“Bang, bang, bang!”

All the Cape Bar’s doors and windows were closed and locked.

At the same time, with a hissing sound, the Sea Gang members also pulled down the iron curtains.

“Now this place is no different than an iron cage.”

Chen Dahai clenched his fists, issuing a “ka ka” sound, “We can talk about things.”

“Using this method to threaten me is useless.”

Liu Yi still without a care; He carelessly said with a smile, “If I want to leave, I can leave your so-called iron cage at any time.”

“I admit that you have some strength, but people cannot think too highly of themselves.”

Chen Dahai’s eyes were deep.

“The one who think too highly of himself should be Mr. Chen Dahai.”

Liu Yi said with a smile, “Mr. Chen Dahai who, in those days, broke into Eastern Xing district and established the Sea Gang, can only see two immediate outcomes. One, his Sea Gang being incorporated into the Black Dragon Gang, and the other, get out of the Eastern Xing district with tail tucked between his legs.”

Chen Dahai clenched his fists; The other Sea Gang members also stared at Liu Yi, gnashing their teeth.

“Liu Yi….It seems like you have angered them….”

Sun Haoyuan could not help apprehensively whisper in Liu Yi’s ear.

“They wouldn’t gang up on us would they….?”

“It doesn’t matter, just leave it to me.”

Liu Yi tried to comfort Sun Haoyuan, and then continued his talk.

“Each of these roads seems bad….Running away from Eastern Xing district; I am afraid this completely contradict your, Chen Dahai’s wish, am I right? Before achieving your goals, you would not want to flee without a fight.”

“You do not need to worry about this, we can also follow the Black Dragon Gang.”

The nearby Zhou Jinle interrupted.

“Hahaha, good, follow the Black Dragon Gang is it?”

Liu Yi could not help but laugh, “This guy’s idea is really good. That’s right, follow Black Dragon Gang. When you guys join the Black Dragon Gang, all of you here would become Black Dragon Gang’s dried shrimps. At that time, you will probably be the smallest of the little brothers there. Moreover, in order to prevent you from forming a group within a group, Black Dragon Gang will split all of you, sending you to their various Halls. At that time, perhaps you, Mr. Chen Dahai will end up only as a head bully. The Hall leader position would not necessarily be yours.”

Chen Dahai’s clenching fists emitted several “clacking” noise.

“What are you trying to say….”

“What I am trying to say is very simple. Rather than become a dog in Black Dragon Gang, why not become a man in my Red Scarf Army?”

Liu Yi said, “In my Red Scarf Army, no need to say about others first; You, Mr. Chen Dahai, at the very least, will become the Deputy Leader of the Gang. Later, my Red Scarf Army will cover the entire Eastern Xing district or even the entire Northern Dragon City; You, Chen Dahai will be its Deputy Gang Leader. All the Sea Gang members will become senior figures. Not only I will not break you apart, I will, instead, entrust you with heavy responsibility, because you all are the senior cadres of our Red Scarf Army.”

“What a joke!”

Zhou Jinle could not help but sneer again and again, “Dominating the Northern Dragon City with only four of you students?”

“Why not?”

Liu Yi asked back, “In those days, there was a famous Master in the Northeastern Area, called Master Si. His origin was nothing more than a train porter. I, Liu Yi, at least, am an intellectual.”

Em, a good and honest intellectual.

All gangsters basically rely on strength!

Liu Yi thought that to clear the Northern Dragon City from the dark forces he needed to eliminate Black Dragon Gang and the others who behaved badly.

Since then, he will rule the underground world in the Northern Dragon City.

And thus, become the rule maker.

“It’s easy to say it; You think you can occupy our Sea Gang just by virtue of your mouth? In your dream!”

Zhou Jinle firmly opposed.

“Sea Gang will absolutely not follow anybody.”

Chen Dahai’s eyes seemed a bit different, “Just leave.”

“Do you want to watch your brothers starve together with you?”

Seeing Chen Dahai seemed to be struggling inwardly, Liu Yi became a bit desperate.

If the Sea Gang’s condition was good, Chen Dahai would definitely not agree to join him.

But now….He has the opportunity!

“I, Chen Dahai, am not so easy to give in to other people.”

Chen Dahai looked at Liu Yi and said.

“Good, let’s follow the rules.”

Liu Yi made a hooking gesture with his finger toward Chen Dahai, “We fight; If I lose, I will leave. But if you lose, you and your gang will join me.”

Chen Dahai was moved.

Zhou Jinle shouted, “F*ck, who do you think you are! Brothers, let’s kill him!”

But the other Sea Gang members looked at him in a weird look.

Although now they were basically gangsters, they still have the moral characters of a soldier.

Other people has called for a one on one fight, but Zhou Jinle wanted to gang up on them?

Was that moral a integrity of a soldier?

Chen Dahai loudly snapped at Zhou Jinle.

“Old Zhou, what’s going on with you? Go stay on the side!”

Zhou Jinle’s mouth twitched, seemingly wanted to retort. However, he held it back and finally stood on the side.

“Little brother, aren’t your scheme a bit too obvious?”

Chen Dahai turned to Liu Yi and said, “If you win, I will join you, but if you lose, you’re just going to leave? Even if I, Chen Dahai, only has a few years of study, do you think I can’t see this scheme?”

“Oh? Then what does boss Chen want?”

“If you lose, you will follow me as my subordinate.”

Chen Dahai pointed at Liu Yi and then at himself.

“Liu Yi….”

Sun Haoyuan and the others seemed to be worried; Tang Guo even directly grabbed Liu Yi’s sleeve.

“Rest assured, it’s all right.”

Liu Yi waved his hand to appease these few Red Scarf Army cadres.

“Fair enough, the winner will be the boss.”

Liu Yi said and took a step forward, standing opposite of Chen Dahai.

“Boss Chen is not going to plot against me, right?”

“Only a vile person would do that.”

Chen Dahai proudly said, “Come on, let me show you that we, The Sea Gang, are not pushovers!”

“Then let me see it.”

Liu Yi said, and then moved two steps forward.

Chen Dahai waved his hand, telling his brothers to move to the side.

He then took off his coat, leaving him with a small white singlet. His body were all muscles, very conspicuous.

“Whoa, what a bod….”

Tang Guo’s eyes lit up, but the nearby Sun Haoyuan immediately gave her a push.

“Sorry, you guys can continue.”

Tang Guo knew what moves her; She did not think too much about a man’s face but thought that men should have some muscles.

That’s why when she first saw how ‘emaciated’ Liu Yi was, not only she did not take him to heart, she even has some contempt toward him.

“Not a bad strength.”

Chen Dahai was very pleased with himself; He clenched his fist and flexed his biceps.

“Squad leader is now serious, that kid is dead for sure.”

“Yes….When we were still on active duty, squad leader never lost on a fight!”

“A pity that squad leader has an ear problem….Otherwise, he could be a company commander and so on.”

On the side, the Sea Gang members started talking to each other.

When Chen Dahai was still in the army, no one can rival him, which made him a bit arrogant and wanted to challenge the champion from the special forces, named Wang An.

Finally, he suffered Wang An’s heavy-handed double strikes on his ears; His eardrums bleed.

Because of his slightly impaired hearing, Chen Dahai lost the opportunity for further promotion in the army.

The two of them suffered because of that fight. One has a problem with the eyesight, and the other has a problem in hearing. Both were unable to continue to serve.

Wang An has a pretty good arrangement when he retired. He first went to join the police and later became Murong Hong’s bodyguard.

But Chen Dahai, being an ordinary soldier, can only come out to join the underworld.

But he was confident to defeat this student!

In the past, Wang An only narrowly won a move against him!

“Come on!”

Chen Dahai hooked his finger at Liu Yi; For such a student like Liu Yi, he disdained to make the first move.

“Boss Chen, you see, I am just a student.”

But Liu Yi was not in a rush; Instead, he cheekily said.

“In fighting, no doubt you are an expert. But me, I just understand a little bit of Kung Fu, how about you let me make three moves first?”

People almost vomited blood.

They clearly saw Liu Yi easily took down two people just a moment ago, which mean his Kung Fu foundation was very deep!

But now he brazenly wanted people to let him made his first three moves.

Was there a person more shameless than him!

“Do you even want face!”

From the side, Zhou Jinle cursed.

“I am very weak….”

Liu Yi slightly blushed and said, “Do you have the heart to bully a defenseless student….?”

“F*ck, too shameless!”

Even Tang Guo could not help but somewhat move away from Liu Yi.

“I’ll let you have one move!”

Chen Dahai confidently smiled and then made a horse stance; He held his hands in front of him.

He then launched his hard qigong.

Chen Dahai’s whole body was filled with energy; He can even withstand an iron rod or the likes.

“Very well….Even though the move is less than I thought, thinking about boss Chen’s face, I reluctantly accept it.”

Liu Yi said as he nodded his head.

The Sea Gang members almost vomited blood in depressed.

Obviously it was Liu Yi who has the big advantage here, but how could he say it as if he just suffered a big loss!

“Good kid….”

Ling Tong’s scalp became a bit numb, “How come your belly get increasingly black….”

“Huh? Really?”

Liu Yi blinked his eyes, “I think I am still honest and kind!”

Lin Tong was speechless and secretly thought.

It seems like the two personalities begin to influence each other!

But, as long as he still has the awe-inspiring righteousness in his heart, his character should not go bad.

A little bit of black belly is good….Better than the ice-cold and the ruthlessness of the other personality!

Moreover, no one can bully him if his belly is a bit black, Lin Tong did not want Liu Yi to be bullied by outsiders.

Humph, humph, the one who can bully Liu Yi, is only me, Lin Tong!

“Bring it!”

Chen Dahai pat his chest muscles, “If I blink, I, Chen Dahai, am your grandson!”

“How about we change the rules?”

Liu Yi immediately became interested, “How about we stare at each other for a few minutes?”

“Hurry up!”

Chen Dahai could not help but yell.

“Very well, since you’re in such a hurry….”

The crowd immediately saw an amazing scene.

Liu Yi, faster than the blink of an eye, suddenly appeared in front of Chen Dahai.

Just now, they were seven to eight meters away from each other, but how could he suddenly closed the distance just like that!

But before they even reacted to that, Liu Yi’s right-hand palm has arrived at Chen Dahai’s chest.