A few rather small figures are standing in the explosion area and seem to be discussing with each other.

“Little Bird Ruler are you sure it is here?”

“Of course, this is the report given by the higher-ups, it will definitely not be wrong!”

“What if the people from Dragon Group come and investigate here? They seem to have some expertise.”

“What a joke, how is there any expert in China! Furthermore, I have already used Gossip Mirror to seal up the experimental building and the artificial lake. They are basically unable to come out!”

“Little Bird Ruler is indeed powerful. Indeed you are the number 1 Yin-Yang master of our Japan!”

“Hahaha, that is of course!”

Hearing this Liu Yi is a shock, although what they are talking about is translated over by Little Jade, but the Japanese that they speak already revealed their identity.

Japanese? Furthermore, they are Japanese who know about the relocation plan of the laboratory!

After the smoke from the explosion has disappeared, an enormous appears in the floor of the auditorium.

Under the hole is a secret passageway and inside there lies a few unconscious staff member. A lot of equipment is lying around on the ground, one of them is the cultivating equipment that Liu Yi had seen before!

Liu Yi is very suspicious on how on earth did the Japanese know of their relocation plans as well as knowing the secret passageway!

But no matter what they have attacked the auditorium and killed so many innocent students! All of them deserve death!

Murong Die and the rest still do not know what is the situation over there and is still doing their best to put out the fire.

Just as Liu Yi is preparing to take action, the situation changes once again.

Another group of tall figures walk over, among them one of them speaks in English.

“You hurry and scram. This place is now under our control.”

Hearing this voice, the Japanese looks over in shock.

They are American guys with golden hair and blue eyes, all of them sneering.

“ It is Americans!”

The Little Bird Ruler from earlier starts scolding, “What the hell are you guys here for! You want to take advantage of us?”

“So stupid ah.”

A redhead with bluish green eyes say with contempt, “Where did you think your information come from? With your intelligence, you are only worthy of being our dog.”


Little Bird Ruler rages as the Japanese Yin-yang master by the side clenches their teeth.

“It is you who are seeking death!”

He starts mumbling under his breath like he is going to use some spell.

The complexion of the Americans instantly changes as the atmosphere changes as well as they are preparing to take action.

Liu Yi by the side is happy watching the show. You guys fight, fight until both side is injured then I will take advantage. Right now is dog bite dog time, thus he is not willing to butt in.

But at this moment Xiao Feng who is by the side, seeing this scene runs over and shouts, “Oi, oi, oi, where did you exchange students from. There is a fire here, hurry and leave!”

“Meddlesome, go and die.”

That redhead American says and pulls out a handgun and fires at Xiao Feng.

Everything happened way too fast.

Liu Yi basically did not have time to react and Xiao Feng was already hit by the bullet in her head and flies backward a few meters and collapsed in a puddle of blood.

The sound of the gun firing attracts the attention of a lot of people, seeing this scene the students start shrieking.

Xiao Ya rushes over to Xiao Feng’s body and cries loudly, “Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng….you, who are you guys?”

“John, these people are too troublesome, go and deal with them.”

The redhead orders an underling who is as fat as a barrel.

“Hehe, leave it to me.”

John licks his lips and walks towards students.

As he walks over, he pulls out two handguns and aims at the students in front of him.

“Save me!!!”

“Damn it, why did I not escape!”

“Who can come and save us ah!”

The hole in the wall as the as the main doors seems to be sealed by something and the students basically are unable to escape.

“Hold your hands!”

Murong Die shouts, “What you guys are doing is a crime! Are you guys not afraid of going to jail?!”

“Hehe, little lass, we are above the laws.”

Not only can the fatty John speaks Chinese, but it is also very smooth.

“Don’t kill people! I beg you guys, do not kill people….”

Seeing so many people dying as well as another female student dying, Wang Yuzheng is finally unable to take it and starts crying.

“Hehe, beautiful girl, then let us start with you first.”

As John says so, he raises the gun and aims the muzzle at Wang Yuzheng.

Murong Die has already turned pale in fright while Wang Yuzheng is stunned there.

John pulls the trigger and a bullet fly towards Wang Yuzheng’s forehead. He is very confident in his gun technique. This kind of M1911 handgun, within 50 meters he will hit whatever he points at.

But at this moment, a ‘dang’ sound rings out!

A black lance sweeps in front of Wang Yuzheng, batting away the small bullet.

A guy wearing KeDa uniform stands to the left of Wang Yuzheng, holding the lance with a very ugly complexion.

When Wang Yuzheng sees this guy her body trembles as tears start flowing down.

Seeing the opponent actually using a Chinese lance to block his bullet he is shocked and asks, “Who are you?”

“Dragon Group, Liu Yi.”

Liu Yi holds his lance and stands in front of Wang Yuzheng as he looks at that John coldly, “ Do you really think that my China has no one?”

“Why is it people from Dragon Group!”

“Should not be ah, I have obviously use Gossip Mirror to seal all of them up ah!”

The Japanese and Americans were both shocked.

“John deal with him!”

The redhead does not know why he has some fear in his heart. Just a single Dragon Group person that’s all, with our strength we will be able to deal with him easily…but why is my heart unable to calm down?

“Orders received head!”

John nods his head and aims both his handgun at Liu Yi and starts pulling the trigger.

-bang, bang, bang!-

While Liu Yi only waves his lance around with a single hand, deflecting the bullets that John shots at him.

The Student Union members by the side were all stunned as they watch.

What in the hell, using a lance to deflect away bullets?! Liu Yi is a goddamn superhuman ah!

“Good, good, good. Indeed you are a member of the Dragon Group. You have some abilities! But you can only be crazy just this one time!”

As John speaks he laughs weirdly.

His hand sudden presses on the watch on his right hand, and following which quicksilver suddenly wraps around his entire body and in the blink of an eye, it wraps up his entire body!

This quicksilver very quickly transforms into white armor wrap around his body.

“Hahaha, you did not expect this right, this is our newest secret technology, memory metal war armor! This armor is able to withstand up to 500kN impact. Even nuclear weapon is hard to penetrate it! At the same time, it can also strengthen our strength!”

John who is encased in armor laughs loudly, “After putting on this armor, even an ordinary person is able to instantly become a superman! Our supermen, do you understand? Isn’t it very powerful! Right now we are all superman, are you afraid? Hahaha!”

“Afraid your grandpa!”

Liu Yi suddenly moves forward and kicks John in the chest.


The sound of the metal rings out like a bell being hit.

John instantly turns into a cannonball and crashes into the wall behind.

If it is not for the barrier blocking, his body would have already flown out.

Currently, the wall is smashed into pieces as John sits among the debris in a daze.

“How, how is this possible…”

By the side, the Americans cry out in shock, “How is it possible for him to send John flying with a kick! Just how strong is he! Is he a beast?!”

“How gods….what did I just see….a flesh body is able to produce such a horrifying strength….”

Liu Yi withdraws his leg and stands there, saying coldly, “Do not look down on my China’s Dragon Group. Thou who dares to offend the prestige of my China, massacre my China people, today, I swear here that I will kill all of you not leave anyone of you alive!”

“What big words!”

When those people hear this, they got a shock.


At this moment John actually stands up, it looks like the armor defensive capability is quite good.

He stretches out his hand and grabs hold of a meter long stone by the side and tosses towards Liu Yi

This stone flies very quickly, breaking through the sky.

But Liu Yi did not dodge, because behind him is a large number of innocent students…as well as Wang Yuzheng.

[TL: lamo…more like it is because there is a Wang Yuzheng behind him.]

He only thrust forward with his lance and scatters the stone into smaller fragments.

“Go and die!”

At this moment John had already jumped high up into the sky and is descending towards Liu Yi, and punches towards him.

[TL: It’s clobberin time!!!]

John believes that with this rushing attack as well as the force behind his fist, he will definitely force that damn China monkey to kneel!

At this moment Liu Yi moves. He stretches out his right hand to receive John’s punch.

The enormous force behind the punch is instantly neutralized by Liu Yi.

At the same time, he pulls John and smashes him into the floor under him.

After which Liu Yi adds on another kick.


This place does not have any underground passageway, thus it is solid foundations underneath.

John instantly smashes through the floorboard and is smashed into the waterlogged mire.


An American cries out in shock.

“Relax, he will not be able to injure John.”

The redhead reminds, “No one is able to break through our armor.”

While he is speaking Liu Yi once again raises his leg and stomps down on the back of John.



The unbreakable armor in the Redhead’s heart instantly caves in from Liu Yi’s stomp.

John’s body is unable to bear with the compression and instantly exploded into mincemeat, flying all over the place.

All of the Americans who are present are completely stunning. All of them have an expression of seeing a devil while looking at the Chinaman holding a lance.

This, this is still a human being?

An American is scared crazy, “My gods….who is the one who said that he is unable to break the armor! John has been stomped flat by him!”

“This Shina is very thorny!”

[TL: Shina, a discriminatory term for China people.]

[Tl: somehow I feel like a Pokedex…]

Little Bird also frowns deeply, “Let the people from Glorious Sun take action. They cannot reap without sowing!”


By the side one of the Japanese instantly shouts, “People from Glorious Sun, could it be that you guys still want to continue hiding? Why are you not coming out immediately and stop this Shina!”