Liu Yi’s ‘bring it on’ causes all of the students present to be shocked.

Is, is this the Liu Yi that they know?

Wang Yuzheng and Murong Die also looks at Liu Yi in shock like this is the first time they had met this kind of guy.

“Good fellow, daring to challenge me Lan He!”

Being provoked by Liu Yi in front of everyone, young master Lan instantly feels like he had lost his face and shouts, “What are you guys staring blankly for, cripple him for me! Remove one of his legs, I’ll bear the responsibility!”

“Lan He! Hold your hands!”

Murong Die instantly shouts frowning, “How can you instruct your bodyguards to hit people?”

“Xiao Lan, they are my bodyguards, they are helping young master Ling to take revenge that’s all!”

Lan He is not going to listen to Murong Die this time around, otherwise, his young master’s name will become a joke!

With his command, the four bodyguards instantly move and charge towards Liu Yi.

The four bodyguards are all 1.9 meters tall and are like human-size robots which will scare normal people when they meet them.

While Liu Yi is already used to this kind of things. He only smiles faintly before taking action.

The bodyguard who is at the forefront stretches out both his hands toward Liu Yi’s throat.

Liu Yi only raises his leg and kicks that bodyguard in his stomach causing him to kneel down!

After which Liu Yi stretches out his hand and grabs the bodyguard by his head and smashes his head against that bodyguard head!

After Liu Yi cultivates and lights up his first star jade, his strength increases largely!

His body is no longer ordinary and his muscles are even firmer!

Especially when he gathers his qi to his forehead, it causes his forehead to be even harder.

The bodyguard immediately starts bleeding from his forehead and collapsed down onto the ground.

Another bodyguard had already closed in on Liu Yi. His hand is holding a truncheon in his hand which he swings towards Liu Yi’s leg.

This truncheon is cast from aluminum alloy and it can smash bricks from its attack not to mention a human leg!

With his young master’s guarantee, the bodyguards turn ruthless!

He seems to hear Ma Yixuan and the girls’ cry of alarm.


Liu Yi snorts coldly as he stretches out his left hand and grabs hold of that bodyguard’s wrist and then exerting strength with both hands, he pulls towards the back of the bodyguard.



The bodyguard instantly cries out in pain as his bone breaks, his broken bones pierce out from his arm, horrifying everyone scaring the students to shriek out.

When the other two bodyguards see this scene, both of them are no longer calm. They retreat a few steps no longer daring to step forward.

Lan He’s face also turns green as he did not expect that Liu Yi who was such a timid person and easily bullied back then would actually be so powerful, so ruthless. And such so savagely settle two of his bodyguards!

Just as Liu Yi is preparing to deal with the other two bodyguards, Ma Yixuan behind him suddenly shouts, “Why do you want to be like this?”

“Why did you want to take action, why?!”

Hearing this Liu Yi cannot help but turn around and looks at Ma Yixuan who is in despair.

“Why do I want to take action?”

Liu Yi tilts his head to the side and looks at Ma Yixuan, “Isn’t this something to be expected?”

“Isn’t all of this what you hope for?”

Ma Yixuan continues and asks, “Didn’t you hope for everything to change? Right now everything has changed and is no longer the destiny of the past. Why do you still want to resist, why do you still want to change? Could it be that this kind of ordinary life is what you do not want?”

Liu Yi looks at Ma Yixuan and then looks at the shocked crowd in the surrounding and suddenly understands something.

He stands there and smiles.

“I admit, I indeed hope to change fate, change everything. But change does not mean to lose. In this fate, not only did I lose Wang Lele, I also lost Wang Yuzheng, Murong Die as well as a lot, a lot of people…”

“This is fate!”

Ma Yixuan says it word by word, “Fate is not something that you can choose! You are also not the opponent of fate!”

“What you say is right. I admit that I have indeed always been arrogant, that’s all.”

“You actually agree to it?”

“That’s right. Fate can be defeated. But before that, you must have the strength to face destiny head-on.”

Liu Yi continues and says, “Only by knowing oneself can one fight a hundred wars without being endangered. If I don’t even know how scary is fate then how can I defeat it? Since things have reached this stage, I will still choose to break my fate. It is not something that I wish to do, but something that I must do! From today onwards, fate is one of my real opponents! I will no longer be bewildered nor will I shrink back! No matter what the future is even if it is difficult or dangerous, even if it is the end of the world. No worries let it come! No matter what bring it on! I, Liu Yi am waiting for you!”


Ma Yixuan smiles bitterly, “Looks like you have really made your choice.”

“That’s right, sorry. In the end, I am unable to be with you.”

“I am but a desire of yours back then.”

Ma Yixuan slowly transforms into a white light and disappears in front of Liu Yi.

The surroundings are also the same. No matter if it is Wang Yuzheng, Murong Die or the background, all of it slowly disappear.

“Since you have already made your decision then continue on resolutely. Believe in your choice that a human will conquer heaven.”

“That’s right, humans will conquer heaven!”

Liu Yi starts laughing loudly, “So what if it is heaven! Even if heaven wants to tease me, I will also stab a hole in you! If there is no footing for me, Liu Yi, in heaven or earth then let me create my own world!”


In Liu Yi’s spiritual world, lightning suddenly starts falling.

While Lin Tong who had always been guarding Liu Yi suddenly open her eyes as tears start falling. She starts crying as she looks at Liu Yi in delight.

{Big idiot…big idiot…you, you have finally broken through…}


At this moment in the royal palace, the princess has already walked out of the hall and is standing outside. She raises her head and looks at the sky filled with black clouds.

The princess who had become the demon emperor asks Sky Flipping Dragon who is kneeling by her side, “Did he say anything?”

“He never said anything…”

It has been a month and Sky Flipping Dragon said the same sentence every time.

He does not understand what is Liu Yi still persevering for, despite being locked within the Sky Prison formation!

“Okay…I understand.”

Demon Emperor suddenly smiles, “His heart has some support, this support is humans! Didn’t he always want to go back to the human realm? Very good. Today is the day when the gateway of demon realm opens. I will use the Nine Yin Pendant as well as a magic technique to set up a barrier to make the gateway of demon realm never close! From today onwards I, Demon Emperor want to command all of the demons to kill their way into the human realm! Didn’t he wish to return back to the human realm? Very well then, I will turn the human realm into the demon realm! I want to see where else can he go!”

“Emperor is wise!”

Hearing this, Sky Flipping Dragon trembles.

Lord Demon Emperor is indeed Demon Emperor….her thinking is indeed of large scale!

Attacking the human realm….

Sky Flipping Dragon’s gaze suddenly has some fascination.

“Relay my orders!”

Demon Emperor says loudly, “All of the demons gather at the gateway of demon realm! War is going to start!”


Sky Flipping Dragon immediately transforms into lightning and flies off.

“Emperor, are you really sure?”

“That’s right, Ri. From now on you and Devil Child shall by my left and right great generals while the four demon kings are my vanguard. If we do not take over the human realm then we shall not rest!”

“As you bid!”

When the demon realm army is starting to assemble, Liu Yi had also just opened his eyes.

The black gas that is surrounding him has completely disappeared. He sits in a lotus position inside the stone prison and only feels like he had suddenly transformed.

It is like he and the heaven and earth are of a single body. Like he is able to feel the breeze outside, feel the warmth of the sun and is able to hear the sound of thousands of creatures.

While at the same time it is like there is something in the sky staring at him. Like an enormous eye had open in the sky staring at him.

“Is the heavenly calamity coming?”

Liu Yi smiles faintly and stands up slowly.

Lin Tong hugs Liu Yi’s face and sits on his shoulder and says in delight, {Big idiot. Congratulations for finally breaking through!}

{Immortal Fox sister, it has been tough on you.}

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and pokes Lin Tong’s cheek, {Without you in that place….I was really not used to it…}

{What place?}

Lin Tong does not understand as she looks at Liu Yi and says, {What nonsense are you saying big idiot. No matter where, this miss will always follow you! Wish to toss me aside? Tsk, not possible at all!}

{How will I do it. With you by my side, I am very relieved.}

Liu Yi smiles, within his smile is gladness.

{What nonsense are you saying again….damn it…}

Hearing all of these, Lin Tong feels like her face is turning red and her heart is speeding up, {It, it is best if you hurry up and think of a way to get out….today is the day when the gateway to demon realm opens!}

{Ah? It is today?}

A light flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as he mobilizes Little Jade’s ability and takes a look outside.

With a moment he looks out, he immediately got a shock.

Near the demon realm gateway, gathers a densely packed demon race army.

In front of the demon realm gateways is 8 beautiful female demons raising a golden chair. On the golden chair sits a girl wearing a black gown and crown.

If this girl is not Demon Emperor then who else can it be?

“All of my demon citizens!”

Demon Emperor sits on the golden chair, although the place is big and the demons are chaotic, everyone is able to hear her voice clearly, “Our demon race is powerful and we have a noble bloodline. But we can only live in this kind of backward place! From today onwards, our demon race will no longer stay silent anymore! When the demon realm gateway opens, we shall invade the human realm and plunder the resources of the human realm, conquer their territory! Why should the stupid humans occupy such a good place! Us demons should be high above and humans can only be our slaves!”

-roaring sounds-

Hearing this all of the demons become excited!