Liu Yi looks at this big head blackfish, thoughtfully.

“Ao Huang. How many people are there left of our aquatic army?”

“Replying Your Majesty… in the past, there were 1,200 people….but now there are only 30-40 survivors….”

Ao Huang sighs, during the fight against Yu Xia my aquatic army was basically completely exterminated.

Liu Yi turns around and looks at Big Head and ask, “How many people are there left under you?”

Big Head cups his hands and says, “Replying Lord Dragon King, I still have 200+ underlings left. All of them wish to follow Lord Dragon King and strive on for you!”

This manner of speaking is like those who are in the gangs.

Liu Yi thinks for a bit, I can indeed incorporate this group of fellows into my army. But they have unacceptable behavior. Looks like I need to invite over Military Instructor to teach this navy of Dragon Palace.

There should be some techniques that allow breathing underwater. Teaching those to Military Instructor will be fine.

“I can indeed accept you guys, but I need to see loyalty.”

As a Dragon King, Liu Yi cannot have no soldiers under him. Thus he decided to first accept this 200 people under his banner to get by for now.

“Lord Dragon King. Us brothers are all impressed by your methods!”

Big Head’s face is filled with admiration and says loudly, “You have shown us what is a real expert! Usually that Yu Xia will rely on his magic treasure to suppress us, always ordering us around and we already had enough of him! You are a person with huge magic powers. I believe that by following you, we will really have the day where we will rise!”

“Then let me ask you, within River Song and Black Dragon River, how many idle aquatic creatures like you are there?”

“Your Majesty has asked the right person!”

Big Head laughs and pats his skin and says, “These idle aquatic creatures are seriously many. Lord Dragon King, as long as you wave your arms, I guarantee that there will be quite a lot who will capitulate to you! Especially the aquatic creatures in Black Dragon River. In the past, they have suffered under the suppression of Yu Xia. Now that Lord Dragon King has killed that evil white dragon, they will be happy. I believe that as long as Lord Dragon King shouts that you are in need of people, they will definitely run over groveling.”

If that is the case…

Liu Yi starts balancing the pros and cons secretly in his heart, if I start to expand my army, it cannot do if I don’t have anyone in my hands. Looks like I need to first subdue this group of 200 people. They were originally elites of the aquatic creatures. With the addition to Military Instructor coming over to teach them a bit, this way when other aquatic creatures come over and wish to cause trouble, I will have enough military strength to suppress them.

“Very well. Then from now on, you are a member of my Liu Yi’s aquatic creatures.”

Liu Yi waves his hands and says, “You shall follow by my side then. How many stars are you?”

“Replying Lord Dragon King, this one is not talented and is at 7 stars!”

“Very well. Within the aquatic creatures, it is considered as not bad.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “From now on, you are the Deputy general while Ao Susu is the Great General of my navy. The two of you shall follow by my sides.”

“Thanks, Your Majesty!”

Big Head and Ao Susu salute Liu Yi at the same time and Liu Yi waves his hand to let them get up.

Liu Yi looks at the big head blackfish and says, “Since you are now a general of my navy, you shall stop using the name Big Head, it is too coarse.”

“May Your Majesty confer this servant with a name!”

The big head blackfish does not seem to mind much, instead of upon hearing that Liu Yi wants to change his name, he becomes very happy.

“Eh….cannot really think of a good name in such a short time…”

Liu Yi casually thought of a number, “How about 6257. From now on you are 6257 do you understand?”

“Hahaha, Your Majesty is a genius, indeed it is a good name.”

[TL: of course he is a genius what else can you say…he is your majesty after all hahahaha]

The big head blackfish becomes very happy, “From now on I am calling 6257!”

Liu Yi coughs dryly as he says in his heart, this is talent…indeed the aquatic creatures are all a group of illiterate….

Ao Huang asks, “Let this old servant handle the rest of the paper works. Does Your Majesty still have other matters that you want to hand over?”

“For now no…but where is the Prime Minister Turtle? I need him to help me fetch someone later.”

Liu Yi says, “I have just informed an underling of mine. He will come and train this group of aquatic creatures. Another thing, Washing Machine, come out.”

He summons out his Spiritual Beast, Water Qilin.

Instantly Washing Machine roars as he flies out from Liu Yi’s body and transforms into an enormous blue qilin and appears in the middle of this deep water Dragon Palace.

“It, it is actually the mystical beast Qilin!”

The rest of the aquatic creatures pale in fright. At the same time, their gaze towards Liu Yi becomes even more fearful.

“Master what instructions do you have!”

The water qilin swiftly transforms into a blue haired man and kneels down in front of Liu Yi.

“Oh, I need to enter close door cultivation for a while. You help me watch over this group of newly incorporated aquatic creatures. If they dare to betray me, kill without pardon.”

This sentence of kill without pardon is said by Liu Yi while looking murderous causing the surrounding aquatic creatures to turn pale in fright.

“As you ordered!”

Washing Machine nods his head and retreats to the side.

“Very good, then that’s all for now. Ao Huang, teach me that set of sutra.”

“That is natural. Susu, bring Your Majesty to cultivate.”

“Okay…follow me.”

For some unknown reason, Ao Susu’s face turns red. She stands up and brings Liu Yi along as they walk towards the deeper parts of the palace.

This little princess of this Dragon Palace is also a dragon, naturally, she also knows the cultivation technique, thus Liu Yi follows behind her.

As Ao Susu walks, she mutters apprehensively, “Really did not think that…originally I wish to make you my consort…but in a blink of an eye, you have become the owner of this Dragon Palace….”

“I also did not expect it….fate is really mysterious.”

Liu Yi clucks lightly, as he rubs the hair of Ao Susu, “Quickly call me King.”

“Get lost…this princess will not say it….”

Ao Susu pouts in dissatisfication and glares at Liu Yi, “Hmph, anyways you are my consort, everything else is not counted.”

“Then why is it that you do not say so earlier in front of others?”

“Hmph, this princess is only giving you face.”

Ao Susu says arrogantly, “This princess is still willing to give you this bit of face. How is it, this princess is smart and virtuous right?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Our Susu is the most obedient.”

“Tsk…wait will you cultivated the sutra then you would not say so anymore.”

“What kind of technique is that ah?”

“After entering you will know.”

As Ao Susu speaks, she first pushes open the door by the side and runs in like a little deer.

Liu Yi is slightly curious, just what medicine is this lass selling?

He follows into the room and realise that it is a lady’s chamber!

A pink small bed as well as the pretty starfish decorations all over the place.

Looks like this should be Ao Susu’s bedroom. In some aspect, this little princess is no different from an ordinary girl.

Ao Susu’s face is slightly red as she says shyly towards Liu Yi, “This is the first time another male entered my room…”

“Then I am rather fortunate.”

Liu Yi laughs before asking, “Hurry and teach me that cultivation technique. I am already itching to learn it.”

“You, why are you so anxious for…”

“Of course ah! How could I not be anxious about this matter!”

“I, I am still not prepared ah….”

“What the…still need to prepare what ah, hurry and be quick about it!”

Liu Yi rubs his palm together anxiously, “I am really a bit anxious ah!”

“Fine, fine then….you turn around first….”

Ao Susu’s face is completely red as she points behind Liu Yi.

“Ah? Why do I need to turn around for?”

“Annoying! I ask you to turn around then turn around!”

[TL: erm….guess most of you already know what is coming up next….Liu Yi is way to dense….]

“Fine then…”

Liu Yi has no choice but to turn around.

While Lin Tong seems to know something and says, {Big idiot. You go and learn this dragon cultivation technique. This miss is going back to the spiritual world to cultivate first!}

The little fox dives back into Liu Yi’s body and ceases responding.

While behind Liu Yi comes a series of rustling sounds. After 3-4 minutes, Ao Susu finally says with a mosquito like voice, “Turn, turn over…”

“Ah, okay!”

Liu Yi turns around and nearly collapses onto his ass from fright.

Good fellow! Ao Susu had actually removed all of her clothing and covers her lower body with her hands shyly while standing in front of me naked!

This Ao Susu’s fair skin and petite body is indeed very nice to look at…as well as they not completely developed boobs, the pink little buds…..

The loli dragon girl is now completely naked in front of Liu Yi, causing him to swallow his saliva.

I finally understand why did Immortal Fox sister run back now….

“Susu….I, we learn this sutra….there is no need to strip right….”

“Big idiot….”

Ao Susu’s face is as red as a tomato.

“Your…..the dragon qi in your body is still not complete….if, if you do not carry out….carry out dual cultivation with me….you will not be able to cultivate….cultivate Ascending Dragon Technique…”

So this technique is called Ascending Dragon Technique eh….

Bullshit. This is not the main point okay….the main point is…..the two of us actually first need to dual cultivate?!?!

Indeed dragon race is a group of sex-crazed bastards ah….

“Only, only this method?”

“Ye, yes….”

Ao Susu’s face is almost buried into her chest, although her chest is slightly small.

“That…you, you need to have a bit of pity on me….”

“Okay…I know.”

Liu Yi is also not any Liuxia Hui. Since Immortal Fox sister returned, it had been a long time since he had fun with Xuefeng. Even Xiao Mi is also frequently busy with tasks, so, for now, she had canceled her breakfast plan.

[TL: Liuxia Hui also known as Zhan Hua. A very virtue man who had once held a lady on his lap without any imputation on his moral character.]

Since Lin Tong has given him space, so there is nothing for him to refrain from. He walks forward and hugs Ao Susu into his embrace.

“You have only just been released from the water prison. Would it be too tiring for you?”

“No worries….just now when you were forming clouds and summoning rain, I replenished my strength…”

“That is good then…”

Liu Yi is also not polite as he tosses Ao Susu onto the bed and then pushes her down.

Ao Susu looks at Liu Yi and ask with a bit of hesitation, “Would it be too painful?”

“Relax. You are a dragon. Your restoration strength is very valiant. There will not be any problem.”

Liu Yi is also not any virgin. He placates the slightly trembling Ao Susu, “I will also help you.”

“This…how you help ah?”

“Help this way.”

Very quickly Ao Susu is in a daze as her soul seems to follow Liu Yi’s action and is almost flying up.