No one can deny that Wang Lele’s chest is indeed huge, and full. Her small shirt can’t fully cover it, making part of her chest exposed; Very beautiful to look at.

‘If such breast were to push on to me….the joy would be the same as if I’m in heaven!’

‘But that’s just a thought.’

‘Even if I want to do the chest push….’

‘I can’t do it in such a lousy place like this!’

“No, you can’t….”

So, Liu Yi refused and simply said, “We can’t do it here….”

“It doesn’t matter….there’s no one here.”

Wang Lele said and threw herself on Liu Yi’s body. Her pair of hands were suddenly on Liu Yi’s chest.

“I want to repay Liu Yi gege….”

With that, Wang Lele’s hand started to rub Liu Yi’s chest.

‘Give me a fuck!’

Liu Yi was a bit dumbfounded.

‘Could it be….’

‘This the legendary “chest push?”’

‘His mother! I’m being cheated….’

When Liu Yi was depressed, there was a loud cry coming from the bathroom door.

“Aa! Rogue!”

There’s a scream from a girl again.

Liu Yi and Wang Lele two people quickly turned their heads to see a figure ran away.

“We, we should get back….”

Liu Yi was disappointed and somewhat happily said.

“Alright then….Next time we have the chance, I’ll give Liu Yi gege a chest push again! Let’s get back now, otherwise, sis’ Die will get impatient.

Wang Lele nodded her head and then turned and led Liu Yi walked toward the direction of the theater.

Liu Yi’s heart gently relieved.

‘I finally don’t have to suffer in the girl’s toilet room….’

‘Today is really the day full of frustration to me….’ Liu Yi lamented.

The two people back to the theater room just when the movie was on a lull period.

Murong Die cast a slightly bitter vision, then asked.

“The two of you, what took you so long?”

“I’ve given Liu Yi gege a chest push a moment ago!”

Wang Lele said cheerfully.


Murong Die was immediately shocked. She turned around to pull Liu Yi by the collar and angrily asked.

“What did you do to my Lele!?”

“I swear, I really didn’t do anything!”

Liu Yi wanted to cry but have no tears.

‘What if I do, I would still be scolded by Murong Die….’

‘His mother! This is truly an injustice!’

“But Liu Yi gege is too thin. His chest is too hard. I can’t feel a thing.”

A few follow-up words from Wang Lele made Murong Die a bit embarrassed.

It suddenly occurred to her that the concept of a chest push of this big chest no brain girl Wang Lele is somewhat different.

“In short, I won’t allow you to bully my Lele! If there’s anything, just come to this lady!”

With that, Murong Die even stuck out her chest.

Liu Yi suddenly saw the slightly elevated chest of Murong Die and compared in his heart.

‘Alas…absolutely can’t be compared to Wang Lele!’

‘The different is like the heaven and the earth!’

‘Like the peak of a mountain and an airport.’

As if to feel Liu Yi’s wretched eyes, Murong Die was suddenly upset.

“What are you looking at! Do you think this lady’s chest is small?”

“Murong Die, don’t ever think that!”

Liu Yi was suddenly surprised and said, “You’re thinking is too big and too wrong!”


Murong Die was taken aback, thinking, ‘Is Liu Yi going to praise my chest?’

“Inadequate breast is actually quite lovely, really!”

“Liu Yi, go to hell for me, go to hell!”

Murong Die really wished she could happily bite Liu Yi do death, thinking.

‘Why is this guy so hateful!’

‘The heaven ought to kill him by a lightning strike!’

‘No, don’t strike him with a lightning strike, that’s too convenient for him!’

‘Let this lady torment his feelings and then chopped him to death!’

‘Humph humph!’

‘Yes, that’s it!’

The later part of this horror movie has arrived, and it turned out it’s quite boring, making the three people lost their fervor.

Finally, the film ended. Wang Lele stood up and gave a big stretch and said.

“Ai….the ending is so boring. Look at the other people; they’re all sleepy!”

When Wang Lele yawn, her chest almost burst out of her shirt, making Liu Yi, who looked at her, can’t take back his gaze.

“Someone’s chest looks much better than the movie, right?”

The nearby Murong Die can’t help but sourly said.

“Ahem….it’s nothing….let’s go to eat….”

Liu Yi quickly changed the subject, “Hot spicy soup, my treat. Don’t tell me I’m a cheapskate; you can eat as much Hot spicy soup as you like!”

Murong Die and Wang Lele heavily frowned. They both thought.

‘No matter how many hot spicy soup one can eat, it’s still going to be cheap….’

‘Liu Yi is really a death stingy!’

However, after thinking that Liu Yi’s family is ordinary, Murong Die and them actually didn’t care for Liu Yi to be such a cheapskate.

If Liu Yi were to lavishly spend his family’s money, then Murong Die and them would have to change their view on him.

“We might as well go window shopping!”

Wang Lele exclaimed, “I’m really interested in choosing clothes for Liu Yi gege!”

“Your vision is too special!”

Murong Die quickly said, “It would be better if this Lady is the one who choose the clothes!”

“Ai….sis’ Die….this is a rare occasion….”

Wang Lele rubbed her fingers and said, “I’m good at dressing up my doll….this time, I want to dress a real people….”

“This lady’s dressing up skill is better!”

“Give me a chance….sis’ Die….”

“How about this, we each choose a set of clothes one at a time?”

“Huh? This is also good!”

“It’s settled then!”


The two girls finalize things next to the silly looking Liu Yi.

‘Fuck, want to buy me clothes; why you don’t ask for my opinion?’

‘Did I just become a life-size doll?’

“Let’s go! Fools!”

Murong Die said and started to walk toward the mall.

By this time, outside the mall.

“Young master Lan….when shall the show begin?”

At a teahouse across the shopping mall, the arrogant Lin Huayang was nervously sitting at a table and continued to look at the street outside through the window.

“Young master Lin is somewhat impatient.”

Lan He, who was sitting on the other side of the table, a slight smile hung on his lips, was playing with a purple teacup and said.

“Might as well try this authentic Dahongpao. This stuff may be more expensive than gold. This Dahongpao’s production is low. In the past Premier Zhou delivered Nixon half catty (0.3 kg or 0.6 pounds) of Dahongpao, and jokingly called, this is China’s ‘half of the country’.”

Lan He slowly stated the history of this ‘Dahongpao’ tea.

Originally his hatred toward Liu Yi made him unable to sleep in peace. He really wished he could plaster Liu Yi’s head on the basket ring and played with it several times every day.

But since Ma Wei became the Hall leader of Black Dragon gang, his heart settled down.

Since he has the backing of Black Dragon gang, how could he fret about a single Liu Yi anymore?

“Ai….I really didn’t have the mood to drink tea….”

Lin Huayang sighed and said.

“Young master Lin don’t need to be worried. Since I’ve invited you to watch this movie, then this movie will certainly be splendid.”

Lan He said with a smile, “You still won’t believe of me, Lan He?”

Lan He thought that today he was very charming. He imagined himself to be like a strategic planner in an army tent.

‘Mm, in the past, wasn’t Zhuge Liang also being doubted just like this!’

‘The past has Zhuge Liang, but now there’s me, Lan He!’

“But….young master Lan, is Black Dragon gang really reliable?”

Lin Huayang could not bear but disturbingly asked one question.

“I made Yuan Shaojun to assemble a hundred students….but they still can’t put Liu Yi down….”

“Cut, your one hundred students are nothing more than an ordinary student. They’re nothing!”

Lan He couldn’t help but ridicule, “What can they do other than scaring people much less than themselves? How can they compare to the real underworld gang?”

“You’re right….”

Lin Huayang nodded his head, “But to deal with Liu Yi on the busy street….wouldn’t that immediately attract police attention?”

“Relax, I already made some good connection with the police.”

Lan He smiled, “Young master Lin, Young master Lin, you’re still the young master of the Lin Family. Do you think that Black Dragon gang can become this big without the connection to the police? They’ve already arranged for this matter. You and I will just have to sit here watching the movie unfold with ease.”

“It turned out to be so. Then my heart is at ease!”

Lin Huayang said with a smile. His heart was very excited.

Black Dragon gang is indeed the largest gang in Northern Dragon City. If they come forward, an ordinary student like Liu Yi should be no problem.

“Did you see that?”

Lan He said and pointed to the downstairs, “There’s nobody on the street anymore isn’t it?”

Lin Huayang glanced out of the window, and sure enough, this previously overcrowded street was now empty except for a few pedestrian.

There’s only a few stall still opened down on the street. Some rascally men drank and ate there.

“Black Dragon gang have begun their movement. They already cleared the street. We just have to wait until Liu Yi came out of the theater, that’s when he die.”

The street was blocked. This time, Lan He pull no punches in dealing with Liu Yi.

Even if the situation gets big, the Black Dragon gang will help him find a scapegoat.

Of course, all the family expense was naturally from Lan He.

‘In this Northern Dragon City, nobody can annoy me, Lan He!’ He thought.

He firmly held the teacup. His eyes started to fill with excitement.

‘Murong Die, is mine!’

On the opposite Mall, Liu Yi apparently unaware of the immediate danger.

At this point, his head was hurt, big time!

These two girls have been shopping for a long time, but actually didn’t buy any clothes for him. Instead, they happily picked various kind of clothes for him to try.

Therefore, for who knew how long, Liu Yi has been running back and forth to the changing room!

“Wow! These jeans are so good!”

Wang Lele suddenly took a fancy to a set of jeans behind the counter.

These two set of cool jeans were placed on the body of two dummy mannequins.

One is black, and the other one is blue.

The black is a male outfit, the blue is a female one, they were clearly a pair.

After Wang Lele had sawed these clothes, her eyes were locked on to them.

“Liu Yi gege, let’s try these outfit!”

“How many times do I have to try clothes?”

Liu Yi was helpless.

He has tried so many clothes….

‘I’m not a coat hanger. What’s so good about trying so many clothes without buying anything.’ He sighed.

“Liu Yi gege….just try this one please….”

Wang Lele pulled Liu Yi’s arm and pleaded.

The nearby Murong Die can’t help but be upset.

“I also want to try. If we want to buy, we must buy a pair.”

”Then let’s try it….”

Liu Yi was unable to dissuade those two girls and had to follow them into the store.

“Hello, miss Murong!”

The store guide was actually well-trained. Moreover, she also recognize Murong Die and immediately welcomed them respectfully.

“This clothes….two set of male and female….find the one that matches our stature and bring them to us!”

Murong Die immediately waved her hand and said.