Just when Liu Yi wrapped a ninja corpse with his chain and flung it toward that ninja, he saw that ninja suddenly threw a shuriken, grazing that corpse in an arc and toward Liu Yi.

Liu Yi instantly launched his black and white world and watched the trajectory of that slowed down shuriken.

This shuriken not only moved in an arc, it also seemed somewhat strange.

Liu Yi did not dare to dodge because he did not know whether this shuriken would suddenly change its direction.

Even by little Xuan’s analysis, the shuriken had dozens different flight paths probability.

“Mountain Mist!”

Liu Yi had no choice but to meet the incoming attack head on!

He swung his left hand, sending out a three meters tall huge ice palm.


That ninja’s shuriken immediately embedded in that ice palm.

At the same time, That ninja pulled out two katanas and directly cut his companion’s corpse into three. He then leaped through that mutilated body and pounced on Liu Yi.

This one is tricky!

Liu Yi immediately thought of these words.

The power level of this ninja was at least three or four star!

“Liu Yi, don’t worry, he’s just relying on cheap tricks.”

Lin Tong comforted him, “While your body carries several consummate cultivation arts. It is easy for you to kill him.”


Liu Yi nodded his head.

Fox sister is right, I have the Great Brilliance Sun Palm, Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, and Red Blood Sutra Code! Every one of them is exquisite cultivation art!

Why should I be afraid of a little ninja!

Liu Yi reminded himself and then activated his immortal power.

Awe-inspiring Righteousness!

His eyes glittered with blue lights.

Meanwhile, that ninja has arrived in front of Liu Yi. His two katanas moved to cut Liu Yi in two strange arcs.

Without any hesitation, Liu Yi lunged his palm forward until it reached that ninja’s chest and then blasted off his immortal power.

“Desolate Flame!”


That ninja’s body instantly popped and disappeared like a soap bubble.


Liu Yi suddenly felt a cold air behind him.

He subconsciously launched his Shadow Steps and appeared on the staircase to the second floor.


That ninja appeared at Liu Yi’s previous position. His katana cut through the empty air.

“You actually can get away again?”

That ninja was stupefied, he did not expect someone to escape his katana twice!

“This escaping game should stop now.” That ninja said

Liu Yi was very upset.

His mother, I am actually forced to escape several times!

Otherwise, I would have been hacked by that sword!

If only I have that Long San’s telekinetic power!

Although this power can’t be compared to my cultivation, it’s very useful in fighting.

“There will be no third time.” That ninja said.

He licked the katana in his hand and loudly sneered.

His figure suddenly split into three and, together, they rushed toward Liu Yi.

They were doing a converging attack against Liu Yi!

Is this shadow clone Jutsu?

“I think… I am being underestimated here…”

Liu Yi sighed but did not try to escape.

At this time, those three ninja’s figures have arrived by his side.

“Everybody stops!”

Liu Yi shouted, bent down and fiercely punched the ground.


The earth began to tremble.

Frost instantly covered the ground where he stood and continued to spread.

With Liu Yi at the center, ten meters all around him froze into ice crystals.

Including those three ninjas.

The two of them popped out like bubbles.

The last one widened his eyes, watching in dismay at the man before him.

“You didn’t expect this did you?”

Liu Yi stood in front of that scared ninja and laughed.

“Do you really think with your meager skill you can wreak havoc here?”

Liu Yi said and then created a spear made of ice, holding it with his hands.

“Go back and tell your Amaterasu that it is me who send you there!”

Not wanting to give that ninja another opportunity, Liu Yi mercilessly pierced his chest with that spear.

Although the other party has some cool and nifty tricks, how could they be compared to the ice power of his Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra?

After Liu Yi got rid of this ninja, he turned around and looked at the shivering in fear Buchuan Neiku.

“All right, the last eyesore guy has been removed.”

Liu Yi clapped his hands and laughed.

“Finally it’s our turn. Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Buchuan Neiku.”

“Don’t come here!”

Buchuan Neiku hysterically shouted, “Don’t come here, yamete, yamete! Don’t kill me, I can you give money, a lot of money!”


Liu Yi sneered, “Money indeed is a good thing. It can buy a lot of things, unfortunately, it can’t buy your life.”

Just when Liu Yi was about to make his move, police sirens suddenly rang loudly from outside the building.

Liu Yi was taken aback, but Buchuan Neiku laughed instead.

“Haha… haha… the police are here, the police are here!”

Usually, Buchuan Neiku hated the police. But he never thought that one day he would be so looking forward to the arrival of the police.

The already dimmed hall suddenly filled with lights.

They were the lights of the police cars on the outside.

A lot of armed police rushed in and all their muzzles pointed at Liu Yi.

“It’s you again!”

One of them was a beautiful woman. She was none other than Yuan Zhenyue.

When she saw Liu Yi’s figure, she became somewhat sluggish.

Nevertheless, she was a highly trained police, so she quickly returned to normal.

“Drop your weapon!”

Yuan Zhenyue also aimed her gun at Liu Yi like the rest of the police.

At this time, Liu Yi was holding his ice spear, which he rested at Buchuan Neiku’s neck.

“I am a Japanese businessman, Norikawa (Buchuan Neihu)! This man is trying to kill me! I request your protection!”

Buchuan Neiku shouted.

Liu Yi furrowed his brows.

How can this guy have the gall to call for help from the police?

“Put down your weapon! Otherwise, we’ll shoot!”

Yuan Zhenyue has just been transferred back to the criminal investigation team. Standing beside her, the captain shouted at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi cast those police a glance and felt dismayed.

“This guy did evil things in China, his hands are washed with the blood of a countless number of people that he experimented on. In the name of justice, I am going to punish him, who are you to stop me?”

Liu Yi lifted Buchuan Neiku with one hand and put the ice spear on his neck with his other hand.

Liu Yi’s words silenced many of those cops.

At this moment, many of them subconsciously put down their guns.

“No matter what he did, he will be punished by the law!”

The captain remained firm as he said, “Besides the law, no one has the right to take other people’s life!”

“Where is the law when he killed people?”

Liu Yi can’t help but force a smile, “Now when he is about to die, you guys actually want to protect him?”

“Please let the law handle this!”

Yuan Zhenyue shouted as well, “If he really committed crimes, the law will not let him!”


Liu Yi sighed and gently said to Yuan Zhenyue, “I already don’t believe in law.”

There were many things the law cannot solve.

Especially when someone’s power went beyond the law.

For example the businessman in front of him. Liu Yi would not turn him over to the law.

Liu Yi wanted to personally punish him.


Yuan Zhenyue aligned the muzzle to his forehead and said, “Or I’ll shoot!”

Liu Yi looked at Yuan Zhenyue and saw her looking at him as if he was an evil man and her personal enemy. He thought, Who is in the wrong here, me or her?

In any case, Buchuan Neiku must die!

Thinking about the burnt out bodies of those genetically modified creatures in the underground lab… Liu Yi suddenly felt cold.

These people even dare to do that kind of inhumane experiment here in China…

That’s unforgivable!

A determined look flashed from Liu Yi’s eyes as he pierced Buchuan Neiku’s neck with his ice spear.

“Shoot! Hit his legs!”

The captain quickly gave his command.

He and Yuan Zhenyue shot Liu Yi’s legs.

However, Liu Yi’s ice spear has stabbed Buchuan Neiku’s neck.

At the same time, the two bullets had arrived in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi immediately opened his Black and White world and put Buchuan Neiku in front of him, blocking the bullets.

“Pop, pop!”

The bullet hit Buchuan Neiku’s waist. Seeing this, the captain was shocked.

“How is this possible!”

He obviously aimed at that masked man’s leg, how could his bullet suddenly hit the businessman’s body!

“Captain, be careful, there’s something weird with this man!”

Yuan Zhenyue clenched her jaws as she looked at Liu Yi.

The memory of their fight outside the warehouse was still fresh in her mind.

“You want this man, right? Then, take him. I don’t want to play with you anymore.”

Liu Yi said and tossed Buchuan Neiku’s lifeless body across the hall toward those cops.

Before the cops could react, that body suddenly exploded and pieces of ice butterflies suddenly flew out and spread in all direction.

When they felt how painful were these hail-like ice, many of them hastened to dodge.

Yuan Zhenyue also hid behind a pillar. When the ice butterflies finally disappeared, she stepped out of the pillar, but the masked man had long gone.

“D*mn it! Sh*t!”

Yuan Zhenyue angrily punched the pillar next to her.

That guy escaped again!

Next time we meet, I will definitely catch him!

“Do you want to arrest him?”

At this time, three figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

When she saw them, Yuan Zhenyue immediately raised her pistol.

“Who! Freeze, put your hands in the air!”

“Boss, she doesn’t know us…”

“Show them our credential!”

“All right!”

The bald one immediately pulled out some documents and presented them to the police.

Yuan Zhenyue was still confused, but the captain immediately gave them a salute.

“Report senior officer San!”

Senior officer?

Who are these people?

“Do you want to arrest him?”

That one-eyed man asked Yuan Zhenyue again.

“I do!”

Yuan Zhenyue loudly replied.

“Good, then come with us.”