Liu Yi does not know that his neighbor little sister has already walked on to a path that stands out from the masses.

The current him is in a restaurant near their school, accompanying Murong Die and Wang Lele to eat seafood.

“The hotpot near your KeDa’s gate is not bad eh, it is way better than the one near my Qingbei.”

As Murong Die gracefully eat a crab, she says in anger, “The one at our side is both expensive and not nice to eat.”

Liu Yi feels that it is inconceivable, “You also dislike expensive good?”

“The main point is that it does not taste good!”

Murong Die rolls her eyes, “It is not like I want everything to be expensive. That is only a newly rich manner okay? To me, the price is not important. The important point is that the goods must be worth it. There are some things that are not worth that money but is priced at such a high value, it is not worth spending that amount of money on it! And those who do so are idiots!”

“Yes, yes, yes our big miss is the best in accounting.”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches.

“I originally am. Anyways in the future, if we come here to eat regularly is it possible to make a membership card?”

“My big miss ah, this is only a small stall ah!”

Liu Yi bursts into giddiness, still want a membership card….where is this function ah!

“Tsk, tsk. So boring…right, Lele went to the toilet for such a long time why is she still not back? Could it be that she had fallen into the toilet bowl?”

Murong Die looks at the empty sit by her side and mutters apprehensively.

As for this, Liu Yi is unable to reply to her. Currently, he is worried about Wang Yuzheng. It had been a day since she went to take part in the Red Star’s test and he had yet to receive any news from her.

“I also need the toilet for a bit. You eat slowly don’t finish all of the crabs before I am back.”

Liu Yi stands up and walks towards the toilet.

“Tsk the two of you taking turns is it! By the way, go and drag Lele out as well!”

“Stop messing around!”

Liu Yi waves his hand and walks into the boy’s toilet. He presses his right ear and lets Little Jade call Wang Yuzheng for him.

The call is unable to go through as it seems like Wang Yuzheng had turned off her handphone.

What is this lass doing?

Liu Yi has no choice but to give up calling and prepares to leave.

At this moment, the cubicle door in front of him is pushed open as Wang Lele tries to secretly walk out.

“Brother Xiao Yi?”

“Lele! What are you doing here?!”

“I, I am not careful and went into the wrong toilet…”

Wang Lele makes a bitter face, “Just now there were a lot of people….I, I did not dare to come out…”

“Ah…you endearingly silly lass ah…”

Liu Yi mutters as he covers his forehead.

“There is no one now, you can come out.”


Wang Lele nods her head and just as she is about to walk out quietly, from outside of the toilet comes the laughter of a few guys.

“Hahaha, drank too much ah!”

“That’s right, I almost died from holding it in!”

Wang Lele turns pale from shock and stands there blankly.

Liu Yi’s reaction is very quick as he hurries forward and hugs Wang Lele. Walking into the cubical behind her, he locks the door.


Only after the cubical is lock did Wang Lele react and lets out a sigh of relief.

“Scared me to death…”

She lowers her voice as she leans into Liu Yi’s embrace, “Luckily there is Brother Xiao Yi…”


Liu Yi exhales into Wang Lele’s ear, the sound of his exhale causes Wang Lele’s ear to feel itchy.

“Don’t say anything…wait for them to leave then we shall leave.”


Wang Lele nods her head and obediently leans into Liu Yi’s embrace not moving.

Her soft breasts also conveniently press against Liu Yi, causing him to be slightly parched.

This lass…why did her breasts develop so well…could it be she is the large chest immortal fairy from the legends?

Liu Yi swallows his saliva and tries to restrain his pounding heart.

The guys outside seem to be quite drunk. As they use the toilet, they are also speaking nonsense.

“Good fellow how come I did not realize in the past that your toy was so big!”

“That is of cause without a doubt! This master’s assets have always been very impressive!”

“Tsk, no wonder everything I see your girlfriend she is limping.”

“Hahaha, that is a must! When girls see my fellow they are both afraid and love it! How is it, do you want your wife to try it as well?”

“Scram you fucker!”

Obviously, this is all words spoken due to being drunk, but if other girls hear it, their face will definitely turn red.

As for Wang Lele, she only blinks her eyes as she looks at Liu Yi puzzled.

“Brother Xiao Yi…what are they discussing ah, why do they say that girls are both afraid and love it? Just what is it?”

Wang Lele’s inquisitive baby manner makes Liu Yi feel unbearable.

Liu Yi also does not know how to explain this question to Wang Lele, thus he can only say ambiguously, “No, nothing…it is a thing that is on every man’s body…”

“Then does Brother Xiao Yi have it as well?”

Wang Lele is even more curious now.

“Of course! I am a man okay!”

“Then let me see okay….what is this magical thing…”

Liu Yi nearly cry, what the….how can this thing be randomly shown to other people!

“Brother Xiao Yi let me see ah…”

Wang Lele’s breasts press against Liu Yi’s arms as she implores.

If it a normal guy, being begged by such a beautiful girl, they will definitely cave in.

But luckily Liu Yi’s endurance is quite good and can be considered as standing firm against Wang Lele’s waves of offense.

“Cannot….this definitely cannot….”

“Wuwuwu…Brother Xiao Yi is so petty…”

Wang Lele is instantly disappointed. Her pitiful looking eyes nearly causes Liu Yi to pull down his pants to satisfy her curiosity.

There is an endless stream of people outside, people enter as other leaves. For a while, there is really no opportunity to let Wang Lele leave.

Wang Lele seems to not be bothered by it as she looks at Liu Yi and says softly, “Since we are stuck here, Brother Xiao Yi help me do the chest massage. It has been a long time since we last did it ah…”

What in the hell, why does it sound so awkward ah!

“When Brother Xiao Yi is not around, I can only massage myself, but I always feel that Brother Xiao Yi’s massage is much more comfortable!”

Of course, it will not be as comfortable as my massage…this kind of matter need a guy and girl to be funner.

“Brother Xiao Yi, what is the matter with you? Are you not willing to help Lele massage?”

Wang Lele looks at Liu Yi pitifully causing his conscience to feel an intense condemnation.

“No, no…then you lean properly.”


Wang Lele happily leans against the wall behind her and props up her chest. Waiting to receive the professional massage that she had not experienced for a long time.

No matter how good is Liu Yi’s fortitude, at this moment he is slightly aroused.

“Brother Xiao Yi…it…it seems like something is wrong…”

Wang Lele who is leaning against the wall twists around charmingly.

Her legs subconsciously raise up and clasp around Liu Yi’s waist while her hands hook around Liu Yi’s neck. Her manner is like a koala as she hangs from Liu Yi’s body.

“Lele…is very hot…”

While Liu Yi lowers his head and pulls off Wang Lele’s shirt and his mouth takes over his hands work.


Wang Lele’s body instantly shivers like she is shocked. She can only tightly sandwiche Liu Yi’s leg and leans against the wall, and bits her lips to prevent herself from crying out.

“Brother Xiao Yi…you…what is below you…it is very hard….and poking me…”

Wang Lele feels that there is something under her super short pants poking her, pressing between her legs.

This causes Wang Lele to feel itchy as she twists around her waist.

It is still fine when Wang Lele had not moved, with this twist of her waist, rubbing against Liu Yi’s lower body. It causes Liu Yi to feel like the fire within him is even fierier.

This lass…is basically a human-form dragon ah!

Liu Yi’s psychological barrier starts to completely collapse, Wang Lele is similar as well.

“Brother Xiao Yi…you…what is below you….”

“That is the thing that makes girls both afraid and love.”

Liu Yi raises his head and starts kissing Wang Lele’s lips as he increases his arm’s strength.

At the same time, his other hand slips down the center of the back of Wang Lele’s short pants and tries to remove it.

“Do you still wish to see it?”

Liu Yi starts to become dishonest while he whispers softly into Wang Lele’s ear.


Wang Lele lightly pulls away from her waist, allowing Liu Yi’s hand to be more convenient in removing her short pants.

The two of them have already fallen into an extreme start of arousal and is about to fire off the gun when from outside comes a series of knocking sound.

“The one inside hurry up! I am going to die from holding it in!”

The knocking down instantly scare to two of them awake at the same time.

Liu Yi’s back is completely covered with sweat. Although Lele had said that she will always follow after me, but I also should not push her down muddleheaded in this kind of place….

At the very least, I need to give her an explanation so that I can have a deep relationship with her.

“Brother Xiao Yi….”

Wang Lele seems to sense Liu Yi’s intention and says softly into his ear, “Next time…find a quiet place and let Lele see that frightening and lovable fellow okay…”

Wang Lele’s sentence simply causes Liu Yi’s heart to transform. This lass is not stupid at all. It is only that she is endearingly silly at times that’s all.

On the side of sensibility, Wang Lele is way stronger than Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng.

“Okay, I owe you one.”

Liu Yi lowers his head and kisses Wang Lele’s forehead.

“Mmm…just now that guy should have entered the other cubicle…there does not seem to be anyone else outside now. Let us hurry and leave. Sister Xiao Die is definitely anxious already…”

The two of them are like thieves as they sneakily sneak out of the toilet.