Murong Die was barbaric and overbearing, making Liu Yi have no alternative and Jiang Youcai vomited blood.

“I, this……”

The male students, who sat behind Liu Yi, dumbfoundedly looked at Murong Die.

‘I can’t afford to offend this big lady….’

The male student thought.

“You don’t want to change places?” Murong Die asked.

“Change, of course, I want to change……”

Not all the students as silly as Liu Yi, who has the courage to provoke Murong Die.

The two people behind Liu Yi honestly nodded and began to pack their things on the table.

“Teacher Li, we have reached an agreement!”

Murong Die proudly smiled. Which boys dare to contradict her?!

Only Liu Yi!

The hateful Liu Yi!


Li Juanhua felt that her existence was being ignored right now. She didn’t know what to say anymore.

“Wang Lele, pack your things!” Murong Die ordered Wang Lele.

“O, ok……”

Wang Lele didn’t dare to be neglectful. She quickly scrambled to start packing her belongings.

The two girls quickly tidied up and then swapped places with the two people behind Liu Yi.

“Student Liu Yi, we should help each other out!”

After the exchanges, Murong Die sat behind Liu Yi and happily said.

Her fragrant smell floated into Liu Yi’s nose, making him momentarily distracted.

But he soon recovered, and then said.

“Yes, of course! We should help each other.”

After that, he turned his head and continued to read the English textbook.

After mastering the breathing technique, Liu Yi was somewhat obsessed with the feeling it produced.

Before this, he never discovered the joy of studying!

It seemed like he was taking a vacation; The feeling of relaxation is pretty powerful!

Seeing Liu Yi gave her just a simple response and then turned his head to read the English book, Murong Die’s nose wrinkled with anger.

‘In Liu Yi’s heart, am I not attractive enough?’ She fumed in her heart.

‘I can’t even compete with an English book!?’

‘But I am the Lady Murong!’

‘Many boys would gather around me by themselves!’

‘Even Jiang Youcai, the number one student, tries to pursue me!’

‘How could Liu Yi behave differently than the other boys!’

‘He likes the hateful Ma Yixuan, but only lukewarm to this lady!’

How could the prideful Murong Die was able to tolerate this!

‘Since when did Murong Die become inferior to others!’

‘No, I want Liu Yi to kneel at my feet!’

‘I want him to like me, and then I will reject him!’

‘I must!’

After Murong Die thought of this, she took out her iPad with internet connection from the desk and began to search for the information that she wants.

Li Juanhua didn’t have the interest to teach. She only thought that today’s class was a great mess. So, she let the students study by themselves.

“Sis’ Die, what are you looking at…?”

Seeing that Murong Die was rummaging her iPad, Wang Lele couldn’t help but to take a closer look and asked.

“No, nothing….”

Murong Die was surprised. She quickly reached out to cover the screen.

Seeing the words on the screen, Wang Lele suddenly exclaimed.

“Chasing men….wow….”

Murong Die put out her hand to cover Wang Lele’s mouth. Her face was somewhat flushed.

“Shut up! You big mouth!”

Murong Die quickly stole a glance at Liu Yi, only to find the latter still indulged in the English textbook. After sighing with relief, she couldn’t help but get angry again.

‘This dummy!’ She thought, ‘Really makes people angry!’

“Sis’ Die…You, why are you looking for this…”

Wang Lele looked at the articles that were searched by Murong Die.

Something like, How to Pursue a Man in a Hundred Moves.

The Principle of Pursuing!

How To Lure Him Into Bed With You….

“How, how could there be something like this…”

Wang Lele was so surprised.

“These searches pop up by itself! It has nothing to do with me!”

Murong Die’s face went red. That was really not her active search!

Certain search engine cheated on her!

“Oh…But sis’ Die…do you really want to chase Liu Yi gege?”

Wang Lele didn’t wish to wake the tiger, so, she lowered her voice and secretly asked Murong Die.


Worried that their talk might be heard, she took out a notebook and wrote with a beautiful font on top of it.

“This lady must pursue Liu Yi! After he likes me and makes his confession, I will refuse him!”


Wang Lele was surprised once again and wrote.

“Liu Yi gege is too pitiful…”

“He asked for it!”

Murong Die curled her lips, hummed twice, and then wrote, “He dare to ignore this lady….In this world, no man can ignore the existence of this lady! I’ll make him pay for this!”

“This…is a little too cruel…It seemed like a third-class Taiwan/HK soap opera drama…”

“So what! Do you want to help me or not!?”


“I just ask you a question, do you want to help me or not!? Am I still your sis’ Die!?”

“O, okay then…”

After much deliberation, Wang Lele thought that her sis’ Die’s position in her heart is a little higher than her Liu Yi gege. Therefore, she clasped her palms together and secretly did an obeisance to Liu Yi behind his back and then said in her heart.

‘Liu Yi gege, I’m sorry….’

‘Who told you to provoke sis’ Die, making her angry toward you….’

‘I only hope you have the good fortune to survive this….’

‘Silly person have a silly luck…But how could you incur calamity….’

Murong Die continued her study on how to pursue a man.

At this time, Chen Cai secretly pushed Liu Yi.

“Boss, boss!”


Liu Yi was obsessed with the English textbook. He decided to memorize the whole book into his mind.

When he heard Chen Cai’s voice, he suddenly awoke.


Chen Cai somewhat dumbfoundedly looked at Liu Yi, then lowered his voice to ask, “Boss…are, are you stupid?”

“What do you mean?”

“Murong Die! Wang Lele!”

“Ah, what about them?”

Liu Yi innocently looked at Chen Cai. He still didn’t get what Chen Cai mean..

“Oh heaven….two beautiful woman sitting behind us….but you didn’t turn back to look even a single glance?”

“In any case, they won’t run won’t they? I can always look back later on!’

Liu Yi said, “Look at this English book, it’s quite interesting you know!”

“Boss! Are you stupid!”

Chen Cai was shocked. He quickly stretched out his hand and touched Liu Yi on the forehead.

“Mm, not hot….could it possessed by a ghost?….Evil spirit, quickly leave! Release my boss!”

“Go back to your seat, you’re the one who is possessed by a ghost!”

Liu Yi moved Chen Cai’s hand to the side, saying, “If I don’t look at the English book in an English class, where do you think I should look!”

“It’s over….my boss is indeed stupid….”

Chen Cai faintly sighed, “Boss, you used to be different than this….In those days, the two of us were free and unconstrained, crisscrossing among the flowers…inspecting countless of women!”

“Do you mean in a movie?”

Liu Yi rolled his eyes at Chen Cai

“No matter. In any case, we can be considered an expert in picking up girls!”

Chen Cai laughed and said, “But how could you suddenly turned into a bookworm now!”

“Nothing….It’s just that, after mastering a technique, learning becomes easier.”

Liu Yi touched the English book and lamented, “This is the first time I discovered such an effective way to study. Thus, I’m quite obsessed with it….”


Chen Cai was speechless. It was quite a while later until he came out with some words.

“Are you really Liu Yi? You’re not being brainwashed by an alien aren’t you….”


Liu Yi gave Chen Cai a stern look and then continued to concentrate on his English study.

At this time, the bell rang.

Chen Cai quickly pulled Liu Yi aside and then said.

“Boss, wait for me in the class. I’m going downstairs to the supermarket to buy an attractive envelope!”

After that, this fellow madly dashed and ran out of the classroom.

Liu Yi shook his head.

‘This guy is quite serious in chasing this girl.’ He thought.

‘I hope Wang Yuzheng can accept him. One-sided love is really tiring.’

‘Truly, being fucking in love is a very serious matter!’

‘The things that you could not do, but you must do…’

‘Well, at least, it saves a lot of trouble.’

Just as Liu Yi continued to study his English book after the class is over, Murong Die and Wang Lele looked at each other in the eye.

“Sis’ Die, there are several ways to do this, you should try this method first!”

Wang Lele pointed to the “Indirect Suggestion” article to Murong Die.

“Do you think it would work?”

Murong Die was skeptical.

“Sis’ Die, you’re a girl aren’t you!?”

Wang Lele said confidently, “Moreover, you’re a beautiful girl! Your family is also well-off, which boy doesn’t want to be your boyfriend! I think Liu Yi gege just doesn’t understand sis’ Die’s heart….”

“What, what heart!”

Murong Die’s face blushed, and she quickly corrected, “It’s revenge!”

“Fine, fine…even if it’s revenge, sis’ Die also needs to let Liu Yi gege know that you like him, right?”

“That’s true….”

Murong Die nodded her head.

“If Liu Yi gege knows that sis’ Die is interested in him….”

“What’s so interesting about this fool!”

“Assumption, this is assumption….”

“Ok then….”

“That’s right if Liu Yi gege knows that sis’ Die is just pretending to like him….oh, he doesn’t know that sis’ Die is just pretending to like him, but, if he knows sis’ Die is just feigning interest in him….Oh, oh, sis’ Die, I’m confused…”

“Okay, okay, Lele. I understand what you mean. You can continue.”

“Hu, hu, hu, sis’ Die is so understanding…”

Wang Lele wiped her tears and continued, “If Liu Yi gege knows that sis’ Die is interested in him, he must be very pleasantly surprised and then will actively try to pursue sis Die. Thus, sis’ Die’s objective will be achieved.”

“This method is not bad…”

Murong Die thought that this is a good approach, “I give him a hint, making him think that I like him. In turn, he will chase me, and then I will refuse him! Hehehe, good, this is quite despicable, I like it! I will pretend to invite him to watch a movie, he will certainly misunderstand it!”

Such a smile from Murong Die made Wang Lele’s body cold.

‘Liu Yi gege….I wish you many, many good luck….’ Wang Lele prayed in her heart.

“I know what to do. Watch me!”

Murong Die rubbed her pretty face and then stood up.

“I am the Lady of the Murong Family….I can do this.”

After that, she took two deep breaths and walked to the front and then stood before Liu Yi. She then stretched out her finger and heavily knocked Liu Yi’s table.

“Liu Yi! You, you stand up!”


Liu Yi woke up and looked at the beautiful princess that stood in front of him. He didn’t know what she wants with him.

“Murong Die, what do you want?”

“Liu Yi, you, you…”