“Hmph….the two of you….actually took so long going to the toilet, you guys definitely have something going on…”

At this moment at the entrance of the school date to KeDa, Murong Die is gently hooked around Liu Yi’s neck as she says flirtatiously drunkenly.

Wang Lele is slightly guilty as she hugs her stomach and says, “My, my stomach is not feeling well…”

“Hmph…I presume that the two of you will also…..also not dare to secretly have a relationship under the eyes of this miss…”

Earlier Murong Die had drunk some alcohol, thus she is currently slightly drunk. Glancing at Wang Lele and Liu Yi, she says, “If you guys dare to….I will….I will castrate you guys…”

“Sister Xiao Die…I am a girl ah…”

“Then I shall slice off your chest! Hmph!”

Murong Die’s drunken manner makes her slightly cute.

As she speaks, she waves her hands about and lets go of Liu Yi’s neck, nearly causing her to fall. Luckily Liu Yi manages to support her in time.

Seeing Murong Die is slightly drunk, Wang Lele is afraid that it will create trouble for Liu Yi, thus she says, “Brother Xiao Yi, let me send her back to the dormitory. You also go back and rest earlier.”

“Are you able to take care of her? It is best if I send you girls back.”

“Tsk who needs you to send back! I, we are able to protect ourselves!”

Murong Die snorts, “But….before we leave, this miss wants a…wants a goodbye kiss!”


Liu Yi is slightly shocked, “Goodbye kiss? Did you watch too much tv drama shows?”

“Are you giving or not!”

Murong Die raises her eyebrow.

“Fine, fine, fine. I give, I give.”

When she becomes overbearing, Liu Yi is unable to do anything about it. Thus he can only step forward and move closer to her face.

The two of them looks at each other, Murong Die’s beauty is a shock.

It is definitely not possible to be not tempted by this kind of girl.

Liu Yi is a normal guy, which normal guy does not like pretty girls.

Although he feels that he himself is slightly disgraceful, Liu Yi must agree that he really likes Murong Die.

Especially that arrogant mouth of Murong Die’s, it seems to carry a kind of kind of mysterious temptation, like an enticing magic. Plump and tender and lovely, making people want to have a taste.

Recalling the last time they were eating in at the stall, how he was kissed by Murong Die who is like a wild cat, Liu Yi starts to become aroused.

The arousal from the toilet matter with Wang Lele earlier have not completely receded as well.

With Murong Die’s manner of wanting a kiss, Liu Yi finds it hard to restrain himself, thus he kisses her.

Murong Die hugs Liu Yi’s neck tightly, replying Liu Yi’s kiss.

At the beginning, it was only a light kiss which soon turns into a deep kiss. They are becoming more and more passionate about kissing and finds it hard to part.

Murong Die’s lips have the taste of strawberry, it is very tasty and unique.

Liu Yi starts to be intoxicated within it and forget the presence of Wang Lele by their side.

Just as the two of them are about to fall into a haze, they suddenly hear the sound of a heavy object crashing by their side.

Liu Yi instantly jolts awake and turns over and takes a look, and his expression changes largely.

Wang Yuzheng is standing by the side with a pale face. Her eyes are very wide open as she covers her mouth.

A guitar case holding a guitar had landed on the ground proving just how shocked it’s owner was.

Towards Wang Yuzheng’s heartbroken expression, Liu Yi’s heart nearly stops beating.

Finished….I actually let Wang Yuzheng see it…

Under this kind of stimulation, Murong Die’s also woke up from her drunkenness, standing by the side her expression seems to be slightly awkward but still contain a trace of her missy arrogance.

Wang Lele is also in a daze by the side not knowing what to do.

Finished, finished….Brother Xiao Yi is finished this time …..

“You…you all….”

Wang Yuzheng trembles as she keeps retreating, finally her leg kicks her guitar case on the ground, nearly causing her to fall over.

Liu Yi hurries forward and supports her.

“Don’t you touch me!”

Wang Yuzheng instantly tossed away his hand, “Don’t touch me!”

Wang Yuzheng’s eyes are filled with tears as her voice turns teary as she shouts.

Liu Yi does not know how to explain, nor does he have any method to explain.

This kind of matter is originally him letting down Wang Yuzheng. No matter how he tries to explain it is just slapping his own face.

“The two of you….very good….really very good…”

As Wang Yuzheng cries, she stares at Liu Yi and Murong Die.

“Sister Yuzheng, Sister Yuzheng don’t be like this….let us explain….”

Wang Lele who rushed over to try and comfort Wang Yuzheng was pushed away by her.

“I’m not listening! I don’t want to listen! Go, all of you go away!”

Wang Yuzheng is crying very sadly. She nearly falls over a few times causing Liu Yi to feel heartache.

“Liu Yi so the two of you are really together.”

Wang Yuzheng looks at Liu Yi as her expression is filled with despair.

“Sorry….looks like I am thinking too much.”

As she speaks, she keeps retreating.


Liu Yi does not know how to comfort Wang Yuzheng, “This matter….is actually…not like what you think….”

“Then what else can it be….”

Wang Yuzheng smiles bitterly, “Liu Yi you are really wonderful! You actually dated another girl behind my back. I have always thought that you are a very honest person…really did not think that….”

She bites her lips until blood almost flows out.

“Actually it is me who first seduced him.”

Murong Die finally says, “Do no blame, Liu Yi.”

“Fine, the two of you are really good.”

Wang Yuzheng only senses her body is cold, “Perhaps you guys think that love is a game but I, Wang Yuzheng, is really unable to play on this time around. I back out, I back out….”

Although she says she is blacking out, Wang Yuzheng’s heart seems to have lost something and is very painful.

It is like something have been ripped out from her heart.

“We….can we not discuss this?”

Liu Yi is also feeling very painful, he does not wish to let Wang Yuzheng leave.

Lin Tong who is sitting on Liu Yi’s shoulder did not say anything why she watches this scene.

She also does not know what to do. She suddenly understands that not everyone is able to think like her and is willing to share her man.

Right now it is no longer the era where a guy can have 3-4 wives. Other than using money and authority to exchange for it. But this will only exchange for a fragrant physical both that’s all and it not real love.

Liu Yi is not this kind of guy who only covert a girls body, thus he is destined to spend a lot of effort to conquer the heart of these women.

“Discuss? Is this kind of matter discussable?”

Wang Yuzheng laughs coldly. “Liu Yi, you lied to me and betrayed me as well. Between us, it is no longer possible to discuss anymore. Honestly speaking, I am really thankful to you. Thankful to you for saving my mother. If you are willing, I can give you my body, repaying the debt with my body is the only thing I, Wang Yuzheng can give you. But I can no longer love you. I am really really tired….”

Wang Yuzheng’s words cause Liu Yi’s feeling to tear apart, making him feel very miserable.

She has always been very arrogant, her self-respect is stronger than Murong Die’s.

“Is there….really…..not a single change of going back?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand towards Wang Yuzheng, attempting to grab hold of her who is wishing to escape.

“Apologises….I am really tired….if you still love me, respect me a bit then let me go.”

Wang Yuzheng only wishes to escape far away from here.

“Take it as me begging you?”


Liu Yi does not know what else can he say, thus he can only let go.

Wang Yuzheng turns around and runs off, she even forgotten about her guitar on the ground.

Liu Yi stands there in a daze watching Wang Yuzheng’s back view not knowing what to do.


After this scene, Murong Die feels that she no longer have any face to remain around. She sees Liu Yi’s sorrowful appearance and feels upset in her heart. She can only guiltily apologize to Liu Yi softly and then she leaves.

“Brother Xiao Yi, leave Sister Xiao Die’s side to me.”

Wang Lele hurries and says to Liu Yi, “You need to work hard on Sister Yuzheng’s side!”

Done speaking she chases after Murong Die.


At that instant Liu Yi feels like the entire world has turn gloomy, {Immortal Fox sister….you say, did I really do wrong?}

{No matter what, I will always be by your side.}

Lin Tong gently leans against Liu Yi’s ear, {Furthermore you still have Ao Susu, Xuefeng as well as that Xiao Mi right? Don’t be too upset. It is only our ideology and the current’s era has some conflict which cannot be fully blamed on you.}

{But I am a person from this era…}

Liu Yi smiles bitterly, {To think that I am also a Dragon King. Where is there such a miserable Dragon King ah.}

“Perhaps it is the current era which is not suitable for you.”

Lin Tong says, {Why don’t we go back and live in seclusion. Find a mountain and cultivate bitterly. Sooner or later you will need to let go of the mortal world.}

{I am unable to let go.}

Liu Yi shakes his head, {No matter if it is Wang Yuzheng or Murong Die or Wang Lele, I must give all of them a justification.}

{What is the point of you doing this?}

{The emotional debt that I owe, I must pay back all of them right.}

[TL: And grandfather is back again!!!!]

Liu Yi says firmly, {My grandfather said before that as a real man, the things that he said, he must be responsible for it all the way. From the moment I asked Wang Yuzheng to be my girlfriend, the moment I agreed to Murong Die, I am already responsible for them. Furthermore…I really really like them….if I give up just like this, I will definitely regret in the future.}

{Then you need to do your best then. I also do not know how to help you with this matter.}

This is the first time that Lin Tong feels that her intelligence is not enough.

“Yeah. I will work hard.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath. I am not even afraid of the entire righteous path, how can I be stopped by a few girls!

I will definitely, definitely…..take all of them down!

After so many years, this is the first time Liu Yi has decided to chase after them on his own initiative!

Wang Yuzheng, Murong Die, I will definitely capture you girls!

Thinking to here, Liu Yi formalizes his target and immediately pressed his right ear and lets Little Jade call Wang Yuzheng.

This time around she had her handphone turned on and soon the phone call connects but was instantly cut. He is not willing to give up and calls again. He keeps calling and was hanged up each time.

Liu Yi is instantly in distress.

Looks like this time round’s task is a hundred times harder than I thought ah…

At the same time, Wang Yuzheng is lying in her dorm bed holding her handphone in her hands. During the 99th time it rings, she finally is unable to hold back and wishes to pick up. But at that moment the scene of Liu Yi and Murong Die kissing each other appears in front of her. Instantly tears start flowing out again as she finally removes the phone battery.

Liu Yi….this time around….it seems like I am really unable to forgive you….