Seeing Liu Yi’s gaze landing on them, redhead and his people instantly feel their legs softening and nearly collapse.

“Do not be afraid! We still have quicksilver armor!”

Redhead rallies his people, “Everyone work together and we will definitely be able to defeat him! Now that the Japanese are all dead, this cultivating drive will be ours!”

“No one will be able to take away China’s item.”

Liu Yi sneers as his lance points towards the redhead.

“Especially you. You must die here!”

“Liu Yi! Kill him! Take revenge for Xiao Feng!”

Seeing that redhead, Xiao Ya’s eyes turn red.

She no longer cares to think about why Liu Yi is so powerful. Now all she cares about is to get revenge for Xiao Feng’s death.

“I will.”

Liu Yi clenches his lance tightly. “He will pay the price for his crimes.”

“Want to kill me, dream on!”

The redhead roars, “Let me show you the might of technology!”

He pulls the people by his side. The quicksilver armor that they are wearing starts to change.

Instantly they group together and form a fort like shape. All kinds of weapons are pointing out, aiming at Liu Yi.

“Go and die!”

With the redhead’s shout, all of the weapons start firing, the tongue of fire is shocking as bullets instantly cover Liu Yi’s body.

Monarch Armour instantly appears on Liu Yi once again blocking the hail-like rain of bullets.

-dang, dang, dang!-

Eye-catching red sparks keep erupting from Liu Yi’s body.

“Damn it! Have a taste of this!”

Two guided missiles shoot out from Redhead’s back and fly towards Liu Yi.

This kind of armor-piercing missiles is meant to deal with tanks. Redhead thinks that even if that fellow is wearing armor, it is not as resilient as a tank!

[TL: bro…you need around magma level temperature to be able to try and melt his armour… Just in case anyone forgets, Liu Yi’s armour is formed from his spiritual beast Monarch Scorpion which lives near live volcano in the past.]

Liu Yi did not dodge, allowing the missile to hit him.

Instantly flames rush towards the sky as the fire swallows up Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi!!!!”

Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng instantly shriek. When Liu Yi’s body is swallowed up by the flames they feel like their heart is in great pain, like something had been torn away.

Especially Wang Yuzheng. Her entire being is in a sense of loss, like she had lost her soul.

Recalling her last words that she had spoken to Liu Yi, Wang Yuzheng feels that her heart is in pain, very very painful. Almost making her unable to breathe.

At this moment she suddenly understands that she cannot lose Liu Yi….

Just how important is this person in her life.

When I got captured, he paddled a tricycle and chased after me with all his might.

In the city for me, he spent a large sum of money.

He sits on the tall stool and sung a song to apologize to me….

It had always been him protecting me, cherishing me, submitting to me…but as for me, just because he was fickle I left him just like this….

Now that he is dead, even if I wish to say I am sorry….say I love you, he will not be able to hear…

[TL: well not really. After all, he has Xuefeng to stabilize? his soul into the mortal world and he still has another body as well. Eh…actually this body is the fake body…so he is still perfectly fine if this body died!!!!]

Murong Die is also completely covered in tears and collapsed on to the ground.

Why….why is it like this….

“Liu Yi aren’t you very powerful? Aren’t you very impressive! You hurry and survive ah!”

“Hahaha, he is already dead!”

Redhead laughs, “No one is able to resist the firepower of two armor piercing missile! Even if it is the main battle tank, being hit by my missiles it will also be turned into scrap metal! Furthermore, he is only a flesh body that’s all, hahaha, hahahaha!”

His words cause Wang Yuzheng and the girls fall into despair once more.

“Is it really so funny?”

At this moment a lance tip emerges from the flames and sweep around.

In the flames disperse revealing a figure wearing black armor.

This figure is very majestic, like a war god.

A lot of girls who sees this are bewitched and feels that at that moment Liu Yi is damn handsome.

While Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng are delighted and actually hug each other.

“This is great…he is still alive….”


There is nothing better than this, really nothing…

“Not possible! How is it possible that you are still alive!”

The redhead’s eyes nearly pop out.

“How is it possible for you to understand the martial arts of my China.”

Liu Yi snorts as he raises his hand and continues walking towards them.

In redhead and his people’s eyes, Liu Yi is like a death god, and very frightening.

“Devil….he is definitely a devil…”

“I, I remember…this black armour….”

One of the armored warriors suddenly shouts in fright, “He is that devil who flattened the army base B21…..gods, please save us….”

“Defensive formation!”

Redhead still retains some intelligence as makes his underling gather together. A shield appears on both of their arms and gathers together, trying to block Liu Yi’s attack.

“Unable to withstand a single blow.”

Liu Yi snorts and raises his palm and slaps out towards the shield through the air.

“Delete flames!”

The force behind this palm is not weak and instantly breaks the shield!

Redhead and his people are instantly sent flying away, crashing into the surrounding.

Liu Yi walks over and stabs with his lance at the closest person in the chest. Blood covers the lance tip as it pierces out from the back of the armoured warrior.

This quicksilver armour that can block nuclear weapons is like paper in front of Liu Yi’s lance.

“This is not science….not science….”

Redhead is unable to stop trembling. He had completely lose the ability to resist and can only watch his underlings get killed one by one.

“You are a devil….you are a DEVIL!!!”

Redhead shrieks as he looks at Liu Yi who is currently standing in front of him, completely scared out of his wits.

“I am a devil?”

Liu Yi smiles coldly, “Sorry, I am not a devil at all. I am only an avenger that’s all. Just to snatch the things of my China you do not care about killing to many innocent students. The importance of the gene map is above human lives?”

“Don’t, don’t kill me….”

Redhead is very afraid. As he trembles he begs, “I am willing to work together with China and is willing to share with you our recently developed quicksilver armour….as long as you do not kill me….”

[TL: No idea why but the author suddenly change his name to John….didn’t he died in the previous chapter?]

This redhead terms in indeed very attractive.

But it is a pity that Liu Yi is completely uninterested in these.

“Liu Yi do not let him off! Kill him! Take revenge for Xiao Feng!”

Xiao Ya who is hugging Xiao Feng’s corpse and crying painfully. Her eyes are completely red.

“You have killed a person here and you still wish to leave this place alive?”

Liu Yi’s lance rest on the shoulder of the redhead. The cold lance body causes the redhead to tremble and nearly pee in his pants.

“Go to hell and atone for your crimes.”

Saying finish Liu Yi is about to kill the redhead when at this moment from outside comes a shout from a very familiar voice.

“Spare the guy under your lance! Spare the guy under your lance!”

Liu Yi turn around to see the obese Zhang Xinchu covered in sweat as he runs over. Behind him is a group of people with familiar faces.

Chen Cai, Yuan Zhenyue, Dragon Group as well as people from the 12 zodiacs.

Long Yi, Long Er, Long San are also among them.

“Liu YI, spare the guy under your lance!”

Liu Yi notices that when the redhead sees Zhang Xinchu, a trace of delight appears in his eyes.

“Why should I?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow and looks at Zhang Xinchu.

“He had already surrendered.”

Zhang Xinchu says sternly, “Furthermore his identity is unique so you cannot kill him!”

“I surrender. I indeed surrender!”

The redhead raises both his hands up, “Didn’t China say before preferential treatment of captives! Furthermore, I am willing to share with your country the quicksilver armor technology!”

“Did you hear this Liu Yi!”

Zhang Xinchu says sternly, “With my identity of the person in charge of Dragon Group. I order you to put down your weapon.”


“How can this be ah!”

The students in the room start shouting while Liu Yi trembles slightly before looking at Zhang Xinchu.

Liu Yi asks, “What if I do not put down?”

“If you do not put down then you are betraying the country.”

Zhang Xinchu’s sentence instantly causes the face of a lot of people to change

“Are you able to assume the crime of betraying the country?”

This sentence indeed pierces into Liu Yi’s heart. His face turns pale slightly as his body rocks slightly.

Betraying the country….this crime…seem to be really big…

Liu Yi had always been proud of being a person from China and now with Zhang Xinchu directly uses this crime to suppress him. At that instant, Liu Yi’s heart is really rattled.

“Liu Yi right now there is still time for you to stop!”

Seeing that Liu Yi is wavering slightly, Zhang Xinchu immediately says, “The group believes in you. You are a talented person. Do not because of a moment of impulse and destroy your future.”

He persuades patiently, “Think about your parents, your relatives. If you betray the country how sad would they be.”


Hearing what Zhang Xinchu says, Liu Yi smiles bitterly as he looks at Xiao Feng’s corpse by the side as well as the corpses of the unknown students.

Among this group of people, all of them have parents and all of them had a future.

But it is a pity that all of them have already died here. Because of the gene map, innocent lives are implicated.

“Perhaps after I killed this foreigner today you will label me as a traitor to the country. My parents will be sad, and upset. And feel that it is not worth it for me.”

Liu Yi looks at Zhang Xinchu coldly and continues saying, “But if I let him off, then the one who will be upset is not only my parents but the parents of these innocent students who had died as well! Their children are not children? Their lives are not lives? If a country rather sacrifices their own citizens for some secret technology then what country is this?! If I let this person live, how could I still have the face to go and face my parents! I believe not only would they be upset, perhaps they will also feel ashamed of me this son!”

As Liu Yi speaks he raises his Scorpion Tail lance.

“Liu Yi how dare you!”

Zhang Xinchu instantly roars in anger, “Block him!”

A lot of barrier masters mobilizes at the same time and create a barrier on the redhead blocking Liu Yi’s attack.


Sparks fly out as a trace of ferocity emerges in Liu Yi’s eyes.

Long San and the rest urge. “Liu Yi do not be impulsive!”