“How is there this kind of herb!”

The shaman shakes his head, “There is a stream of cold air congested within her body, this is why she is so weak and sickly. If you really wish for her to no longer have any future worries, I have heard that there is a Sky Flint on Scarlet Mountain. If she carries this Sky Flint around her, it will be able to control the cold air in her body.”

“Sky Flint?”

This is the first time Liu Yi heard of this term.

“That’s right, Sky Flint.”

The shaman nods his head, “But I heard that this Scarlet Mountain is very hot, even if demons with fire attributes go, they will also be burnt into ashes! Thus from ancient times till now, no one has ever taken away that Sky Flint before.”

“So that is the case.”

Liu Yi nods his head, looks like I need to make a trip over to Scarlet Mountain.

“The two of you can rest here properly today, the young lady also needs rest.”

The shaman opens the door and leaves.

“I’ll go and help you make something to eat.”

The sheep head guy also wants to walk out when Liu Yi call out to him, “That…thanks…”

“Aiyah, there is no need to be so polite. This is what I should do.”

The sheep head guy rubs his horn and laughs drily before leaving.

Liu Yi also feels that he is slightly panicked and treating everyone as an enemy, but she still releases a few black butterflies out to follow behind that sheep head guy.

“Big brother…”

Zhang Yunyun suddenly blinks open her eyes as her clear eyes look at Liu Yi, “Thank you..”

“You are awake?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and touches Zhang Yunyun’s forehead, “Mm, it hot anymore. This Nine Yang Grass is indeed very effective.”


Zhang Yunyun’s face suddenly turns red again.

“What is the matter? Could it be that you are having fever again?”

Liu Yi hurries and touches again, “Don’t have ah, what is going on…”

“Big brother….just, just now you kissed me….”


Hearing what Zhang Yunyun ask, Liu Yi instantly becomes slightly awkward, “Just now was to save you…in a moment of desperation you don’t blame me…”

“Don’t blame big brother…”

Zhang Yunyun says softly, “But…but…Empress Mother told me…after kissing a guy….will get pregnant one….what should I do if I have a baby…”

Liu Yi nearly vomits blood.

What the heck, isn’t this Empress Mother completely sabotaging people!

Just a kiss and will get pregnant, wouldn’t the abortion hospital earn big already!

“Big brother…what is the matter with you?”

“Nothing, I say, Xiao Yunyun ah. Your Empress Mother was lying to you one. You will not get pregnant from kissing!”

Zhang Yunyun asks indistinctly, “Why would my Empress Mother lie to me…is it that Big brother does not want to be responsible…”

“No, not at all…”

Liu Yi feels that he will never be able to win this argument.

“Then why is that so…”

“It is your Empress Mother who did not finish saying, right, she did not say finish! Kissing really will not get you pregnant!”

“Then how would I get pregnant?”

Liu Yi feels that he is going to be defeated by this flower a thousand why!

“This, this…”

“Big brother is lying to me?”

“Not at all! Right, right!”

Liu Yi suddenly stretches out a finger and says in delight, “Your Empress Mother missed out a point! Kissing will not get pregnant…only taking off all of your clothing and then kiss will you get pregnant!”

“So it is like that?”

Zhang Yunyun blinks before becoming slightly grateful and rubs her flat stomach and says, “That is good then…right, right now I am still not prepared to have kids…big brother….wait till I am fine then we’ll take off our clothes and kiss.”

“Mm, that is then right….wait a minute….I have no wish to have a kid ah!”

Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears.

Just what is this little princess thinking of!!

“Big brother….I am hungry…”

Zhang Yunyun’s stomach starts growling again.

“Oh…they are making food for you.”

While they are speaking, the door is once again opened as the sheep head guy walks in with two wooden bowls in his hands. Inside the bowls are some fruits.

“This….I am only sorry but we only have this….we are vegetarians and do not have any meat. Hope you do not mind…”

“No worries. It is fine if we have food to eat, thank you.”

Liu Yi takes a fruit and takes a look. It is bright red but he does not know what kind of fruit it is, but it is rather alluring.

“Then you guys eat slowly. After eating have a good rest.”

The sheep head guy smiles before walking out of the room.

“This fruit looks really nice….”

Zhang Yunyun is really hungry already, as she looks at the red fruit, her stomach starts growling non-stop.

“It is really nice to look at.”

Liu Yi did not say anything as he passes the fruit to her.

At this moment he suddenly hears the conversation between the sheep head guy someone from his black butterflies.

“Sir Shaman, will that fruit really work?”


The other voice is indeed the shaman’s, “I have placed sleeping drugs in the fruits. After they have eaten they will definitely fall asleep for an entire day. During this period of time, it is enough for us to hand them over to our Wind Kingdom’s King’s hands.”

“That’s right, this way our sheep village will be heavily rewarded by their kind.”

This voice is rather unfamiliar, furthermore, it is rather old sounding

“From now on, our sheep village will be able to become a noble race within the Wind Kingdom! Hahaha, when that happen, benefits and wealth will be ours!”

“Village head is smart!”

“Hehehehe…tonight prepare to take action!”

When Liu Yi hears this he started frowning, while Zhang Yunyun has already bitten into the fruit, the fruit juice is really sweet making her offering it to Liu Yi.

“Big brother you eat as well!”

“I am not hungry. You eat it.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily as he touches Zhang Yunyun’s face.

He did not stop Zhang Yunyun from eating the fruit that is laced with sleeping drugs, because there are some matters that he does not wish to let her see.

“Fine then….I will leave one for Big brother, it is very delicious.”

Zhang Yunyun is indeed very hungry, very soon she had eaten the first fruit and grabs another one. After taking two bites her eyelids are starting to close.

“Wu….so tired…”

While she slowly closes her eyes, she continues to eat the fruit.

What the! This lass is already so tired and she is still continuing to eat….she is really a 100% foodie!

Liu Yi shakes his head as he waits for Zhang Yunyun to completely fall asleep before carrying her in his embrace and walks out of the stone house.

Upon walking out, he meets that sheep head guy.

“Oh? Where are you going?”

Realizing that Liu Yi is still able to move, the sheep head guy is slightly shocked.

“Leaving here.”

Liu Yi hugs Zhang Yunyun and walks towards the outside of the village.

“You cannot leave!”

The sheep head guy instantly becomes anxious and reveals a ferocious appearance, “You are not going anywhere!”

“Oh? You wish to block me?”

“It is us!”

Sheep head guy says and roars, “Come here ah, our village fortune tree is about to escape ah!”

With this roar the earlier peaceful sheep village instantly becomes noisy.

Everyone in the village, no matter it is guy or girl, young or old all carries an object to beat people up and fiercely surround Liu Yi.

An old man with a goat beard walks over and looks at Liu Yi coldly.

“Today you are not going anywhere. You and the princess are our treasures ah.”

“Blinded by greed.”

Liu Yi snorts as he hugs Zhang Yunyun who is in his embrace tighter, “Even if you guys capture me and the princess what can you do?”

“Hahaha, looks like you still do not know your value!”

Greed flashes across the eyes of the old man with goat beard, “Our king had already given the order that whoever who is able to capture you and the princess will become the prime minister of our Wind Kingdom! Hahaha right now nine countries had already forged an alliance, they are just waiting to capture you and the princess before dealing with the Cloud Kingdom together!”

Nine kingdoms have already formed an alliance?

Liu Yi’s heart jolts, could it be that it is because of the words that I said back then?

Looks like the scar-faced guy had already transmitted all of it to their kind….which is also Sir Sky Supporting Pillar!

They actually formed a nine kingdom alliance…

Liu Yi did not think of this point.

Hope that….I did not change the history!

“Even if that is the case, we are also not something that you can control.”

Liu Yi advice, “Seeing that you guys did not use overboard methods, I do not wish to harm you guys. It is best if you guys move aside.”

“You are already poisoned with sleeping drugs! Right now it must be hard for you to control your body right!”

The village head laughs coldly, “The one that is important is the princess’s life, as for you it does not matter if you are alive or dead!”

The sheep villagers by his side raise their weapons, “Kill him! Snatch back the princess!”


The sheep villagers who were already blinded by greed rushes up sinisterly.

“Seeking death!”

Liu Yi is gloomy, for benefits, even these sheep who are vegetarians are biting people!

He carries the princess under his arms and walks out the Immortal Wine Gourd and drinks a mouth of fine wine.

The alcohol flows into his dan and transforms into strength!

“Ask gentlemen how much worry can he have, an entire Jiangdong river flows eastwards!”

Liu Yi did not take out his Taiji sword. He only uses sword qi to execute this technique!

Instantly his sword qi becomes like a wave crashing towards far away.

The sheep villagers who are running at the very front were all turned into mincemeat by the sword qi!


Seeing this scene the village head is so badly frightened that he peed in his pants.

“The sleeping drugs were actually not effective, my gods….”

The shaman also falls apart! When have they seen such a scary technique before!

After the sword qi killed so many villagers, it did not stop and continues to push forward.

An enormous gorge is carved out from the ground like a riverbed that is left behind after a river had dried up!

“Mother ah!”

“Save, save my life ah!”

How would the rest of the villagers still think of fortunes? All of them were badly frighten and tossed away the item in their hands and starts escaping.

The village head’s legs had already softened from fear and are unable to run away. He is instantly turned into mincemeat by the sword qi. Before he died he suddenly regrets, regrets that he provoked this devil!

Liu Yi only used a single move and rout out the villagers.

The earlier peaceful small village has now turned into an open space covered with a corpse as the blood forms a river.

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh as he looks at Zhang Yunyun who is sleeping sweetly in his embrace.

Such a pure girl what revolves around her is always carnage.

But wait till I bring her out from this place then that will be good.

“Let us leave this place. First, we go and get that stone and then fetch your mother.”