Chen Dahai was filled with resentment recently.

In the past, relying on his all out effort and hot-bloodedness, he led several of his brothers to burst into this Eastern Xing district to take root on its southeastern corner and open this bar.

Eastern Xing Isle was indeed a messy place filled with various underworld forces. Toward an outsider like Chen Dahai, he was naturally rejected by those forces.

But Chen Dahai was a martial art practitioner since he was a child. Later on, he went on to become a soldier.

But after leaving the army, he discovered a serious problem. He did not have any connection, including his group of veterans. They also have no other skill to rely on getting a job. Thus, they have no ability to feed their family.

Finally, Chen Dahai gritted his teeth and led several of his veteran brothers to force their way to take root in this Eastern Xing district by relying on their fighting prowess.

But after they successfully taking their root there, he discovered that he was still unable to become a gangster!

Because his bar simply has no business!

Most of the popular businesses in the Eastern Xing district were already swept away by big powers.

The remaining businesses were divided among the smaller forces. What came into his mouth was basically just the leftover.

His Cape bar was in danger of being shut down.

Chen Dahai looked at the pile of accounts on the table and he could not help but sigh.

“Squad leader, why don’t we just join the Black Dragon Gang.”

The nearby Zhou Jinle went forward and urged him.

“Our fund….Would only keep us afloat for a few days. If we go on like this, even if the other gangs do not rock our boat, our brothers would have starved to death first.”

The Sea Gang members plus the Cape bar staffs were more than twenty people.

Even if they were only paid 1000 yuan per person per month, they needed twenty thousand yuan just for the salary.

This did not include the bar’s daily consumption cost. If the operating expense of the bar was also counted into this, the figure would double.

But now they have no money in their accounts; Every day they were in a state of ‘just making ends meet.’

To open this bar, Chen Dahai and his brothers have spent their collective money. Would they need to sell this place and run away from this Eastern Xing district with tails tugged between their legs?

Chen Dahai would not accept this!

If those common gangsters can thrive here, why can’t these former soldiers do the same!

Could it be they, the veterans, were not as good as those gangsters!

Chen Dahai did not believe this!

However, their accounts were indeed rotten.

“Old Zhou, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

Hearing Zhou Jinle’s recommendation, Chen Dahai’s brows wrinkled up, “What do you think those Black Dragon are? If we join them, the Cape bar would turn into what kind of place? Selling drugs, prostitution….We absolutely cannot touch these things. Especially drugs, we absolutely cannot touch those, understand?”

“But, squad leader….”

Zhou Jinle seemed to be very embarrassed, “We have no money….If we go on like this, we can only quietly leave the Eastern Xing district.”

“D*mn it!”

Chen Dahai clenched his fists.

He got up and walked to the bar counter and then directly picked up a bottle of red wine. With empty hand, he unscrewed the cork and started to drink shot after shot.

The bar was empty, there was no one else except several idle waitresses.

It was in this moment, the bar door suddenly being pushed out.

A customer?

Chen Dahai’s eyebrows suddenly jumped up and he excitedly turned around.

Four teenagers came in, one of them was a girl.

Each and everyone of them wore a red scarf. Although they were still young, they seemed to be candidates for future gangsters.

“Who is the boss here? Come out and let me see him!”

One of them came forward and shouted; He was a big fellow with head covered with red scarf.

“Who are you?”

Several Cape bar brothers suddenly got up and began to move toward them. Chen Dahai did not utter a word. Zhou Jinle walked over and looked at these people with a frown.

Seeing these fierce veterans, Sun Haoyuan shrunk back his neck.

“We are the Red Scarf Army. Starting today, this bar and all of you belong to us.”

A youth in a school uniform and a red scarf wrapped around his arm held out his hand to point at the bar and those brothers as he leisurely took the initiative to speak first.


“F*ck me, where did this idiot come from!”

“Kids, you guys watched the Young and Dangerous too much!”

Hearing Liu Yi’s words, the people in the room suddenly could not help but laugh.

But Liu Yi did not lose his heart. He still stood there with hands inside his pockets.

“Liu Yi, you fool. I, this old mother, lose my face following you.”

Tang Guo clutched her forehead, looking very painful.

She shouldn’t have followed him in her ‘hot blooded’ state only to immediately lose face.

The thugs in this bar, none of them looked dissolute.

Tang Guo can tell immediately that many of them were skilled in martial arts. Their sturdy bodies seemed different than those common thugs.

This seemed a bit tricky….They seemed to have chewed a bone.

Hu Rui also narrowed his eyes, sweeping left and right, seemingly trying to come up with something.

“Liu Yi….I have a way out of here….”

He whispered in Liu Yi’s ear.

“Red Scarf Army only move forward, never backward.”

Liu Yi directly refused Hu Rui’s proposal.

Since they were here already, he did not intend to go back empty-handed!

“This isn’t a place for students like you, kids.”

Chen Dahai clapped his hands, stood up and said, “What happen to students nowadays? How come you want to be a gangster rather than to study? Do you think it’s cool and awesome to be a gangster?”

He said. His face showed a warning look, “Tell you what, this world is very cruel and very bloody; It’s not a place you should put your feet into.”

“It seems like reasons are not going to work on you.”

Liu Yi started to ‘twist’ his neck, “Then I’ll use your way to deal with you.”

“Throw them out.”

Chen Dahai has been depressed enough already. But now, coming across a few very disruptive students, he became even more upset.

“Can we use the heavy handed method?”

Zhou Jinle licked his lips.

The other brothers have been keeping their resentment in their hearts. Finally, there were a few troublemakers who came to be their punching bags.

“Up to you.”

Since Chen Dahai entered the underworld, he has left his sympathy behind.

He waved his hand and said.

For those people who came to cause trouble, no need to be so polite.

“Hehe….Kid, blame your own bad luck!”

Several Sea Gang members immediately clenched their fists and came forward.

“Don’t look down on us!”

Sun Haoyuan has a large strength since he was still a kid. He grabbed a chair next to him and slammed it toward the guy at the front.

That big fellow was startled. He did not expect the other party would actually dare to hit them.

He involuntarily crossed his two arms in front of him, blocking the incoming chair.


Fortunately, Cape Bar used wooden chairs, which directly broke upon contact.

That big fellow groaned, stepped back two steps and shook his arms.

“F*ck me, is this real! He doesn’t seem hurt at all!”

Sun Haoyuan was greatly surprised.

Liu Yi’s eyes tightened and reminded them.

“Be careful, they are not ordinary gangsters….They maybe veterans who excelled in qigong!”

“Kid, you’ve got eyes. You’re actually able to see through us in this one move.”

Chen Dahai could not help but praise, “But, your eyesight cannot save you.”

“Get away from this old mother!”

A tall and lanky guy came near Tang Guo. But she was not a pushover. She twisted her hips and did a round kick, aiming for that lanky guy’s head.

Liu Yi had to praise Tang Guo’s long and beautiful leg. She was indeed a Taekwondo practitioner.

This round kick was very fierce, which went straight toward that tall man’s head.


But the reaction from that lanky guy was not slow either. He put both of his hands across his head, pushing Tang Guo’s foot to the side.

“The girl has practiced some Taekwondo, but it’s all style without substance.”

The lanky man smiled and, together with the other guy who had to withstand the chair, came forward.

I can no longer sit and watch.

Liu Yi finally made his move. Like riding a horse, he struck his palm against the chest of the big fellow who came first.

This move from Liu Yi was extremely fast, that big fellow was unable to see it. He just felt a terrible pain in his chest. Like being hit by a car, he immediately flew backward and fell on top of a nearby table, smashing it into pieces.

The tall and lanky man was, for a moment, stunned, but he soon reacted; He swung his leg, kicking Liu Yi at his crotch.

They were indeed gangsters, all of their moves were ruthless…..

Liu Yi did not hesitate. He lifted his leg and met the kick head on.


The crisp sound of broken bone was heard, followed by the painful scream from the lanky guy as he held his leg and fell to the ground.

He withdrew his right leg. However, he felt a slight ache from his lower leg.

The opponent’s qigong was quite fierce….

The bone on his leg seemed to have cracked a little. But, it was soon healed by his Demonic force.

“Old Ba, Big Hu!”

Seeing the two men being directly taken down, Chen Dahai and Zhou Jinle were surprised.

Tang Guo and the others were also surprised. Particularly Tang Guo, who never thought Liu Yi could actually fight!

The man, who she was unable to beat, was actually taken down by him head on!

“Actually, I hate violence.”

Liu Yi put his hands back into his pockets, stood straight, and said.

“But if you continue to choose this way to communicate with me, I do not mind.”

For these gangsters, Liu Yi felt that he should put on a tough persona.

If he made himself looked weak, they would definitely bully him.

“Come on, beat them!”

Standing on Liu Yi’s shoulder, Lin Tong kept urging him to continue, “Let them know the power of cultivator!”

Whoa, Fox sister is too excited, I cannot just bully them with my immortal technique….

However, Liu Yi actually wouldn’t mind if he has to put all of them down.

“Who exactly are you?”

Chen Dahai’s frown deepened.

“The man who will unify the underworld gang in the Northern Dragon City.”

Liu Yi proudly said.

“Are you kidding me!”

“You want to unify the underworld gang in the Northern Dragon City? That’s utterly crazy!”

The Sea Gang members looked at Liu Yi as if they were watching a fool.

But Chen Dahai’s eyes seemed somewhat moved.

“You are Chen Dahai, right?”

Liu Yi remembered those details Yuan Zhenyue told him; His mind began to scheme.

“Looks like your gangster’s life in this Eastern Xing district isn’t too successful, am I right?”

“How much do you know about my things?”

“A little, for example, your bar will soon go bankrupt and the Black Dragon wants you to join them.”


Chen Dahai’s eyes tightened, revealing a meaningful look.

“Brothers, close the door.”