In the Tang royal palace, the emperor is sitting on his dragon throne facing two rows of officials, they are wearing official hats which have two hat wings.

Tang Emperor is sitting there with an unpleasant look.

“This servant has a matter to report.”

The prime minister wearing purple official gown steps forward and says in worry, “Recently in the north area, demons are causing chaos there, causing the people there to have no way of making a living. Right now a few cities have been taken over by them and the common people within are in a terrible situation. Your Majesty, this one requests you to continue sending troops to suppress the demon calamity!”

The Tang Emperor’s face turns cold, “Where is the hundred thousand strong army that I sent out?”

“Replying your majesty….they have all…sacrificed their lives for the country…”

“This is ….ridiculous!”

The Tang Emperor snorts scaring all of his ministers to kneel down.

“You civil and military officials, didn’t all of you say that you guys will share tribulations with me? Why is it at this time all of you turn into mutes?”

“Your majesty don’t be angry…your majesty don’t be angry ah…”

The prime minister immediately says, “Your majesty…this old servant thinks that it is too hard to kill those demons as there are a lot of them and they are proficient in their demon techniques. Just sending out our soldiers is useless, we should….should send out a royal notice to gather all of the capable people in the world and exterminate the demons!”

“What my fond subject says is right.”

Hearing this Tang Emperor’s loosens his eyebrow slightly.

While at this moment an old guy wearing a purple taoist robe walks over from the side suddenly. He is holding horsetail whisk in his hands with a daoist aura.

“Your majesty for this kind of matter why don’t you leave it to this poor taoist.”

“State Teacher you have arrived just in time!”

Seeing this old taoist, the Tang Emperor immediately become delighted, “Is my Ninth rank dan finished already?”

“That’s right.”

The old taoist nods his head and says, “After nine years, this poor taoist did not let down the expectation of your majesty. The Ninth rank dan is already refined.”

He waves his whisk and in his hand, a golden calabash appears.

“In total, there are 9 ninth rank dans. After your majesty consumes them, one dan is able to extend your majesty’s life by nine years. But the more ninth rank dans you eat, the lesser it’s effect. The first one is able to extend your life by 9 years, the second only 8 years, third 7 years….until the final one which can only extend by 1 year.”

“No harm, no harm. This is also several tens of life hahaha! If State Teacher is able to refine out a kind of immortality pill how nice would it be!”

“This taoist is also powerless.”

The old taoist shakes his head, “If you wish to become immortal, your majesty must first give up all of your glory, splendor, wealth and rank. Then follow this taoist to the deep mountains and cultivate. Don’t know of your majesty is willing?”

“This….I think I’d rather pass…”

Tang Emperor coughs drily, I am an Emperor, that is why I wish to live longer. If I am only an ordinary person, what is the point of living for so long. I do not wish to suffer that bitterness.

“I’d rather you refine more longevity pills.”

“That I can do says the old taoist as he nods his head.

“Right State Teacher, right now the demons are causing havoc in the human world, states teacher you see…what should we do?”

“When this taoist exited seclusion, this one sees that the sky of the north area is filled with demon qi.”

The old taoist waves his whisk and says, “Looks like the demon race have opened the demon realm gateway and is invading our human realm. But no need to worry. This taoist has a method which is able to block those demons army.”

“Oh? Indeed only State Teacher is able to help me share my worries ah! What is the method may State Teacher quickly share it!”

“Demon race and us humans are different. They are naturally born stronger and are proficient in some demonic techniques. Us ordinary humans will not be able to resist them. But this taoist has a cultivation technique which is able to refine ordinary humans to become as strong as an ox and become super soldiers who are unafraid of dying!”

Among the civil and military officials, one of the civil officials who is proficient with some dao technique instantly exclaims, “What…what you are saying is that human corpse refining technique?!”

“Hahaha, Lord Zhao is indeed well learned.”

The State Teacher laughs and says, “That’s right, it is indeed human corpse refining technique!”

“This, this is complete nonsense!”

Lord Zhao instantly jumps up in anger and rebukes, “This is a technique which refines a living person into a corpse! You actually propose such a cruel method! State Teacher just what is your intentions?”

“When the country is in danger, what is the harm of sacrificing some common people?”

The State Teacher smiles faintly, “On the other hand Lord Zhao, for a few common people you actually disregard our Tang Dynasty and disregard our emperor?”

“This, this….when did I say that…”

Lord Zhao is already covered in cold sweat as the hat wings on his hat starts trembling.

“Since you do not have this intention then it is best for Lord Zhao to stand back and listen to what I say.”

State Teacher waves his whisk and clucks before bowing to Tang Emperor, “Your majesty, don’t know if you agree to this taoist’s method?”

“Agree of course!”

Tang Emperor actually claps his hand, “State Teacher’s method is indeed marvelous. With these super soldiers, what is there to worry about dealing with those demons! As long as it is able to protect my Tang Dynasty and protect my Tang royal family, so what if we sacrifice some common people!”

“Your majesty is wise!”

A mysterious smile appears on the State Teacher’s face.

While at this moment a voice which carries a trace of anger suddenly comes from outside the hall.

“What a joke! As a generation country leader, you actually want to rely on sacrificing your common people to protect your own life, how ridiculous!”

“Who dares to speak loudly in this imperial court!”

The Tang Emperor instantly become angry as the surrounding civil and military officials start looking around.

“Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Sword Emperor!”

A guy walks in from outside of the court, he is wearing a black and white robe.

Following behind him is two people. One is a pretty woman who is wearing a red robe with long hair, she looks like a fairy.

The other is a guy who is dressed like a scholar. He is holding a sword in his hand, his sword-like brows, he looks very imposing.

The three of them stands together causing the civil and military officials by the side to lose their splendor.

“It is you guys?”

Seeing the familiar faces, the Tang Emperor instantly roars in anger, “It is you! It is you who killed my little brother! You actually dare to come to my Imperial Palace! Men! Pull him out and behead him!”

Usually with this shout formidable soldiers would instantly storm in the front, left and right! But today, not a single one of them appear.

“Men! Men!”

The Tang Emperor shouts a few more time but when no one appears he instantly becomes even angrier, “Where are my guards!”


Liu Yi laughs, “There is no need for your majesty to waste your effort shouting. Right now your people are resting. No matter how you shout, they will not come out.”

“It was done by you?”

“I only helped them rest a bit that’s all.”

Liu Yi places his hands behind him with a lofty manner, “I am not as ruthless as your majesty who is able to sacrifice my own people. Don’t know if your Majesty has heard before of a saying from your late emperor. ‘Citizens can both carry the boat and capsize the boat’. What you are doing perhaps not only will it not protect the Tang royal family, instead, it will cause the Tang royal family to be destroyed.”

“You wicked citizen, you are too impudent!”

The Tang Emperor starts trembling, “After killing my royal brother, you actually come to my royal palace to show off?”

“Grand Prince did a lot of injustice, this is his deserved retribution. I think if your majesty is a wise monarch you will not bother about this matter.”


The Tang Emperor is very mad, “Who can kill them! This king will heavily reward the person!”

“Your majesty, let this servant help you share the tribulations!”

A martial official immediately walks out with killing intent!

“General Wen! This is good, you have been practicing martial arts since a child, there is no one who is your opponent in Chang’an! I will be relying on you this time around!”

Seeing the young general stepping out, Tang Emperor is immediately delighted.

“Willing to help your majesty to share the burden!”

This young general immediately towards Liu Yi.

“Looking all of the court civil and military, there are only people who help the Tyrant Zhuo.”

Liu Yi sighs, no wonder Tang Dynasty will decline during this period of time, from most flourishing to decline.

“Wine Sword Immortal, you go and deal with this person.”

Liu Yi is disinclined to take action personally and wish to take a look at Wine Sword Immortal’s might.

Ai Ling actually secretly stole 3 of the undying golden arhat bodies from Religion Mi….this indeed made Liu Yi very surprised but he cannot bear to punish her.

What kind of place is Religion Mi, it is a group of powerful old monks! This action is no different from pulling the teeth of a tiger! It is too dangerous!

While the appearance of Xue Luo causes him to enter deep thoughts. What is this so-called god race trying to do? Revive their master, but who is her master?

But Liu Yi is also not polite. Since the golden body was also stolen over, he also absorbs it into this body.

After refining for a few days, the golden body is more or less merged with his body. In Liu Yi’s body there is now a trace of buddhist qi. But this buddhist qi is still not strong enough and cannot be used. Liu Yi knows that he if wishes to be able to completely control this buddhist qi….he must, have sex with a person who has buddhist qi…

But….could it be that I must go and fuck a monk?

“Master leave it to me.”

Because Liu Yi teaches him Through Heaven Sword Technique, Wine Sword Immortal also recognizes Liu Yi as his master.

“You wicked people, have a taste of this general’s might!”

General Wen roars out like a tiger roaring, causing the entire hall to tremble!

“General Wen is born with boundless strength. When he was nine years old he is able to lift up a big cauldron. When he was 13 he killed a large bug. When he was 15 he lead 200 elite troops and beheaded the Main General of the 300 thousand strong barbarians! Looks like these people are going to be unlucky!”

“That’s right, that’s right. General Wen is formidable ah!”

Seeing General Wen taking action the civil and military officials calm down.

Liu Yi lifts his eyebrow slightly, looks like this General Wen is quite powerful eh.

But he is not Wine Sword Immortal’s opponent.


General Wen is already in front of Wine Sword Immortal, at the same time his fist punches out towards Wine Sword Immortal’s chest.

Usually, this punch of his is able to kill a cow! Furthermore, his opponent only looks like a weak scholar!


While Wine Sword Immortal only stretches out a hand and easily blocks this punch of General Wen with his palm.

“This kind of meager strength, how is it able to go against immortal qi!”