, in any case, he and Li Biyue have looked into each other’s eyes for quite a while.

He did not know about the good impression, but he felt his heart was beating faster and faster.

“Brother….You are very naughty….”

When he felt he was about to lose control, Li Biyue finally released little Liu Yi and said with a blushing face.

“This….Sister….I am not a child anymore….”

Liu Yi’s face was also red; He did not know where to put his hands.

“Yes….Brother has grown up….”

Li Biyue suddenly thought of this problem.

I am a bit too excited and forgot the difference between a man and a woman.

However, seeing the shy look on Liu Yi’s face, Li Biyue felt it was particularly interesting.

She just could not resist….Wanting to tease her brother.

“Brother….Have you turned into a real man?”

“Huh, what?”

Hearing this question from Li Biyue, Liu Yi suddenly went panic.

What, what real man….

I am still a thousand miles away from that….

When will I reach that threshold….

Being asked by the fragrant Li Biyue, Liu Yi could not help indulge himself in flights of fancy.

If I can get on top of sister, it would be so much better….

Em….No, this idea is too evil….

“Brother? You haven’t answered my question.”

Li Biyue’s gentle breath caressed his ear, making Liu Yi itched.

“I…I haven’t….”

Regarding this kind of thing, there’s nothing to hide from sister….

“Hehe….I knew it….”

Li Biyue seemed very happy. She suddenly blinked her eyes, looked at Liu Yi, and said.

“Do you want sister to help you become a real man?”


Liu Yi was surprised, his tiger body shook and suddenly fell down from the bed, sitting on the floor with his butt.


Seeing Liu Yi’s embarrassed look, Li Biyue finally burst out laughing, a silvery bell’s laugh. Hearing this, Liu Yi’s face became redder.

“Brother, you look so funny….Okay, okay, I won’t tease you anymore.”

Li Biyue said, reached out her hands and pulled Liu Yi on the bed again.

“Sister, you know that I have grown up so we better sleep a bit far from each other.”


Liu Yi felt that girls were quite terrifying….

After climbing on the bed, he went slightly away from Li Biyue and then laid himself down.

Liu Yi did not dare to look at Li Biyue and had to look at the other side, putting his back toward her.

“Brother is so cute….”

Li Biyue’s voice came from behind, but Liu Yi did not dare to turn his head.

If he turned his head to look….Perhaps he will make a mistake….

“Your back and his….Are really similar….”

Li Biyue suddenly said.

Liu Yi’s heart became slightly uncomfortable.

He suddenly has a burst of possessiveness….

Sister is mine….I can’t let other people take her away!

Even if that person….Is already dead!

“Sister….Can I ask you a question….How did he die?”

Liu Yi felt that he need to ask this question….

Otherwise, he would be depressed….

If he did not ask….He would be annoyed forever.


Liu Yi suddenly felt Li Biyue’s voice became uncomfortable.

But no matter what, he wanted to ask so that he can understand.

“He died in Great God Cult’s hands….”

Li Biyue’s voice became icy-cold.

“When I went out to do a mission….He was deceived by the people from the Great God Cult….When he died, I was really angry….But also filled with remorse. I hate myself for not trying to destroy the Great God Cult earlier….”

“Those Great God Cult people again?”

Liu Yi thought: This little cult has done many ‘good’ deeds!

They should have been exterminated a long time ago!

“Therefore….Liu Yi….Sister has one favor to ask you….”

Li Biyue faintly said.

“What favor? Sister, tell me. As long as it is within my power, I will do it!”

“Please….Don’t die….”

Li Biyue suddenly hugged him from behind and then said in a low voice, as if she was begging him.

“Sister….Only has you in this world….”

Liu Yi suddenly felt Li Biyue’s became somewhat panic-stricken.

Sister is so powerful….But she is actually afraid.

Liu Yi was very clear about why she is afraid.

“Sister, rest assured, I will not die.”

Liu Yi clenched his fists and said, “I will try my best to cultivate and deepen my skills so that later on I can protect sister.”


Li Biyue tightened her hug on Liu Yi.

Liu Yi this fool….

How could he know what I am worried about….

After I finally managed to recognize a brother….He turns out to be the man of the prophecy….

I hope he will be okay….

I really, really hope….

Holding Liu Yi like this, there was a sense of ‘losing what she has just obtained,’ but also a sense of satisfaction.

She soon fell into a deep sleep.

Liu Yi was also tired, the effect of the stimulant to his cultivated body is relatively short, his excitement has passed earlier.

The immortal force in his body needed to be replenished by sleeping.

Soon, feeling the fragrance of Li Biyue and the softness of her chest, Liu Yi slowly entered the dream world.

“Brother….Do you want to kill me….?”

Liu Yi’s hand was holding a fox marked red long sword, standing in front of Li Biyue.

On Li Biyue’s hands, there were two black short swords; her whole body was wrapped in a black trench coat.

Although she was holding weapons, her eyes were without any murderous intention.

Instead, they were filled with a pleading look.

“Are you going to kill me….?”

Why do I want to kill sister….?

Liu Yi was about to speak, but his mouth suddenly blurted out another sentence.

“Whoever stands before me….Will die….Even if it’s you, sister….You will also die….”

With that, the red glow on his fox patterned sword became even more bright.

“Turn back….This is not the path that you should take!”

Li Biyue tried to persuade him.

“Sister, if you don’t get out of my way, I won’t be polite anymore.”

Liu Yi raised his glowing fox patterned sword, aiming it at Li Biyue.

Want to fight with sister?

My God….Am I crazy?

Liu Yi secretly said, What the h*ll am I doing!

Is my other-self controlling my body now?

No….I was just lying on the bed with sister….How could I resort to arms?

“I will not let you pass.”

Li Biyue firmly said and held the two black swords horizontally in front of her body.

“If you want to go….You must step over sister’s dead body!”

“Then don’t blame me….”

Liu Yi said, and suddenly launched his shadow steps.

His body instantly appeared in front of Li Biyue, at the same time, his fox patterned sword swung toward her neck.

“Black Line Storm!” While holding the two short swords, Li Biyue’s body began to rotate.

She suddenly turned into a black whirlwind; the sharp edge of the swords cut in all direction.

The ground beneath her feet began to crack, spreading everywhere.

Seeing this, Liu Yi’s heart began to fear.

This is a meat grinder….

If I went closer, will I die?

Will I turn into a minced meat?

His mother….Stop!

Liu Yi really wanted to control his body, telling it to stop.

But his body would not listen to him; His body rushed to her.

But just as his body was about to crash to her, a piece of black armor suddenly appeared and wrapped his body.

“Klank, klank, klank!”

The black swords continued to cut Liu Yi’s newly appeared black armor, creating many sparks of fire.

But the black armor seemed unable to block the sharp black swords. Soon, the swords have cut a large piece of his front armor.

However, Liu Yi did not stop. Instead, he opened his hands to hug that black whirlwind.

F*ck…Am I crazy!

This is simply a suicide!

Can I not die in such a cruel way!

Just as Liu Yi was about to collapse, the black whirlwind suddenly stopped.

The two black swords stopped on both sides of Liu Yi’s neck. They were really close, almost touching his skin.

Li Biyue blankly looked at Liu Yi, tears seemed to well up in her eyes.

“Sister….You’re just too soft-hearted.”

Liu Yi reached out his hand and touched Li Biyue’s chest with his palm

What is this?

Grabbing the breast?

Oh sh*t….When did I become so bold?

But sister’s chest is very small….

While Liu Yi was puzzled, a fierce black light suddenly appeared on Li Biyue’s chest.

A unique mark was printed on Li Biyue’s chest.

This mark seemed to have a unique power.

Soon, a knife-like black sword was slowly drawn out from Li Biyue’s chest.

This black sword seemed to have a powerful sucking force.

There was a sense of mystery all around it.

Li Biyue seemed to have an absent-minded look.

“Sister….I am sorry….”

Liu Yi said, that black knife-like sword suddenly stabbed Li Biyue’s heart.

Li Biyue instantly widened her eyes.

But there was no hatred nor pain in her eyes.

There was only ‘reluctant to leave’ look.

“Don’t go….”

Li Biyue loosened her black swords, clung to his neck and softly said in his ear with her last bit of strength.

“Don’t go….Don’t….Ruin yourself….”

Blood gushed out of her mouth, but she kept hugging Liu Yi’s neck, clinging to him as she said.

“I won’t let you go….Sister will….Will always protect you….”

“Let go of me!”

Liu Yi’s eyes began to turn red, the black swords in his hand constantly stabbed Li Biyue’s stomach.

One stab, two stabs….

Stop….Stop it!

Liu Yi cried out, Why would I want to hurt sister….

“I won’t let go….”

Li Biyue tightly held Liu Yi, “Will never….Let go….”

“Then die!”

Liu Yi then mercilessly thrust his black sword on Li Biyue’s forehead.