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Wang Lele, who looked at her sis’ Die from the back, pumped her fist to cheer Murong Die.

‘Sis’ Die, you can do it!’ She cheered in her heart.

‘Take Liu Yi gege out!’

‘But how could there be a sour feeling in my heart….so uncomfortable.’

‘Strange… No matter, sis’ Die’s thing is more important!”

“Yeah? What is it?”

Liu Yi looked at Murong Die, who appeared red-faced and stammered, without knowing what she wanted to say.

“Liu Yi, you, you….”

Murong Die took two deep breaths and then suddenly said.

“You’re blocking this lady’s view! This lady can’t see the blackboard in front of the class!”


Wang Lele’s head fell on the table.

‘It’s over, sis’ Die can’t be saved anymore.’ She thought.

“What?” Liu Yi was bewildered.

“Come on, lady. You’re the one who wants to sit behind me! Also, I’m not that tall!”

“I don’t care. You’re blocking this lady’s line of sight!”

Murong Die stared with her eyes, “What are you going to do to fix this!”

“Fine….I’m going to sit a bit lower, ok!”

Liu Yi thought that this lady’s matter is too much!

“That’s also an eyesore!”

“Then I’ll move to the last row, how about it?”

Liu Yi thought, ‘In any event, I have a super vision now. My eyesight can be like a telescope. Even if I sit on the last row, I can still clearly see the blackboard.’

“You, you, you, you dare!”

Murong Die almost exploded.

‘Do you really want to stay far away from this lady!?’ She thought.

‘You jerk!’

“Then what exactly do you want?….How about we swap places, you sit in front of me?”

“Liu Yi, you idiot!”

Murong Die reached out and grabbed Liu Yi’s English book and then shot him in the face with it. After that, she angrily walked back and sat down.

Wang Lele, who was watching from the side, wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

“That bastard is so irritating!”

Murong Die poked the textbook.

“Sis’ Die…this is not an indirect suggestion. Instead, you’re trying to provoke a war…”

“How could I!? It was him who started it first!”

Murong Die angrily said and continued to poke a character in the English book, as if that character was Liu Yi.

“…But, even so, if sis’ Die angry at him, how could he knows sis’ Die’s.…feigned interest! How could our goals be achieved?”

“That’s true….”

“That’s right….In order to achieve the goal, a little bit sacrifice is nothing, right?”

“Yes, yes, sis’ Die have to endure this…”

“You’re right! Patient, I have to be patient! No matter what, this time, I must succeed!”

Murong Die took two deep breaths, stood up and walked to the front of Liu Yi.

“Why are you here again?”

Liu Yi smelled a fragrant aroma, looked up to see Murong Die and couldn’t help but asked.

In just a single sentence, Murong Die has been provoked to anger again.

“Liu Yi, how could you! Is this lady such a hindrance in your eyes?”

Murong Die heavily slapped the table and angrily said.

In the back, Wang Lele covered her eyes. She didn’t dare to look.

‘It’s over. These two people must be really incompatible. How could they started to quarrel again….” She thought.

“What? I didn’t say that!”

Liu Yi quickly shook his head, thinking, ‘I never said anything like that.’

“Then this lady must’ve looked hideous, making you sick of seeing me, am I right?”

“How could I! You’re quite nice actually!”

Listening to Liu Yi’s word, Lin Tong, who was laying on the table, couldn’t help but covered her eyes.

‘Good….’ She thought.

‘Liu Yi, you’re a big idiot!’

“This lady is….quite nice?”

Murong Die’s pair of beautiful eyes were suddenly perfectly round. With a faint smile on her face, she appeared to be angry, but also not angry.


Liu Yi touched the back of his head. He didn’t know what Murong Die wanted with him.

But it smelled a little bit of powder keg.

“Liu Yi….you’re brave!”

Murong Die tightly clenched her fists.

But at this time, from behind, Wang Lele continuously gave Murong Die a signal.

Wang Lele exaggerated her expression and pointed at Liu Yi while voicelessly moving her mouth.

“Watch cinema…watch cinema…”

Murong Die took a deep breath and calmed her anger.

‘That’s right, for my purpose, I have to sacrifice myself.’ She thought.

‘I am the Lady Murong, and I am ready for this!’

“Why are you still here?”

This question from Liu Yi directly destroyed all the reasons from Murong Die.

“Liu Yi!”

Murong Die reached out her hand and grabbed Liu Yi by the collar. She pressed her face in front of him and fiercely asked.

“This weekend! 10:30 in the morning! Meet me in front of Tianda movie theater! If you don’t come, this lady will kill you!”

After that, she pushed Liu Yi back and returned to her seat to sulk.

Liu Yi was silly.

‘What does this mean?’ He wondered.

‘Ten thirty in the morning on weekend, meet at the front of Tianda Cinema?’

“Sis’ Die…”

Wang Lele looked at Murong Die with a wry smile, “What you just did…how could it be called indirect suggestion….I think this is just like making an appointment….”

“Months off (it sounded the same with ‘appointment’)? What months off have to do with this? Do men also have this?”

Murong Die was surprised.

“What are you talking about….I said ‘appointment’!”

Wang Lele hastened to explain and wrote the words on the paper, “To make an appointment for a duel….”

“Who’s going to fight with him! Humph! Uncle Wang hasn’t beaten him yet!”

Murong Die curled her lips.

How could she know that her trusted uncle Wang, was already beaten once by Liu Yi?

“This lady will not rely on force to bully others. Humph, humph, this lady will use her own method to punish him!”

Murong Die said and then clenched her fists.

“But why does it looks like sis’ Die is still going to fight with him….”

Wang Lele was speechless.

She sighed, thinking, ‘Although I am not as smart as sis’ Die, on a certain aspect, sis’ Die is more stupid than me!’

Wang Lele has no alternative but to reach out and patted Liu Yi on the shoulder.


Liu Yi quickly turned his head. Indeed, he didn’t quite understand about what had just happened.

“Liu Yi, sis’ Die and I are going to the movie theater this weekend, why don’t you come with us.”

“Are you asking me to watch a movie together?”

As he said this, Liu Yi was suddenly embarrassed.

“I’m sorry….I, I have no money….”

Liu Yi touched his trouser pocket.

Only to hear the clanking sound of coins.

Watching a cinema is a very extravagant thing. A movie ticket is about 70-80 coin! He even heard that an IMAX ticket is more than a hundred coin!

Watching a movie is very expensive here in the north!


Wang Lele couldn’t help but laughed, “You don’t have to pay, we invited you!”


Liu Yi immediately waved and said, “My grandpa said, Don’t get a reward if it’s not deserved! In particular, I am a boy. How could I let a girl pay for me! Absolutely not!”

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth….”

Murong Die was going to speak with clenched jaws, but Wang Lele quickly stopped her.

“No, Liu Yi gege, you do deserve this!”

Wang Lele quickly said, “A few days ago you helped us in fending off Lan He. After this help, me and sis’ Die were quite busy!”

“So what?”

Liu Yi recalled this matter, “It was actually quite easy….”

“Then didn’t your grandpa also said that you must repay any kindness, even if it’s just a small one!”

Wang Lele rolled her eyes and said with a sly smile.

“You helped us so much. Therefore, we must show our gratitude, right!”

“This….is this ok?”

Liu Yi slightly hesitated.

He didn’t know, from the side, there were a group of people that looked at him with green eyes.

‘Fuck, a goddess treat you to a movie but you don’t want to go. Liu Yi, you’re indeed an abomination!’ They all thought.

They were all really, truly envious of him.

“There’s nothing wrong with this, we just don’t want to owe you a favor!”

Wang Lele abruptly changed the subject, and then said, “Liu Yi, you don’t want us to owe you a favor do you?”

“Of course not!”

Liu Yi quickly shook his head.

“Excellent! So, half past ten on Sunday, meet us in front of Tianda theater! Don’t be late! A real boy will not be late!”

Wang Lele smiled and said to Liu Yi.

“Okay, okay….”

Liu Yi quickly nodded.

“Hehe, it’s settled then!”

After Liu Yi had turned his head, Wang Lele gave Murong Die a hand signal.

Murong Die somewhat faintly looked at Wang Lele.

“You girl….When did your EQ become so high…”

“Never…My EQ is very low, but fortunately, Liu Yi’s EQ is not high!”

Wang Lele smiled and said, “Sis’ Die, you need to concentrate on preparing for our plan…when the time comes, you will ruthlessly reject Liu Yi gege!”

Wang Lele said, but her heart was somewhat excited. She thought.

‘This Sunday, I’m going to see a movie with Liu Yi gege!’


Without knowing why Murong Die also began to look forward to that day.

But at this time, Lan He, who was sitting nearby, clenched his fists.

‘Sunday is it…’ He thought.

‘Want to watch a movie with my Murong Die? You’re going to die!’

After some calculation from Lan He, the day for Ma Wei’s restructuring is almost the same as the day when Liu Yi and them plan to watch a movie.

‘Hehe…at that time, I can do whatever I want….As for Murong Die, wouldn’t she obediently accept my affection?’

Lan He secretly smiled, but, Liu Yi wasn’t aware of that. He was busily turning page after page of the English book.

“Boss, boss….I, I’m back….”

At this time, Chen Cai, who was running out of breath, came into the class. While holding a pink envelope, he said.

“I finally….I finally got it….”

“Get back to the seat. We still have a class.”

Liu Yi smiled, “I’ll send it for you after the next lesson.”

“Ok, ok….”

Chen Cai was also tired. He climbed to his seat, gasping for air.

Lin Tong also jumped up and shouted to Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi, skip the next lesson. You need to follow me into the spiritual environment!”

“What’s wrong!”

Liu Yi hurriedly asked, “I still want to try this memory trick….The next class is history lesson!”

“That’s not important!”

Lin Tong jumped up, grabbed and hung on Liu Yi’s neck and then shouted.

“After this, you’re free to do whatever you want. But now your second star jade has just been opened, you have much work to do to stabilize this second star jade. Moreover, your strength is now sufficient to learn the second palm strike. Come with me!”

“Okay….I listen to you, Fox sister….”

Liu Yi can’t endure Lin Tong’s entanglement, so, he has to comply and sat straight to enter his spiritual environment.

After he entered his spiritual environment, he immediately saw Lin Tong, who was standing there anxiously.

“You finally came!”

Lin Tong hastily said, “If you come too late, you’re finished!”