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Liu Yi walked back to the classroom, sat back on his seat, and quietly listened to Lin Tong’s ways to riches.

“First of all, your strength was now different from an ordinary man so you can choose some violence ways to amass money!”

Lin Tong said triumphantly.

‘Using violence to amass money?’

‘Isn’t that a robbery?’ Liu Yi thought.

“No! Absolutely not!”

Through the spiritual environment, Liu Yi earnestly told Lin Tong.

“Grandpa said, The strength of a man is used to protect a loved one, and not to do bad things! If you’re asking me to do these kinds of things, I’d rather not do immortal cultivation anymore!”

Lin Tong’s proud way was, all of a sudden, choked back by Liu Yi’s few words.

“You waste wood! Thick-headed stubborn guy!”

Lin Tong could not help but said, “We are immortals, a notably higher being than those puny mortals! If we take something from them, that’s nothing! We’re already giving them enough courtesy if we don’t kill them!”

“That is not an immortal! That is an evil person!”

Liu Yi strongly disagree, “Fox sister, you must be testing me right? Don’t worry, I, Liu Yi, would never do such things! If I do such things then what’s the difference between me and Lin Huayang and Yuan Shaojun?”

Liu Yi’s words made Lin Tong unable to speak.

“Then this lady has no other ways….”

“….Come on….I still have to raise money….”

“Go think about other ways this evening in your house. This lady must consolidate my spiritual power, humph!”

With that, Lin Tong entered Liu Yi’s spiritual environment and didn’t come out.

Leaving Liu Yi staring with a silly look.

‘Fuck, what should I do….’ Liu Yi thought.

‘Do I have to go out and borrow some money?’

‘No, this is not right….’

For all his life, Liu Yi doesn’t like to borrow money. Because he lacks the ability to repay.

Moreover, borrowing money to pay for the girl’s meal….

Liu Yi thought that, for him, this thing is….impossible!

‘Or, should I ask mom for the money?’

‘Forget it….’

His mom’s salary is not very high, plus there are many expenses that need to be paid in the house. Not even counting his tuition, and so on….

Liu Yi can’t bring himself to ask for additional money from his mom.

It seemed like this winter holiday he must go out and find some work.

But now it’s too early to think about winter holiday. This weekend will come in a blink….

How should he make some money before that….

This is what Liu Yi is worried about.

Just when Liu Yi was worrying about this, Li Juanhua pushed the class door and entered. She has a slightly tired face.

“The school just gave a notice: Liu Yi, because you’ve been fighting in the school, the school has given you a disciplinary warning. In the future, you must not fight again, you understand?”

After saying that, Li Juanhua went out.

Liu Yi suddenly showed an ugly face.

‘Well, his retaliation really came.’

Lan He and Jiang Youcai were secretly happy, they thought, ‘Idiot, who told you to mess with the wrong people!’

‘You really believe that you’re a hero, hah!’


At this time, Murong Die suddenly stood up and started to walk out of the door.

“Murong Die, where are you going!?”

Liu Yi quickly got up and stopped her.

Class will begin soon, where would Murong Die go!?

“I want to ask for punishment from teacher Li.”

Murong Die unhappily said, “Me and you, we both hit Lin Huayang. Why would they only punish you and not me? That’s not fair! I’m going to demand my punishment from teacher Li!”

“Wait a minute!”

Liu Yi quickly said, “You want to embarrass teacher Li? That’s useless. Teacher Li is only a teacher….This decision came from the above. She, as a teacher, can do nothing about it.”

Regarding this point, Liu Yi actually was very aware.

“Then I’m going to Zhang Yuren, if not, I’ll go directly to Principal Lin.”

Murong Die unforgivingly said, “I don’t believe I, Murong Die, can’t have a place to reason things out!”

“Enough. Murong Die, you’ve helped me a lot.”

Liu Yi advised, “The school didn’t expel me, was because of your help. A disciplinary warning is nothing. Lin Huayang is gunning for me, let me take it by myself. I don’t like to hide behind a girl’s back. Please, just let me handle this!”

“You big idiot!”

Murong Die loudly cursed at Liu Yi, “This lady is too lazy to care about you!”

With that, she went back to her seat and furiously jabbed the villainous textbook.

Liu Yi was at a loss.

‘What is this Murong Die angry about?’ He thought.

‘Really strange….’

“Men who have never been in love are really terrible….”

Lin Tong, who was lying on Liu Yi’s table, clicked her tongue and said.

Liu Yi was more confused, ‘What is going on here?’ He thought.

From the back, Wang Lele also shrugged her shoulders, indicating her helplessness.

‘Liu Yi gege is indeed a bloody fool.’ She secretly thought.

When Liu Yi was still worrying about this, Ma Wei walked out of the bar with a cocky attitude.

The bar is his territory.

Black Dragon restructuring was over. With the money from Lan He, Ma Wei has made connections with his higher-ups and got the position that he wanted, as a hall leader in Black Dragon gang.

Since then, these several blocks are his territory.

He was no longer Ma Wei the small fry. Right now, besides the other hall leader and the leader, when other gang member sees him, they must politely call him Ma Ye (Mister/Gentleman)!

This year, Ma Wei is 22 years old. He can be said to be Black Dragon’s youngest Hall leader.

But he was tough enough and skilled enough.

Most importantly Ma Wei has ambitions.

He intended that, before his 25th birthday, the position of deputy gang leader must be his!

Ma Wei’s principle in entering the gang is: Either he go big or go home!

Otherwise, if he always a small fry, who will think highly of him!

Only after becoming the big shot in the underworld, will he have a genuine social status! Then he can say: entering the underworld, is not in vain!

“Ma Ye….ehm, the territory has been divided, what do we do next?”

A small fry, who has just been Ma Wei’s follower, talked with a flattering smile from the side.

“Our next mission….is very simple.”

Ma Wei looked at one of the pictures on his phone and a message from Lan He, and slowly said.

“Oh, really? Collecting all the security money from our territory this year, or kick those Fierce Tiger gang’s asses in the south street?”


Ma Wei is now a hall leader. His manner of speaking is also changed.

A cigarette was dangling from his mouth. While smoking, he slowly and inflexibly said.

“Are we going to stake it all with the Shanghai Gang? Beautiful! Ma Ye is really worthy to be our leader. For a long time, we had wanted to pack them up!”

“No, we’re going to pack up a student.”


That small fry was suddenly stunned.

‘Pack up a student?’ He thought.

‘Is this a mistake? Our Black Dragon Hall Leader, wanted us to pack a student?’

“Hehe, you don’t understand. This is my business deal.”

Ma Wei laughed, “This is a very important business deal to me….In short, this student must be removed.”

“Easy peasy!”

The small fry turned his neck and then said, “I’ll go looking for two brothers and wait for him after the school. We’ll make him end up in the hospital for 3-4 months. Isn’t that easy peasy?”

“No….this is not an ordinary student.”

Ma Wei waved and said, “This kid is a hard stubble. He seemed to know some Kung Fu. If you go looking for him with just several men, you will lose.”

“Oh! He has family Kung Fu!”

That small fry smiled, and then said, “That is not difficult. We can ambush him and put him into a sack from behind, and then beat him to death! Isn’t that enough?”

“My mission is to make him disappear.”

Ma Wei crookedly smiled, making that smile fry suddenly shuddered.

“Ma Ye mean….”

He made a cut in the neck movement.

“This kid is worth it?”

Ma Wei nodded and smiled with an inscrutable look.

“Is….this okay….?”

The small fry was a little perturbed.

Ordering him to fight, or extorting money was easy.

But for him to kill a man….

He still has a little misgiving about that.

“Hehe….Since you’re now in my, Ma Wei’s, Hall, you should understand one thing.”

Ma Wei puffed his cigarette and slowly said.

“In my, Ma Wei’s, dictionary, there are only two kinds of people. One is a friend, and the other one is a dead man….”

The small fry secretly shivered.

‘It seems, The Black Dragon Gang have an extraordinary character.’ He thought.

‘Whoever that kid is….this time, he truly has a bad luck.’

At this time, in an abandoned health room.

Several boys were sitting together, secretly smoking cigarettes.

Yuan Shaojun sat right in the middle. The cigarette in his hand was also the most high-quality one.

Ma Yixuan sat on his lap and occasionally took Yuan Shaojun’s cigarette into her rosy lips.

Another time, Yuan Shaojun would pull her head down and kissed her.

Truly speaking, Yuan Shaojun’s big face is making her sick.

But Ma Yixuan tolerated it.

She knew that this man is her stepping stone and her protector in the high school

Therefore, she must firmly hold onto him.

When she went to college, she will kick Yuan Shaojun to the side.

In the college, there are certainly more powerful figures.

This Yuan Shaojun is nothing but a school bully.

But she, Ma Yixuan, is a calamity level woman! (Woman who can bring down a nation)

“Boss, boss, someone is looking for you!”

At this time, a student ran into this medical facility and breathlessly said.

“What are you panicking about! I your father, thought the teacher has come here!”

Yuan Shaojun disapprovingly stared at that student.

“This man, this man is more powerful than the teacher….”

That student quickly said.

“Who? Don’t tell me it’s the principal?”

Yuan Shaojun jokingly asked, making the several brothers, who were sitting in the room with him, followed with a smirked.

“Yes, he’s the principal’s son….Lin Huayang!”


During this conversation, Lin Huayang’s voice has sounded from the outside.

“Boss Yuan, let me in. I want to talk to you about something.”

“Let him come in.”

Yuan Shaojun clapped his hands.

Someone on the outside, who seemed to be the sentry, heard Yuan Shaojun’s command and immediately let Lin Huayang in.

After Lin Huayang entered the room, he almost tripped because of the smoke from the cigarette.

‘Shit!’ He cursed in his heart.

‘What kind of health clinic is this! This place is quick to becoming a fairy wonderland!’

Lin Huayang squinted his eyes to look for quite a while before he indistinctly saw Yuan Shaojun’s figure in the smoke.

“Yo, look what the cat dragged in, isn’t this our young master Lin? Hehe.”

Yuan Shaojun chuckled.

When Ma Yixuan stood up from Yuan Shaojun’s lap, she looked at the opposite Lin Huayang and her eyes flashed with desire.

She has to admit, this Lin Huayang is indeed handsome.

But looking at her Yuan Shaojun….

Goddamn! His face belong in the animal world!