“What, what do you want to do….yamateee…”

A month before coming to Japan, for practice, Liu Hongxian basically is speaking Japanese daily. Thus it had become a habit and shouts out a familiar sounding Japanese word.

Liu Yi’s forehead is covered with black lines as he raises his head and says, “Don’t cry okay! I am only helping you take off your shoes!”

“But it is really painful ah…”

“Is it really that painful?”

“Damn it why don’t you give it a try!”

Liu Hongxian is in so much pain that she is sweating and her eyes turn slightly red.

“But we also cannot ignore it! You bear with it a bit.”

Liu Yi’s actions become more careful as he holds her ankle and takes off her high heels with the other hand.

“Ah….ah….very, very painful….”

“You bear with it a bit. It will no longer be painful in a bit!”

“Wuuu….can, cannot bear with it anymore…don’t move okay…”

“How is that possible, we do need to do it ah!”

“But I really cannot take it ah…”

“What the! Leader it is just taking off your high heels, can you not say it such so wickedly?”

Liu Yi’s mind is blown. Liu Hongxian’s words cause his heart to be messy and his hands become strengthless.

“It hurts okay! Otherwise, don’t take it off!”

Liu Yi warns, “Cannot, your blood needs to flow. This high heel is too tight. If you do not take it off it will become even more painful!”

“But….very painful…I am about to cry already….”

“Aren’t you a masculine woman?”

“Masculine woman can also be afraid of pain okay!”

“Damn it, let’s just put it off!”

He takes out a black dagger.

“You, you are joking right!”

Seeing Liu Yi holding a black dagger near her ankle, her face instantly turns pale.

“I only sprained my ankle only there is no need to amputate right!”

“Why do I care!”

Liu Yi slashes down with his dagger.

“Liu Yi ah!!!!!!!!!!! If I become handicapped you are going to take for me!”

Liu Hongxian shouts as she closes her eyes.

But the expected pain that she is expecting did not come while the uncomfortable feeling in her legs disappears.

She immediately opens her eyes. Liu Yi had only used the dagger to cut away the high heels’ scrap and then removes the high heels easily.

“You this scumbag!”

Liu Hongxian wipes the edges of her eye, “You scared me to death! I really thought that you are going to cut off my leg!”

“Hehe, our leader is such a beautiful woman. If you are missing a leg you will not look nice.”

Liu YI clucks and says, “Thus how can I bear to make leader lose a leg! Such a beautiful leg, it is better to retain it ah.”

“You scumbag, you scumbag! You are a big scumbag!”

Liu Hongxian really wishes to beat Liu Yi up but she knows that she definitely will not be able to win.

“Okay, okay. Leader, don’t move. These few days you need to take care of it.”

“Later I will apply some medications. Tomorrow it should be more or less healed.”

Liu Hongxian says seriously, “As for nursing this injury let’s forget it. After just one day of work and already taking leave, it will spoil our task.”

“Fine then, then for the next few days, you can sit on my bicycle to go to work.”

Later at night go back to school and bring back my bicycle.

“Mm, we can only do it like this.”

Although she does not like to owe Liu Yi favor but everything for the task. Thus Liu Hongxian agrees.

“Mm, trust my biking skills!”

Liu Yi pats his chest before sitting by Liu Hongxian’s side.

This time Liu Hongxian did not reject Liu Yi. Perhaps she also does not have the ability to reject him.

The two of them seat like this while beside them are all kinds of fainted Yamaguchi Group’s people.

The scene is slightly weird but from Liu Yi’s point of view, it is not romantic enough!

The two of them sit on the train like this for 10 minutes before the train finally reaches the stop.

Liu Hongxian tries to stand up but lets out a cry of pain.

“My leader, take it easy!”

Liu Yi hurries and supports her before bending down, squatting on the ground.

“Come on, get on me.”

“What do you mean by getting on you! Can’t you say climb on?!”

Liu Yi coughs dryly, “A slip of the tongue, a slip of the tongue…”

“You pervert…”

Although Liu Hongxian is unwilling she can only obediently lean onto Liu Yi’s back.

Her chest is not small, at least C. Pressing against Liu Yi’s back it is very soft, causing his blood to slightly boil.

Most importantly it is that fragrance on Liu Hongxian’s body which causes Liu Yi to be slightly mesmerized.

How come her body smells such so nice….could it be that she drank perfume growing up?

Leaning against Liu Yi’s back and letting him grab her tights, Liu Hongxian feels her face and ears turning red and says, “You cannot think anything naughty!”

“Reporting to leader, I will do my best!”

Liu Yi piggybacks Liu Hongxian, this beauty before walking out of the train.

Although he is piggybacking a girl but to Liu Yi, he does not feel the weight.

Liu Hongxian herself is originally very light, at most 50kg. While Liu Yi himself is a cultivator thus even if Liu Hongxian is 50kg he will not feel that it is heavy.

While Liu Hongxian does not know Liu Yu’s ability. After walking for over 20 minutes, she asks in worry, “That….am I…..heavy?”

“Hehe, leader you should lose weight.”

Liu Yi starts teasing, “Alas….I piggybacked you this entire way, it feels like I am carrying a huge mountain ah…”

“Am, am I really that heavy?”

Liu Hongxian’s face immediately turns slightly pale, “But…recently I was restraining my food intake ah…”

“Hahaha, just teasing you only. Leader is too skinny already, there is no need to slim down anymore. Be careful that the place that should not become skinny loses weight. That would be bad!”

“Damn it! Can’t you be serious! I was almost frightened to death!”

Liu Hongxian lets out a breath of relief, “I thought that I had become fat again…”

Girls ah…

Liu Yi clucks in his heart, girls care most about their weight ah.

To slim down, they are able to any kind of crazy things…

The train station is not really far away from their dormitory. After walking for a few more minutes, they had already reached.

Liu Yi piggybacks her and stands in front of her door.

“That….you, you can just place me at the door can already….”

Liu Hongxian’s face suddenly turns red, “I can open the door and go in myself…”

“Stop joking around. Right now you can’t even stand properly.”

Liu Yi teases, “What is it, is there a guy hidden inside the house?”

“Get lost! Hide your sister!”

“Then obediently hand the key over to me. I will send you to the bed before going.”

“Damn it! Why does it sound so wrong hearing it!”

Liu Hongxian hammers Liu Yi’s chest.

“Gods! I am not thinking of anything ah! Leader, where did you think to, why are you thinking so wickedly!”

“Go and die! I see that you are doing it on purpose! Giddyup! Quickly open the door and send me in!”

“Damn it, I am not a horse!”

“You are not a horse. You are a donkey!”

Liu Hongxian glares at Liu Yi before pulling out the key and waves it in front of Liu Yi, “Come, bite it!”

“What the now I have become a dog?”

“Hmph, doggies are even cuter than you!”

“If I am a dog I would have already bitten you to death!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and grabs the key from Liu Hongxian before unlocking the door and pushes open the door.

The moment he opens the door, Liu Yi is instantly shocked.

What the….inside the room is hanged with all kind and shapes of panties….

Every color under the sun, of all kind of material!

Lace ones, lacy edge ones, as well as….tongs!

Liu Yi immediately starts to have weird thoughts, the leader that I am piggybacking….could she be wearing tongs right now…

Thinking about this, Liu Yi starts to feel horny.

“To…today is a big washing day….”

Liu Hongxian’s face is completely red as she does not know what to say.

“Indeed it is an exultation day ah…”

[TL: it is a word play of similar sounding words. 大洗 and 大喜 sounds exactly the same in chinese.]

Liu Yi indeed agrees to this point.

“Don’t, don’t look anymore…”

Liu Hongxian lowers her head and her voice becomes as soft as a mosquito, “Bring…bring me to the bed…”

“Leader, cannot ah!”

Liu Yi immediately shouts, “We’ve only known each other for a month ah….we still need to understand each other deeper! But if you really decided….I can sacrifice a bit and give up my principles….”

[TL: as if you have any to begin with…]

“Go and die! You still say that I think wrongly, I see that you are the one who is really thinking wrongly!”

Liu Hongxian is so angry that she keeps hammering Liu Yi’s chest. This lass’s strength is really not light ah, if it is not for me being a cultivator, I would have vomited blood from her hammering!

Liu Yi no longer dares to anyhow joke around as he hurries and carry Liu Hongxian to her bedroom.

Liu Hongxian’s bedroom also has a faint fragrance. Looks like wherever this fragrant beauty lives in the fragrance will linger!

Really wish to place her on my bed and help me change my air!

If Liu Hongxian knows that Liu Yi wishes to use her as an air purifier, she might blow her top!

While Liu Yi has already placed her on the sofa bed.

“Finally returned home….phew…”

Liu Hongxian also relaxes slightly as she lies on the soft bed in a spread out posture.

A beauty on the bed, if Liu Yi’s heart is not moved that is impossible.

Especially such a nice smelling beauty.

It is just a pity that it is a rose with prickly thorns ah…

“ I should go back.”

Liu Yi feels that if he remains here any longer he might commit a crime. Thus he stands up and prepares to leave.

Seeing Liu Yi stand up, Liu Hongxian is relieved in her heart, but also slightly dejected.

If only….can stay a while more also okay….after all….I am also not that tired….why don’t we discuss about today’s task…

Liu Hongxian goes through the reasons again in her heart when she suddenly feels that a single male and female interacting together in her house in the middle of the night…it does not seem to be good.

Thus she can only keep back the words that she is about to say.

But at this moment Liu Hongxian’s stomach suddenly let out a cry and it is not that soft.

At that instantly the atmosphere becomes even more awkward as Liu Hongxian covers her stomach.

“This….you help me go down to the convenience stall to buy something to eat…”

After a while, Liu Hongxian forces out this sentence.

“What the, just now didn’t we finish eating Japanese cuisine?”

“Just now I only drink sake that’s all….forgot to eat…”

“What the, it is already so late how would there be any convenience stall that is still open. There also isn’t any 24 hours nearby.”

Liu Yi rolls up his sleeve, “You lie down for a while, let me personally cook for you.”