Liu Yi and Lin Tong discussed the issue about the exam for a while. Afterwards, the school bell finally rang.

The school hour is finally over.

Liu Yi rose up to get ready to go home. He didn’t intend to do the evening studies and planned to go back to properly do cultivation training, so as to avoid being nagged by his Fox sister.

This nagging from his Fox sister, after all, is for his own good. So, he should, at least, shows some effort.

Liu Yi packed his bag and, along with Chen Cai, went out of the classroom and then walked toward the outside.

But at this time, he was confronted by Ma Yixuan, who didn’t turn up in the class this afternoon.

The present Ma Yixuan didn’t have her usual beauty. She looked distressed, and there is also a swelling on the right side of her face.

Liu Yi took a look, and his mind was immediately surprised. Simultaneously, he also became depressed, ‘What’s with this?’ He thought.

“Ma Yixuan, what happened to you….”

“Liu Yi, help me, please help me….”

Seeing Liu Yi, tears immediately poured down Ma Yixuan’s face.

Although his heart no longer likes Ma Yixuan, facing such cry from Ma Yixuan, Liu Yi was still somewhat uncomfortable.

“What is it? Who bullied you?”

“Yuan Shaojun….It’s Yuan shaojun….”

Ma Yixuan felt the tears, clutched her right cheek, and sobbingly said, “I don’t want to follow Yuan Shaojun….He hit me….Liu Yi….I’m scared. I want you to take me out of here quick….”

“Outrageous! I must find and confront him about this!”

Liu Yi was suddenly furious.

In all his life, the people who he most despise on were the kind of men who hit a woman.

Even if it was not Ma Yixuan, but a stranger girl, who has been beaten by a man, Liu Yi will surely can’t help but be moved.


Lin Tong couldn’t help but shouted in Liu Yi’s ear, “This is certainly a trap!”

“Whether it’s a trap or not….”

Liu Yi said through the spiritual environment, “The problem between Yuan Shaojun and me, sooner or later, will have to be resolved. Also, event if it’s a trap, he shouldn’t have hit Ma Yixuan. A girl is to be dearly loved and not to be hurt.”

With that, Liu Yi tightly pinched his fist.

Lin Tong was speechless.

‘This silly boy….is impenetrably thick headed….’ Lin Tong commented in her heart.

‘But, what words should I use to refute him….’

‘I always thought what he said is probably right….’

‘Oh, master, come save your good disciple….’

“Let’s go. Wherever Yuan Shaojun might be, lead me to him.”

“You better not….you’re no match for him!”

Ma Yixuan said, “Let’s run away! He has lots of men. You just can’t beat him….”

“Take me to him.”

Liu Yi firmly said.

At this time, a voice sounded in his mind, as if someone was talking to him.

“Do you really want to go? She’s lying to you. She said these words to provoke you. Let me come out to deal with it. I’d be perfect to handle this matter.”

Liu Yi quickly launched two breathing technique to adjust his condition.

Although he is somewhat stubborn, it doesn’t prove that he is a fool.

Ma Yixuan’s bad acting has been seen through by him.

This woman deceived him again and again, making Liu Yi thoroughly heartbroken.

But he still needed to go; He wanted to settle his problem with Yuan Shaojun once and for all.

Otherwise, in this school, he will never be at peace.

Also, he wanted to tell Yuan Shaojun that, even if it was just an act, it was still wrong for him to hit his woman.

“O, ok then. Come with me.”

A smug look flashed through Ma Yixuan’s eyes, thinking that Liu Yi has been swindled by her. She then led Liu Yi to the outside of the school building.

They walked through the school playground, which was soundless. After the school is over, the students left this playing field.

At this hour, the playground was like a graveyard, quiet and depressed.

Ma Yixuan walked in the front. Under the moonlight, her fine stature was reflected into Liu Yi’s eyes.

But Liu Yi already not in the mood to appreciate it.

Although this woman looks beautiful, she actually ugly on the inside.

When he walked in this playground, he already felt some breathing coming not far from him.

These breathings were messy and rapid. There were obviously a lot of people here, waiting to ambush him.

“Ma Yixuan.”

Liu Yi suddenly stopped at the playground and whispered.

“What’s wrong?”

There was still some distance from the targeted area. Thinking that the situation has changed, Ma Yixuan hastily turned around and looked at Liu Yi, who stood behind her.

“Ma Yixuan, I’m giving you one last chance….”

Liu Yi looked at the panic-filled eyes of Ma Yixuan and asked, “Do you really want to break up with Yuan Shaojun?”

“Of, of course, it’s true!”

Ma Yixuan quickly said.

“Oh, really? Then why did you come to me?”

“Because….because you’re the only person that I can rely on….”

Ma Yixuan hastily said, “In fact….I found that….I actually quite like you….”

Liu Yi’s heart trembled a bit.

In his dreams, many times he met with such scenario.

Unfortunately, when this scene actually happened….It was just a heartless scam.

Liu Yi quietly clutched his fists, to prevent his body from feeling the cold and excessive shiver. He said in his heart.

‘I have given you one last chance….’

‘But you let me down….’

‘Ma Yixuan….’

‘In order to harm me….you can actually say you like me….’

‘This kind of thing….I absolutely, absolutely can’t forgive….’

Liu Yi felt that his eyes were somewhat sour as if there were something cool that wanted to get out.

“Fool! She is a rotten woman! Why are you crying because of her?”

Lin Tong, who lay on Liu Yi’s shoulder, saw the sparkling things on the corner of Liu Yi’s closed eyes and felt as is something severely twitched inside her heart; It was extremely difficult for her to bear it.

‘Ma Yixuan, damn you!’ She quietly cursed.

“Grandpa said, men don’t cry easily, so, I didn’t cry.”

Liu Yi said, stretched out his hand, rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands, then opened and said.

“Night wind entered my eyes, making me confused a bit.”


Although Lin Tong’s mouth was hard, her heart was broken into pieces.

‘Why after seeing Liu Yi became sad, my heart was also in pain?’ She thought.

‘Lin Tong, you’re a Fox demon cultivator….what happened to you….’ She asked herself.

‘You heart was moved by a man?’


‘Master said that there are no good men in this world.’

‘Beeings that can defeat me are, Immortal, upright sect, and men….’

‘Therefore, they are all my enemies!’

‘Master said, when my heart was moved by a man, my death will not be far away.’

‘Lin Tong, you have to harden your heart….’

However, although she said that to herself….upon seeing Liu Yi’s present appearance….her heart, was still quite sad.

‘Humph, it’s all Ma Yixuan, that woman’s fault!’

‘I can’t forgive her!’

“Liu Yi….do, do we still need to go….”

Ma Yixuan asked with some apprehension.

“Go, of course.”

Liu Yi smiled, “Anyway, since Yuan Shaojun has hit you, I still need to say my piece toward him.”

After that, Liu Yi took up the pace.

Ma Yixuan’s heart slightly shivered, but some abhorrence soon appeared in her eyes.

She then turned toward the distant worn out dormitory area.

The old medical center is also on that side. Yuan Shaojun’s men were hiding inside that worn out dormitory.

‘Liu Yi oh Liu Yi, you can’t blame me for this. You bring this all to yourself….’ Ma Yixuan’s thought.

Before the two people even arrive at the dormitory area, the sounds of people’s breathing were even more clearer.

Ma Yixuan finally picked up her pace, turned around, and caught a glimpse of Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi, this is all you asked for it, don’t blame me.”

Then she backed away two steps and put her back against the dormitory wall.

The dormitory doors were suddenly busted open. This old building has a total of three doors, which opened at the same time. A densely packed of people shouted and ran out from each door.

These people wore school uniform and were obviously students.

Liu Yi didn’t need to think to know that these men are Yuan Shaojun’s underlings.

These men ran all over the place and encircled around Liu Yi, putting him at the center.

Yuan Shaojun, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, came forward side by side with another man.

Seeing this man, a flash immediately passed through Liu Yi’s eyes.

“Lin Huayang, so it’s you!”

“Hahaha, Liu Yi, you didn’t expect this didn’t you? But here we are, coming face to face again!”

Lin Huayang, with his hands in his pockets, triumphantly looked at Liu Yi, and said with a smile.

“During the day, didn’t you act very aggressive and even gave me a slap? Hahaha, interesting wasn’t it? You really thought that I, Lin Huayang, can let you go after that? I’m telling you, during the day you gave me one slap, tonight I’ll give you back a hundred! What do you think? Do you like this line-up? Are you scared the piss out of yet? Hahaha….”

Lin Huayang said and then laughed.

This laughter echoed in the playground. It was very strange.

Those students, who were surrounding him, also sneered, making Liu Yi very uncomfortable.

“Young master Lin, I gave you many manpower tonight, but I also have to reluctantly hit my girl. That was all according to your wish. Don’t you forget this.”

Yuan Shaojun said, pulled over Ma Yixuan into his arms and said while puffing his smoke.

“Hahaha, don’t worry, boss Yuan. I, Lin Huayang, will certainly not going to unjustly treat you!”

Lin Huayang patted his chest and said, “Tonight, we’ll go to the ‘city that never sleep’, my treat!”

“Hahaha! Ok, ok, young master Lin is really a generous person!”

The two individuals could not help but laugh.

Ma Yixuan’s face was not good to look at.

‘City that never sleep,’ what kind of place is that? That’s the place where the rich spends money to enjoy life.

It is said that there are many beautiful women there. As long as one has the money, one can obtain “various types” of services.

“I think the ‘city that never sleep’ is not suitable for you tonight. If it is other places, you guys are actually suitable to go.” Liu Yi said.

His blood flow was slightly accelerated, making his whole body cold. But he actually felt some excitement.

“What place?”

Yuan Shaojun could not bear but curiously asked.

“Orthopedic Hospital.”


A group of people could not help but laugh.

“Liu Yi, did your head was already screwed!?”

Lin Huayang came up and pointed at Liu Yi, and then doubly laughed.

“Can’t you see these many people around you? There are more than one hundred people here; If each person spat out, they can drown you in their spittle! What makes you think you can still be arrogant here! Now it’s your turn to beg for mercy!”

After that, he looked at Liu Yi with one eye and then said.

“Either way, I, Lin Huayang, am not an unreasonable person. I’ll give you a chance that can make you avoid being punched tonight, what do you think?”