“What about the thing that I told you to do?”

In the toilet room of the Cape bar, a man’s figure was hiding inside one of the stalls.

A man’s suppressed voice slowly came through his phone.

“I, I failed….”

This man’s voice faltered a few times, seemingly afraid of something.

“Useless! Why do I keep you if you’re not useful for me?”

“Hall leader….This is not my fault!”

That man hurriedly explained, “Initially, everything went smoothly, Chen Dahai was about to break at any moment. However, the Red Scarf Army came to interfere. Their boss, a student, actually beat Chen Dahai easily! Now, this Sea gang has turned into Red Scarf Army….”

“Red Scarf Army? I never heard of this gang before.”

The voice on the phone pondered a bit.

“Since it’s just a small gang, it doesn’t matter. Under our Black Dragon Gang’s pressure, soon, the Cape bar will be completely bankrupt! Zhou Jinle, within a month, I want the Cape bar to be incorporated into my Black Dragon gang. Don’t say I never give you a chance!”

With that, the other side hung the phone.

Zhou Jinle feebly leaned on the stall door.

I shouldn’t have taken refuge in Black Dragon gang….Otherwise, things wouldn’t be this mess up.

Chen Dahai is also a brain dead, why would he want to follow that Liu Yi, and not Black Dragon gang?

To follow Black Dragon gang, one will have wealth, status, and power.

Ai, I really can’t figure it out.

Looks like I have to use some tricks to completely bring down the Red Scarf Army….

Liu Yi did not know, someone was hatching a plan against the Red Scarf Army.

At this time, he was already at the underground base of the Hunter Organization with different clothing.

Like the last time, a group of people was busily doing their jobs at the hall.

Leng Mo sat on a chair, facing a lot of display screen.

Being a liaison officer, this girl was quite busy indeed…..

“How come it’s you again?”

Seeing Liu Yi with his white mask, Leng Mo immediately went upset.

“What, want to toot your own horn in front of me?”

“Hey, what do I want to show off in front of you….”

Liu Yi thought that Leng Mo was really confused sometimes. He did not know what this girl was thinking about.

“To show off your relationship with Li Biyue!”

Leng Mo hung her headphone around her neck, curled her lips and said, “I am telling you, I will not eat vinegar because I don’t consider you as an opponent at all! Humph! Sooner or later, sister Biyue will discover your true ugly face!”

When did I have an ugly true face….

Liu Yi secretly lamented.

“I am really not here to show off….I came here to ask for a mission….”

Money matters more, so Liu Yi did not want to quarrel with Leng Mo here.

“You want a mission?”

Leng Mo’s eyes blinked twice, “Why don’t you go to the online website, there’s plenty of it there!”

“It’s like this, I want to take a C-level task. But my strength is still not up to par, so I came here to look if there’s a C-level mission that suits me….”

Liu Yi a bit awkwardly said.

Alas, money stump the hero indeed.

“Looking for a mission here?”

The corner of Leng Mo’s mouth suddenly rose.

Liu Yi suddenly had a bad premonition.

“You….Are not going to use public office to avenge private wrongs, right…?”

“Of course not. I am the Hunter Center’s liaison officer, my private matters must give way for work matters.”

Leng Mo proudly said, “Since you want a suitable task, no problem, I can help you find it.”

With that, she began to furiously type the keyboard on her lap.

This Leng Mo still wore the same outfit like the last time, a black lace skirt, a jacquet and a pair of black stockings, looking very sexy.

Is she too busy to even change clothes?

But her clothes are very clean!

“D-class hunter, Ten Steps To Milk A Man….Gee, a D-class hunter who insist on taking the C-level task….”

Liu Yi’s face was slightly feverish.

This is for the money!

Poor people have to work hard, okay!

“There’s nothing suitable for you at this moment….Wait a minute, there’s a new mission that was issued by the supervisor just now, and it’s exactly the C-level task!”

Leng Mo’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Really? Where?”

Liu Yi quickly asked.

“It suits you. It’s in Northern Dragon City.”

Leng Mo typed a few more times and then said, “Do you know about the Riyao Corporation in Northern Dragon City?”

“Riyao Corporation?”

Liu Yi thought for a moment, “Isn’t that a very famous Japanese company?”

“That’s right.”

Leng Mo nodded her head, “This corporation seems like a pro-China joint venture….But actually, it is a multinational company backed by the right-winger. This task is issued by the government, they discovered that the underground level of this group’s headquarters seems to have an abnormal power leak….Because it is inconvenient for the government to investigate it directly, they entrust our Hunter Organization to do it.”

“The government will actually delegate a task for the Hunter Organization?”

Liu Yi was somewhat surprised.

“Of course, after all, there are things that the government cannot directly intervene.”

Leng Mo blinked her eyes, “Do you accept this task or not?”

“Of course I accept!”

It seems like this is just an investigative task. Thankfully I came to the Hunter Organization center, otherwise, I couldn’t receive such a good task.”

Mm, this is the so-called the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first (to benefit from relationship with an influential person)!

“Then I’ll read out the mission for you.”

Liu Yi did not notice the flash of smile on the corner of Leng Mo’s lips.

“This task is not that difficult, you just need to go to the Riyao Corporation to investigate the source of the power leak at their underground level. After you gather enough good information and give them back to us, your task is completed.”

“I know.”

Liu Yi nodded his head and immediately walked out of the Hunter Organization building.

“Manager, he really accepts the task.”

After Liu Yi walked away, Leng Mo excitedly clenched her small fists, “This time, he will suffer for sure! Humph, who told him to vie for sister Biyue against this miss!”

“Little Leng, little Leng!”

At this time, old man Ma sheepishly ran over and asked Leng Mo in amazement.

“I heard that you gave that Li Biyue’s brother a C-level mission?”

“Yo, old man Ma, your news source is very quick!”

Leng Mo curled her lips.

“Leng girl, are you crazy!”

Old man Ma stood in front of Leng Mo with a bottle of local white wine. He worriedly asked, “If this kid is in danger….Wouldn’t Li Biyue find you responsible for it?”

“What does it have to do with me? He’s the one who wanted me to find him a C-level task!”

Leng Mo threw up her hands, “Moreover, even if sister wants to blame me, she can’t blame it on me, hehe….”

“Let me see the task!”

Old man Ma worriedly looked at the screen. Suddenly, cold sweat began to pour down from his head.

“This task….Are you sure this task was entrusted to us by the government?”

“Of course not, this is their own task.”

Leng Mo explained, “Moreover, in order to prevent others from intervening, they deliberately explained to our manager to clear all of Hunter’s related task in the vicinity, lest they inadvertently alert the enemy. Everything must give way for the government.”

“Who publish this task?”

Old man Ma’s eyes emitted a flash of light.

“Who else except our manager?”

Leng Mo shrugged, “That’s why I said, even if sister Biyue wants to find who’s to blame, she is not going to look for me!”

“Crazy….All of you are crazy….”

Old man Ma cannot help but shake his head, “He’s only a three-star person….Yet, you let him fall into the hands of Dragon group?”

“Ai, in any case, he has Hunter’s identity. Even if he falls into Dragon group’s hands, he’s just going to suffer hardship for two days at most.”

Leng Mo indifferently said, “Who told him to snatch away my sister Biyue, he deserves to suffer! Humph!”

Old man Ma drank his liquor and secretly sneered.

If this is just as simple as him suffering a hardship, would Liu Yufan go to a lot of trouble to issue this task?

That kid, Ten Steps To Milk A Man….May encounter some danger tonight.

Whether he can come back alive or not, that would depend on his good fortune.

“Liu Yi, you really decided to do this task?”

When Liu Yi was rushing through the night toward the Riyao Corporation headquarters, Lin Tong’s voice came into his ears.

“Of course, this is for the money!”

When he arrived, Liu Yi looked at this more than thirty-storey high building and suddenly felt quite small.

“This miss feels that something is not quite right.”

Lin Tong had a bit of bad premonition, “Maybe, this could be a trap.”

“My luck is always good, I certainly can turn bad luck into good luck.”

Liu Yi had made up his mind and would not easily be swayed.

“Come on, can you listen to an advice!”

Lin Tong was frustrated by his stubbornness, “I say this for you own good!”

“Fox sister, didn’t you say that I can only have meaningful progress through an actual combat?”

Liu Yi’s eyes evoked a flash of light, “Even if it’s a trap, I still want to give it a try. If now I retreat in the face of danger, I won’t have any great improvement in my life.”

“Ai….Why do I feel your words are getting more and more clear!”

“Because what I say is reasonable, reasonable in all over the world!”

“Pei, it’s obviously because you’re unreasonable!”

Lin Tong stomped her feet in anger.

“This building is already closed, how are we suppose to go in….?”

Liu Yi quickly changed the topic.

He jumped toward the nearby street light.

“Pa, pa, pa!”

His feet stepped on ice skates, sliding up to the top of the street light. He then crouched down, looking at the first and second floor of the building.

Liu Yi wanted to check if there’s an open window or something so that he can let himself in.

“Think about it yourself. This building is so high….”

Lin Tong looked up for a moment and could not help but sigh.

“Technology can sometimes amaze even the cultivators.”

“This is a Japanese-funded company, they have a lot of money.”

Liu Yi remembered that his distant cousin, after graduating from a prestigious University, seemed to work in this company.

Since then, this cousin became his nightmare.

From words of mouth, he heard that his cousin has a high salary, twenty or thirty something thousand yuan per month, the company also let him use the company’s car!

Except for the excessive overtime, the other treatments were good.

Then, his relatives would always compare him to his cousin, telling him to learn hard like his cousin and to strive hard!

Liu Yi then would secretly swear, D*mn it, this is so annoying!