Back in the days, Ao Ri was already a heaven realm person. Now that he is restoring his heaven realm strength, thus to him, the lightning tribulation is played down.

As the heavenly lightning descends and struck him, not only did it not cause him any injury, it seems to give him a cleansing, like he had eaten a sumptuous meal!

The 19th star jade lights up above his head, it is that eye-catching and that dazzling.

The people from Penglai Island are trembling, none of them daring to look straight.

“Heaven, heaven realm….a heaven realm expert actually appears….”

“Are, are we going to die here….”

Although he uses the magic tool to forcibly surpass to become a heaven realm expert, he indeed possesses ‘heaven realm’ this two words.

Although 18 star-jades and 19 star-jades is just a difference of one star jade, the gap is as wide as heaven and earth!

A person with 17 star-jade cultivation is still able to fight against a person with 18 star-jades. If he is lucky, or rely on his magic tools he might be able to win.

But when a person with 18 star-jades meets a heaven realm expert with 19 star-jades…..then he can only die!

Heaven realm experts are people who had comprehended the laws of the heaven and earth. They possess real strong magic powers! Even if a hundred peak earth realm experts combine efforts together, they might not be enough to fight against a heaven realm expert!

Otherwise, the people from Penglai Island would not have been so terror-stricken.

Zhang Jiashuang who had always been arrogant lost her courage to resist. She stands in the sky trembling as she looks at the heaven realm expert.

It is just a killing demon task….why would we meet a heaven realm expert ah!

Even if Liu Yi is even stronger, he is just an earth realm expert! He is basically unable to resist a heaven realm expert ah!

Looks like we will really die now!

“Hahaha, do you see this, this is the difference between our strength!”

Ao Ri laughs as his body emits white light displaying his heavenly might.

“Do you still dare to resist me?”

The heavenly might that is on Ao Ri’s body is very strong. In the sky, he is like an eye-catching sun making people not daring to look straight at him.

The people from Penglai Island stand by the side far away trembling.

“Really fucked up….”

Liu Yi steadies his heart before saying, “Fighting the small one then a big one appears. Did I enter a dragon nest?”

“Hahaha, you actually still have the mood to joke around. Really do not know if I should say that you have a firm heart or so stupid that you are calm.”

Ao Ri clucks, “Looks like you do not know the power of a heaven realm expert.”

“I feel that you have a lot of rubbish to say.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath, “If you want to fight then let’s fight. If I am afraid of you then my name shall be written in reverse!”

He opens his mouth and breaths out a blue fire dragon breath at Ao Ri!

It is still that thick and long fire twister roaring towards Ao Ri.

“Parlour tricks!”

Ao Ri only smiles before stretching out his right hand and aims at the incoming dragon breath.


A bolt of lightning instantly shoots out and easily scatters Liu Yi’s fire twister.

“Gods…this is the strength of a heaven realm expert….so scary…”

Seeing this scene Zhao Yu’s crotch becomes wet. Apparently, he got so badly frightened that he peed.

Although Penglai Island also has some heaven realm experts, they are all in deep cultivation and seldom come out. Thus it is rare to see them to take action or the like.

Ao Ri’s action is indeed earth shaking huge!

That is a technique that is able to kill a peak earth realm expert ah! But it is so easily scattered!


Liu Yi frowns. After Ao Ri broke through into heaven stage, he is indeed fierce.

But he did not plan to give up just like this, after all the really powerful person is the Sect Head of Great God Sect! What does Ao Ri count as? The pressure he gives me is nothing in comparison to the Sect Head of Great God Sect!

I must definitely defeat him!

Thinking to here, Liu Yi suddenly disappears.

Instantly he cuts through 100 meters and instantly appears in front of Ao Ri.

At the same time, he hits out with a Desolate Flame.

“Do you think that getting into close combat you are able to fight against me head on?”

Ao Ri laughs before matching palm against Liu Yi.


Violent lighting exploded out as the sun vein also appears in the sky.

Shockwaves spread out in all direction carrying along Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi is like a kite with broken strings as he flies away several tens of meter away as he tumbles a few rounds in the sky. Finally, after much flapping from his wings, he finally stabilized himself.

Lightning is still coiling around his body which is then scattered by him with his Qi.

“Do you see this, this is the gap between us.”

Ao Ri says arrogantly, “It is best if you obediently wait for death. This way it will be less painful.”

“I have already forgotten admitting defeat.”

Liu Yi ignores Lin Tong’s continuous advice. He does not wish to let Ao Ri become his heart devil.

“I will use my full strength to fight against you. Even if I die, I must die satisfied!”

His body starts to shrink and returns back to 1.8m tall.

The enormous wings also shrink as well and turn into a pair of mini-wings growing out of his shoulders.

“Dragon Transformation stage 2…”

Liu Yi did a few breathing techniques to let his spirit remain clear.

Although he had already learned how to enter the second stage of dragon transformation, he is still unable to 100% control it.

Every time he enters the second stage of dragon transformation, brutal thoughts will start emerging in his mind.

This kind of brutal thoughts keep wanting to make Liu Yi feel like killing people or ripping them into shreds. This should be coming from the instinct of a dragon.

Liu Yi uses breathing techniques to adjust his mental state causing the entire world to become calm.

When he is still in the first stage of dragon transformation he did not sense it. After entering the second stage, Liu Yi has a deeper understanding of Ao Ri’s strength.

Strong, indeed he is very strong….he is like a mountain placed in front of me!

But Liu Yi senses….that he has a fighting chance!

Even if it is a mountain, Liu Yi also wants to smash it into pieces!

Eh….after smashing this mountain into pieces would a calabash doll jump out from inside?!

“Oh? Your might actually increased again?”

Ao Ri is slightly surprised, “Indeed his disciple has some ability. But you are still not my opponent. Because even though your strength has increased, it is still not in heaven stage!”

Indeed after Liu Yi enter the second stage of dragon transformation, his strength has increased to the peak of 18 star jade!

If he wishes to breakthrough 18 star-jade cultivation, Liu Yi must first increase in cultivation base!

Lin Tong has given him an estimate before, at least he needs to reach 15 star-jade first. Right now Liu Yi’s cultivation is stuck in a bottleneck, a very profound bottleneck.

Because he is unable to raise his cultivation, Liu Yi is unable to cross over the heavenly calamity!

If you want to achieve the cultivation of a heaven realm, no matter high much he strengthens his messy qi, he will still be unable to face the horrifying lightning tribulation!

“Since you wish to die earlier, then let me fulfill you! Let me tell you what is the difference between cultivation. This kind of gap is unable to be crossed no matter how much effort you put in!”

Ao Ri stretches out his hand and uses a technique.

Instantly dense thunderstorm clouds appear in the sky, it is very enormous and thick. That pressure comes crashing down on the group of Penglai Island cultivators causing their faces to turn pale.

A very scary beast seems to be hidden in the sky, causing Liu Yi’s heart to feel heavy and giving him difficulty in breathing.

Cold sweat trickles down his forehead as his body is cold from the chills.

Lin Tong is also trembling badly from fear.

{Immortal Fox sister…you go back into the spiritual world first.}

{No….I wish to be together with you…}

Lin Tong shakes her head and rejects Liu Yi’s suggestion, {Where you go, this miss will follow you there. You are not afraid then I will not be afraid as well! At most both of us enter the Yellow Springs together!}

She gathers her courage and stands up, but her body is still trembling.

{We will not die Immortal Fox sister.}

Liu Yi did his breathing technique to reduce the pressure on him. His Sky Flipping Seal is still protecting the immortals from Penglai Island. If not for the Sky Flipping Seal, those pitiful cultivators would have suffered a calamity.

“Facing my lightning might being able to still be standing, you are indeed not bad.”

{Yaoyao, help me take over!}

Liu Yi re-gathers his fire spirit, the fire beauty flies out from Liu Yi’s back again floating in the sky as both her hands cast a technique.

Instantly over hundred of flame swords floats above her.

{Master let me help you!}

As Liang Mengyao says so, she moves the over hundred of flame swords!

-explosion sounds-

The sound of air being cut through starts resounding as the flame swords are like guided missiles, cutting a dazzling red path in a dense group as they rumble towards Ao Ri.

“Not worth mentioning.”

Ao Ri only sneers as he opens his mouth and breaths out a dragon breath.

A stream of waterspout blast out, blue lightning also coils around it.

That waterspout is almost a 100m thick!

-more exploding sounds-

The fire swords in the sky are blast apart by the lightning waterspout!

While Liu Yi has already flown over, in his hands is the emotion sword that he had pulled out from Lin Tong’s body!

His body is instantly swallowed up by the lightning waterspout, but his body emits out a Vaillant qi as the emotion sword in his hand starts moving. Sword qi dancing in the sky protecting him and continuously attack the lightning waterspout and moves closer towards Ao Ri.

If not for the protection of the sword qi and Monarch Armour, Liu Yi knows that his body would have already torn into pieces earlier!

This dragon breath from Ao Ri is too fierce already!

Heaven realm expert ah….indeed it is a very scary existence!

Liu Yi is like a lonely small boat tumbling around in the storm.

While Liu Yi is struggling, wishing to break away from the lightning water dragon, the horrifying pressure from the sky suddenly approaches!

It is like being eyed by a fierce beast, like a prey that is going to be killed at any moment!

Liu Yi senses fear!

Thunder rumbles within the thunderstorm clouds, it is evident that the power has already been fully gathered!

“Prepare to be extinguished in both body and soul!”

Ao Ri roars as he is about to bring down his hand.

Liu Yi’s mental state has been stretched taut as he instills all of his qi into the Monarch Armour preparing to receive the horrifying lightning attack!

But at this imminent peril moment, from the sky suddenly comes a clear sighing voice.

“Alas….Ri ah, pull back your hand.”

[TL: Ri Ah sounds like scolding fuck you.]

This sigh is actually so clear despite the thunder and wind sounds.

Liu Yi is shocked, who is the one cursing ah?

When Ao Ri hears his voice, he instantly cancels his technique.

The black clouds in the sky instantly start scattering and clearing up.

While the lightning waterspout also disappears, revealing Liu Yi.

“My Emperor…”

Ao Ri faces a direction and kneels down his proud figure.