Liu Yi fled to his bedroom, unable to calm down for a long time.

‘His grandma! Why did the electricity suddenly came back!’ He cursed in his heart.

‘The power authority is joking with this father!’

‘Damn it!’

Liu Yi shook his head, feeling out of luck today.

“What? You and the little Loli, is it happy ended?”

The little Fox’s voice sounded in Liu Yi’s ears.

She blew off a yawn and lazily got up from the bed.

“Since it’s a happy ending, should we continue to pick the mission?”

“Ahem….there’s nothing happy about it….”

Liu Yi sat down in front of the computer, looking at his old machine.

This antique computer, its power button is unique.

To turn it on you have to press it for a long time, but when it suddenly switched off by pulling the plug, it will automatically start itself when the plug is on again.

Thus, it came back on again when the electricity was up.

Liu Yi sat in front of the computer and deftly opened the website that was given by Lin Tong, and then re-found the task.

However, when he was about to accept the assignment, he was taken aback.

Someone else has taken this task!

‘His mother!’ He cursed.

‘Whose quick hand is this!’

“It doesn’t matter, the mission doesn’t limit the number who accepted it. As long as you finished the mission first, you’ll be the one who get the reward.”

Lin Tong lie on the shoulders of Liu Yi and said, “Although the E-rank mission is quite simple, it will award you 100 merit points, there is also 1000 yuan reward.”

“What? One, one, one thousand yuan?”

Liu Yi automatically ignored the merit points. In any case, he has no particular sect, so, it’s useless to him.

But a thousand pieces of money! He actually never saw such a large amount!

His birdy got up and was hurt!

“It….It’s so much!”

“You waste wood, you actually over excited with just this amount!”

Lin Tong held out her small paw, scratching Liu Yi’s nose a bit, and then said.

“This 1000 is good, ok! Later on, each time the mission rank increase a level, the bonus reward will be ten times bigger!”

“That….that’s a lot of money….”

‘According to that rule. A D-rank mission is 10000 yuan….And the highest rank, the S-rank, is, is….one hundred million yuan!’ He calculated.

‘Fuck me! That’s so, so many money!’

In Liu Yi’s eyes, there was suddenly many little stars!

“Stop dreaming, the higher the mission rank, the greater it’s difficulty! Just like the S-rank mission, if one doesn’t have the top power, nobody can accomplish it. A Millennium Corps King can have the full power of fourteen-star jade or even fifteen-star jade….”

“Then I’ll just do much E-rank mission….”

Liu Yi said, “I’ll rush to this brilliant abandoned factory tonight….one thousand, oh, one thousand!”

The little stars in Liu Yi’s eyes jumped out.

“You this guy….I never saw you be this greedy!”

“Gentleman loves fortune, in a proper way!”

Liu Yi said, “Although I like money, I will not do the unrighteous thing for it! Moreover, didn’t Fox sister also tell me that this can be beneficial to my training, and can also remove harmful things from the community? One arrow can kill three vultures, what’s not to like?”

“I discovered that at this time your eloquence was good!”

Lin Tong gave a glance at Liu Yi, then said, “But you can’t go out with your school uniform! This kind of thing is very secret, and you don’t want people to know that you are a student!”

“Wait here. I’ll find something….”

“Remember to pick black clothes! Other colors will not work!”

Liu Yi’s clothes were all jeans and the like, so obviously it didn’t meet the requirement of Lin Tong.

He thought for a moment and suddenly remembered that there should be a black clothe in his dad’s closet.

So he went to his parents’ bedroom and started to look around.

Liu Yi turned in the closet for a long time, and finally, dug out a black suit from the bottom.

This black suit-style is a bit older, it seemed like this suit is the one that her mother said, the one that was tailor made when his father was getting married!

This black suit is a little smaller for his father to use now, and can only be kept as a souvenir.

Liu Yi took out the black suit back to his bedroom to put on his body. He also added a piece of black shirt.

“Damn….Are you going to do a mission, or to go to work!”

Seeing Liu Yi wore a formal outfit, Lin Tong suddenly could not help but ask.

“There is no other clothes….”

Liu Yi shrugged, then walked to the front of the mirror.

It can be said, this black suit is quite appropriate for him!

The length and the other size were just perfect!

Moreover, after wearing this, Liu Yi seemed to look quite spirited.

Sure enough, the clothes maketh the man!

Liu Yi thought for a moment, then took out a red scarf and tied it on his neck.


Lin Tong was speechless.

“Is….there no mistake here….”

“Young Pioneer (Red scarf can also mean young pioneer), to do good things just like Lei Feng!”

Liu Yi laughed and said, “Since I’m going to do chivalric things, I have to look the part, right!”

Seeing Liu Yi in a black suit with a bright red scarf, Lin Tong could not help but gently covered her forehead.

‘Heaven….this girl has nothing to do with this out of the ordinary guy….’ Lin Tong said in her heart.

“There’s still my face….”

Liu Yi can clearly see his face in the mirror. He can’t allow outsiders to see his face.

Otherwise, troublesome things will surely come to him.

After thinking for a while, Liu Yi opened the drawer next to the computer and pulled out a white ugly face mask

On this one piece of white mask, there are only two black holes.

This is the mask from the last year festival, where his class have put on a performance. Liu Yi played a small role in it.

This mask is that year’s memorabilia, but now it came in handy.

Liu Yi put the mask over his face, stood in front of the mirror, and turned around twice.

Not bad, the results are pretty good!

There is a superhero fan!

“Fox sister, what do you think about my look? Isn’t it awesome!”

“Don’t call me, I don’t know who you are….”

Lin Tong jumped onto the table, lying there, her two small paws covered her eyes, pretending not to see Liu Yi.

“I think I’m quite good….”

“Suit yourself….forget it, seeing that, later on, you will help this lady to acquire demon power, this will be my gift for you.”

With that, Lin Tong cast a spell.

Suddenly, the black suit that Liu Yi wore turned into a red light, then curled up, and turned into a red ring and set on the middle finger of his right hand.

Right now, besides the underwear, the rest of his body were naked.

“Eh….what kind of spell is this?”

“This is sumeru spell.”

Lin Tong said, “This is a common spell for a cultivator, I’ll teach you about it later. In the future, as long as you cast this spell, you will be able to put on this outfit. Moreover, if the clothing was damaged or something, in this ring, it will automatically be repaired.”

“So convenient!”

Liu Yi exclaimed, “Fox sister you have to teach me about this!”

“You have to open your third-star jade if you want to learn this, so be patient!”

Lin Tong said, “Why are you in such a hurry! Right now, there’s this lady who helped you cast this spell. You should be happy!”

Liu Yi laughed and said, “Thanks! Fox sister, you’re so good to me….”

“Of course, now quickly put the clothes back! You rotten scoundrels!”

Lin Tong blushed then turned her head to say.

“Oh, ok!”

Liu Yi nodded, then remembered he only wore an underwear.

Just then, a scream sounded from behind him.

“Stinking rogue! Liu Yi you rotten scoundrel! Bastard! Hateful!”

‘I’ll be damned!’ He thought.

Liu Yi turned around and saw, dressed in pajamas, Ma Yuanyuan panic and flee.


‘I forgot about this girl again.’

Ma Yuanyuan ran out of Liu Yi’s room; she probably got back to her home.

But Liu Yi was also relieved. It saved him the trouble.

“Why you still don’t wear clothes!”

Lin Tong cried.

“I….don’t know the spell….”

Liu Yi said with a bitter face.


Lin Tong remembered her own negligence, so, she told Liu Yi the spell.

Liu Yi cast the spell in silent, the red ring in his hand suddenly turned into a red light and flowed to his body.

Suddenly, a black suit, a red scarf, and a white face mask appeared on his body.

Moreover, the black suit looked brand new, no different than a new purchase!

“Wow….good spell….”

Liu Yi exclaimed again and again, just like a dumb kid that just entered a city.

“Idiot….this is an immortal spell, so it’s inherently magical!”

Lin Tong said, “What are you worried about? Without further ado, let’s go and perform the task.”


Liu Yi nodded and went on to the balcony, then closed the balcony door.

He didn’t want to let Ma Yuanyuan, that little girl to slip over.

Liu Yi stood on the balcony, feeling the cool breeze of the night. Looking at the city under the curtain of the night, only to feel some excitement in his heart.

‘Unexpectedly, I could be a hero….’ He thought.

‘No, I’m a Red Scarf Hero.’

‘After my encounter with Fox sister, my life’s path has become different.’

“Here we go!”

Liu Yi took a deep breath; the cool night air made him doubly awake.

Mysterious icy qi, slowly gathered at his feet, to form something similar to ice skates.

Liu Yi, while his athleticism is very poor, there is one thing that he is very good at, which is ice skating.

Using his spirit fox steps, Liu Yi suddenly jumped to the balcony railing, bent his knees, then burst out the elasticity of the spirit fox steps and exploding his icy qi. With the help of these forces, Liu Yi was catapulted high up.

Liu Yi’s home is on the eighth floor, not too high, but definitely not too low.

After jumping out for some distance, his body began to fall down.

Liu Yi’s heart was slightly panicked. Although in the spiritual world he already tried numerous methods to jumping down between buildings, jumping down for the first time for real, his heart still felt nervous.

“Don’t worry! Bring out your force! Make your body lighter!”

Lin Tong lie on Liu Yi’s back, her tail swung with the night wind behind her.


Liu Yi, while in the air, performed a breathing technique, to adjust his state.

Lingtai (meridian name) clear and bright.

He instantly became much lighter, at the same time, his feet trod on an ice flower, that bloomed in the sky.

This burst of icy power looked like the flame from the bottom of a rocket. Using the power from this force, Liu Yi continually rushed forward in the air, gliding.

In the night, he was like a giant bat, gliding from his building to the opposite roof.

Liu Yi landed on both feet, skating. He speed up,and maneuvered to the other side of the platform with high-speed skating.

A frost path on the ground was the prove that Liu Yi has been there.

His speed was almost to the max, looking like a specter in the night. The moment he reached the other side of the platform, he burst out his ‘rocket ice’ again, leaping into the air.

“One thousand yuan….Here I come….!”

Liu Yi left his wild scream in the night sky behind him.