“Liu Yi, can you come with me after school?”

In the last class in the afternoon, a classmate in front of Liu Yi suddenly passed him a piece of paper.

When Liu Yi opened it, he was somewhat excited.

It turned out to be from Ma Yixuan.

This girl’s favorability value was -50 now. With that value, how could she pass him a note? Moreover, why did she want to meet him after school?

After this last class, the school is over.

After the third year students graduated, the first and the second year students have the freedom to study wherever they want in the evening. They can come to school or just stay at home.

Liu Yi always chooses to study by himself in his home at night because he wants to save money by eating in his house.

The food stall near the school is expensive and not very tasty.

It’s better to go home. His mom’s home cook is the most delicious!

“Trap, just by a look I already knew that it was clearly a trap!

Lin Tong’s voice rang in Liu Yi’s ear, “You have to listen to this big miss, don’t go!”

“Even if it’s a trap….I like to hear what does she want to tell me.”

Although Liu Yi ultimately failed in the breakthrough of the second star jade, it made him comprehend an ability.

Which is, he now can convey his thought to Lin Tong through his spiritual environment (previously spiritual knowledge field).

So he didn’t have to talk to himself like a crazy person whenever he talk to Lin Tong. This made Liu Yi felt more like a normal person.

“Are you an idiot?”

Lin Tong thought that Liu Yi was too silly, “Did you forget what she did to you previously? Do you want to be used by her forever?”

“No….I also have some words that I want to tell her.”

Liu Yi said to Lin Tong, “Fox sister, I held these words inside my stomach for a long time….If I don’t tell her, I think I’m going to regret it.”

“Whatever! I don’t care!”

After that, Lin Tong fumingly lie on her stomach on top of Liu Yi’s head without saying any word.

Lin Tong’s heart was also somewhat shocked.

Because, without any hesitation, Liu Yi had tried his hardest to break the second star jade to unlock her seal earlier.

Lin Tong’s heart was somewhat sour now.

Honestly speaking, since Lin Tong was still a child, besides her master, nobody else has been good toward her…

As for Liu Yi…she clearly has been lying to him, using him….

But this foolish kid actually treats her kindly.

Consequently, Lin Tong’s heart has become increasingly shaky because of this.

‘Master….I have been deceiving Liu Yi for my own selfish need….’ Lin Tong thought.

‘Am, am I wrong?’

‘Master, you taught me to look out for myself, or heaven and earth will combine to destroy me….’ (Everyman for himself)

‘This saying….is that true….?’

‘I, I’m quite confused now….’

When Lin Tong was still in a daze, the school bell rang out.

Ma Yixuan, who sat in the front row, immediately stood up, made a hooking sign with her finger toward Liu Yi and then left the classroom.

Liu Yi took a deep breath and followed her.

“Sis’ Die!”

Seeing this scene, Wang Lele nervously pulled Murong Die and said, “Liu Yi gege actually went after that Ma Yixuan! Could it be that they want to rekindle their old relationship!”

“What nonsense!”

Murong Die suddenly rolled her eyes at Wang Lele, “They didn’t have any relationship to rekindle. Besides, even if he followed her, it doesn’t have anything to do with us!”

“But, but….”

“But what? Let’s go downstairs to eat, this Lady is hungry!”

“Em, ok….”

Wang Lele failed to counter Murong Die and have to faithfully go out to eat with Murong Die.

But at this time, Murong Die’s mood was also strange. When she saw Liu Yi followed Ma Yixuan out of the classroom, her heart was feeling annoyed.

‘Where did I do wrong!?’ She thought.

Murong Die ruthlessly beat herself down and forced herself to go out to eat.

Even though she has little appetite.

“Ma Yixuan, where are you taking me?”

After following Ma Yixuan out of the classroom, without uttering a word, she continuously led Liu Yi to the upper part of the building, making Liu Yi cannot help but ask.

“You’ll know it when we arrive.”

Ma Yixuan didn’t explain any further; she kept walking upstairs.

Without any other choice Liu Yi can only walk behind her.

“This woman definitely has no good intention! This trap is so obvious!”

Lin Tong came back to life this time. While continuing to lie on top of Liu Yi’s head, she reminded him, “You know it’s a trap, why are you willingly jump into it!? Liu Yi, do you have some problems with your head!?”

“Fox sister, you don’t have to teach me that. If I run into a problem, I must not shrink back!”

Liu Yi clenched his fists and talked to Lin Tong via his spiritual environment, “I don’t want to be like the yesterday Liu Yi, who always run away from a problem. If I’m still a coward like that, I won’t be able to overcome the fear and anger within me. If I can’t overcome my fear and anger…My other self will emerge! I will not allow him to hurt Fox sister again!”

Lin Tong was immediately silent.

She really doesn’t know how to persuade this foolish Liu Yi.

But although this Liu Yi was a fool, his foolishness made her humbled.

‘Liu Yi, oh Liu Yi, where exactly did your bravery come from!?’ She lamented in her heart.

‘Did he especially do this in order to release me from my seal?’

‘Guyu that female immortal…why, why did you have to seal me inside this guy’s right hand….?’

‘Why did I happen to meet this guy….just when I want to try to absorb a human’s essence….?’

‘Did someone play a prank on me?’

‘God, are you joking with me, Lin Tong?’

Ma Yixuan went to the roof and opened the door.

Liu Yi never came to this rooftop because the school doesn’t allow the students to enter here.

Although Liu Yi doesn’t like to study, he actually doesn’t dare to violate the school’s regulation.

“Come on in.”

Ma Yixuan went to the rooftop and beckoned Liu Yi to follow her.

Liu Yi took a deep breath and entered the rooftop.


When he just entered the rooftop, the door behind him immediately slammed shut.

Liu Yi quickly looked back and saw a student leaned against the door. That student sneered at him.

By this time, Liu Yi was surrounded by dozens of menacingly looking students. They were all watching him.

Ma Yixuan folded her arms and proudly stood behind those students, laughing at him.

‘Sure enough…I was duped again…’

Liu Yi can’t help but sigh in his heart.

It seemed like he and Ma Yixuan really have nothing to say anymore.

“Liu Yi, you’ve came.”

A student with a dyed hair came forward. He was toying with a knuckle that commonly know as the brass knuckle. He looked at Liu Yi and sneered again and again.

Liu Yi’s heart suddenly couldn’t help but trembled a bit.

This yellow-haired guy was the same guy who slapped him in the mouth yesterday. This guy is Yuan Shaojun’s attendant.

He also warned him to keep a distance from Ma Yixuan.

“I, your father, warned you yesterday, but you didn’t listen, did you?”

That yellow haired guy touched the brass knuckle in his right hand and wickedly smiled.

“I, Big bing, have crisscrossed this school for two years. But I never met anyone who dared not to listen to my words. If I don’t give you a lesson today, I’m afraid you won’t have any long-term memory.”

“Liu Yi, don’t be afraid! Beat him!”

Seeing that Liu Yi seemed to have some fear, Lin Tong, who was lying on top of Liu Yi’s head, continuously exclaimed.

Although Liu Yi has practiced cultivation, yesterday he was just an ordinary student.

Faced with this scenario, his heart was still somewhat afraid.

But, he has to overcome this fear…

Otherwise, his other self will awaken…

“Li, Li Bing.”

Liu Yi took a deep breath and adjusted his condition with the breathing technique.

In an instant, his body became fresh and cool, and his mind was calm. His fear was almost dissipated.

“Don’t try to bully people relying on your friends, I’m not afraid of you.”

“Hahaha! This kid’s mouth is pretty hard. I want to see whether or not your mouth is harder than my brass knuckle!”

After that, Li Bing clenched his right fist, which had the brass knuckles on it, and threw a punch toward Liu Yi’s face.

These bunch of students was all unruly.

Li Bing doesn’t have the slightest fear that Liu Yi will make a problem for him because there were many people on his side. If Liu Yi were to report on them, they would just deny it.

If that way were to fail, they would just bear the consequence together. In any case, the school couldn’t possibly expel all of them. At most, everyone will carry a punishment.

This kind of punishment wouldn’t matter to them.

But if this brass knuckles really fall into Liu Yi’s face, his face will be broken.

Fortunately, the current Liu Yi is different than the yesterday Liu Yi. Li Bing’s fist trajectory was very clear in his eyes.

His grandpa has said to him not to stir up trouble.

But if the trouble comes to him, he must not be afraid!

Plus last night he has been training with Lin Tong the whole night. Thus, Li Bing has no more of a threat to him.

Liu Yi only needs to slightly take a step back to evade the brass knuckles punch from Li Bing.



The adjacent student was accidentally injured. Li Bing’s punch was too powerful. That brass knuckles missed Liu Yi and directly hit the student’s arm on his left side, making that student broke down in tears of pain. That student sat down and clutched his arm.

“Bastard! You dare to hide from me!”

The student near the door behind Liu Yi suddenly stepped forward. He stretched out his hands, grabbed Liu Yi from behind, and locked Liu Yi’s shoulders.

“Lift him up!”

Lin Tong jumped toward Liu Yi’s shoulder and shouted in his ear.

Liu Yi took the hint. Liu Yi held out his left hand over his shoulder and directly grabbed the collar of that student behind him.

Meanwhile, he kicked back his left foot to tilted the center of gravity of that student.

After practicing immortal cultivation, Liu Yi’s physical strength has been enhanced. With a roar, he bent over and pulled the student behind him directly to the front and then slammed that student to the floor.

This display of skill scared the hell out of Li Bing and them.

‘Fuck me!’ Li Bing cursed in his heart.

‘Has this kid been training?’


Lin Tong clapped her small paws and cheered up for Liu Yi.

After Liu Yi smoothly resolved the problem of that student from behind him, he was visibly relaxed.

Sure enough, just as Lin Tong said, after practicing the body technique of the immortal cultivation, it’s easy for him to deal with these ordinary students.

Ma Yixuan, who stood nearby, was also surprised. It was as if she was looking at Liu Yi as a completely different person that she doesn’t recognize.

Is this the Liu Yi that she knew?

The coward, timid, and physically weak Liu Yi?

“Damn, what are you afraid of? We have so many people. Let’s beat him together!”

Li Bing loudly clamored and then, with a group of students, came at Liu Yi.