When I fly over, the moment I see Ai Ling being surrounded, my blood immediately started boiling and straight away descended to save her.

After fighting for half a day and sending the taoists from Fu Xi Palace Hall escaping in a sorry figure than did I know the truth!

Feels like it is Ai Ling who stole their treasure and they come chasing after her wanting to take it back!

“What the heck!”

The group of people from Fu Xi Palace Hall escape rather quickly. With a shout of ‘Earth Shrinking technique’ they completely disappear. Only then did Liu Yi turn around and glare at Ai Ling angrily.

“When are you going to change this habit of stealing other peoples stuff! I helped you because I thought that you were being bullied by others!”

“Hehe, I am born enjoying hoarding all these treasures!”

As Ai Ling speaks, she points at a small golden bag hanging on her waist. “This is my Hundred Treasure Purse. Inside it is filled up with treasure that I had plundered from all kind of sects and manors…mm, touching them I feel that my life is satisfied!”

[TL: wonder if it is able to store a living human being…]

“What the! Your life satisfaction method is way too weird!”

Liu Yi is hopping mad, “What you are doing is immoral okay? Furthermore, you also make me play the role of a hired hands! What you are doing…isn’t it called a dog threatens based on a master’s power?”

“Oi, oi, oi! Watch your phrasing! You are the dog!”

Ai Ling rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Furthermore as a person who steals the pills of others you do not have the rights to say me. Furthermore that Sky Flipping Seal of yours that you are using, it is something that I gave you! Did you use it quite comfortably right? Why don’t I see you returning it back to the World Manor?”

“The Sky Flipping Seal was stolen by you not me.”

Liu Yi clucks, “Naturally it will not be me who returns it.”

“What the! You are even more black-bellied than me okay?”

Ai Ling nearly stop breathing from anger, really, when did this fellow start to become so shameless!

“I am a good kid okay, who is black-bellied?”

Liu Yi innocently blinks his eyes and looks at Ai Ling.

“You go and die! Really wish to slap you to death!”

Ai Ling clenches her teeth, “It is such a pity that I do not have this capability!”

“If you had put the time you used to go around stealing the stuff of other people into cultivation, would you be so weak?”

“What do you know! I am the most talented disciple of Concealed Sword Pavilion.”

Ai Ling sneers, “It is only that I am not that interested in the matters of cultivation that’s all. I rather enjoy gathering all these treasures.”

“You ah, hurry up and go and return back the Fengshui Compass back to them!”

Liu Yi advises, “After all stealing other people’s stuff is not good. Some more what are you going to use this stuff for?”

“You do not understand!”

Ai Ling waves her hand, “This Fengshui Compass is the most interesting treasure of Fu Xi Palace Hall! It does not have any might but has an interesting ability.”

“What ability?”

“Seeking treasures ah!”

[TL: figure so….]

Ai Ling becomes slightly excited, “A lot of sects enjoy hiding their stuff in a setup fantasy land. A lot of these fantasy lands are hidden too deeply and normal methods are basically unable to find them. But with this Fengshui Compass, it will be easier.”


A gleam flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, “What do you mean?”

“For example here, I have heard from legends that Wangzong Mountain is hidden here.”

Ai Ling points at the river and mountain in front of her and says, “I heard that within the Wangzong Mountain hides the majestic Wine Sword Immortal, Wine Immortal Gourd! This is a very interesting treasure. It is said when you fill this Wine Immortal Gourd with water, it will immediately transform into delicious wine! Hahaha, as long as I have this Fengshui Compass, I will be able to find Wangzong Mountain!”

Liu Yi is truly slightly shocked.

“You also want to find Wangzong Mountain?”


Ai Ling is very intelligent and immediately hears the pretext, “You also want to obtain the Wine Immortal Gourd? Wrong ah, you possess demon qi so you cannot drink wine ah!”

“What do I want that Wine Immortal Gourd for!”

Liu Yi waves his hands, “I am trying to find the Sword Emperor from legends and become his disciple.”

“Hahaha, stop teasing me!”

Ai Ling starts laughing, her bell-like laughter causing Liu Yi’s heart to be slightly affected.

This lass….why am I so attracted to her ah.

“Sword Emperor is also a person from the legends, furthermore he has already fallen a long time ago. Where are you going to find him?”

“I wish to become even stronger, thus I must find him.”

Liu Yi says firmly, “My grandfather says, there is nothing impossible in this world only lacking a resolute person.”

“This saying is very very wrong!”

Hearing Liu Yi talk about his grandfather, Ai Ling is unsatisfied and sneers, “One hundred loopholes.”

“Where is the wrong?”

Liu Yi dislikes other people questioning his grandfather, after all he is his idol when he was young!

“Fine then. Let me ask you if you wish to transform into a girl, you are about to become one?”

[TL: well technology nowadays are able to make you appear like one…but for giving birth….think it is still slightly impossible…please correct me if I am wrong]

Ai Ling raises a sharp question and tossed it to Liu Yi.

“What the…this…..”

Liu Yi is stunned but very quickly he thought of something and replies, “I do not wish to transform into a girl so it cannot be established.”

“Then I wish to transform you into a girl, are you going to transform into one?”


Liu Yi is unable to retort at all from Ai Ling’s eloquence, “You, you…this is a preposterous argument….”

“Tsk, what preposterous argument. A genuine saying is able to bear with the test!”

Ai Ling snorts and says, “You are already an expert. Can you stop being so childish! Always keep going your grandfather, your grandfather. Why don’t you say your grandmother!”

“Oi, oi…you are cursing people now…”

“Save it! I have really never cursed a person before! Here other than me is there any person?”

“Ai Ling…”

Liu Yi’s teeth are starting to itch, “Is your butt itchy?”

“What do you want, you wish to use violence on girls!”

Ai Ling immediately covers her butt and retreats while watching Liu Yi with vigilance, “Did your grandfather not tell you that using violence on girls is wrong?”

“Said before!”

“Then why are you not abiding by it!”

“Right now I am listening to my grandmother!!!”

[TL: pffffff!!!!!!]

Liu Yi starts walking towards Ai Ling scaring her into bolting.

“Don’t, don’t. A gentleman uses his mouth instead of hand. Chivalrous Hero Liu Yi, this girl admits that I am in wrong okay…”

Liu Yi snorts, “What chivalrous hero, sounds so unpleasant!”

“Lord….this lass knows her mistake…lord…please forgive this lass….”

Ai Ling immediately looks pitifully at Liu Yi, her that small expression is about to dissolve people.

This femme fatale….

Liu Yi is unable to remain angry and can only sigh.

“Fine, fine. Stop messing around. Let’s talk about the serious matter. How are we going to find Wangzong Mountain?”

“Hehe, Lord is the best!”

Only then did Ai Ling happily up and after touching Liu Yi’s face she pulls out a compass-like object from her Hundred Treasure Purse and says, “It is this. This lass, I, went through great trouble to steal this from Fu Xi Palace Hall and nearly gave up my life for it!”

“In the future stop stealing stuff then….your cultivation is so weak and still you steal other people’s stuff, this is wrong…”

“Mm, I will do my best to increase my cultivation.”

“What the….the important point is the second half of the sentence okay?”

Ai Ling rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Fine, fine, fine. Stop giving me a sermon. Are we still going to Wangzong Mountain?”

“Go, of course, we are going!”

“That is a deal then! Let me first change the fengshui pattern here. The fengshui here is set up very strictly, hiding Wangzong Mountain very deeply. If we do not split open the fengshui array here, then we will not be able to open the land of fantasy!”

As Ai Ling speaks, she points at the deep river water flowing out from between two mountain. “You see that. That is called Hidden Crouching Dragon. This river location obstructs the formation eye. Right now I want to move it away.”

Ai Ling points the Fengshui Compass at the river in front and starts chanting.

The needle on the Fengshui Compass immediately starts spinning as characters start flying out from the Fengshui Compass and floats into the sky!

Black clouds immediately start covering the sky and in the blink of an eye, an enormous arm emerges from the clouds. Like an enormous spirit stretching out its hand and grabs one of the mountain peaks.

-rumbling sounds-

The enormous hand grabs the mountain peak and actually lifted up the mountain and leans it against the mountain by the side.

The river that was flowing out from the two mountain immediately changes direction and flows towards another direction.

Liu Yi is rather shocked by seeing this. This Fengshui compass is so formidable! It is actually able to move mountains and flip seas!

This is an ability that only a cultivator who had crossed his heavenly calamity and entered heaven realm is able to possess! Right now just by relying on a Fengshui Compass she is able to do it!

Indeed it is tyrannical!

After the Fengshui Compass had changed the mountain and river formation, a faintly discernible mountain suddenly reveals itself floating in the sky.

“Quickly look! There is a trace!”

Ai Ling’s excitement increases, “Indeed Fengshui Compass is able to do it!”

“Then what are you waiting for, let us quickly go!”

Liu Yi pulls Ai Ling up and flies up.

“What are you in a hurry for! Wait first!”

Ai Ling hurries and reminds, “This Wangzong Mountain is not a place where anyone can enter! I am only trying it out! I had not obtained a map of Wangzong Mountain yet. Without this map, if we enter Wangzong Mountain we will be pinched to death by the mountain god!”

Liu Yi immediately takes out the map that the old Dog-Head village head had given him and says, “Map? I have it.”

[TL: this map was giving to him in chapter 487]

“What the, how come you have the map?”

“I will tell you in the future. Let us first enter Wangzong Mountain first then continue talking.”

Liu Yi possesses the Reality eyes, thus he is able to see the fuzzy looking Wangzong Mountain very clearly.

“Fine then, our Lord is really anxious.”

Ai Ling can only be pulled by Liu Yi and swiftly flies into the range of the Wangzong Mountain.

Upon entering Wangzong Mountain, the mountains and rivers scenery earlier has completely disappeared. They have already entered the land of fantasy.

Everywhere the birds chirp, flowers smell and butterflies fly all over the place.

Seeing this scene Ai Ling is instantly smitten, “So here is Wangzong Mountain ah…it is really beautiful…”

“The immortal mountain of the myths….where do you think that that Wine Sword Immortal will be?”

“How would I know. It is not like Wangzong Mountain is very big. Let us slowly search around.”

As Ai Ling speaks, she runs forward like a frolicking doe.

“Oi, oi. Don’t run ah, what if you get lost?”

“Then you come and chase me ah!”

As Ai Ling runs, she makes a come chase me gesture at Liu Yi.

“Lord come and chase this lass ah. If you chase up then lord can do whatever you like!”

As she speaks she looks at the surrounding flowers and grass, “A battle in the wildness is also fine ah…”

“What the! You actually dare to say it out!”

“Hehe…first you need to catch up ah!”

Ai Ling and Liu Yi arrive at the Wangzong Mountain on their own, and with that, they have a kind delight that they are unable to say out. She continues to run deeper into the mountain while Liu Yi sighs helplessly and chases after her.

Wine Sword Immortal. Just where on earth are you?