Chapter 557 [Worthless scholar]

What kind of person is Wine Sword Immortal?

He is a real heaven shocking expert! The number 1 disciple of Sword Emperor!

Towards these ordinary mortals, it is a matter as easy as one two three.

Thus Liu Yi and Ai Ling sit on the rooftop and wait for the young lord to suffer.

“Tsk, you this poor scholar do have some courage eh.”

The hedonist young master twirls around 2 walnuts as he lets out a rumbling belly laughter, “Good, good, good. This young master likes to beat you, this fellow with backbone! Servants beat him ruthlessly for me, break his legs and let us see if he can still go to Chang’an for examination!”

The burly men immediately step forward making Wine Sword Immortal to shout, “You, you guys stand still. Let me tell you guys my ancestor practiced, practiced martial arts!”

“Aiyah, this is a fresh news eh. Then why don’t you show this Young master a bit?”

The young master starts laughing, “Why don’t you do a smashing stone on chest and perhaps I might bestow you two seeds!”

“I, I….you guys are forcing me!”

Wine Sword Immortal suddenly shouts and charges forward, ramming his body onto a burly guy by the side.

“Take a look, when Senior Wine Sword Immortal take action, it is indeed outstanding!”

Liu Yi points and says, “Although this move looks vulgar, in secret there is a lot of force behind it! Perhaps after crashing into that burly guy he will need to lie in bed for a few days!”

While they are speaking Wine Sword Immortal had already crash into the stomach of the burly guy.

Under the gaze of Liu Yi and Ai Ling, the burly guy who should had collapsed grabs Wine Sword Immortal up like he is holding a chicken. He then slaps Wine Sword Immortal a few times causing his to see stars.

“With your skinny figure and you want to be a martial artist? Get lost!”

As the burly guy speaks he toss Wine Sword Immortal onto the ground before he and the other guys gather around and start bashing!

“What the heck…what is this situation….”

Seeing this Liu Yi is stunned. Why is the Wine Sword Immortal from the legends so useless, and is unable to deal with a few mortals?

Or could it be that those mortals are the real experts!


Ai Ling suddenly understands, “We must have returned back even earlier in the past! At this time perhaps Wine Sword Immortal has yet to start cultivating!”


Hearing what Ai Ling says Liu Yi immediately understands.

What the, then isn’t Wine Sword Immortal really being beaten up right now?

“Give it to me!”

One of the burly guy snatched over the wine gourd in Wine Sword Immortal’s hand before respectfully presenting it to his young master standing by the side.

“Hehe, this is a good treasure. It ought to be kept by me this young duke. Letting you this poor scholar have it is such a pity.”

“You, you guys….you guys deserve death…”

Wine Sword Immortal is at his last gasp as he lies there. But he is unwilling to let it go as he says, “You, you guys snatch my fortunes in broad daylight…I, I will go and report to the authorities….I am going to report you guys….”

“Hahaha, not knowing life or death ah!”

The young duke laughs, “Do you really think that you are a protagonist? Continue beating, beat him to death for me! Damn it. You wicked people, when you die you are stinking the ground!”

The hired hands walk over and prepare to beat him to death.

Wine Sword Immortal lies there as he shouts, “Where are the natural laws of order, where are the laws of the state ah!”

The young duke says unhappily, “Damn it, make him shut up!”

One of the hired hands lift up his leg and prepares to step on Wine Sword Immortal’s face.

At this moment from the sky comes a shout, “Hold your hands for me!”

While they are speaking, Liu Yi and Ai Ling jump down from the rooftop and float down.

When the young duke sees the two of them he is slightly shocked, “Oh, the qinggong of the two of yours is not bad!”

He does not mind much as he has experts among his underlings.

“What, could it be that you wish to bother about my young duke’s matter?”

“In broad daylight, you are actually being so fierce. You think that you are Li Gang is it!”

Ai Ling places her hand on her waist and glanced at the young duke.

“Aiyah! This lass is rather awesome eh!”

How would the young duke know who is Li Gang. Seeing how beautiful Ai Ling is, his heart is moved.

“Little lass come and follow this young duke ah. In the future, you will be able to have delicious food and drink. You will have no need to brave the wind and sun outside, how nice would it be!”

“I’d rather follow your father. Being your stepmother is also not bad, I can manage you, this incapable son!”

Who is Ai Ling? When she becomes ferocious even Liu Yi is not her opponent!

When had this young duke been scolded so badly by others before? He instantly jumps up in anger.

“Slap her for me! Slap fiercely!”


A few burly guys immediately step forward and try capturing her.

Ai Ling immediately hides behind Liu Yi and says pitifully, “Lord….they are bullying your woman…”

What the, this lass really know how to act pitiful! Those who do not know will really think that she is very weak!

“Little girl. Since you know that you are in wrong, then obediently come into young duke’s embrace…. I guarantee that I will love you dearly…”

“Good son, your stepmother I am not interested in you. You better go back and look for your mother to resolve it!”

In a blink of an eye, Ai Ling transforms back into a demonic girl.

“Ahhhh! Continue to slap her for me!”

The young duke is so mad that his soul nearly flies out of his body.

The burly men step forward and one of them raises his hand and slaps towards Liu Yi’s face.

When an expert takes action, it is clear.

The burly man’s slap seems to be ordinary but it is hidden with profoundness. This is call door opening palm. This slapping speed is very quick and no there is no large gaps. When it hit a person’s face, based on his strength it can slap a person into somersaulting.

But who is Liu Yi, how could he be hit by this slap.


He raises a leg and sends the burly man flying with a kick.

The burly man flies out a few meters before collapsing onto the ground scaring the rest of the burly men.

“It is a real martial artist! Everyone together!”

A person who seems like the leader says so as he takes advantage and moves forward.

“Let you try my family’s Stele Opening Hand!”

As he speaks, his black and thick palm slap towards Liu Yi’s chest.


A large portion of a stone pillar by the side is broken off, shocking the passerby.

This is an expert ah! He is able to break such a thick stone!

“Little fellow you are rather quick in dodging, take two more of my palm!”

The burly guy shouts as his palm wind before even stronger, slapping towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi suddenly raises his arm and matched palms against that guy.


The sound of a bone break is heard and the burly guy cries out in pain. His arm is snapped into two as he collapses onto the ground.

Liu Yi grabs the guy and tosses him out casually into the group of guys who are rushing towards him.

“This, this…”

Seeing his underlings being thrown onto the ground the young duke’s legs turn soft from fright.

Liu Yi does not feel like being tangled with this fellow anymore as he chides, “Still not scraming?”

“You guys just wait for me!”

The young duke knows not to fight when the odds are against him and immediately turn around and escape with his underlings who are supporting each other.

“Wait, who let you leave!”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow scaring the young duke to nearly pee in his pants.

“What, what else do you wish to do?”

“Return the gourd!”

Although the young duke is not willing it is now not time to be greedy. Thus he can only toss the gourd back into Liu Yi’s hands.

The people watching by the sides let out a cheer. It seems like they had never seen that young duke being bullied before as well.

“Today is really damn unlucky.”

Wine Sword Immortal climbs to his feet. He is covered in dirt but he still has a trace of haughtiness between his brows.

“Your gourd.”

Liu Yi passes Wine Sword Immortal back his Wine Immortal Gourd. After he takes back his gourd he did not even say anything polite back.

Ai Ling cannot stand it and snatched back the Wine Immortal Gourd.

“Oi, oi. This is my ancestor treasure. Quickly return it back to me!”

Wine Sword Immortal is immediately anxious as he tries to snatch it back. But how is he Ai Ling’s opponent. After waving his hands around for a while, he is unable to snatch it back.

Ai Ling says, “You first politely thank us then I will return it back to you!”

“Based on what! You guys are only martial artists that’s all!”

Wine Sword Immortal snorts, “I am a scholar who reads intensively! I am the disciple of the sage! A cut above others!”

This era values letters and belittles arms. Thus Wine Sword Immortal is somewhat proud and aloof.

“Oh, he is the student of the sage!”

Ai Ling smiles, “Then did that sage teach you manners? If you do not say the word thanks, then I your great aunt shall smash this gourd for you today!”

“Don’t, don’t ah!”

Wine Sword Immortal’s face instantly turns pale, “Two chivalrous heroes, it is the bad of me Gai Mo, my etiquette is not satisfactory. Please pardon me….”

Liu Yi advises, “Forget it Ai Ling. Return it to him.”

The current Wine Sword Immortal is like a completely different person and is completely different from the expert that they had seen earlier.

“Hmph, this is still not enough!”

Ai Ling pouts, “At the very least you need to treat us to a meal.”

“This, this….”

Wine Sword Immortal touches his pocket subconsciously and seems like he wants to reject.

While Ai Ling raises the gourd high him and he immediately says, “Ok! Ok! I will treat the two of you to a meal, may I have the honor.”

Ai Ling points at an inn nearby which is not that big and says, “Hehe, that is not like it. Then let us go to the inn over there!”

Only then did Wine Sword Immortal let out a sigh of relief secretly. Luckily it is not a huge inn, otherwise, I will really be bankrupt.

Currently, he is anxious to enter the capital to take the imperial exams. The money that he is carrying is his traveling expenses, thus he does not dare to anyhow spend it.

But since the other person is holding his heirloom, he has no other choice.

This family heirloom is an item that his family members whats him to pass to the prime minister of the capital. Wine Sword Immortal’s paternal grandfather is a capital official. Later on, he resigned from his post and returned home. But his relationship with the prime minister is quite good. This time round entering the capital to take the imperial exams, after earning the top marks in the exams, his family hoped that the prime minister can praise him a few words in front of the emperor to allow him to obtain a better official post.

If the gourd got tossed away or spoiled, the sin will be big. But…if these two people are willing to help, it seems like I am able to leave this Yangzhou City! After being trapped here for 3-4 days, if I do not continue and hasten my journey, I am afraid that I will not be able to arrive in time for the imperial exams!

“Two sirs please enter.”

Wine Sword Immortal’s attire immediately becomes better and sits together with the two of them in the inn. After which he calls over the waiter.

“Waiter, bring up a few of your best dishes! Bring over some of your good tea as well!”