Those rapid bullets slowed down indefinitely in Liu Yi’s eyes.

Liu Yi moved to the left and right, dodging those bullets.

“Bam, bam, bam!”

Those bullets hit the metal gate behind Liu Yi then ricocheted to the surrounding instruments.


Several nutritional tanks directly broke apart, the inside solution poured down, spreading all over the floor.

The alarm roared louder and louder.


A low dull roar came from the several men who slipped out of the nutritional tanks.

“Master, be careful.”

While updating her database, Little Xuan cautioned, “These genetically modified species are being stimulated by external sources, they could regain consciousness.”

“These creatures are so strange….”

Lying on Liu Yi’s shoulders, Lin Tong shook her tail, “They don’t have any demonic force….But, they are not like humans either.”

“They are genetically modified species.”

Liu Yi did not understand why Lin Tong could not hear little Xuan’s voice.

Likewise, Lin Tong’s voice cannot be heard by little Xuan either.

According to the data record that was transmitted by little Xuan, little Xuan used the nerve connection to communicate with Liu Yi.

This was something that has yet to be achieved by modern science because the neural connection technology has always been taboo in science and many countries placed restrictions on its development. Little Xuan’s developer must have been secretly developed this artificial intelligence.

“Genetically modified species….What is that thing….But, Liu Yi, you have to be careful….Although I feel no demonic force in them, I can feel their terrifying pressure!”

“Em….I know.”

Liu Yi did not intend to fight these genetically modified creatures and robot. He has completed his task, so he wanted to retreat and go back to report this matter.

These Japanese-produced monsters, he will let the Hunter Organization handle them.

He cannot possibly deal with them alone.

Although Liu Yi did not like to run away from problems, he would not go die foolishly.

“Kill the intruder.”

The robot suddenly discharged two streams of jet from the two holes on its back, then, along with the whistling of hot air wave, flew forward.


Liu Yi did not expect the robot to actually have good mobility. But fortunately, he has launched his black and white world.

In his eyes, the robot’s action slowed down.

At the same time, Liu Yi bent over and lowered his head.


The robot flew right above Liu Yi’s head, brushing his hair. Then, its large metallic fist hit the metal gate.


The metal gate violently shook. It created a depression in this 20 cm thick metal gate.

“My God….”

Liu Yi wiped off his cold sweat, “This thing is too savage!”

“Such a huge destructive power!”

Lin Tong could not help widen her eyes.

“If master’s strength is evaluated as C-class, then the power of this robot’s arm should be assessed as B-class!”

It actually has such power!

Liu Yi was secretly surprised.


While Liu Yi was still in shock, the man who has been lying in the puddle of green liquid and broken glass suddenly roared loudly.

Then, his whole body began to change.

His skin turned green and looked as solid as a shell.

And his height increased a lot; In the blink of an eye, he reached two meters tall.

A tail grew from behind him, turning into a dark green long tail.

Sharp claws stretched out from his stout limbs which replaced his hands and feet.

He seemed to have lost his mind. He laid there on all four, mouth dripping down with saliva.

Those salivas was really ugly, they dripped all over the floor.


His reptilian green eyes fell on Liu Yi and his mouth began to groan.

“Good doggy….Don’t make trouble here….”

Liu Yi thought that he must find a bone to distract his attention.

Um, but a lizard doesn’t seem to like bone, right?


The lizard man suddenly roared and came running at Liu Yi.

“What the hell, why are you chasing me!”

He immediately launched his shadow steps and instantly moved several meters away.


That lizard man pounced on Liu Yi’s previous spot, the ground suddenly appeared eight long claw marks.

F*ck me, he can actually claw this reinforced floor! How powerful is he! And his claws are so sharp!

Meanwhile, the other genetically modified creatures also began to slowly change.

“Go to your sister, why do you want this father’s life!”

That lizard man roared and dashed toward Liu Yi.

Liu Yi suddenly launched his shadow steps and appeared behind the robot.

“Warning,the enemy is in the back!”

The robot sounded with its computer-like sound.

Without waiting for it to react, that lizard man has arrived at its front.


With its powerful limb, the lizard man waved its claw, striking the robot head on, which immediately flew backward.

“Defense system automatically turn on!”

The robot did not expect to be subjected to other attacks. After its body flew backward, in mid-air, it opened several vents, ejecting out several airwaves to stabilize its body.

After swiping away the robot, the lizard man swept his tail at Liu Yi.

“His mother, you really won’t give up, won’t you!”

Liu Yi’s body sank, the immortal force in his body continued to rotate.

He stretched out his hand and caught that sweeping tail.


A surge of huge pressure forced his body to sink.

Two pits directly appeared under Liu Yi’s feet.

His mother….

This guy is so strong!

But, I am not a weakling either!

The immortal power frantically circulated in Liu Yi’s body, his awe-inspiring righteousness continued to accumulate.

It seemed like there was a pressure pump inside his body, which constantly pumped, increasing his power.

A layer of frost armor slowly appeared on his body, but it was only vaguely visible.

“Get the hell away from me!”

Using his ever increasing power, Liu Yi directly lifted that nearly three-meter high giant lizard by his tail and threw him into the air.


That lizard man crashed into the robot and fell together to the ground.

“Whether you’re me or not, lend me your power first!”

Liu Yi looked at those various creatures who have now crawled up and roared.

“Red Blood Devil Flame!”

Liu Yi’s outfit slightly changed.

The frost on his collar turned into a red flame, which continued to spread, raging all over his body.

“You actually forcefully use the other you’s power….”

Lin Tong was amazed, “Wow….This awe-inspiring uprightness is too fierce! Everything that is impossible is possible!”

More than ten flame beauties flew out and floated around Liu Yi, becoming his most loyal protectors.

These genetically modified creatures then stood up, each with different animal characteristic, one was a lion man, one a tiger man, a werewolf, and the likes, all were exceptionally fierce looking.

But those flame beauties flew out and threw themselves at those genetically modified creatures.

The damage from the flame was very high, feeling burned, they screamed and ran away to escape.

“Master, it’s time!”

Little Xuan reminded Liu Yi of the timing in battle, “We can take this opportunity to escape!”

“I’ll try!”

Liu Yi turned and rushed toward the metal gate.

“Destroy the intruder.”

The robot suddenly moved, a hole popped out of its back. Then, a missile flew out.

“You won’t stop until it’s over won’t you!”

Liu Yi stared at the incoming missile, whistling toward him.

“Determining missile tracker – Master, this is definitely a heat-seeking missile!”

Little Xuan reminded him.

“I know.”

Liu Yi nodded, but still stood his ground, not trying to move.

“Master, run! This small missile is very powerful, enough to explode master into pieces!”

Little Xuan continued to warn Liu Yi.

“Little Xuan, don’t look down on me!”

Liu Yi’s eyes flashed out a red glow.

He threw out a red chain, which wrapped the missile. He then pulled the missile, literally changing its course. Like throwing a sandbag, he threw it right at the center of the metal gate.


The missile exploded, the resultant hot shockwave impacted Liu Yi’s body.

But under his Red Blood Code state, the fire impact was minimum.

This intense flame not only failed to harm Liu Yi, he even felt that it was as comfortable as a spring breeze.

But the explosion wrapped the entire laboratory room, those genetically modified creatures screamed in pain because their bodies were burned and the robot was pushed far away by the shockwave.

Four of the six metal gates, in the blink of an eye, destroyed by the explosion.

Only the remaining two stood between Liu Yi and his escape route.

“Good, two layers left!”

Liu Yi clenched his fists.

The ability of the flame state can only be used when his other self awakened, presently his comprehension of the Red Blood Code was not deep enough.

Likewise, his other self also can’t fully use his Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.

“Come on, let’s see if I can use my different ability to destroy you!”

Liu Yi rushed toward the metal gate and made a horse stance. His right hand on his waist, burning with red light.

Red Blood Devil Flame flooded his right palm.

Desolate Flame began to mobilize.

Liu Yi felt that his right hand was hiding a dynamite and he had to detonate it quick.

“Master, this is impossible!”

Little Xuan said in Liu Yi’s ears, “This metal gate is 20 cm thick! Unless it’s that robot’s high explosive missile, a human palm cannot possibly destroy it!”

“Don’t underestimate your master.”

Liu Yi chuckled, the red glow in his eyes grew bright.

The crimson flame filled his inside; Liu Yi was like a high-pressure boiler, the energy finally converged to a tipping point.

“Desolate Flame!”

In horse stance, Liu Yi fiercely struck the metal gate with his right palm.


The metal gate violently shook.

Then, a huge depression in a form of a palm appeared.

The entire metal gate issued a fierce groaning sound; Finally, red flame burst out of the palm and directly burst open that twenty-centimeter thick metal gate.