“Why did you call me out?”

Ye Hanshuang crosses her arms and looks at Chen Cai, “Is it your boss wishes to find me and especially ask you to come and find me? Hehehe, I just know that my beloved consort is definitely unable to leave this Queen.”

“It is not related to boss. It is me who is looking for you.”

Chen Cai changes from his usually mischievous manner and begs Ye Hanshuang seriously, “Queen Ye. Take it as me begging you. Please help me.”

He directly kneels down on one leg in front of Ye Hanshuang.

“This is not possible.”

Ye Hanshuang shakes her head, “I promise my consort that I will only marry him in the future. So even if you like this Queen’s beauty, this Queen can only reject you mercilessly.”

“I do not mean that!”

Chen Cai hurries and says, “Are you joking? Even in dreams I also do not dare to snatch my boss’s girls! I only wish that you are able to bring me back to Asura Realm!”


Ye Hanshuang’s eyebrow raises slightly, “In the Asura Realm everyone wishes to leave that place. You have managed to come out with great difficulty and you actually wish to return back?”

“There is no need for you to hide from me. Queen Ye, I know that you have the ability to move through and from Asura Realm freely right?”

“Did not think that you this underling was rather smart.”

Ye Hanshuang smiles very charmingly but Chen Cai is not tempted a single bit. It is not only because Ye Hanshuang is his boss’s woman, but because…this woman is very, very powerful!

Using serpent beauty to describe Ye Hanshuang is too looking down on her.

“Since you know this point, what do you wish to do?”

“I wish to strengthen myself. I wish to become an Asura Emperor.”

“What did you say?”

The smile on Ye Hanshuang’s face finally disappears and she frowns and looks at Chen Cai, “You are not joking around right. Do you know that since ancient times, in the Asura Realm there was only a single Asura Emperor! If you wish to become an Asura Emperor you must have enough qualification to challenge him! Only by defeating him could you be able to obtain his strength and become the next Asura Emperor!”

“I know. I also understand who is that Asura Emperor.”

Chen Cai’s gaze is very firm, “I want to go back to Asura Realm and increase my strength. And then challenge him, defeat him. I want to become the Asura Emperor!”

“I do not understand why did you want to become the Asura Emperor? Your strength is already at Asura King. Although it is very weak, in the human realm it is enough to move unhindered in this human realm. Why must you risk your life and become the Asura Emperor? I think you also know that people who challenge the Asura Emperor, if they lose, then their soul will be completely exterminated and will no longer have a chance to revive.”

“I know. Of course, I know.”

Chen Cai smiles bitterly, “In the Asura Realm, during the days when boss was chasing after that Asura God, I have inquired quite a bit of the news in Asura Realm. These matters I have heard a lot already. But I must become the Asura Emperor.”


“Because I must become boss’s helper.”

Chen Cai raises both his hands and looks at them with a blank look, “Back then I entered the Asura Realm with boss at the same time. After we come out, the difference in our strength was becoming wider and wider….right now when he had problems I was always unable to help him….I do not like this. I do not wish to keep watching boss fight on his own. So, Queen Ye, if you really love my boss, please help me out.”

“Help you send you to death?”

“No, help me become the Asura Emperor!”

“You are crazy. I am not going to challenge that scary old geezer!”

“You just need to send me back that’s all.”

Chen Cai says, “A hundred days later, you can go back and bring me back.”

“A hundred days….”

Ye Hanshuang is finally shocked, “For him, you are actually willing to cultivate in that place for a thousand years?”

“This is the only thing that I can do for boss.”

Chen Cai smiles, “If you also wish to help him, just help me.”

“Really is a crazy person.”

Ye Hanshuang shakes her head but places her hand on Chen Cai’s shoulder.

As she prepares to activate the transfer technique, she stares at Chen Cai with a weird gaze.

“Could it be that….you are starting to have some taboo love?”

“What are you joking about!”

Chen Cai instantly lets out a cry, “What this young master love is girls!!!”

“That is good. If a guy also dares to snatch a guy from this Queen….hehe, then I can only directly toss you to the mountain valley of Asura Emperor.”

“What the….Queen Ye is formidable.”

“Less nonsense, let us go.”

A purple light flashes and the two of them instantly disappear from the campus of KeDa.


“Boss, recently the top are investigating us very tightly ah! A number of brothers have been captured!”

Chen Dahai is calling Liu Yi, complaining to him, “A number of companies had also been investigated. If this goes on, I am afraid that our brother will not be able to persevere!”

“Recently something troublesome has happened. All of you go and hide first, do not come out.”

Liu Yi comforts Chen Dahai, “As for the matter with the higher ups, I will think if some methods. Let the brothers know not to pop their head out for now.”

“Okay, understood boss.”

Chen Daihai hangs up and Liu Yi immediately calls Wang Erhuo.

At this moment he is unable to seek help for anyone else, thus he can only try Wang Erhuo.

Unexpectedly the call is picked up rather quickly and the anticipated closed door did not happen.

“What the, my little brother! I have finally managed to get in contact with you! These two days I have been calling you until I almost turned crazy! Why was your phone always turn off!”

“Sorry….recently I got into some problems….”

Liu Yi hesitates slightly before saying, “My matters….you also know right?”

“Right now the higher-ups are boiling over my little brother Liu Yi ah!”

Wang Erhuo speaks like a machine gun, “The trouble you have caused is really not small ah! The top is shaking because of it! That Zhang Xinchu nearly tears his throat saying he wants to deal with you and also link up with a few heavyweights to appear! This time around, this brother is also unable to help you, alas…”

“No worries. I only wish to ask you to help me take care of my Red Scarf Army.”

Liu Yi himself knows just how much of a trouble he had caused. Right now whoever who is related to him will be implicated.

“Relax brother Liu. I cannot say for other matters, but at the businesses of Red Scarf Army in JingDou, there is no need for you to worry. I will help you watch over them. No one will dare to touch them.”

“Really thank you…”

Liu Yi does not know what to say. Only in a disaster will you see the true face. In the past, he always did not believe Wang Erhou a lot, but this time around he feels that he and his Dagger Society….seems to be rather reliable.

Although Red Scarf Army is pulled back in the entire country, at the very least it will not be affected too much in JingDou and North Dragon City.

JingDou has Wang Erhuo shading over while North Dragon City is my headquarters. The top and bottom have already established contact already, thus will not have any problem.

After finishing everything only did Liu Yi lets out a sigh and walk towards the school gate.

From today onwards he will no longer be a student of KeDa anymore.

Zhang Xinchu is indeed really ruthless and tricky. Although he is unable to defeat me, his influence is enough to make me in a difficult situation.

At this moment Zhang Xinchu’s Audi is parked at the school gate. Zhang Xinchu is seated inside it and two bodyguards from Dragon Group is standing by the car’s side.

He looks at Liu Yi who is walking out of the school gate as says laughing, “How is it Liu Yi, the famous Blood Emperor. Do you know the taste of offending me? Let me tell you this is the result of betraying the country.”

Liu Yi looks at him coldly causing Zhang Xinchu to feel afraid like he is being stabbed by two blades, very uncomfortable.

“Hmph, who are you scaring.”

Zhang Xinchu snorts and comforts himself before provoking, “Right now you who have lost your identity, in China it will be hard for you to take a single step! Let me tell you your end result is prison!”

“Then you get off the car and catch me ah.”

Liu Yi beckons Zhang Xinchu to come out.

Zhang Xinchu turns sluggish before saying angrily, “I, I wait for you to surrender yourself!”

“Hahaha, spineless coward.”

Liu Yi gifts Zhang Xinchu with a middle finger making Zhang Xinchu angry but unable to do anything to Liu Yi.

“Hmph you this stray dog, scram out of this place in a sorry figure!”

Zhang Xinchu says in hatred, “From now on, there will never be a place for you to take shelter in China! There will also no longer be anyone who dares to walk close to you!”

Just as he finishes speaking, from behind Liu Yi comes the voice of two girls.

“Liu Yi! Liu Yi! Wait a moment!”

“Scumbag! Stand still for this miss!”

Liu Yi turns around to see Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng running over towards him.

“Liu Yi…I, I let you down….”

Wang Yuzheng passes a food box over to Liu Yi, “This, this is prepared by me…you, you can eat it on the journey….please remember that no matter when, I , Wang Yuzheng will always be your girlfriend.”

Wang Yuzheng’s sentence instantly clears up a haze of emotions that Liu Yi is feeling the past few days by quite a bit.

“Me as well.”

Murong Die helps Liu Yi straighten his collar, “I will let my father help you mediate with the higher ups….when it is the proper time you can come back earlier…”

“I will.”

Liu Yi clucks, “Sooner or later I will return back to KeDa. But it is not me who come back but KeDa inviting me back.”

Liu Yi looks at the boundless KeDa school campus and says with lofty ideals.


Zhang Xinchu who is sitting in the car starts laughing, “Really speaking big words. Why don’t you take a look at yourself now! You are already a stray dog do you understand? You take a look although you help so many people take revenge but now who is still remember about you? Liu Yi ah Liu Yi you only have a body of strength but you are so stupid to no boundary!”

Zhang Xinchu’s mocking is like a blade stabbing into Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi looks at Zhang Xinchu and says faintly, “I take revenge for them is because I still have conscious. I do not care if others repay me or not. This matters you will never understand.”

“Hmph, you are just saying so to comfort yourself that’s all!”

Zhang Xinchu sneers, “Take a look at yourself Liu Yi, how pitiful and lamentable you are!”

Just as he finished, from the school comes a dense sound of footsteps.

They turn around to take a look to see over tens of people running towards them. They are all Student Union members of that day.

While behind them is a sea of students from KeDa!