Religion Mi is far in the western regions and is very far away from the previous location of Ai Ling. In the current era, sitting on a plane will also need 5-6 hours.

But Ai Ling’s speed is very quick. Although she brings Ge Shenhua along, she is not slowed down that much. After two hours, the two of them had already reached the sky of the western region and looks down at the endless territory of the western region.

Now that they had finally stopped, Ge Shenhua bears with his nausea and asks, “Is there really that….Religion Mi here?”

“Of course, I have already come here a number of times.”

Ai Ling says firmly, but that is during the current era. During the ancient era, this is really her first time going to this Religion Mi.

Religion Mi is filled with monks who are fully concentrating on cultivating. Despite them not leaving their sect or the likes, but all of them are very powerful. Wanting to steal the golden body from under their eyes, without her own treasure, it is definitely not possible.

“Come, first paste this on your head!”

As Ai Ling speaks she takes out two yellow amulets and passes one to Ge Shenhua.

“This is…”

“This is concealment amulet. It is not an ordinary amulet but a secret treasure!”

Ai Ling says proudly, “I can mingle around all kinds of large sects for so many years is all due to this treasure! After you paste this amulet on your forehead, even if it is a Heaven Realm expert, they will not be able to sense your existence!”

Ge Shenhua exclaims softly, “So mystical!”

“Of course, the things that I, Ai Ling takes out, when has it been an inferior product!”

As Ai Ling speaks, she pastes the concealment amulet in between her brows.

Instantly a rainbow radiance over her body and she disappears in front of Ge Shenhua.

“Daoist Ai?”

Ge Shenhua is shocked. Even though he already had prepared his heart but more or less it is hard for him to accepts.

A living adult is gone and really disappeared?

“What are you in a daze for, hurry up and put on the concealment amulet!”

In the space in front of him suddenly comes the beratement from a woman’s voice.

Only then did Ge Shenhua awaken from his daze and hurriedly place the yellow amulet on his forehead.

Every in front of him blurred and Ai Ling once again appears in front of him.

“Ah? It lost effect already?”

Ge Shenhua does not understand.

“What do you even know. Those who are using concealment amulet are able to see each other!”

Ai Ling rolls her eyes, “Let’s go. The rest of the journey I will not bring you flying along. You follow behind me.”

She steps on her sword and flies into the distance.

Ge Shenhua does not have any choice. Since he is already here, he can only follow Ai Ling’s arrangement. He steps onto his own sword and chases after Ai Ling.

The two of them flew for another thousand meters when an endless mountain range suddenly appears in front of them.

“Religion Mi is hidden here!”

Ai Ling points at the mountain range in front. Ge Shenhua looks all over the place for a while feeling strange.

“Everywhere there are mountain ranges ah….where are we going to find that big sect?”

“All of the sects are hidden in all kind of illusion barrier. Naturally, you will not be able to see it!”

Ai Ling smiles in delight and then stretches out her hand which is holding a golden brush.

“But these illusion barriers are effective towards ordinary people. But meeting me Ai Ling…hehehe, there is no need to use any violent methods and I will be able to open it!”

She inserted a large amount of qi into the golden brush in her hand.


The word ‘Open’ flies out in seal scripture and hits the space in front of it.

Instantly a translucent spiral appears in front of the two of them as Ai Ling cries out in a hurry, “Quickly enter!”

She takes the lead and shoots into the spiral!

Ge Shenhua does not have time to think as he immediately chases after her and flies in a well!

The moment he enters, he looks around in shock!

In front of him is no longer that endless mountain range but a magnificent treasure temple!

This temple is really large and behind it is a tall mountain. All kind of majestic Buddhist halls is scattered around it in picturesque disorder!

Around the surround of this main hall is 18 golden arhats! Every single arhat is a hundred meters all. They are of different shape and appearance. Some are ***, some are malevolent. Like 18 guards guarding the temple within.

From the temple comes the sound of scripture chanting, it is very beautiful to hear and makes Ge Shenhua feel like his mind is becoming clearer.

“Good fellow!”

Even Ge Shenhua who thinks that he had seen before the world, seeing the territory of Religion Mi, he is also flabbergast, “This is too formidable already…”

“This is still nothing much.”

Ai Ling says in her heart, 1300 years later, this Religion Mi is even larger!

Only that these 18 arhats are no longer complete. Back then I do not understand, but now thinking about it…it seems like I can understand already!

History ah, you are a really strange thing!

[TL: please don’t tell me that in the current era there is only 15 left…..]

“Daoist Ai….we had already arrived at this Religion Mi…but, where are the golden body…”

“Aren’t they there!”

As Ai Ling smiles she points.

Seeing the 18 enormous golden arhats, Ge Shenhua instantly got a huge shock, the golden body are actually so large!

“Gods…such a large object, how can we steal it ah…”

Ge Shenhua is almost about to cry, are you joking? Stealing this stuff, don’t talk about stealing. Even if carrying it away in broad daylight, it is almost impossible!

“These golden bodies are covered with magic techniques.”

Ai Ling continues and says, “As long as you break the magic technique outside, the golden body inside is actually not very big. I will then be able to use my secret treasure and keep them.”

“So that is the case…then we….when will we take action?”

Ge Shenhua has never been a thief before, thus he is slightly nervous now.

“These monks abide by the regulations of working when the sun rises and rest when the sun sets.”

Ai Ling says, “After the sun sets, we will take action.”

Everything with stealing as main and do not cause too big of a commotion. Ai Ling has already calculated her plans and is just waiting for the sun to set.

The two of them fly to the temple with a mountain behind. As they sit in lotus position they kill time.

The sun is already gradually setting and in less than two hours, it will set. Ai Ling is like a patient hunter and is not anxious at all, while on the other hand, Ge Shenhua is slightly unable to sit still.

Seeing Ge Shenhua sitting a while then standing up then sitting again, Ai Ling cannot help but reprimands, “Be more patient. If you do not have this pit of patience then how are you going to cultivate?”

“This….I do have the patience to cultivate…”

Ge Shenhua says slightly wronged, “But this patience for stealing….”

“This is not called stealing! This is called borrowing!”

Ai Ling corrected Ge Shenhua’s sentence, “Just we are not returning it.”

“Then why don’t you call it snatching….”

“What did you say?”

“No, nothing…hehe…”

Ge Shenhua does not dare to provoke Daoist Ai, perhaps only Daoist Liu is able to stand her. It is still my wife who is good ah!

“Soon it will be sunset. You must be more patient a…..”

Before Ai Ling finished the surrounding air suddenly trembles violently!


It is like an earthquake causing the two of them to sway as well!

“What, what is this situation?”

Ge Shenhua’s face turns pale, as he hurries and stabilizes his body.

“No good! There are people attacking this illusion barrier!”

Ai Ling also turns pale, as she exclaims, “Ge Shenhua stand firmly!”

While they are speaking from the temple come the tolling of the bell, like it is reminding all of the monks.

Ai Ling’s expression is filled with worry, who is the one who charged in. Isn’t this just spoiling my good matter?

“Who is breaking into my Religion Mi!”

A simple and deep voice comes from the main hall of the temple, causing the mountain to trembles again!


A part of the illusion barrier is broken. Following which several figures descend from the sky and like dumplings, they drop towards the ground.

More and more figures are dropping down and the human mountain on the ground is growing larger and large. Instantly over tens of thousands of figures scatter from the human mountain and charges crazily attacking the temple!

“These….what are these ah…”

Standing on the mountain peak, seeing these already non-ordinary people, Ge Shenhua says, “They, they seem rather familiar….”

“These….aren’t they the zombies that attacked us before?”

Ai Ling also frowns, “Did not think that…they would actually attack Religion Mi!”


Ge Shenhua vaguely recalls that back then Daoist Liu also seems to be sent to Demon Realm by them as well!

-dong! dong! dong!-

The sound of the bell is becoming louder and louder as all of the monks of Religion Mi come out to meet the enemy!

This can be considered as a war in the cultivation world right! Furthermore, this scale does not seem to be small at all!

Ge Shenhua is becoming fascinated as he watches! The attacking methods of the zombies are rather simple, they are relying on their body to collide otherwise it is spraying out blood pillars!

While the monks are using more and more techniques! All of them are slapping out large Buddhist palm prints and for a moment the whole sky is covered with golden light which is rather nice to look at!

The Religion Mi’s head monk flies out from the main hall and lands in front of the hall and roars in anger, “Just who on earth is it! Report your name!”

Ai Ling takes a look at him. The old monk is around 18 star jade cultivation and can be considered as very powerful. But at this time the strongest in Religion Mi, is only at the peak of the earth realm.

1300 years ago, there aren’t that many cultivation sects in the human realm, there is not a single heaven realm expert who had crossed their calamity!

While 1300 years later. the inner pavilion 5 great sects already have countless experts!

Even within the outer pavilions, there are also some heaven realm experts who had crossed their calamity! Don’t talk about other sects, just Concealed Sword Pavilion there is two heaven realm grandmasters, but Ai Ling had never seen them before personally.


Cold laughter comes from the sky, attracting the crowd to look up at the crack in the sky.

Only to see a cold as ice beauty flying down from the crack, the white clothing that she is wearing is fluttering along with the wind.

Xue Luo!

Seeing this woman, Ai Ling instantly start clenching her teeth!

It is all because of her which caused my lord to be sent to Demon Realm! Why did she appear in this Religion Mi as well!

Just what is this woman planning!

“Master Ci Yun, I am really sorry but I am here to take your golden arhat body!”

This sentence causes Ai Ling and Ge Shenhua to look at each other.

She is also here for the golden arhat body?