Feeling the fluttering murderous aura that was suddenly coming from Liu Yi, Li Biyue was taken aback.

But she soon calmed down and looked toward the man opposite of her.

“Great God is a cult that is unscrupulous and poisoning people’s mind. You’re nothing but a small cult believer that refined such an evil ghost baby. This alone is enough to prove that your death is not to be regretted.”

“Hahaha, my great God religion is the True God Religion!”

That man actually laughed, “I killed this baby, is but to help him return to the arms of God! Long Live The Great God!”

“Goddamn, you m*th*rfucker!”

Liu Yi can’t stop himself from shouting curses.

That man did such a cruel thing, not only he still have a clear conscience about it, he even thought that was a good thing!

To not kill such a person, will cause popular indignation!

“To insult the great God religion is truly a heathen, you can never understand the will of the True God. Just wait for your End in Hell.”

The man held out his hand, pointing at Liu Yi, and said.

“The True God will judge you.”

“The one’s on trial will be you!”

Liu Yi can’t hold back his anger, “Just wait for the Law’s punishment!”

“The Law? Hahahaha!”

The man can’t help but laugh once again. His laughter even shook his body, as if he saw a funny scene.

“You’re kidding me, right? The law? The law is only limited to the average person, but I’m above the law. Not only me, among the mortals, those influential and powerful people, weren’t they also the same as me? They are above and beyond the reach of Law. The law that you said could not punish me!”

If the Law could not sanction you, then let me punish you.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“This grandpa is the Red Scarf Hero!”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

That great God follower laughed again.

But Liu Yi rubbed both of his hands this time; Rubbing an ice bomb.

He aimed that great God believer and threw his ice bomb.

The blue-white ice bomb drew a beautiful arc in the air, and then down to the great God believer.

“What is this?”

The great God believer stretched out his right hand to block that ice projectile.


The ice bomb directly exploded on his right arm.

Suddenly, the right arm of this great God believer was wrapped in ice.

“Humph! An insignificant insect’s trick; Such a disgrace!”

That great God believer seemed angry; the ghost baby on his shoulder moved.

That ghost baby opened his ugly mouth and, ‘swishing sounds’, sprayed several red blood projectiles, which directly coming straight at Liu Yi.


Liu Yi said. He quickly stepped on his spirit fox steps to flexibly slip his body a few steps to the left and stayed away from the trajectory of those blood projectiles.

But to his surprise, Li Biyue still indifferently stood there, as if that several blood projectiles were nothing in her eyes.

“Quickly dodge!”

Liu Yi can’t help but exclaim.

An even more amazing scene appeared. That several blood projectiles flew past threw Li Biyue’s body.

Li Biyue’s penetrated places rippled and soon returned to their original form.

As if Li Biyue’s whole body was a shadow, not affected by the blood projectiles at all.


The opposite great God believer was surprised, “My blood arrow actually didn’t work on you?”

“Your opponent is him.”

Li Biyue didn’t put that great God believer in her eyes. Instead, she said to Liu Yi.

“If you can beat him, consider you finished the task.”

“Good! 1000 pieces, I’m coming!”

Liu Yi can see that Li Biyue was really powerful, so he was not worried.

His feet trod on ice skates, and his whole body suddenly rushed toward the great God believer.

“Go to hell for me! Long live the Great God!”

That great God follower controlled the ghost baby on his shoulder, unceasingly spewing blood arrows at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi, while stepping on ice skates, launch his spirit fox steps.

His body continued to shift flexibly, dodging the blood arrows.

Utilizing his demonic qi, the world speed around Liu Yi slightly slowed.

Therefore, the speed of those blood arrows slowed down, letting Liu Yi easily dodge all of them.

Otherwise, the amount of the blood arrows that would hit him were enough to fill a jar.

A blood arrow hit a nearby tree. It immediately burned with black scorch mark, showing its impressive strength.

“Lie down for me!”

At this time, Liu Yi has arrived before the body of that great God believer.

He leaped high and hit his palm in the chest of that great God follower.

Launching his great brilliant sun palm, Liu Yi’s left hand was printed with a seal. He intended to bring this second palm strike upon that great God believer.

At this time, the great God believer sneered and said.

“Want to touch me? In your dream!”

With that, the ghost baby on his shoulder let out a piercing scream.

The shrill cries turned into circular ripples, spreading out from the ghost baby’s mouth, and impacting Liu Yi’s body.

Feeling severe pain in his eardrums, Liu Yi’s whole body hindered in the air and then flew out and fell to the ground.

“With such abysmal skills, you dare to oppose the great God, humph, courting death.”

The great God follower smiled smugly.

Lin Tong shouted in Liu Yi’s ear.

“Damn, that guy’s strength is just two stars….but his ghost baby is too weird! Liu Yi, you be careful!”

“I know….”

Liu Yi’s throat was somewhat sweet.

Apparently, the previous cries made him suffered internal injury.

“The Great God Religion is eternal!”

That great God believer touched his ghost baby and slowly said, “You know what, the ghost baby was strangled by me without feeling any pain. He peacefully lie there, returned to the embrace of God. He is a soldier of God. For the unification of humanity under the Great God Religion, he has made his contribution.

“You go to hell….”

Liu Yi got up and clenched his fists.

“You all don’t understand the gift from God.”

The great God believer sneered, “You live in a fabricated world, full of extreme impulsiveness; Simply can’t see through the mundane and can’t touch the truth. However, if you truly repent, and participate in my Great God Religion, I will guide you to touch this real world.”

“I touch your grandma’s fingernail!”

Liu Yi said, stepped on ice skates, and rocketing toward the great God follower.

“Impenetrably thick-headed ordinary people….I feel sorry for you….”

With that, the ghost baby on his shoulder uttered a piercing scream.

Acoustic shock-wave came through.

This time, Liu Yi did not dodge but rushed up.

“Desolate Flame!”

A dazzling print appeared on his right palm, which directly collided with the invisible shockwave.

Using power to deal with the sound!

This is the desperado Liu Yi’s move!

Being attacked by Liu Yi’s great brilliant sun palm, that sound wave instantly warped up.


Liu Yi unexpectedly broke this sound wave with his palm attack, and then arrived in front of the great God believer.

The great God believer didn’t expect his sonic attack can actually be broken. He can’t react in time and can only helplessly watch as Liu Yi’s palm hit his chest.

“Vein Seal!”

This vein seal was infused with his thick icy qi!

“Ka, ka, ka!”

The great God believer felt his body became stiff, and the world around him become dark, the blood on his body stopped flowing.

Liu Yi’s mysterious icy qi even made half his body frozen in ice.

This palm actually can’t hurt Lin Tong much, but yet, the result on him was very effective.

“Ao, Ao!”

The ghost baby opened his mouth, seemingly wanted to launch an attack.

At this time, Liu Yi’s left hand landed on his head.

“Let me send you to the afterlife to be reincarnated….to grow strong and healthy in the next life….Desolate Flame!”

Liu Yi’s desolate palm (first palm strike) erupted, simultaneously, the mysterious icy qi in his body, erupted at three times its power.

The ghost baby was instantly frozen, changed into an ice sculpture and then, fragmented piece by piece.

“My, my ghost baby! Aaa!”

Seeing this scene, the great God believer gravely roared.

“He’s not yours.”

Liu Yi turned his head and coldly looking before the great God believer.

“He had his own parents.”

“He’s my Great God Religion’s warrior, serving for my Great God!”

“Your great god religion is nothing but a cult. Using such pretext, you wantonly plundered their lives….you….are lower than pigs and dogs!”

Liu Yi said, lifted his left palm, gathering his strength. He intended to hit this great God believer’s forehead and ended his life.

But his palm stagnated in mid-air. He didn’t make his move after quite a while.

After all is said and done….he was just a student.

To kill another person….he somewhat can’t do it.

“Go to hell!”

That great God believer suddenly bit his tongue. With mouth filled with blood, he was ready to spurt it toward Liu Yi’s cheek.

Condensed into blood droplets.

The Ghost baby’s power, he can also do it.

But at this time, a shadow suddenly appeared behind him.

Li Biyue stood behind him. A black shadow edge slowly disappeared from her left hand.

That great God believer looked at his slowly separated body, and, spewed a mouthful of blood under his mask.

“Great God Religion….Will not let you get away….”

With that, his upper and lower body officially separated.

Liu Yi hastily stepped back two steps, but because his feet still had the icy skates, he slid very far. A stream of blood spurted out and nearly sprayed his body.

Looking at the cut in half corpse, Liu Yi can’t help but somewhat disgusted and almost throw up.

“A rookie indeed.”

Li Biyue turned her head, looked at Liu Yi, and said, “But, it’s an interesting rookie.”


Liu Yi retched several times and quickly made a few breathing technique to adjust his status.

He didn’t dare look at the corpse, lest he will having nightmares.

“Your mission is completed. Go back to report the task. I am the mission’s publisher, and I will accept your report.”

Li Biyue said and beckoned her hand.

“Why do you want to help me?”

‘Something did not add up,’ according to Liu Yi’s thought, ‘an iceberg woman like her, ought to not talk with a man, right?’

“I find you kid quite interesting, oddly enough….”

Li Biyue also felt it was strange.

Liu Yi suddenly thought of something. He opened his eyes of favorable impression.

Sure enough, on top of Li Biyue’s head, floated the numbered favorability of 5.

‘Damn!’ He can’t help but exclaim in his heart.

‘It’s the friendly aura!’

Unexpectedly, this skill has worked wonders.

“Enough, if we have the chance, we’ll meet again in the future….”

Li Biyue said, ”I am Li Biyue from the hunter organization. In the event that we meet again….I will consider inviting you to join my organization….”

“What is this ‘Hunter Organization? Hey!”

Liu Yi wasn’t too clear.

But this time, Li Biyue has turned into a shadow, and disappeared in front of Liu Yi.

After Liu Yi had walked away, Li Biyue came out again and took the great God believer’s phone, looking for some information.

“It turned out the twelve zodiac program already leaked?”

Li Bi Yue looked at the phone, looking pensive, “No wonder the great God cult’s activity recently increased….It seems like they have the thought to act toward the twelve zodiac program….This guy, what was he planned to do here? I’ll add manpower to reinforce my issued missions. This case needs many investigators….oh….This time, I am not going to meet with that interesting guy while on duty again, right?….”

Remembering that guy who wore a black suit and a red scarf, Li Biyue could not bear but wanted to smile.

“It appears this northern dragon city will not be so tranquil anymore….”