Liu Hongxian is really about to go crazy. Why do I know just a weirdo of the highest quality ah!

Really damn unlucky!

Why are the people from the No 7 department so abnormal!

“Liu Yi your task has already started, I hope that you will follow the command!”

Liu Hongxian suddenly has a thought and says seriously, “Our job is to follow command! You acting this way will make things hard for us, making it hard for us to conduct our job!”

“Oi, oi, oi, beauty it is you who did not welcome me alright?”

Liu Yi finally turns around and shrugs his shoulder towards Liu Hongxian, “What can I do. I am only a small office worker that’s all. As long as you do not do the unspoken rules to me, I am already satisfied.”

“Who wants to do it with you! You shameless person!”

Liu Hongxian jumps up in anger, “How can you be like this, you have been going against me since morning! After all, I am your superior okay?! Even if you do not give me face, towards a beauty shouldn’t you be a bit more polite?!”

“Oh, you are rather narcissistic eh…”

“You are the narcissist!”

Liu Yi provokes, “That’s right I am narcissistic so what, you’ll bite me?”

“Shameless! You are too shameless!”

Liu Hongxian is so angry that her two breasts are trembling causing Liu Yi to stare at them.

“Liu Yi to think that you are still a person of this country! Right now how are you like a hero of the country?! You are not worthy of being a chinaman!”

“How I am I not worthy of being a chinaman?”

“This current matter involves the existence of China you are actually still putting on airs here! The top actually sent you here to carry out the task, they must have misjudged you!”

Liu Yi finally becomes serious as he looks at Liu Hongxian and asks, “Wait a minute! This matter involved the existence of China?”

“Hmph, you actually know to care about this matter?”

Liu Hongxian snorts and then open the lock of the drawer. She takes out a file and tosses it in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi picks it up and flips through it. Instantly his face starts to change.

“Plans for destroying China?”

Seeing that Liu Yi starts to feel uncomfortable, “This is not a joke right?”

“Do I look like I am joking with you?”

Liu Hongxian’s expression is serious, “As long as this plan starts, perhaps China will really be completely destroyed.”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn slightly red, “This group of…damn right-wings!”

The plan mentioned in it is too malicious! A right-winged group from Japan is currently developing some kind of biological weapon. After this kind of biological weapon is developed, it will be thrown into a source river of China. With that, it will pollute the entire river. At that time, anyone who used this river water before will become a creature similar to ‘zombies’! These zombies are also infectious and will continue to spread…

At that time, even if it is the cultivation world, they will also be helpless to reverse this!

Liu Yi clenches his fist. He himself is not afraid of this kind of poison but his parent’s relatives, Murong Die, Wang Lele and the rest of the ordinary people are afraid!

This way if all ordinary people turn into this kind of ghost-like thing, how can China still exist?

I must say…what a poisonous plan! This group of right-winged people are really…too malicious already!

Liu Yi cannot help but clench his teeth and wishes to go and completely destroy Japan right now.

“Say it. What do you want me to do, flatten that Japan?”

Based on his current strength if he really wishes to do that, it does not seem hard. He just needs to waste a bit of time and effort that’s all.

“You think that you are a superman is it!”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Still want to flatten Japan, don’t think you can be called Superman. You should be called Atomic Bomb!”

“Oh? This code name is not bad!”

Liu Yi’s eyes brighten up, “Why don’t you use Atomic Bomb as my code name for this mission!”

“Dream on! Do you think that you are the one who comes up with the code name! Furthermore, you also do not know if you are able to pass my interview!”

Liu Hongxian sneers and says, “From what I say, other than being narcissistic and shameless, you have no good points at all. Wishing to pass our evaluation, it is almost impossible to pass!”

“Who says so.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “With the country in danger, everyone has responsibility. Even if I am a small commoner, I am also willing to sacrifice my life for the country. Say it, what kind of evaluation, I Liu Yi will accept all of the difficult questions!”

“Hmph! You are rather good at talking big!”

Liu Hongxian does not believe in what Liu Yi says, “Is it real or not, follow me to the interview place then we’ll know.”

Liu Yi is shocked, “Ah? This is not the interview place?”

“Rubbish, this place is the education agency only, how is there any interviewing means?”

“So it is like this…”

Liu Yi nods his head, “What a secretive group, fine then where are we going?”

“Rather far, follow me.”

Liu Hongxian presses on a few buttons and removes the blocking shutter of the room.

At the same time, she places the folder into the secret drawer and then walks out of the room on her heels as she sticks up her butt.

Liu Yi cannot help but glance at her butt. There is still the smell of her fragrance in the air.

Really did not expect that the first day I receive my task I would meet such an interesting beauty…don’t know what will happen after I accepted this task.

But perhaps I might be going to Japan. Might as well, I miss Yoko Nishikawa. It has been a long time since I last saw her, I wonder how she is in Japan.

Liu Yi follows Liu Hongxian out of the office room. She walks over to the lift, glancing at it, she turns and looks at the staircase with lingering fear.

Liu Yi laughs in secret, really is once bitten twice shy.

Walking out of the lobby, Liu Yi looks at the carpark by the side and ask, “I say, Chief Liu, where did you park your car?”

“Whatcar, I see that your mind must have been deeply corroded by the capitalist class!”

Liu Hongxian says righteously, “We are taking the metro.”


Liu Yi is nearly stunned, “The subway? Did I hear wrong?”

“Did not hear wrongly!”

Liu Hongxian says seriously, “The traffic in our Jingdou is very heavy. We need to decrease the city resident from traveling afar, especially traveling on a motor vehicle! Taking the metro more to promote no cars do you understand?”

Liu Yi starts making an unreasonable scene, “I don’t care, I want to sit in a car. No car then I am not going!”

Liu Hongxian says with a red face, “I only earn 9k a month…. how is it possible for me to buy a car..stop messing around…”

“What, you should have said so earlier, then let’s go and take the metro.”

Liu Yi had thought that she was pretending to have grand morals.

It is not like he had never sat on a metro before. He follows Liu Hongxian all the way and reaches the metro entrance.

At this time there are a lot of people in the metro. Even the carriages are filled with people.

Liu Yi and Liu Hongxian had no choice but to squeeze together. Liu Hongxian is basically pressed into Liu Yi’s embrace. The feeling of her chest, as well as her fragrance, makes Liu Yi almost unable to control himself.

Especially that pair fullness pressing against him, that color is almost going to burst open.

Being stared at by Liu Yi, Liu Hongxian is feeling very uncomfortable, both shy and ashamed. Her face instantly turns red as she says, “You, you scumbag, turn your head!”

“Big sister, do you think that I am a robot?”

Liu Yi looks at Liu Hongxian helplessly, “This head of mine…can turn 90 degrees?”

“I don’t care! This is an order!”

“I still have not passed the interview, you are still not my superior.”

“You, you, you, do you know what is gentleman grace?!”

“Don’t know. The teacher did not teach it during class.”

“You….. shameless!”

Liu Hongxian is very angry but there is nowhere else she can go. Everywhere is filled with people, thus they can only cram together.

But it is still okay. When they reach the next station a number of people alight and it becomes more spacious.

Only then did Liu Hongxian move away from Liu Yi and stand to the side while giving Liu Yi all kind of disdaining looks.

Liu Yi clucks in his heart saying that it is a pity.

This Liu Hongxian smells rather nice…smelling her makes my heart feel carefree. But now that we are far away, the smell is not that clear anymore which is such a pity.

Even so, the smell of Liu Hongxin’s fragrance lingers in the entire carriage.

A loli who is sitting down, sniffs the air and ask, “Mm, mm, what is this smell, it smells so nice?”

Her mother also does not know where did it come from and shrugs her shoulder before saying, “Perhaps it is the perfume that aunty over there uses.”

Liu Hongxian who is standing by the side seems to be used to people saying so and is very calm.

Liu Yi is guessing in his heart, what did she eat while growing up to let out this fragrance?

Did not expect that the fragrance that the tv talked about actually exists. Only don’t know if she will attract butterflies if she is placed outside.

While Liu Yi is guessing, from the side comes a shriek.

Everyone turns their head over to look. A pretty little girl is staring at a wretched middle age uncle in anger.

“How dare you rogue!”

“Tsk, little sister you must be responsible for your words.”

That middle-age uncle picks his nose as he says, “I Zhou Junqiang have sat this metro for so many years. This is the first time I see you this kind of young lady who speaks without thinking. Let me tell you, you can eat your rice, but you cannot speak rubbish. What did I do to you for you to say that I am a hooligan?”

“You, you touched my butt…”

The little girl did not expect that this uncle would be so shameless and is almost about to cry from anger.

“I touched your butt, who saw it? Who has seen it?”

That uncle called Zhou Junqiang continues to pick his nose and continues to sneers why saying, “The current era is no longer the same. You are responsible for starting a rumor!”

“You scumbag!”

The little girl’s eyes turn red like she got bullied.

But Zhou Junqiang is delighted. No one interrupts as no one is willing to care about this matter.

Just as Liu Yi is about to take action, Liu Hongxian had already walked over on her high heels.

Her petite figure and pretty face immediately attracted Zhou Junqiang’s gaze.

Beauty ah…what a beauty…if I had known I would have touched her earlier! But…it seems like it is not too late now. Later at the next change of station, there will be even more people. At that time I will be able to take advantage of her, hehehe…

At this moment Liu Hongxian had already walked in front of him.