Liu Yi brings the group of Raising Immortal Palace Hall up the Wanzong mountain and reaches the buildings of Great God Sect.

Great God Sect looks to be very rich, the building atmosphere is constructed very impressively.

“Don’t know how much blood and sweat money did they suck from the commoners.”

Liu Yi is able to see that the incense money that this place has earned is definitely not little. Relying on this scam to get money, Great God is really disgraceful.

“Among those that the Great God saved, a number of them are high officials and noble people, those who are doing well! Thus right now the amount of wealth in the hands of Great God is quite a bit.”

“Hmph, today let her have money to spend but no life to spend it!”

Thinking of how Great God snatched away Liang Mengyao’s fire spirit body, Liu Yi becomes angry.

Don’t just see that he currently has the cultivation of a single star, he still has the aura of a heaven realm expert!

With him angered, the rest of the Raising Immortal Palace Hall disciples by the side do not dare to say anything. All of the praying people also nearly collapsed in fear.

Bullshit…where did this youngster come from!

Why is he like an emperor with so many people escorting him! Furthermore, his aura is so huge, making us feel like revering him, not daring to look at him in the eyes!

How would care about the gaze of other people? Right now he is only concentrating on saving Liang Mengyao back!

Currently, Liang Mengyao’s aura is also becoming stronger and stronger. Great God is definitely hidden here!

Seeing so many innocent devotees, the disciples by the side asks, “Grandmaster, what do we do?”

“You guys protect them.”

Liu Yi looks around the surrounding, “Wine Sword Immortal, Ai Ling, the two of you follow me.”


The crowd instantly split apart as only Wine Sword Immortal and Ai Ling follows behind Liu Yi and walks in.

As the three of them walks inside the number of people inside becomes less and less.

“This kind of evil aura…”

Liu Yi suddenly looks towards the left, “There is sinister aura in the sky…it is the aura of Great God…”

“At which side? Lord let us go!”

Ai Ling is actually delighted as she pulls out her sword, preparing to go in.

“Wait a minute. Don’t go in rashly.”

Liu Yi hurried and hold back Ai Ling, “Right now your cultivation is only 17 stars. Although you are higher than two years ago you are still not that Great God’s opponent. Later on, you and Wine Sword Immortal help me by providing support, allowing me to enter the interior of Great God sect and get to the bottom of it!”

“Lord, right now you are only at 1 star jade ah…that Great God is at heaven realm…”

“Relax, naturally I have methods to deal with her.”

Liu Yi smiles confidently as he places his hands behind his back and slowly walks over towards the courtyard at the back.

Before they are able to get close, two tall guys immediately walk out from the sides and block in front of Liu Yi.

“Stop there, no one is allowed inside!”

Liu Yi glances at the two guy and smiles, saying, “This place is so big, what place are we unable to go to?”

“Oi, little fellow, I am afraid that you do not know where is this place right?”

One of the guys smiles sinisterly as the muscles on his face trembles, “This place is the territory of Great God Sect! Do you dare to create trouble here? I see that you do not wish to stay here anymore right! At that time when you contract the plague and die, don’t blame me for not warning you!”


Liu Yi smiles, “My conduct is straight, walk upright and have never been afraid of any plague. On the other hand, it is the two of you, the feeling of being a living dead person is not bad right, do you really think that you are able to live forever?”

The two of them were stunned as they glance at each other. Their gaze towards Liu Yi instantly turns fierce.

“Looks like you are here to seek death!”

“Tsk! So it is a cultivator! Just now we must had not seen properly!”

“No worries, it is just one star cultivator that’s all. Watch how I, Dan Xiaochu pinch him to death!”

One of the guys sweeps his hands towards Liu Yi’s neck, it looks like he wishes to choke Liu Yi to death.

While Liu Yi is slightly uncomfortable as he coughs lightly.

“You sickly person! Go and die!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s sickly appearance, Dan Xiaochu becomes even more confident.

While Liu Yi only stretches out a hand as his finger flicks lightly against that guy’s forehead.

That guy instantly transforms into a cannonball and crashes into the wall behind him.

“What…what….what is this….”

The other guy nearly peed in his pants from fright.

How would he know that although Liu Yi only has a single star jade currently within his body there is 3 body protecting spirit beasts! Each of the body protecting spirit beasts have a high cultivation base! On average each of them are around 14/15 stars. When they lend Liu Yi their strength, at the very least it allows Liu Yi to restore back to over 10+ stars!

Especially for Sky Supporting Pillar, that shocking brute strength, how is a little zombie able to block it!

Seeing Liu Yi looking at him, the other guy instantly kneels down and starts begging, “Hero! I am only passing by!”

“Who dares to cause trouble in my Great God Sect!”

At this moment a familiar voice comes from the side.

Liu Yi and the rest turn their head over and indeed it is someone familiar!

Xue Luo who is wearing black robes is standing there as her red eyes stare at them.

“It is you guys!”

Seeing Liu Yi and the rest Xue Luo instantly got a huge shock.

“Oh, isn’t this Fairy Xue Luo?”

Seeing Xue Luo, Liu Yi instantly smiles, “This is really brought together by fate ah. Really didn’t think that I would be fated with Fairy Xue Luo. It is really my honor.”

Ai Ling who is by the side glares at Liu Yi with slight anger, why is it that when he talks to me his mouth is too idiotic. But when he teases other girls, he does it so easily?!

But she more or less is able to understand. Some guys are like this. When talking to other girls they can be very casual and can create an atmosphere. But when he meets the girl that he likes, he will become idiotic and unable to speak properly.

Looks like my lord is this type!


Hearing Liu Yi’s teasing words, Xue Luo’s face clearly turns red. After which it swiftly turns back normal and she says coldly, “Don’t think of using those words to trick me! I am not that kind of little girl! Today with me here, you guys can forget about getting close to the courtyard!”

“Fairy Xue Luo has always been very clever.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily as he looks at Xue Luo, “Looks like Great God Sect being able to expand to today is more or less related to you. right?”

“That is obvious. If there wasn’t the help of my God Race how could Great God Sect expand to this stage!”

Xue Luo’s face has a barely concealed delight like a fox who is unable to hide away her tail.

“Putting so much efforts to help Great God Sect and also guarding Great God. Looks like you are not that loyal to your master. Hehe, if he knows that you betrayed him, he will definitely be very angry.”

Liu Yi smiles as he looks at Xue Luo.

“Bullshit! Right now I am guarding my master! Later when my master revives, he will kill off all of you!”

“Ah! So your master is reviving inside!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “I was thinking why would you be here to guard other people’s house eh.”


Xue Luo becomes alarmed. She did not think that she who had always been smart would actually be tricked by Liu Yi’s words!

While Liu Yi stands there smiling merrily like a harmless person.

Ai Ling is also stunned, Liu Yi had actually matured so much…

Looks like this trip to the past was very worth it for my master. At the very least, it allowed his mental state to grow so much.

Earlier although lord is very powerful his mental state was quite bad.

Right now, lord…is a real true expert!

Just him standing there, it is like the surroundings are revolving around him. But Ai Ling knows that the current Liu Yi is like a sheathed sword!

In the past, he was like a drawn sword, very sharp. But right now when the sword is stealth, usually it is not pulled out and looks completely harmless. But the moment it is pulled out, it will be shocking!

Liu Yi clucks as he asks Xue Luo, “Now that you are already seen through, you still want to block us?”

“Even if I sacrifice this life, I will also block you guys!”

Xue Luo throws caution to the wind as a blood red glow covers her body and looks like she had turned ruthless.

“Alas, what is the point.”

Liu Yi shakes his head as he walks towards Xue Luo with the Through Heaven Sword which had shrunken back into a normal sword as he says, “What is the point not letting go. Your master is also not a good person, what is the point of reviving him. You are so pretty and so cute and so smart. Why don’t you follow me, in the future, you will be able to enjoy your life that you will be able to live your life to your satisfaction.”

“Don’t use this kind of sentence to shame me! You deceitful person!”

Xue Luo flies into rage out of humiliation and suddenly stretches out his hand towards Liu Yi’s heart and clenches her hand!

God Race’s technique activated and Liu Yi instantly feels his blood starts flowing quicker while his heart tightens like it had been squeezed.

This is the unique technique of my God Race. I have already grabbed hold of your head!

Xue Luo clenches her teeth and says, “As long as I wish for it, you will die!”

“Then squeeze it.”

Liu Yi’s face is pale but he smiles and says, “If you have the ability why don’t you squeeze it?”


Xue Luo trembles slightly but did not say anything.

“Your strength is still not enough to squeeze my heart right?”

Liu Yi says slowly, “This kind of evil technique how can you use it casually? If you wish to squeeze my heart to destroy it, at the very least you need to have the strength of a heaven realm.”

“You…you actually broke through to heaven realm…”

Xue Luo is shocked, “Back then you were obviously only at the peak of earth realm…how is it that easy to break through to heaven realm!”

“The world is so big, everything is possible.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “So, it is possible for you to become my underling.”

“Who wants to be your underling! Go and die!”

Seeing that she is unable to destroy Liu Yi’s heart, Xue Luo changes her technique.

The blood glow in her body slowly starts to form the shape of a lotus flower. It is around 7-8 in diameter and smashes towards Liu Yi’s head.

“Lord be careful!”

“Master be careful!”

Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal exclaim together at the same time as they are about to step forward to help. Because right now Liu Yi’s cultivation is only at one star, thus they are worried that he will be in a disadvantage.

“I’ll be fine.”

Liu Yi swings his Through Heaven Sword at an angle.

A half-moon arc instantly shoots out carrying black lightning and cleaves the blood lotus flower in half.