Liu Yi took that set of clothing which made from material that felt the same as ordinary jeans and walked into the changing room

Wang Lele and Murong Die went to the changing room next to him.

This changing room’s partition seemed very thin. When Liu Yi took off his clothes, he can hear the rustling sound of other people changing clothes near him.

The sound of two girls, talking at each other, seep into Liu Yi’s ears.

“Sis’ Die, why do you want to buy these jeans?! Don’t you dislike jeans?”

“I haven’t tried it yet. I’m still undecided!”

Murong Die’s haughty voice also passed through the changing room partition, “Hump, besides, can’t this lady suddenly took a fancy to this jeans?”

“Hehehe, of course you can….at that time, when the three of us wore this matching set of couple’s jeans, wouldn’t other people will be blown away?”

“Blown away or not, that was still uncertain. But I think many people will certainly want to hack Liu Yi to death!”

Murong Die suddenly couldn’t help but laugh, “If we go out and people really going to cut Liu Yi, you have to protect your Liu Yi gege!”

“Liu Yi gege is so fierce. He doesn’t need me to protect him!”

Wang Lele said with a smile, “I think, it’s more likely than not Liu Yi gege will protect us!”

“As a modern woman, how could you have such thought!”

Murong Die quickly educated Wang Lele, “We can’t wait to be protected by a man! We are independent, strong, and can make men tremble to curl up under our feet!”

“Hehe….I don’t want to be a Queen like that….I want to be an innocent little girl!”

“You girl, since when you’re an innocent little girl!”

Murong Die shouted, “You look at your big breasts! You can use this as a hammer to batter a person to death!”

“Ai….sis’ Die is too hateful, you always make fun of my big breast….”

Wang Lele appeared to have some resentment, and said, “I don’t want to have such a big chest….but who knew it grew into this….But, sis’ Die, tell me, if Liu Yi gege accidentally fall into my arms, will my chest suffocate him….?”

”Pfft….you girl….your head is full of messy thoughts!”

“I am just curious….”

“I forbid you to be curious….see how I’m going to punish you!”

“Ai….sis’ Die is a lecher….a, don’t pull my bra….huhu, don’t pinch my breast….m….you force me to do this, watch me!”

“A, it’s okay if you retaliate by pulling my bra, but you unexpectedly grab my ass!”

“Hehe, sis’ Die’s ass is nice; it curled upward! Liu Yi gege will surely love it!”

“You, this girl….let’s see who’s afraid of who!”

Listening to the two girls sound from across the partition, Liu Yi almost had a nosebleed.

Lin Tong seemed to be fed up with Liu Yi’s affair and has since entered the spiritual environment. For her, it’s better like this, out of sight out of mind.

Liu Yi felt that blood has flowed into his lower part. He immediately thought.


‘Grandpa said…..Hear no evil, see no evil….’

‘Hey, grandpa never said these words….’

‘Grandpa seemed to say….’Flower that is ready to be picked, must be picked!’

‘Ah, oh heaven!’

‘How could grandpa said such things!’

‘Grandpa….saves your grandson….’

When Liu Yi was battling with his impulses, he suddenly found that on the wall hook position, there’s a small hole.

This little hole should not be discovered by other people, but Liu Yi, as a cultivator, has an amazing eyesight. Therefore, he can found this small hole.

At that moment, this small hole seemed to have an infinite allure, deeply attracted Liu Yi.

‘Should I see or not….’ He asked himself.

‘No…this is so wicked….’

‘Those two girls are changing clothes on the other side, how can I just casually look at them….’

‘But….this is a great opportunity….’

‘If this opportunity is gone….I probably wouldn’t have it again….’

‘So what….’

‘I just have to take a look….’

‘Only one look….’

‘I promise I wouldn’t look too many times….’

‘It shouldn’t be considered a big evil if I only take one look….’

‘That’s right, just one look….really just one look….’

Liu Yi took two deep breaths, and with some shiver, slowly moved toward that small hole.

Closer….just a bit closer…..

Liu Yi finally arrived before the small hole. He opened his sight and, through the little hole that was as big as a grain of rice, looked at the scenery on the other side.

The first thing that he saw seemed to be the Wang Lele’s back.

She seemed to be really close, blocking his whole line of sight….

‘Moved aside a bit….’ Liu Yi told her in his heart.

‘Or turn around!’

Liu Yi was somewhat anxious.

“I catch you, dead girl! Watch how this lady drops her dragon hand to tame your breast!”

At this time, Murong Die suddenly called out, then Wang Lele exclaimed.


Liu Yi suddenly felt a ‘bang,’ Wang Lele seemed to lean against the partition.



That partition is really a bit too fragile….

Under the sudden pressure from the two girls, it instantly fell down.

Liu Yi quickly stepped aside to get out of the collapsed partition.

And then, he was shocked.

The opposite Wang Lele and Murong were just dumbfoundedly stood there.

The two girls wore nothing but small panties.

Wang Lele wore a cute little pink panties while Murong Die wore a black lace panties….

They were also a bit transparent….

Liu Yi can vaguely see traces of something black….

Moreover, they were topless.

Wang Lele, fortunately, was covering both of her breasts. But she can’t fully block her two huge meatballs. Some part of it was clearly exposed to Liu Yi.

But Murong Die’s hands were directed toward the front. On top of her protruding white milk bosom, there was a pair of bright red, making Liu Yi blankly looked at them.

“Aa! Rogue!”

Murong Die suddenly screamed, picked up the hanger by the side, and threw it at Liu Yi’s face.

Although it didn’t hurt, Liu Yi still felt very dizzy, and then collapsed to the ground.

‘Could it be….this is the fabled euthanasia….’


‘This must be the blessing from your soul in heaven, right….’

Liu Yi can’t help but think.

He then heard Wang Lele’s scream.

“Sis’ Die, this is serious, you overdo it! Liu Yi gege’s nose was bleed because of you! There are a lot of it!”

“He deserves it! Even if he die, he still deserves it!”

“But….but, Liu Yi gege could bleed to death….”

“That’s the best. It will purify the world! Quickly take this chance to put my clothes back!”

“Oh, right….”

Wang Lele nodded her head, and then said, “In any case, Liu Yi gege has a powerful life, and should not be so easy to die….”

Liu Yi’s ears then heard a rustling sound. He wanted to raise his head to take a look again….

But he was afraid of being beaten….

‘If I have X-ray vision or something, that would be nice….’ He thought.

‘Ai, why would I receive the eye of favorable impression instead of X-ray….’

‘Too bad…too bad….’

Liu Yi can’t help but sigh.

At this moment, he heard the sound of the door opening.

The two girls should’ve finished changing clothes and already went outside.

Liu Yi crawled up and directly folded his uniforms into a blue-white sumeru ring, then set it on his left hand.

This uniform was also made into a sumeru ring by Lin Tong, so Liu Yi can easily change his outfit.

Liu Yi was now naked, except for an underwear.

He quickly put the small undershirt set in his upper body.

Afterward, Liu Yi picked up the jeans jacket. That shopping attendant’s vision was really good to be able to choose the right size set for Liu Yi.

After Liu Yi put on the somewhat thick and heavy jacket, he picked up the pants.

At that time, the sound of the next room’s sliding door came to his ears.

A rough middle-aged uncle, with face full of bristle, walked in carrying a coat.

He watched in amazement at Liu Yi as he put on his pants, blinked a few times, and then said with a thick voice.

“Oh, it’s finished….the integrity of the young generation is lost….I see things that I shouldn’t suppose to see….”

‘Shit!’ Liu Yi cursed in his heart.

‘What something that’s not supposed to see!’

Liu Yi was depressed.

‘So what if you’re an old man!’

“Young man….”

That uncle said ruefully, “You have to take the responsibility for me….”

‘Fuck your sister!’

‘Who wants to be responsible for you!’

Liu Yi hastily raised his pant, tied the belt, and awkwardly ran out of the changing room.

‘His mother, I would not come to such a dreadful place like that anymore….’

Liu Yi rushed to the outside and saw the two young beauty who wore the matching outfit like him and immediately surprised.

Although the outfit didn’t look that good before wearing it, after they put it on, it turned out to be very beautiful.

Wang Lele chose the small version of the jacket that stop at her waist. Her figure was perfectly highlighted by it.

Murong Die added a small piece of red scarf. She also stepped on a small black leather boot, which showed her heroic spirit!

They really looked different….Although the clothes have the same model, when it was put on a different people, the resultant effect is starkly different….

Liu Yi didn’t know how good he look in this outfit, but he heard Wang Lele suddenly exclaimed.

“Hey, Liu Yi gege, this outfit is perfect for you! So handsome!”

“Humph, I think not….it’s just a good clothes….”

Murong Die raised her small chin and snorted.

But her eyes flowed with a bright light, betraying her words.

As the saying goes, men rely on the cloth, while horse relies on the saddle. After Liu Yi put on this outfit, his aura seemed more handsome.

Compared with the school-uniformed Liu Yi, the difference in the handsomeness level is really big.

‘But this is good, he’s more worthy to be with this lady, humph!’

Murong Die thought in her mind.

At this time, the three people’s appearances were very eye-catching.

The male customer, coming and going; Each one of them looked at Liu Yi with envy look, making Liu Yi scared.

‘His mother….’ He thought.

‘They all look like they want to eat me….’

“The shopping was a success! Let’s go to dinner!”

Liu Yi just wanted to get out of this place….

He didn’t know if those men would really kill him.


Wang Lele was happy, “I’m kinda hungry now….this time we eat will have to depend on Liu Yi gege right!”

“As you wish….eat until you’re full, don’t hold back!”


The nearby Murong Die was speechless.

The three people then turned to go downstairs. Wang Lele’s face suddenly looked pained and said.

“Em….sis’ Die….Liu Yi gege….you two wait for me here….I need to go to the toilet….”

“I told you not to drink too much coke! Tonight you could wet your bed you know!”

Murong Die couldn’t help but quip

“Huhu….Next time I wouldn’t drink again….you guys wait for me at the door….I’ll be right back….”

“You didn’t ask to be accompanied?”

Liu Yi said with a smile.

“Ai….no need….I’m not afraid anymore….I’ll be okay this time….I’ll be right back, you go out first.”


Liu Yi and Murong Die nodded their head and then walked out of the front door of this Mall.