“What do you want?”

Liu Yi wanted to hear what Lin Huayang’s conditions are.

“In fact, if you want to avoid this beating, it’s actually very simple.”

Lin Huayang smiled and said, “As long as you wear a pair of panties tomorrow to my class, apologize to me, and then loudly say Wang Yuzheng is Lin Huayang’s girlfriend, and that’s it. If you don’t do so, tonight, I’ll especially beat you to death!”

After finished saying that, Lin Huayang’s smile disappeared and turned into a ferocious threat.”

“Do you think, by doing it this way, Wang Yuzheng would like you?”

Liu Yi could not help but ask.

“Do I need her to like me?”

Lin Huayang, with an extremely overbearing manner, said, “As long as I, Lin Huayang, took a liking to her, that would be enough! In this school, whomever I, Lin Huayang, took a fancy to, can’t say anything other than yes! Even if she was a female teacher, she will also have to obediently follow my, Lin Huayang’s, wish, do you understand!? This is my, Lin Huayang’s, school! Liu Yi, if you want to be a hero, you’ll have to look who’s your opponent first! You even dare to hit me, humph. I stand here right now, do you still dare to hit me?”

And then, Lin Huayang arrogantly placed his face in front on Liu Yi, pointed his left cheek and said.

“Come on, you previously hit at this spot right? Hit! Hit me if you dare!”


Liu Yi drew out his palm and slapped that big mouthed Lin Huayang in the face.

Lin Huayang was hit, turned around in circle and then sat on the floor.

He was beaten silly.

“Truly….Ever since I was a little, this was the first time I saw someone who has a hobby such as this.”

Liu Yi clapped his hands and said, “You actually loves to be slapped in the face! Next time, if you have this urge again, you can just look for me. I, Liu Yi, guarantee that I’ll meet you at the appointed time and place and will service you through the night, what do you think?”

Lin Huayang sat there. He didn’t give any respond for quite a while.

But Yuan Shaojun, who undoubtedly watched the scene from the side, can’t help but cursed.

“Fuck, you mother***! You dare to be so arrogant in front of my, Yuan Shaojun’s, face? I see you’re tired of living already!”

“I want to live or die, has nothing to do with you, Yuan Shaojun.”

Liu Yi, under the menacing gaze of more than 100 people’s eyes, fearlessly stare at Yuan Shaojun and said, “Moreover, my grandpa said, men who use numbers to bully another man, can’t be called a hero. You, Yuan Shaojun, bragged about being a school head bully, but in my eyes, you are nothing but a coward.”

“What did you say? Say it to me one more time!”

Yuan Shaojun was furious.

But the nearby student, who carried a wooden plank, suddenly stepped forward and shouted.

“Boss, you don’t need to dirty your hand. Damn, this kid lacks in beating, I’ll help you smash his mouth!”

After that, that mean face student came forward and swung the wooden plank in his hands toward Liu Yi’s face.

This wooden plank is the bar between the legs of the table, about a meter long, and as thick as a finger.

If this wooden plank really hit Liu Yi in the face, it will ensure a result of several broken teeth.

Unfortunately, the present Liu Yi was a man who cannot be bullied anymore.

Toward the wooden plank, who came to him with a whistling sound, he directly held out his left hand.


The wooden plank was firmly gripped by Liu Yi’s left hand, which stopped in front of his face.


Subsequently, Liu Yi sent out a force to his left hand.

The mighty red and white streams of qi flooded into Liu Yi’s left hand and, under the combined effects of that two streams of qi, that wooden plank was pinched by Liu Yi’s left hand and, along with the fluttering sawdust, snapped in two.

The eyes of the surrounding one hundred people almost flew out.

‘Fuck me!’ They all thought.

‘What gripping power is this!’

‘Such thick wooden plank, can be snapped in two with just his left hand grip!’

‘Imagine if he pinches my arms or legs, wouldn’t that be really painful!’

Yuan Shaojun’s mouth involuntarily open, making his cigarette fell to the ground.

Even Liu Yi himself didn’t think he can break that wooden plank with just his grip; He just gave it a try.

‘It seems like after opening the second star jade, in addition to the powerful great brilliant sun palm, I have become even more fierce!’ Liu Yi thought.

The mean face student, who previously came to teach Liu Yi a lesson, at this moment, was also frightened. His face went pale, and he wanted to run away.

But Liu Yi didn’t want let him off.

He extended his hand and directly caught that student’s collar, and then swung that student’s body.

That 1.7 meter high student, was flung upward by Liu Yi, making his body flew upside down, and then heavily fell at the foot of Liu Yi, badly hurting him.

With his one hand, Liu Yi has given the students around him ‘trembled with scare.’

No matter how vicious they are, they can only rely on their numbers to bully a naive student.

When they really met with someone who fights back hard, all of them went soft.

“Fuck, don’t be afraid of him, we have many people. Everyone beat him to death!”

Intent on giving his men courage, Yuan Shaojun roared.

A student with a slightly bigger courage secretly approached Liu Yi from behind. He intended to slam the wooden plank in his hands onto Liu Yi’s head.

“Liu Yi, watch out!”

Lin Tong cried on top of Liu Yi’s shoulder.

Actually, even without the warning from Lin Tong, Liu Yi has felt the movement behind him.

After opening his second star jade, his whole body has become a lot more sensitive, making him easily sense all the things around him.

Liu Yi subconsciously lifted his right arm and kept it on top of his head.


That wooden plank hit Liu Yi’s arm and suddenly break into two pieces.

Liu Yi, feeling the pain in his right arm, cannot help but half-kneeled on the ground; His eyes turned dark.

Even if he is a cultivator, his arm is not made of steel….

This time….it looks like the bone in his right arm has been broken.

However, his white stream of qi poured into Liu Yi’s right arm and continuously healed Liu Yi’s injury.

Seeing Liu Yi half-kneeled on the ground after being hit by the wooden plank, Yuan Shaojun and his men were excited.

“This kid, although he is quite good, his body is still made of flesh and bones. Don’t be afraid, just beat him!”

More than a hundred people strangely cried out and rushed over to Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi’s right hand hasn’t recovered and without any power yet. At present, he was almost blacked out and for a time, really didn’t know what to do.

Lin Tong cannot help but become anxious, although Liu Yi is very powerful, he actually lacked combat experience.

Faced with this kind of situations, her claw started to feel numb.

A group of student gathered around Liu Yi, kicking and trampling him unceasingly.

Liu Yi can only awkwardly protect his vital organ. The pain that come from being kicked by those students made him feel he wanted to die.

“Hahaha, hahaha!”

Seeing Liu Yi being beaten like that, Yuan Shaojun couldn’t help but laugh.

“This is the end to whoever dare to mess with me, the head bully. You think too highly of yourself, Liu Yi, you rotten fool! The woman that you like has been fucked by me for I don’t know how many times! Hahaha!”

After that, Yuan Shaojun reached out his hand into Ma Yixuan’s collar and continued to knead her breast.

Ma Yixuan’s face suddenly went crimson. She was both ashamed and frightened. But she didn’t dare to resist, letting Yuan Shaojun freely knead all over her chest.

“I’m telling you, Ma Yixuan’s big tit is especially soft and white, but unfortunately, you can only see, envy, and be trampled upon under my foot! Tonight, I will cruelly fuck the goddess that you like while you can only lie down like a dead dog here! See? This is your destiny! You idiot cretin!”

Hearing all of this, Liu Yi’s eyes were slightly red.

Lin Tong could not help but shout.

“Not good….this group of idiots….stupid, stupid, idiot….”

She turned into a red blur and wanted to rush into Liu Yi’s body to suppress his Demonic power.

But a force suddenly erupted out of Liu Yi’s body, bouncing out her body away from Liu Yi.

‘Bad….’ She thought.

‘It seems like since the last time I suppressed his other personality….this demonic Liu Yi has found a way to guard against me….’

‘This time….it’s over….’

“Yuan Shaojun!”

Liu Yi’s mouth suddenly uttered a cry.

“What’s the matter, can’t stand it anymore and ready to beg for mercy?”

Yuan Shaojun happily said while still enjoying Ma Yixuan’s breast.

“Prepare to die!”

Liu Yi said and suddenly stretched out his left hand and then caught the falling wooden plank.

After that, his left hand made an effort and pulled over the wooden plank from the student who held it. And then he fiercely turned around and, with hand holding the wooden plank, swept out like a whirlwind.

“Bang bang bang!”

Several students were hit by this wooden plank, screamed out and back out, colliding with the students behind them.

But Liu Yi, taking advantage of this gap, has already stood up.

He was like a beast, rushed toward the opposite Yuan Shaojun.

Several students at once tried to block his path, but Liu Yi’s movement was quicker, he was also relentless.

The heavy wooden plank in his left hand, as if nothing, was fiercely brandished by him.

This wooden plank continued to hit the arms and faces of the opposite students.

With the sound of blood and broken bone, these students, one by one, were put to the ground in pain.

In the blink of an eye, Liu Yi has morphed from a sheep into a tiger. Those students in front of him, nobody can block his footsteps.

Yuan Shaojun was also scared. He pushed Ma Yixuan aside, pulled out a half meter long peeling knife from his side, pointed it at Liu Yi and said.

“Don’t come over here. If you come over, this father will hack you to death!”

Yuan Shaojun was really frightened.

He didn’t expect that his one hundred good men are no match for Liu Yi.

This Liu Yi….was no different than a monster!

He was really freaked out. He just wanted to finish this moment earlier and then hides far-far away from here!


But the opposite Liu Yi, seeing this bright peeling knife, didn’t have the slightest fear. Instead, a strange smile hung on his face.

Yuan Shaojun’s heart trembled again.

‘Why did he smile….’ He asked himself.

“What at are you smiling at, god fuckin dammit your smile!”

Yuan Shaojun held out his peeling knife and chopped toward Liu Yi’s shoulder.

Liu Yi didn’t step back. Instead, he raised the wooden plank horizontally over his shoulder.


Yuan Shaojun’s peeling knife cut into Liu Yi’s wooden plank. Liu Yi waved his arm, making the peeling knife that was clamped by the wooden plank pried away from Yuan Shaojun’s hand and fell, clattered to the side.

While Yuan Shaojun was still in a daze, Liu Yi had come to the front of him, grabbed him by the collar and severely hit Yuan Shaojun’s face using his forehead.


Yuan Shaojun bellowed, the blood from the resulting nosebleed flew out. His body softened and fell down to the ground.

“I already told you, tonight, the most suitable place for you, is at the Orthopedic Hospital.”

Liu Yi said, aligned his right foot on top of Yuan Shaojun’s left calf and maliciously stamped on it.



Yuan Shaojun’s miserable sound resounded throughout the playground.