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Murong Die saw she was standing alone on a long street. There are vicious bad guys down the street.

These bad guys were trying to run at her. She freaked out and ran wildly while searching for her Uncle Wang.

As long as there is Uncle Wang….Everything will be all right….

This has always been true.

But after running for a long time, Murong Die began to despair.

She can’t find her Uncle Wang….

On this street, except for her, there’re only those evil guys behind her.

She has nowhere to run….

“Anybody who can help me….”

Murong Die could not help but burst into tears. She was really scared.

“If anybody can help me, I will marry him….”

She prayed.

Just at this time, a man riding a tall horse, step by step, threading upon the Earth, came from one side of the street.

“My Princess, I come to save you.”

With that, the man outstretched his hand toward her.

Murong Die raised her head to look at the man.

In her heart, she was somewhat surprised.

‘He….isn’t he Liu Yi….’

‘Could it be Liu Yi is my prince charming….’

‘But why didn’t he wear a prince outfit, but….a plain old school uniform?’

“Quickly ride the horse, my princess, they will soon catch up to us!”

Liu Yi’s voice has become particularly magnetic, urgingly said to her.

“O, ok….”

Murong Die nodded her head.

She reminded herself of her vow that she must marry the one who saved her….

Suddenly, her pretty face went crimson.

‘This….is a bit too shameful.’

“Come on! My princess, do not hesitate! Return to my castle with me! And then, be my Queen!”

Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Murong Die was so nervous.

But escaping is more important. So she reached out her hand and grabbed Liu Yi’s outstretched hand.

Just at this time, an arrow suddenly penetrated and passed through Liu Yi’s chest.


Blood splattered on Murong Die’s face, making her suddenly awakened in scare.


Murong Die screamed and opened her eyes.

The blood and the bad guys were all gone.

The sky was dark, but there’s a giant advertisement board in front of her, exuding the neon light.

Feeling somewhat cold all around her, she can’t help but shiver in fright.

But she was actually on top of something soft….

Murong Die couldn’t help but look down and found herself riding on Liu Yi’s legs.Her whole body was in an extremely ambiguous position, lying on his body while her face was on top of her left shoulder.

’Oh my god….’ She began to panic.

‘How did I end up lying on Liu Yi’s body….’

But she quickly remembered that they were previously being surrounded by a group of thugs and Liu Yi has taken her away to escape.

Moreover, Liu Yi seemed to be knifed!

Murong Die quickly turned to look and, sure enough, on Liu Yi’s right shoulder, there’s a gruesome wound.

The newly bought jeans were cut, revealing the inside that was covered with blood.

Actually, since the blood flow on the wound has been blocked, Liu Yi’s injury was already quite good.

The healing power of the Demon race has always been very high. Although Liu Yi is a human, by a freak combination of accident, he became a demon cultivator.

Therefore, he also has the unique abilities of the Demon race.

When Murong Die looked at Liu Yi’s wound, her heart suddenly twitched, as if she’s feeling hurt.

‘Liu Yi….was injured because of me.’

This girl still thought that those punk’s target was her.

However, Liu Yi in a collision course with Lan He was indeed partly because of her. So it can be said, Murong Die has her share of responsibilities.

At this time, Liu Yi was lying there quietly. His gentle breathing caused his chest to slightly up and down.

He seemed to be sleeping soundly.

Murong Die, watching this sleeping Liu Yi, suddenly felt that he’s the most lovable in this state.

The usual Liu Yi was really exasperating.

‘This guy….’

‘This lady always treats him good, but why he always treat me like he treats his friends?’

‘Could it be that this lady really can’t attract his interest?’

‘Is it because my usual attitude is too tough?’

‘If that’s so, I can change….’

‘But if I change, can that really attract his interest?’

‘However, why with this temper, other boys still gather around me and treat me like a princess?’

‘On Valentine’s day, I always received a lot of flowers and chocolate….’

‘What exactly is the reason then….’

‘Could it be because my chest is small?’

Murong Die looked at her own chest, then remembered the mighty twin peak of Wang Lele; She could not help but sigh.

‘Ai, this is my natural look, this lady can’t do anything about it….’

‘How about using silicon?’

‘Humph, no way, natural is still the best!’

‘Hateful Liu Yi, can’t you just wake up and tell this lady the reason why you didn’t have interest in me?’

‘If this lady can change it, I will change!’

Murong Die was a bit depressed and unconsciously hammered Liu Yi’s chest with her fist.

“Cough, cough….”

Suddenly, being hammered by Murong Die, Liu Yi coughed a few times and opened his eyes.

Instantly, He and Murong Die dumbfoundedly looked at each other.


Murong Die suddenly exclaimed. Remembering that she was still lying on top of Liu Yi, she immediately blushed and hastily climbed up from Liu Yi.

“Ahem….that….good evening….”

Murong Die suddenly didn’t know what to say anymore.

“Em….good evening….”

Liu Yi was a bit in a daze, thinking.

‘What kind of greeting is this?’

“How could we end up here….?”

Murong Die also thought that this kind of greeting was a bit awkward, and quickly changed the subject.

“It seems we escaped here….”

Liu Yi also didn’t remember.

‘When I felt fuzzy previously, I probably fainted….’ Liu Yi thought.

‘This should be the work of my second personality….’

‘I hope he didn’t take the measure that is too extreme….’

‘Now is not the time to talk to Lin Tong. I’ll ask her about this matter later.

“You….is it hurt….”

After Liu Yi sat up, Murong Die can see the wound on his shoulder and could not help but ask.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s alright.”

Liu Yi smiled.

Right now he’s like a little monster. The healing power is too strong.

Is he still a human….

It seemed hard to say now.

“Nonsense! You really know how to boast!”

Murong Die couldn’t help but muse, “Chopped by a knife, with blood spurting out, and you still said that’s okay? You think you’re Ultraman!?”

“I’m really okay….my healing is excellent since I was a child….”

Liu Yi said, and pointed to his wound, “If you don’t believe, just touch it!”

“I, I don’t want to touch it!”

Murong Die was alarmed, thinking.

‘I will not touch it!’

‘Scared me to death….’

She seemed to afraid of blood a bit….

“So what happens now….I don’t dare to go out….”

Thinking about the bloody scene on the afternoon, Murong Die couldn’t help but tremble.

“Let’s make a call….”

Liu Yi said, “Tell your family to send someone to pick you.”

“My phone….is with Lele….”

Murong Die remembered that when she changed clothes, she gave her phone to Wang Lele.

“Use mine.”

Liu Yi pulled out his cell phone but was surprised to find that his phone has been broken into pieces.

“What the….it’s Transformers!”

Liu Yi touched that pieces of components and wanted to cry but have no tears.

The afternoon fight was probably too intense, making this phone crumbled….

‘His mother….I bought this for several hundred!’

‘This father has been cheated, a pity….’

“Then what should we do….”

Murong Die was somewhat depressed….This time, it’s simply terrible….

“I’ll send you back….”

Liu Yi touched his pockets and said, “I have about twenty yuan.”

“That’s not enough….”

Murong Die rolled her eyes at Liu Yi, “My Family House is in the ‘Manor Landscape’….this amount of money is not even enough to cross the bridge….”

“Oh, it’s in the suburb north of the river….”

Liu Yi knew the whereabout of this ‘Manor Landscape.’

‘It seemed to be very large villas….’

He heard that it was also one of Murong Family properties.

‘It turned out Murong Die lives there….’ Liu Yi thought.

‘That place is quite far. If we go by taxi, it probably cost around 100 yuan!

“What to do….we’re really finish….”

“I’ll carry you back….”

Liu Yi suggested.

He felt that his strength has almost recovered. So, to running back on foot carrying Murong Die, should not be much of a problem for him.

“Did you just crack a joke?”

Murong Die looked at Liu Yi in surprise, “Since when did you become humorous?”

“No….I’m being serious.”

“Stop it, a taxi should cost around 100 yuan, are you going to piggyback me?”

Murong Die didn’t believe Liu Yi’s words.

“If you run out on the street, you’ll be exhausted and fall down.”

“Not necessarily….my physical strength is actually superb.”

Liu Yi stood up and patted his chest as he said, “Even if I’m running from the east to the west of this Northern Dragon City, there’ll be no problem.”

“You’re lying….”

“If you don’t believe me, let’s have a bet!”

Liu Yi said, “If I can’t run, I promise you one condition. If I can you a have to promise to do mine!”

“Oh? Really?”

Murong Die’s eyes lit up.

“Of course it’s real.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Come! Quickly squat!”

“Em….If you win, what are you going to ask me….”

Liu Yi vaguely felt that something was not quite right.

“Hehe….I won’t tell you….”

Murong Die suddenly giggled.

Liu Yi really can’t guess.

‘Grandpa said, A girl’s mind, is the most difficult to guess.’ Liu Yi thought.

Murong Die, watching Liu Yi, who obediently squatted in front of her, secretly thought.

‘Humph, humph, when you lose, this lady wants you to pursue me!’

‘At that time, I’ll ruthlessly embarrass you!’

‘Who told you to be so arrogant!’

“Come on!”

Liu Yi crouched there and patted his own back.

“Your body is so small, can you really do it?”

“Don’t look down on people ok! I can even carry Wang Lele while running on the field!”

“You mean, this lady’s chest is small isn’t it?”

“Ah? I’m just saying that you’re lean….”

Liu Yi wanted to cry, thinking.

‘How could this girl always so sensitive about her chest….’

“Humph….that’s more like it!”

Murong Die said and climbed on his back, and then proudly said in his ear.

“But you just said that Wang Lele is fat….this lady will tell her about this. You’re out of luck now!”

“My grandpa said….we have to be loyal….”

“This lady doesn’t know your grandpa! Go, go, little donkey! Quickly leads the way!”

‘Fuck!’ Liu Yi grumbled secretly.

‘How could this girl has the same thought as Wang Lele? Both call me little donkey….’

‘This is injustice!’

Although Liu Yi complained and grumbled in his heart, he still cast his legs, prepared to lead the way.