“Respectfully welcome my Emperor.”

Liu Yi cannot hold back his curiosity, who is it that is able to make Ao Ri, this damn arrogant fellow to kneel down!

He turns around and takes a look, only to see a small dot flying over from that side in the sky. The dot is growing bigger and bigger as well as clearer and clearer.

When it flies to around a few hundred meters away, Liu Yi is finally able to see clearly. It is a palanquin with 8 carriers, on all sides are 2 beautiful demon woman lifting it.

As for who is the one in the palanquin, there is no need to guess. Looking at Ao Ri, Liu Yi more or less know who is it.

The Demon Emperor actually came as well….

Just one Ao Ri is already wanting my life, now with another Demon Emperor….damn, it is this just trying to kill me?!

“Emperor, please wait a moment. Let me deal with this fellow.”

Ao Ri pulls up his sleeve like he is going to take action against Liu Yi.

“Ri ah, withdraw temporarily.”

The Demon Emperor inside the palanquin says lightly and stops his right hand.

Although Ao Ri is shocked, he still carries out Demon Emperor’s command resolutely. Ao Ri stands up cupping his hands and stands behind the palanquin while staring at Liu Yi coldly.

What does this Demon Emperor wish to do?

Liu Yi is slightly unable to see through the thoughts of the person in the palanquin.

The Demon Emperor speaks hesitatingly like he is asking Liu Yi, “Your….master, is he okay?”

Liu Yi’s heart got a jolt, this person actually knows my master?

Could it be that the two of them have some relationship with each other?

Liu Yi did not expect this. The number of people Ma Hua knows is really quite a bit ah!

“Thanks to the fortunes of Demon Emperor, his elderly self is still quite good.”

Liu Yi is not willing to say out the matter regarding master’s star jade being scattered. Back then master was so powerful, perhaps Demon Emperor still have to give him some face! If I say out that currently master is a crippled person, what if Demon Emperor immediately fall out with me?

So Liu Yi has some considerations.


Demon Emperor lets out a deep sigh and says, “After 1300 years before we are fated to meet again….”

Demon Emperor says it faintly, but for an unknown reason when Liu Yi hears the voice of the Demon Emperor, his fine hair starts standing.

You are a big man, when speaking you are so faintly, it is really strange…

Some more what is the meaning of that 1300 years….could it be that back then he and my master had a leg together? Two grown men having a leg together….I’ll be damn….

But my master does not seem to be that old ah….1300 years….what is he trying to mean?

“For this sentence, I had waited for 1300 years….an entire 1300 years….”

Ao Ri volunteers himself and says, “My lord, why don’t I capture this fellow as a hostage. I do not believe that his master will not appear!”

Liu Yi becomes anxious, looks like I am unable to escape from a life and death fight!

“No need.”

Unexpectedly Demon Emperor overruled Ao Ri’s suggestion, “You go back and tell your master to come and find me. As to where to find me, I believe that he is very clear. If he does not come, then do not blame for killing his disciple.”

[TL: hahahaha the biggest misunderstanding ever >_<’’]

Although he plays it down the menace within his word is very clear.

“Ri ah, let us go.”


Ao Ri’s face clearly twitches, unknown if it is because he is unwilling or because of the name he is called.

The Demon Emperor comes fast and leaves fast as well. No one in this world dares to block him. In the blink of an eye, he disappears through the sky.

“What, what a scary Demon Emperor…”

The people from Penglai Island finally let out a sigh of relief, they are completely covered in cold sweat.

Their gaze towards Liu Yi is already filled with fear.

This person is not only very powerful, he actually has some relationship with the Demon Emperor….

Liu Yi himself is also feeling strange, could it be that back then master and Demon Emperor were gay friends?

But now is not the time to think of this matters.

Liu Yi flies down and picks up the old turtle who had hidden in his shell.

“The enemy has already left. Let us return back to the dragon palace.”

Since Yu Xia and his people have come out, the barrier that surrounds the Dragon Palace should be open.

“Scare, scared me to death ah….”

The old turtle says with lingering fear, “My gods, it actually attracted Demon Emperor over…”

“No worries, they have already left.”

Liu Yi pets the old turtle, “Let us go to the Dragon Palace.”

“Okay Emperor’s son-in-law, let me lead the way!”

The old turtle jumps into the water and turns into an enormous turtle the size of a small boat, floating in the river water.

“Emperor’s son-in-law, please get on!”

Liu Yi leaps over and lands on the back of the enormous turtle. After which he sinks into the river water along with the old turtle. While the Sky Flipping Seal in the sky also automatically flies into the river water chasing after Liu Yi.

Tu Can ask, “They have left…are we going to chase after them?”

“Chase….chase for what ah…”

Zhao Yu is covered with cold sweat, “Going up is suicide…it is best if we return back to Penglai Island…”

“What 3rd junior brother say is right.”

Gong Zhenlin nods his head, “Currently we do not know if Liu Yi is friend or enemy. The Demon Emperor has once again revealed himself. We need to hurry back to Penglai Island and report this matter to master.”

“Big Senior brother is wise!”

The rest of them nods their head at the same time except for Zhang Jiashuang who did not make any sound.

This matter even if we tell master, perhaps Penglai Island will not have any actions.

To them cultivators from the inner pavilion, only strengthening oneself is then the real path to become immortal. The rest of the world is nothing but trivial matters. Even if the Demon Emperor throws the whole world in chaos, to these cultivators it is just external matter. Not hearing, not asking.

But this Liu Yi is really powerful. How should I reach his strength?

Seeing that Zhang Jiashuang is lost in thoughts, Gong Zhenlin reminds, “Junior sister, what are you thinking about. Let us go back.”


Only then did Zhang Jiashuang regain her wits. With some unwillingness, she follows the rest of them and flies into the sky.

At this moment Liu Yi is being pulled by the old turtle traveling through the river water.

As a cultivator, Liu Yi can rely on absorbing the heaven and earth spiritual qi to survive.

Thus even if he does not breath it does not affect Liu Yi much. He follows the old turtle and swims deeper and deeper. If it is not for the fact that he has night-vision as well, reaching such a deep place, he would have have been able to see anything clearly.

After swimming for over ten minutes, Liu Yi finally sees a mystical scene.

In the muddy depth of the river, a colored palace comes into view!

The palace is being protected within an oval barrier, like an upside down cauldron.

The fishes and prawns in the water are swimming around the palace in harmony. Who could have thought that such a beautiful place had just gone through a huge disaster!

“Emperor’s son-in-law, we have arrived.”

The old turtle speaks as he pulls Liu Yi and swiftly passes through the barrier that had lost its protection.

Only after entering the barrier did Liu Yi realize that there isn’t any water inside the barrier. The water is blocked from passing through the barrier.

“So mystical ah!”

He descends with the old turtle who had transformed back to a human form in front of the palace. The old turtle lets out a loud bawl and runs forward while crying.

“Emperor ah, my emperor….”

This old fellow’s voice is very mournful causing Liu Yi to turn his head over and instantly got a shock!

Good fellow, on the left of the two golden pillars supporting the palace, a dying old red dragon is nailed onto it.

“My emperor ah, this old servant brings people to save you too late, letting you suffer ah…”

The old turtle wipes his eyes as he tries to pull out the enormous black nail that is nailed into the old dragon king.

But even until his face turns red and his vein nearly burst, he is still unable to pull it out, instead, it tires him out as he collapses onto the ground.

“Emperor’s son-in-law, Emperor’s son-in-law, only you are able to save our emperor ah!”

He can only place his hopes on Liu Yi.

Seeing the 18 nails nailed into the old dragon king, Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “What kind of nail is this, it is so savage.”

“This is a set of 18 Soul Piercing Nails!”

The old turtle clenches his teeth and says, “This is the other treasure of Yu Xia! This Soul Piercing Nail is incomparably sinister, when it is pierced into a flesh body, even the soul will also be confined, unable to escape and never be able to reincarnate!”

“It is indeed very sinister ah.”

Liu Yi nods his head and stands in front of the dragon pillar. Raising his head he looks at the 18 Soul Piercing Nails. He stretches out his hand and touches one of the Soul Piercing Nail and instantly a cold yin qi rushes into his hand. As he resists this qi, he uses his strength to pull but it does not seem to be moving like it is grown out from the pillar.

“Do not waste your strength.”

At this moment from the palace walks out a palace maid who sighs faintly and says, “After the Soul Piercing Nail has been pierced in, it will be like it has grown from inside. Even if you have boundless strength, it is impossible to pull it out. Only the one who inserts it in is able to remove it.”

This palace maid is the one who usually serves Yu Xia, thus she more or less knows of some matters.

“Could it be, could it be that there is no hope to save emperor at all…”

The old turtle starts crying as Yu Xia is already dead!

“No worries. Let me try.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and enters the second stage of Dragon Transformation.

He holds onto a Soul Piercing Nail and uses his strength to pull it.

-earthquake sound-

The entire palace starts trembling, scaring that palace maid into kneeling.

“My god…your strength is really large….but the Soul Piercing Nail has a very powerful magic power. Even if your strength is large it is not enough. Give it up…”

“I still have yet to use my full strength.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out both his hands and grabs hold of the Soul Piercing Nail.

Sky Supporting Pillar’s strength gathers in his body! This is the first time he tries uses Spiritual Beast Transformation while under Dragon Transformation! Although combining does not increase the cultivation base, but it increases the physical strength by a few times!

“Come out for me!”


The entire palace starts trembling once again, as the dragon pillar bends slightly. Immediately a Soul Piercing Nail is pulled out by Liu Yi who then casually tosses it onto the ground with a ‘dang’.

The palace maid is stunned from shock. This treasure that Yu Xia have been talking about was actually pulled out by a person physically?

Gods….this person’s physical strength….is too scary already….

A stream of blood sprays out from the wound, but with the strong regenerative power of a dragon, it swiftly closes up.

“Good then let us continue!”

Liu Yi laughs heartily and feels very carefree.

His earlier gloominess from being suppressed by Ao Ri has more or less dissipated.

With a burst of energy, he pulls out the rest of the 17 Soul Piercing Nails.

The old dragon king instantly collapses onto the floor and transforms back into a dying old man.