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When Liu Yi and Murong Die stepped out of the door, they immediately came across a strange situation.

Liu Yi saw a man carrying a gunnysack, rushed to him to cover his head with it.

In a flash, the entire world slightly slowed down.

Liu Yi’s blood flow started to accelerate.

If he was still the usual Liu Yi from the past, he would definitely be covered by that gunnysack.

But the current Liu Yi was different. After becoming an immortal cultivation, his feelings for the movement around him has become much more sensitive.

The movement of that gunnysack was infinitely slowed down in his eyes. Liu Yi pulled Murong Die and backed away two steps.

At the same time, he subconsciously lifted his foot and directly kicked that man with gunnysack.


Immediately, that 1.7 m man was kicked out and cried out pitifully. He flew upside down two meter away and fell to the ground.

“What’s going on….”

Murong Die for a time didn’t react and then suddenly asked in surprise.

At this time, several men appeared behind them, blocking them from entering the mall.

The originally empty street were now filled with sounds of footsteps, coming right after the other toward them.

Soon, Liu Yi and Murong Die was surprised to find that the street was filled with all sort of punks.

But each of these punks were carrying these item:

Seven-hole knife and watermelon knife.

The sharp edges of those knives were gleaming from the scorching sunlight.

“Bad, this is really bad….”

Murong Die, all of a sudden, looked pale. She tightly held Liu Yi’s hand, making him aware of her palm’s temperature.

Looked like this girl seemed very tense. Liu Yi surmised

“They possibly….want to kidnap me….”

These few words from Murong Die suddenly made Liu Yi startled.


“Since I was still a child….I don’t know how many times I experienced this kind of kidnapping….”

Murong Die nervously said, “Therefore, whenever I go out, Uncle Wang will always be my side….But today I secretly sneak out from my home….without telling Uncle Wang….”

After that, Murong Die looked at the people all around her, as well as the knives in their hands, and suddenly fell into a despair.

Although she is the young Lady of a wealthy family, she has seen these kinds of weapon.

But in the past, Uncle Wang was always beside her. Her uncle Wang’s skill was excellent. Whenever he pulled the gun at a critical moment like this, the problem was basically solved.

But today, there was only Liu Yi, who stood beside her.

This made Murong Die lacked her usual self-confidence.

“Relax….I will take you out of this….”

Feeling the tension from Murong Die, he immediately raised the desire to protect, thinking.

‘Grandpa said, man can only stand before the woman’s body.’

“Chop him!”

From those group of punk, someone suddenly burst a roar.

Then, these punks, carrying their knives, growled and came rushing toward Liu Yi.

Murong Die, seeing this parade, suddenly screamed.

But Liu Yi was nimble. He bent over his body and put Murong Die on his left shoulder.

Murong Die immediately surprised, looking at how Liu Yi carry her. His left hand was holding her upper legs while he bolted together with her on the street.

Liu Yi didn’t dare to put Murong Die into the ‘Princess Hug’ position because he can’t control his amorous ripple hand on his right hand.

Lin Tong had said to him that, for him to be able to control his amorous ripple hand, he must, at least, open his third star jade.

So, he can only carry Murong Die on his shoulder like that. Although Murong Die was a bit uncomfortable, he has no other way.

“Bastard, why are you carrying me! Quickly put me down!”

Murong Die screamed again and again.

“Big miss, bear with me. I’ll get you out of here!”

Although he was carrying a girl, after becoming an immortal cultivator, his physical strength increased a lot. So, he didn’t feel any more cumbersome carrying her.

Both of his legs powerfully strode, running down the street.

But the whole street was full of punks, coming at them from all directions.

Soon, a punk ran to the front of Liu Yi. The knife in his hand, fell on Liu Yi’s shoulder.

“Ah! Watch out!”

Lin Tong felt the outside movement, flew out, lie on Liu Yi’s right shoulder just in time to see this scene and immediately warned.

“Go away!”

Liu Yi launched his spirit fox steps, so that he suddenly moved right in front of that chopper’s chest, slamming his right shoulder into his chest.

That moment, Liu Yi thought in his mind.

‘Fortunately he is a man.’

‘If that was the big breasted Wang Lele….this time, bumping with such a huge chest…hmm…!’

Although he was indulging in flight of fancy, his movement didn’t slow down.

Although these few days he didn’t find any appropriate mission, Liu Yi still trained his body technique in the spiritual environment.

Immediately after he slammed his right shoulder on that man’s chest, that small fry bellowed. His entire body was ran down by Liu Yi and flew far out, and then fell to the ground, unable to get up again.

But because of this, Liu Yi was delayed for a moment. Thus, more punks carrying knives rushed over to him.

“Use your great brilliant sun palm and swat these guys!”

Lin Tong grabbed Liu Yi’s clothing and kept shouting.

But Liu Yi didn’t budge.

Great brilliant sun palm was too powerful. No ordinary people can withstand it.

Right now his main intent is to break out the encirclement to bring Murong Die away.

Liu Yi, while carrying Murong Die, stretched his right hand and grabbed the adjacent fence railing.

This railing was welded at the top, for about two fingers thick.

He exerted his two forces into his right palm.

“Clank!” That tightly welded iron bar was actually able to be pulled down by Liu Yi.

A group of punks was surprised, ‘Fuck me! What kind of strength is this!?’ They thought.

‘This is popeye’s strength!’

But because these many people relied on their knives, they still rushed to take his life.

Because their Hall Leader has spoken that, today, they must discard this kid!

“Go to hell!”

“Fucking cut him!”

Each of these group of punks looked vicious and murderous.

Liu Yi was slightly scared, but this scare was soon gone because of Murong Die’s presence.

All men are animals. In front of the female of their species, there will certainly be a slight difference, such as the excessive secretion of hormones.

Liu Yi was also like that.

“Liu Yi….if you can’t hold them just put me down….”

Murong Die suddenly said.

“They just want to kidnap me anyway….not to take my life….”

“Stop talking nonsense. As long as I’m here, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Liu Yi said. With one hand holding Murong Die, the other hand grabbing an iron bar, Liu Yi rushed past that group of punk.


Two knives simultaneously fell on Liu Yi’s iron bar from the top, making his right arm slightly sank.

But Liu Yi simultaneously erupted the strength into his right arm and with this fierce wave, shook back the two punks in front of him several steps back while the knives in their hands went flying.

While he continued to dash forward, he waved his stick twice to the two thugs in front of him, swatting them to the ground.

But more punks rushed to him.

Liu Yi shifted left and right through the crowd, constantly knocking those punks around him.

But these thugs were really too many, making his strength gradually drained.

Liu Yi began to feel tired. The speed of him wielding the iron bar was significantly slowed down.

He didn’t know how many of those punks that has been put down by him, but there were still many people all around him, encircling him. Each carrying the knives while unceasingly came at him.


Liu Yi’s left foot kicked up, kicking a punk, who ran over to him, to the side.

At this time, Murong Die loudly exclaimed, “Liu Yi! Behind you!”

Liu Yi has felt the chilly wind behind him. Fearing for the safety of Murong Die, he hastened to move sideways, covering Murong Die with right side block.


The knife meet with the flesh.

Liu Yi’s right shoulder was knifed with a Watermelon knife. Suddenly, blood squirted out.

“Hahaha! He was cut down by me! He was chopped by me!”

That punk shouted a pleasant surprised.

The hall leader has spoken, if any of them can chop this guy, they will be rewarded with ten thousand yuan!

Thus, this punk succeed in obtaining that 10000!

He want to cut several more times!

That punk’s eyes were red. He pulled out that watermelon knife.

The blood spurted out once more, making Liu Yi immediately felt slightly dizzy.

Murong Die, seeing the splashing of the blood on Liu Yi’s right shoulder, suddenly screamed.

“Liu Yi, your, your blood….”

“I, I’m okay….”

Liu Yi said weakly.

But before he finished comforting her, Murong Die has fainted.

The white stream of qi continued to heal Liu Yi’s right shoulder.

But Liu Yi has lost too much blood, his vision began to turned black, and gradually lose his sight on that thug’s knife.

“Liu Yi, wake up! Liu Yi!”

Lin Tong pulled Liu Yi’s ear and shouted.

But at this time, Liu Yi’s consciousness has become increasingly blurred. He couldn’t hear Lin Tong’s shout.

“Hahaha! This time, let see how you’re going to hit back!”

Seeing Liu Yi has staggered, the punk who cut him was very happy and shouted.

But at this time, another group of punk has arrived. They cried.

“Let me knife him once!”

“Stop fucking pushing! Each man can have one knife!”

At this point, the Liu Yi before them is not a human, but a prize.

‘Could it be….this will be my end….’

Liu Yi could not help but think a line from a TV show.

‘Although I’m an immortal cultivator….’

‘But in the end, I finally die in the hands of a group of thugs….’

‘Looks like….this is the tragic end of my short life….’

Liu Yi, at that moment, has the feeling of wanting to cry.

‘Grandpa….it seems….I’m not fit to be a real man….’

‘I probably….can’t protect this girl….’

“Hahaha! Liu Yi is game over!”

Lin Huayang, who sat before the window, saw this scene using a telescope, and could not help but laugh.

“Black Dragon Gang will have to call it a day.”

Lan He looked at the time, “The police is probably on their way.”

“Haha, our big revenge have been avenged! This is the fate for anyone who provoke me, young master Lin! And also young master Lan! Later, anyone who annoyed us will end up just like this!”

Lin Huayang cheerfully said.

“That’s for sure….”

Lan He was feeling proud, the feeling of being a ‘strategist’ is simply too good.

But at the time they were ready to celebrate, there was a shout from the outside.

“Watch out! He stand up again!”

“What are you afraid of? Chop him!”

The punk that previously cut Liu Yi didn’t notice the strange change in Liu Yi. The knife in his has fallen toward Liu Yi’s right arm to cut it.