In front of the gaze of the crowd of people, Liu Yi embarrassedly stands up.


Ye Qinger bows towards Liu Yi and Liu Yi hurries and bow back.

“Instructor help us take revenge!”

Murong Die waves her little fist and shouts excitedly.

Liu Yi starts sweating and becomes gloomy. Looks like I offended big miss.

“Come on!”

Ye Qinger beckons Liu Yi over.

“That, I’d rather not go over.”

Liu Yi smiles mischievously, “If I go over, I will definitely suffer a calamity.”

“Judo is not only good at defending and counter-attacking.”

Seeing Liu Yi not taking action, Ye Qinger only snorts and moves up. She suddenly grabs Liu Yi with both hands and twist her body and bends over, planning to toss Liu Yi over her shoulder in the passing.

This technique is called shoulder throw which Ye Qinger is very familiar with and has already practiced until she is very skillful with it.

But Liu Yi’s body is like an iron tower as he stands there. No matter how Ye Qinger tries to toss him over her shoulder, she is unable to.

What is the matter with this fellow? Why is he so heavy?

Ye Qinger senses that something is wrong.

How would she know that Liu Yi has a 100 times gravity acting on his body? Other than his sole which is not covered by the gravity field, every single part of his body is bearing 100 times gravity all the time.

Even if Ye Qinger’s technique is very good, it is still not possible for her to toss out a person who is over 7.8kg heavy!


Ye Qinger finally changes her technique. She stops using the shoulder throw technique and instead uses lying down technique. She plans to lock Liu Yi’s knee joint and overwhelm him onto the ground.

Thus her body lowers once again and hugs Liu Yi’s leg and uses her body strength and suppressed his knee, wanting to push Liu Yi down.

But she feels like she is like pushing against a wall and Liu Yi’s body is unmovable at all.

She herself had fallen hugging Liu Yi’s leg and is half kneeling on the ground.

The surrounding students are starting to comment as well as laughing. Ye Qinger also realizes that she is hugging a guy’s leg and it is indecent to maintain this posture.

But she who is naturally competitive changes her posture and pressed down on the ground with a single palm and went into a handstand and wraps her legs around Liu Yi’s neck.

She tries to exert both the strength of her legs and body to forcefully pull Liu Yi down.

But Liu Yi is still standing there calmly like an old tree that has taken root into the ground not moving.

Ye Qiner is shocked as she swings her hip, both her legs sandwiching Liu Yi’s neck. She actually forcibly sits up and is slightly flustered as she uses all her body strength to try and force Liu Yi down.

At this points, Liu Yi finally makes a move. He stretches out a hand and hooks around Ye Qinger’s waist.

At the same time, his other hand pats Ye Qinger on her shoulder and jolts her down. After which she is hugged into his embrace.


Ye Qinger did not expect that she would be hugged by Liu Yi, some more it is a princess carry!

She immediately flips out of the embrace of Liu Yi and stands up.

“Who on earth are you?! Are you here to crash the dojo?!”

The more Ye Qinger thinks about it, the more she feels that something is wrong. How come I would meet with such an expert!

“No, no…Instructor, you are thinking too much!”

Liu Yi immediately waves his hand. Why would I want to challenge the dojo? Isn’t it because of Murong Die that lass.

“Hmph, do you really think that we do not have any experts here!”

Ye Qinger does not believe in what Liu Yi is saying. She snorts coldly before walking to the side of the hall and takes out a handphone and makes a call.

“Hall master! Someone is here to crash the dojo!”

Liu Yi’s forehead is instantly covered with sweat. What the…looks like this matter have blown up…

Murong Die also sits there without any guilt, instead, she mutters apprehensively.

“Alas, I thought how powerful is Judo…but it is not able to defeat this fellow.”

Hearing what Murong Die says, Ye Qinger flies into a rage due to humiliation.

“Don’t be anxious. In a while, the Hall master will personally come and meet you!”

While they are speaking, a guy’s voice comes from outside of the room.

“Who is it. How dare you come into my, Huang Moren’s territory and cause trouble! You really got guts!”

When Liu Yi hears this voice, he turns around and both him and the person walking in got a shock.

“It is you?!”

“Eh! How come you are here!”

Seeing their reactions, Ye Qinger is also shocked.

“Hall master you, you guys know each other?”

“Hahaha, not only do we know each other, come let me introduce to you, this is my boss!”

That hall owner instantly walks forward and drapes his arms around Liu Yi’s shoulder and warmly introduce to Ye Qinger, “My boss Liu Yi, how is it possible for him to come and crash my dojo. It must be a misunderstanding. Right boss?”

Liu Yi did not say anything as the hall master is none other than the Medical King Valley’s disciple Huang Jie that he came to know during the World Dao Gathering.

Why is Huang Jie here? Furthermore, he is also the Dojo owner of this Judo Dojo?

Furthermore, I am already proclaimed as the enemy of all righteous path during the World Dao Gathering and both sides are almost in a stage where only one can survive. Is it still possible for Huang Jie to treat me so sincerely?

Liu Yi is unable to grasp just what kind of pill is this dan maker trying to sell in his gourd.

“You guys continue. I will go and reminisce with boss!”

He pulls Liu Yi and walks out of the room.

Murong Die and Wang Lele look at Liu Yi curiously but did not stop them.

After they leave the room, Huang Jie immediately leads Liu Yi to an uninhabited office room, he even pulls down the window blinds causing Liu Yi to become nervous.

Could it be that this Huang Jie has some unique taste?

“Boss, why would you run to here?”

After checking the surroundings, only then is Huang Jie relieved and turned around to ask Liu Yi in shock.

“Should be me asking you, furthermore just now you also announced me as your boss such so loudly, why are you so vigilant now?”

“Just now it is because I can confirm that there are no cultivators around ah. But I do not dare to guarantee that there is no ears or eyes in any other place!”

Huang Jie anxiously says, “Boss, do you still not know, right now you are already on the wanted list of the entire world righteous path people ah! Do you know just how many cultivators are waiting to take your head!”

“Is my head worth a lot?”

Liu Yi rubs his neck.

“What the…boss, Sect Head Zhang Boyue of Immortal Snow Peaks have used their sect’s most valuable 9th grade Snow Lotus to buy your head ah!”

Huang Jie’s expression is slightly fascinated, “9th grade Snow Lotus ah…if this is used to concoct pills, it is enough to refine out a lot of Earth Emperor Pills ah….”

Hearing this even Lin Tong inside of Liu Yi’s body is also shocked as she flies out an exclaims, {Earth Emperor Pill! Sky Emperor Pill! Gods!}

Liu Yi asks curiously, {Immortal Fox Sister, why did it attract you out? Is this pill so nice to eat?}

{Of course ah, this is the most valuable treasure for a cultivator ah!}

Lin Tong keeps nodding her head, {The effect of Earth Emperor Pill is powerful enough for you to light up an entire star jade before heaven realm! As for Sky Emperor Pill, it can allow you to light up a star jade even when you reached heaven realm! Even if you have not achieved heaven realm, there are rumors that after consuming a Sky Emperor Pill, you will be able to directly break through earth realm into heaven realm!}

{What the….this pill is really heaven-defying ah…}

{That’s right. looks like this time around Immortal Snow Peak is really paying an arm and leg for you ah! Just how badly did you bully them during the World Dao Gathering ah?}

{Al, also not much ah….it is them who are bullying me okay?}

Liu Yi says with a guilty conscious.

While Huang Jie is still excited as he says, “Hehe, I can refine out a Sky Emperor Pill I would be able to break through into a 9th grade Alchemist….”

Liu Yi looks at Huang Jie and says, “So you want to obtain my head?”

“What? Boss what are you saying?!”

Huang Jie instantly shakes his head and wakes up from his fantasy and pouts as he says, “Am I Huang Jie really that kind of uncouth person who betrays my friends in your eyes?! Even though I am unable to get that 9th-grade snow lotus, can’t I fantasize a bit! Fantasizing is not guilty! Fantasizing is justified!”

Seeing Huang Jie’s ‘I fantasize I arrogant’ expression, Liu Yi feels powerless in roasting him.

“Fine then, it is me who wrong you.”

Liu Yi feels that Huang Jie would not lie to people, at least his gaze is very sincere. It is only because of the lesson he learns from the mistakes he made with Liu Haisheng, he is still not 100% believing in Huang Jie.

“Right now it should be my turn to ask already. Why are you here, as the hall master of this Judo Dojo?”

“Hehe, boss, there are some things that you do not know. Not only this judo dojo, but all of the keep fit club also belongs to my Medical King Valley business!”


Liu Yi got a huge shock as he really did not expect this.

“It is very normal ah boss. If our Medical King Valley wishes to refine pills, naturally we need a large amount of precious material! Well you see, we do not have great strength, thus we can only spend money to buy. Thus our Medical King Valley started to develop some in some industries. Right now we can be considered as having some results. At the very least we are not in a shortage of money.”

“Why do you guys want to play in keeping fit club? Why don’t you make some Chinese martial art dojo?”

“Boss who still learns chinese martial arts nowadays ah!”

Huang Jie makes a bitter face, “We also do not have any choice, naturally we play around with whatever that makes money.”

“Sell medicine ah!”

Recalling those powerful restoring pills of Medical King Valley, Liu Yi asks, “You guys have heavenly blessed conditions why don’t you guys sell medicine?”

“I also wish to ah.”

Huang Jie’s face becomes even bitter.

“Right now I am mainly tasked in the external business of my Medical King Valley! I also wish to make some pills to sell ah! But those old fogies in the sect do not agree. They say that secular people are not worthy of immortal medicine, what else can I do? Being stopped during the manufacturing process, I also have no means ah.”


Liu Yi expression suddenly changes, “Then how about we work together?”

“Work together?”

“That’s right. You come out with the concocting methods while I come out with the materials and do the processing. After the medicine is sold, the money earn is split 5:5.”

Liu Yi feels that it is very fair for both sides to get 50% each.

“Boss….this is not a matter about working together ah…”

Huang Jie sighs, “Actually to us Medical King Valley, not only would the elders in my sect disagree, but even the higher-ups of the country is also eyeing us very closely ah.”

“The country is eyeing you guys? Why?”

Liu Yi is unable to understand this point.

“Very simple boss. After hearing finish my explanation you will understand.”